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Tourist train for sale from Carnee mainly used for passengers who are visiting a park, shopping in a center, playing in a funfair and wandering in a large square. They will carrying these passengers from one place to another and passengers could get off the middle way, they could also enjoy the scenic on the train around the park. Some of the tourist train are free for passengers while others are not. They are many tourist road trains for sale in our factory. Most of these train rides are trackless tourist train while others are track trains. Here we will show you more models.
Electric tourist road train as one of the most popular and environmental rides are hot-sale in our factory in 2016, they are energy saving and they could keep working for more than 12 hours. They work smoothly and drive over a certain slope.
Special tourist trains on sale in our factory mainly refers to the train sets which could be sit with more than 5 passengers, even 20 passengers for each coach. They are popular in the large amusement park and tourist attractions. They will carry tourists from one attraction to another easily. More of large tourist attractions need this, because their viewpoint is far away from the other. They need to provide passengers convenience.
Ocean themed tourist train is a new design train in our factory this year, we spend a lot on the appearance and painting, passengers siting in the train will have a feeling that they are swimming in the ocean, beside the mermaid, small yellow croaker and many other marine creatures.
Tourist train for sale are trackless, because most of track train rides are limited, they shouldn’t driving around the amusement parks or squares, and they should be placed in one fixed place. Carnee tourist train rides are perfect for indoor and outdoor amusement sites. They are friendly to the environment and never create carbon to pollute the environment. When they are working, they makes little noise which will help passengers keep happy. Except for large amusement parks, our electric tourist train rides are also suitable for party, carnivals, shopping centers, clubs and some street parades. They are flexible to many kinds of amusement rides business.

Tourist Train for Sale from Carnee Amusement Equipment

Carnee tourist train rides on sale usually made up of one locomotive and four coaches which will carry 18-24 passengers, 1-2 for the locomotive, 4 for the coaches. This is the normal tourist fun train for passengers. We also produce special tourist train for different occasions, for example the model train with one locomotive (2passengers) and 2, 3 , 4 or even more coaches(20 passengers). Additionally, we also accept customized order, coaches for each set of train equipment could be customized, you can add or cut back, and whatever you like! The only thing you need to do is discuss with our sales manager or engineers. Your advice will he highly appreciated.
As an amusement park tourist train rides manufacturer, we will provide our customer the most reasonable prices. We have been in this industry for more than 20 years, our sales market are widely all over the world. The minimum order for our train is one, you can customized the decorations which including the led lights, music box, the painting and many points you need to change. Our trackless tourist train are made of fiberglass which called FRP by our engineers or wood. We, Carnee amusement, has our own production line for different tourist train for sale. Welcome to our factory for tourist train sets for your business! We will provide you the best service and quality.