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IPTV is making inroads into the republic of Macedonia, despite the dominance of cable television.

According to Ogen Firfov, Makedonski Telekom's chief sales officer, his company launched its IPTV service, MaxTV, in November 2008 and tried a series of pricing strategies to win customers.

It also began offering an exclusive HBO service, which reached 25 percent of its 23,445 subscribers by September 2010.

However, MaxTV faces stiff competition from cable and Telekom Slovenia's aggressive DTT platform. Of the 570,000 television households in the republic of Macedonia, nearly 300,000 have cable television.

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Turkey has taken a tentative step towards IPTV, provided by TT, a subsidiary of the incumbent telco Turk Telekom.

According to Tahsin Yilmaz, the company's chief executive, 4k iptv made its debut about two weeks ago, following the launch in February of a successful Internet television service called Tivibu, which now has more than 400,000 subscribers.

He added that IPTivibu currently offers viewers 101 linear channels (with more to come) and a wide selection of interactive services.

TT was originally an ISP, but its goal was to become a full-service gaming company.

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Police raids across Europe have broken up a sophisticated pirated IPTV operating system that illegally resells online channels. Five people have been arrested and several servers shut down after raids in Spain, Denmark and Britain.

The IPTV service operated by the gang offered customers more than 800 channels, including sports, movies and adult content. The phones start at €40 (£35) a month and can cost up to €460, according to Spanish police, who are in charge of the operation. Service is available in 30 countries, with servers in Spain, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Latvia, the Netherlands and Cyprus. A total of 66 servers were shut down in the attack.

It is estimated that the group could gain about €8m from the operation.

Europol, the eu’s law enforcement agency, said the raids were its « biggest crackdown » yet on pirated IPTV services.

Three British men have been jailed for stealing video footage of premier league matches.

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Europol has seized IPTV

By bellali, 2020-02-14

Europol, in cooperation with the Bulgarian police cyber crime unit, has successfully cracked down on a wide network of illegal IPTV service distributors. The raids took place in Sofia and varna, where police entered 17 homes. This has led to the seizure of a large number of documents, digital data and hardware, all of which will be used as evidence to prove the crimes of those arrested. According to investigators’ initial statements, six companies were involved in the scheme.

The Bulgarian general directorate against organized crime has initiated six pre-trial procedures, one for each company. The leading company in the scheme has been fined 650,000 euros. It was clear from the confiscated data that at least 30,000 users of the pirated best IPTV service were illegally receiving broadcast signals.

The network was discovered after europol deployed two expert investigators in the country. They managed to gather information about the activities of the IPTV service and cross-checked it with europol’s central intelligence database.

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Cable time shows IPTV streaming

By bellali, 2020-01-22

Cabletime will showcase its customizable best IPTV and digital signage products at InfoComm 2019(Orlando, Florida, USA, 12-14 June) booth 3089.

Cabletime recently introduced two MediaStar transcoders, 700-482 and 700-485, that process, regulate stream rates and transcode multiple live video and audio IPTV streams for controlled retransmission to IP networks. This allows each processed stream to meet specific network data rate limits or be modified to play on other platforms.

The company will also demonstrate new MediaStar 798 HDMI encoders and 799 ip-casters, which offer lower latency and redirection over virtual private networks and the Internet to offices or other locations that use both solutions. In addition to meeting users' IPTV header, digital signage, and digital media coding and distribution needs, the MediaStar 798 encoder will support HDCP Pro 2.2 content protection across enterprise networks.

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IPTV boost as fibre networks spread

By bellali, 2020-01-22

The study, conducted by IDATE, found that the total number of fibre-to-home (FTTH) and fibre-to-building (FTTB) users in 39 countries in the European Union had increased by 15.7 per cent since September 2017, to more than 59.6 million in September 2018. Although Russia leads the region in IPTV subscription, the study shows a lower growth rate of 21 per cent compared with other fast-catching European countries.

Taken together, the deployment of FTTH and FTTB networks has increased significantly. It is estimated that by September 2018, FTTH/B coverage was 46.4% in 39 countries and 36.4% in 28 countries of the eu.

The FTTH council said that since September 2015, the FTTH council has shown a significant upward trend. In September 2015, coverage in the region was estimated at 39% in the 39 eu countries and 27.2% in the 28 eu countries.

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Darien Communications' Darien, ga., is moving to best IPTV for subscription video with an innovative system mg-tv solution. According to Chuck Durant, Darien's co-manager, most of its 2,500 video customers are people who aren't ready for app-based OTT video products.

Durant also said that their outdated cable factories could not keep up with the video capabilities offered by competitors.

Mr Durant says Darien's management team did talk about abandoning the video business, but concluded that loyalty to one company was not a good reason compared with competitors with large communications and video services. After years of working in cable, durant found innovative companies' video conversion plans to be efficient and resourceful. Durant says one compelling reason for choosing innovative systems as video providers is their understanding and commitment to the rural communications market.

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Why watch iptv?

By bellali, 2020-01-13

An iptv box is a device that allows you to enjoy TV channels and streaming platforms over the Internet without having to buy a smart TV. IPTV subscription allow you to access your favorite TV channels on other devices, such as smartphones or tablets. The relevant channels are sports channels, such as Bein, or more generally, such as Canal+.

Aside from the very practical aspects, what are the real benefits of using an iptv box? In the rest of this article, I'll detail how these well-known Android boxes work, their benefits, and, more broadly, the benefits of watching TV over the Internet.

To understand the true benefits of using an iptv shell, it is important to understand how it works. It is perfectly legal to use an iptv subscription to watch your channel on the Internet. By the way, each box has a variety of iptv subscriptions, which you can choose as you like. Most importantly, to make it legal, you must visit the official websites of the relevant channels, get the identifiers, and connect through their applications. You can also purchase your box from your isp(because they offer this service) or other places: online, electronic stores, etc. To help you choose the right iptv shell, you can use the online comparator.

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