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Human Gyroscope rides for Sale

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What Is Human Gyroscope?

A human gyroscope or aerotrim is a type of spin rides, originated from a simulator that is used for cardiovascular exercise and balance training in pilots and astronauts. Normally, the gyroscope consists of three loops and a gyro car. The gyro car is mounted on the smallest loop. Every loop can rotate freely in three dimensions. The gyroscope containing riders can rotate freely in full loop, and its swing speed is adjustable. When the human gyro swings in a high speed, the ride becomes a kind of thrill rides. The riders are restrained in the gyroscope chairs and swing freely as the gyro ride rotates, and it is a good way to ease those riders’ tension and inhibitions. how much does a carousel cost

Human Gyroscope Manufacturers

Carnee group is one of the reliable and famed human gyroscope manufactures. The gyroscope ride we made is categorized as single-loop and double-loop version. The gyroscope ride delivered by us can be used for gyms for people to do the workout or amusement park/carnival/backyard to entertain its visitors. The gyroscope seats with seatbelts and foot fasten belts are mounted on the innermost loop. The gyrosphere ride can accommodate 2, 4, 6 or more passengers. The gravity center of this extreme ride locates in the center of the three-dimensional loop. When electrical power drives the human gyro in motion, the loops begin rotating freely around the center of gravity in 360 degrees. The riders themselves freely control the rotation angles and speed while the human gyro ride rotates. When the gyro car swings in full loop, the seatbelt and foot fasten belts prevent the passengers from falling from the seats.
The number of loops and seats are customized depending on our customers’ specific requirements. Please contact us about your human gyroscope plans.

Advanced Gyroscope Technology

As one of our major rides, we use consummate welding technique to connect all the components of our gyro spinner. The seamless steel tube used for the circular loop meets international standards and won’t crack as time passes. Besides, we equip our human gyroscope ride with high-end stereo and professional timer in second. Intelligent control system we created makes the operation of the spaceball gyroscope more convenient and easier. To make sure our end-users are safe while the gyro ball ride spinning, except the seatbelts, we add foot fasten belts to the positions where the riders’ feet are put.

Gyroscope Applications

Our Gyroscope machine shares the same gyroscope physics with a mechanical gyroscope. The mechanical gyroscope majorly consists of a spinning mass which rotates around its axis. What makes the mechanical gyroscope special is that its spinning mass tends to remain parallel to itself and to oppose to any force attempting to change its orientation. The spaceball ride is transformed from the mechanical gyroscope, and the passengers riding on it can freely change the orientation and speed of its rotation by their weight. The mechanical gyroscope and aerotrim gyroscope demonstrates a number of physical phenomena of gyroscope, including precession, nutation and gyro anti-gravity.
Gyroscope ride is one of our brand-new amusement attractions. The ride needs less floor area and is easy to maintain. The passengers who ride on it can experience the thrilling feelings brought by the free rotation of the loops and gyro car. Although this is an extreme ride, comparatively speaking, the ride is relatively safer than other types of extreme rides. In addition, the installation time of the gyro gym is short because there is no groundwork. Therefore, you can launch the gyrotron ride into the market in a short time and make profits soon. If you are planning to buy a human gyroscope, please come to us with the following information, and we believe our gyroscope attraction will not let you down.