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The KAWS x Air Jordan IV Is Dropping Via The KAWS Email List

By: cheapharden
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For those of you who might have given up on attempting to cop the KAWS x Air Jordan IV... Keep hope alive! Because, the artist behind the design, Brian Donnelly himself, took to his Instagram account to announce that even more pairs of the kicks will be available in the near future for retail price. Donnelly stated that in order to get access [more like a slim chance] to the coveted kicks you have to sign up for the KAWS e-mail list at, where further direction will be provided when an e-mail blast will be sent out sometime next week. Honestly, we think it's worth a shot if you're still interested in copping the sneaker because, if you check eBay right now, don't be surprised to see starting bids set at $2,000. With that being said, who's planning on giving it a shot? Let us know in the comments.