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IPTV boost as fibre networks spread

By: bellali
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The study, conducted by IDATE, found that the total number of fibre-to-home (FTTH) and fibre-to-building (FTTB) users in 39 countries in the European Union had increased by 15.7 per cent since September 2017, to more than 59.6 million in September 2018. Although Russia leads the region in IPTV subscription, the study shows a lower growth rate of 21 per cent compared with other fast-catching European countries.

Taken together, the deployment of FTTH and FTTB networks has increased significantly. It is estimated that by September 2018, FTTH/B coverage was 46.4% in 39 countries and 36.4% in 28 countries of the eu.

The FTTH council said that since September 2015, the FTTH council has shown a significant upward trend. In September 2015, coverage in the region was estimated at 39% in the 39 eu countries and 27.2% in the 28 eu countries.