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Fairground Carousel for Sale china

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Fairground carousel for sale, large and classic rides we usually seen in the amusement park, funfair, theme park. There is no doubt that the most iconic fairground ride till now, the Carousel is a true family favorite and enjoyed ride and an eye catching attraction in the park, or just playground. As one of the most traditional fairground ride among the amusement park, fairground carousel keeps playing an important role among the amusement markets. Lots of people have a special feeling on it. Welcome to buy Carnee fairground carousel.
Carnee, the professional fairground ride manufacturer in China, has involved in this filed for several years. Our fairground playground ride for sale has helped us get more clients for its scientific design, high quality, reasonable prices, grand and attractive appearance. Sales of Carnee carousel fairground ride has spread all over the amusement market.
Fairground carousel is a very popular ride among children and family. Its origin dates back to the 17th century. But until the 19th century, it become popular fixture at fairs. So after that the fairground carousel become more and more popular. In the amusement park, this fairground attraction usually draw lots of people’s attention. People, especially Children like riding on it for fun. Compared with the indoor carousel rides, fairground carousel can be placed outside the house, make people feel happier.

How does a fairground carousel work?

About this questions, you should know fairground carousel can be classified into top-drive, imitation top-transmission and bottom-drive carousel rides. Different kinds of carousel rides have different working principle. Many customers coming to our factory always ask about the comparison between the top drive and bottom drive carousel rides. Why is it so different in the price? In fact, it mainly shows the differences on the structures, maintenance and the track. 1. The obvious characteristic of top-transmission carousel rides is that the turntable disc is relatively lower, so it is more stable when the carousel horse ride goes up and down. The top driven carousel rides, as its name shows, the transmission part, which means the electric motor, is in the top, and it is under the ceiling of carousel rides. Generally, this part is relatively wider. And the main sufferance force is coming from the auxiliary frame and the track is just auxiliary force. And the top transmission fairground carousels are always the grand carousel rides. However, it has a long service life and can last as long as eight to ten years. What’s more, there is a large variety of top-driven carousel rides and the chassis is extremely uniform and narrow. However, as this kind of fairground carousel rides have higher requirement of technique, more complex structure and higher quality demand of fiberglass reinforced plastic, it is more expensive.
2. On the contrary, the transmission part of bottom drive carousel rides is in the bottom. And the sufferance force is track and the auxiliary force is the supporting frame. Though it is similar in appearance, but the technique between them is quite different. And the bottom-transmission fairground carousels are easy to disassemble and transport. Most people can learn to install it. Therefore, it is relatively cheaper and suitable for using in venue.
3. Besides, in order to meet the demand of amusement rides market, Carnee has made great efforts to do research and finally designed the imitation top-drive fairground carousels. It combines the characteristics of top-drive and bottom-drive carousel rides. Not only it has reached the beautiful and grand degree of top driven carousels, but also it has little limitation of space and can be applied to zoos, parks, squares and so on. It is easy to operate, lower in cost and less expensive. And it is an ideal selection for most customers.
You should choose the most suitable amusement park equipment for your parks according to the site situation and your fun. The best is one which is suitable for you most. If you have any need, please feel freely to contact us and our professional sales manager will help you choose the most suitable one for you all.