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India is a country of gods and beautiful temples, fort etc. Each centimeter of this land is immersed in mythology, and each palace and temple has its deepest meaning. Even those in ruins testify to a golden time when India was at the forefront of civilization.

Fort and palaces of India are distinguished by a variety of sizes and shapes - from large and luxurious to modest and intimate. But visiting them, which for many is a necessary part of the trip.

Amber Fort 

Amber Fort is a grand and magnificent palace-style fortress, a model of Rajput architecture, which stands above the Rocky Mountains about 11 km northwest of Jaipur. Amber Fort was once the capital of Jaipur. Take a luxury train tour to jaipur with Maharaja Express Train India.

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Agra Fort

Agra Fort - one of the most beautiful fortresses in India, located in Agra. It was built by Akbar in 1565, when the war occurred more frequently than when Shah Jahan established the Red Fort in Delhi. It was considered a castle and the castle was surrounded by moats on three sides. The fourth side is protected by a river.

Red Fort 

Red Fort - A huge sandstone fortress in Delhi that represents only the shadows of the past. Here, as there is nowhere else in Delhi, one can imagine how great the Mughal Empire used to be. On an unprecedented occasion, the fort was erected during the heyday of the dynasty: eunuchs, ceremonial elephants, sedan chairs and jewel-like buildings.

Mehrangarh Fort

Mehrangarh - one of India's most magnificent and impressive fortresses, this fortress is perpendicular to the rock, and the rock itself rises 120 meters above Jodhpur. The height of the battlements ranges from 6 m to 36 m, and the fortress is built with stone. Therefore, the fortress is integrated with its foundation. Mehrangarh Fort is still ruled by the Jodhpur royal family, full of stories and legends.

Gwalior Fort 

Gwalior Fort - A fort near Gwalior City, one of India's most indestructible fortresses, erected on sandstone hills surrounded by high walls. Gwalior Fortress is a group of buildings composed of different periods. The fortifications carved on the rocks and around the fortress are decorated with creature statues of Tirthankara. Located in the northeastern part of the fortress, this palace is decorated with original tiles decorated with symbolic images.


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