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New Electric Bumper Cars For Sale Manufacturers

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Electric Bumper Cars for Sale

The bumper car is a common amusement ride loved by most children and adults. Carnee bumper cars are generally divided into electric bumper cars and battery bumper car rides. Electric bumper cars for sale run depending the electricity, and they are equipped with rubber tyres, safety harness and systems of positioning and timing. The body of Carnee electric amusement bumper cars for sale are made of fiberglass and some parts are plastic materials. With bright and unique design and durable performance, the electric bumper car ride attract a lot of customers around the world. If any interest, you are welcomed to contact us at any time by sending us an E-mail or leaving a message here.
fairground bumper cars for sale When players sit in the electric bumper car ride, they will drive the car to bump others’ and it is the collision that lies the true fun of the bumper car. By hitting others using the car, people will feel the thrill and excitement of the game face to face, especially when they win. As a popular amusement ride that so many people enjoy themselves in it, the operator who manages a bumper car arena needn’t to worry there is little visitors at all. What operators need to do is buy more bumper cars with appealing appearances and good performance to attract more visitors and bring enjoyable driving experiences for them, so as to improve the bumper car arena’s reputation and earn more profit.

Features of Electric Bumper Cars for Sale in Carnee

Many available models for customers to choose;
Unique design of appearances;
Size and color can be customized;
A hot-sale amusement ride all over the world;
Popular with all ages of people;
With competitive prices and good quality;
Equipped with Led lights and music player.

Application of Carnee Electric Bumper Cars for Sale

The electric bumper car is a fun amusement ride favored by children and adults alike. Used for indoor playgrounds and outdoor playgrounds, Carnee bumper cars can be placed in parks, shopping malls, fairgrounds, carnivals, squares, and other public entertainment places.

Why to Buy Electric Bumper Car Rides from Carnee

As a well-known amusement rides supplier, Carnee has rich manufacturing experience in electric bumper cars. Before producing the fairground bumper car, the company will carefully design the appearance, elaborately select the material, and then manufacture products according to the customer’s requirements. Also, Carnee offers excellent after-sales services, for example, it provides customers free videos or pictures of installing electric bumper cars, and take initiative to solve problems happening in the process of installation and operation for its customers. During the 12-month warranty period, if there is any quality problem of Carnee electric bumper car rides (except man-made problems), for example, crack of accessories, color fading or damage of other parts. The company will be responsible for repairing or replacing damaged parts.