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 Mobile learning is a new learning form to acquire educational information, educational resources and educational services through mobile communication network technology and wireless mobile communication equipment. So, people's learning is not in the hands of time and space restrictions, can make full use of the time of the debris and the advantages of internet, greatly improved the efficiency of the study. The mobility and dispersion of mobile learning determines the flexibility of mobile learning is much larger than traditional learning and network learning. Therefore, compared with the traditional learning resources, mobile learning resources have many unique characteristics. The biggest difference lies in the difference between carrying content terminals and content structures, which are embodied in the following aspects. surfing the internet clipart


. 01. Carrying content terminal mobility Mobile learning is a learning way that integrates wireless mobile network technology, communication technology, multimedia technology, intelligent interaction technology, software technology and so on. This technology makes learners no longer limited to the traditional learning environment, widens the scope of learning, and makes learning can occur at anytime and anywhere. The use of wireless mobile terminal learning to learn, so that learners such as fixed access point is no longer affected by traditional teaching and fixed place restrictions on the cable network conditions, the learners can freely, for different purposes, different content whenever and wherever possible learning, can greatly satisfy the people to use idle time learning.

02. The access convenience of the content terminal With the development of 4G technology and the increasing speed of mobile terminals, mobile learning access based on mobile terminal devices such as mobile phones is becoming more and more convenient. With the improvement of mobile network bandwidth and the expansion of communication network coverage, mobile devices can easily access mobile Internet at anytime and anywhere, which brings infinite possibilities to the development of mobile learning. Adult learners learning by mobile terminal devices can access the mobile network at any time in offices, buses, subway stations and homes, and easily acquire the learning resources they need. It’s another one of the benefits of internet

03. The content structure is succinct Mobile learning is a process for adult learners to learn with the help of mobile terminal devices such as PDA and mobile phones. Mobile learning resources are often restricted by various aspects, because most of the mobile devices are small, low resolution and inconvenient. Mobile learning resources and learning resources than less into animation, video and other elements, just select the appropriate number of all types of resources reasonable collocation, the form is relatively simple, with a general strong words and pictures, animation and video resources, supplemented by the necessary supplement. Therefore, all aspects of mobile learning resources, such as navigation settings, interaction design, are also clear, intuitive and simple. For adult mobile learners, it is not complicated and easy to operate. internet clip art


. 04, knowledge point character of content element Because of the larger changes in the environment for adult mobile learning, each study can only be carried out in a short period of time, unable to achieve continuous and continuous learning. The learning characteristics of fragmentation, fragmentation, determines the content design of mobile learning resources, should be short, pithy, suitable time and continuity. Learning content is made up of independent modules, each module is composed of several meta knowledge points, and each knowledge point is relatively intact, which cannot be further divided. It can be used for learners to pick up at any time and at random. internet clipart


. There is an essential difference between mobile learning and fixed learning. Mobile learning is a form of learning that is not "fixed". Its attention is highly dispersed. It is a small capacity learning of fragmented knowledge. Its learning mobility, complexity of learning environment and fragmentation of learning time all require that learning content is short and concise. At the same time, in the process of mobile learning, the small scale of learning materials helps the learners to simplify the learning process and improve their learning efficiency. The design of mobile resources is the core problem of mobile learning, and it is very important to grasp the development direction of mobile resource design. Mobile learning resources to be able to adapt and meet the needs of distance education, distance education workers in the design and construction process of mobile learning resources, adhere to the "learner centered" concept, pay special attention to resource size, study participation, resources and resources convenient interaction problems give full play to the adult learning resources in Autonomous Learning advantage. Therefore, in the future, we must further study from the content category, technology, presentation form, user experience and other aspects of mobile learning resource design and make full use of internet communication