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Inflatable bumper cars for sale

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Today, one of the famous amusement bumper car manufacturers–Carnee Amusement develops a new kind of cheap bumper cars–the inflatable bumper car!

What is a inflatable bumper car

We all know that a traditional bumper car is a small electric vehicle surrounded on all sides by rubber bumpers. But a inflatable bumper car for sale is surrounded by the inflatable PVC material, that determines when you drive your dodgem car to crash into the other ones, you are safer but feeling more exciting. The inflatable PVC material will absorb much more energy and gives you a better experience. shopping mall train ride in singapore

Applications of Carnee inflatable bumper cars

The electric inflatable bumper cars can be added at amusement parks, funfairs, even in the supermarkets. High Return for the investors.

Features of Inflatable Bumper Cars for sale

The inflatable bumper cars require no special floors or ceilings. They can run onto almost all kinds of surfaces such as concrete, wood and so on. And for most of children and adults, the special and cute appearance of inflatable bumper cars makes them have a try.

Inflatable Bumper Cars for sale

1. Very safe, can not cause fire
2. Digital and remote control, fast start, fast stop
3. Low price and high quality
4. Easy to operate and maintain
5. Low power, cost effective
6. Rechargeable and dichargeable battery with reliable quality

What is a inflatable spin zone bumper cars

A spin zone bumper car is a kind of inflatable bumper car. The differences between them two are these:
1. A spin zone bumper car for sale has several “spin zone targets”, these targets located in the 3 o’clock or the 9 o’clock positions will make car goes into a spin for 2-3 seconds when they get triggered
2. The LED lights on the car flash while a spin zone bumper car is spinning
3. The total controller is able to send all the cars into “ALL SPIN MODE” and “CHAOS MODE” by using remote commands