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How to fight the overcrowding of prisons and slow justice. A success story from distant Australia.

Among the public administration sectors that can benefit more from business video conferencing, there is the judicial one. In addition to the well-known cost and time savings, the ability to connect to remote video also improves security and reduces the stress of detainees and penitentiary police. In Italy, one of the most prominent advocates of videoconference is the anti-mafia prosecutor Nicola Gratteri, who has repeatedly called for her introduction to our judicial system. If there is still a lot to be done in our country, in others the systematic use of videoconferencing for the hearings of detainees, listening to witnesses and other similar activities is already a reality.

The Australian case

Anglo-Saxon countries, often at the forefront in science and technology, are among the most credible of the videoconferencing potential of the judiciary. It is the case of Australia, where listening to the testimonies of detainees in a court video conferencing, without moving them from jail, is bound to become a daily practice. The country, in fact, faces an increase in the prison population which presents uncommon challenges in terms of costs and staff. Video conference systems have already been installed in four prisons and 11 state courtrooms in Victoria to respond to the growing demand for court hearings in recent years. It is the same magistrate leader Peter Lauritsen to explain that extending the use of free group video conferencing in the courts allows to hold more hearings and more types. In particular, when hearings concern domestic violence, people may choose to remotely connect, even from a simple webconference tablet, thus relieving the emotional impact and the stress generated by these situations. Teleconferences also reduce administrative costs related to attorney prison visits.

Overcrowded Prisons

The urgency of the project came out last year, after only one month more than 100 inmates could not go to court for scheduled hearings – including those for bail – at the time of the overcrowding of prison prisons . Prison prisons have, in fact, grown from an average of over 4,500 inmates in 2010/11 to 5,800 in 2013/14, mostly because of the greater number of people who were denied or abolished conditional release. On the contrary, this year, lawyers and other jobseekers will be able to communicate from their laptops, tablets and smartphones to courts and prisons through the web conference.

Videoconferencing: the most effective and economical solution

Last year, the state of Victoria decided to extend court opening hours to six days a week and weekly hearings were held in a local county courtroom to lighten the pressure on classrooms and administration staff state. But that was not enough. That is how video conference systems have become the long-term solution to the problems of justice. A story, that of distant Australia, which interests us closely. Given the many problems of our judicial system – from overcrowding to prisons to slow justice – the introduction of videoconferencing is the fastest and most effective solution. This is a choice that entails a very low cost.


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Environmental disasters, ecological problems, and greenhouse effect remind us that we must try to preserve our future. Many companies have decided to be more environmentally friendly, helping to minimize the environmental impact of global warming, greenhouse gases, and populations increasingly focusing on luxury and the health of the planet.

Everyone – from individual to international society – can have an impact on the future of our planet. Fortunately, companies do not have to sacrifice efficiency in the name of eco-sustainability. In fact, they can make the planet greener and healthier, saving time and money at the same time.

Secure video conferencing for environmentally friendly travel.

Companies must preserve brand loyalty and consumer satisfaction. This also means making the business more environmentally friendly without affecting the budget. Videoconferencing helps to pursue this goal by significantly reducing job transfers, especially for companies with offices or partners located on national and / or international territory.

Video conferencing reduces “green fees”.

Business video conferencing can also help companies reduce so-called “green fees” on environmental pollutants that are placed in the atmosphere, imposed by governments to encourage companies to produce more environmentally friendly and limit the environmental impact of means of transport such as cars , Trains, airplanes.

Video conferencing saves you.

Travel expenses make physical shifts a more expensive solution than videoconferencing, while phone and mail are not equally effective for group work. Including skype for business video conferencing between communication tools, it allows companies to drastically reduce travel expenses.

Videoconferencing helps “green consciousness”.

If your company is developing awareness of environmental impact and wants to reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere while simultaneously saving work travels, videoconferencing offers an immediate solution.


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 Here, you can find the five best telecommuting tools.

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting has taken the telecommunication and conferencing system to the next level. With easy to use interface and lots of benefits offered, ezTalks Cloud Meeting takes a lead in the segment of telecommuting tools available in the market. With this tool, you have full access to all the powerful and handy features that can be used while having your conference with your team. Besides teleconference, you are allowed to make video conferences in HD as well.how to share screen

Remotely sharing screens and interactive whiteboards with your teammates in real time while hosting an online meeting is also joyful. What makes ezTalks Cloud Meeting unique is the benefit to add up to 100 members at a time in a conference or meeting for free. This is the feature which can’t be found in any of the other telecommuting tools available in the market. Moreover, ezTalks Cloud Meeting enables you to chat with your teammates instantly. To take the full advantage of this powerful tool, like host an online meeting with up to 500 attendees, you just need to upgrade to its pro plan.best skype alternative

telecommuting tools

2. Trello

Trello is a very easy and effective telecommuting tool available in the market. It uses board and cards to connect with the remote based teams. From this powerful tool, the team members can track their tasks with an easy to-do list. Exchanging of files is equally easy with access to the Google Drive and Dropbox. Notifying about any urgent information is also possible with Trello.

Trello offers an interface which allows you to drag and drop file which comes in very handy at times. All the information has been kept centrally, thus those can be restored anytime you need. It also supports all the devices around like iOS, Android and Windows.

telecommuting tool

3. Google Hangouts

Google has launched their native app for business communication called Hangouts. This simple yet powerful app is always ready to handle all your communication tasks. Fixing any teleconference or a meeting is just a few clicks away with Google Hangouts. You can even make Google video conference calls to your team members. Using the tool is very easy. You only need to enter your Gmail address and password and you are good to go. Now, you can call your team members with their Gmail IDs. Unlike ezTalks Cloud Meeting, this tool only supports 10 members to join in your conference at a time. Hangouts supports all the OS like iOS, Android and Windows. Thus, if you got any devices, you won’t have any problem to start the conversation no matter where you are.online meeting tools

tools for telecommuting

4. Skype

Skype is very popular and highly used tool for telecommuting at this time. This is the default tool used in many industries to manage their teams for telecommuting and meeting. Skype is free, thus it allows free audio and video calls as well as conference calls among the team members. You should have to subscribe to their premium membership plans to enable this feature. Also, this tool gives you the opportunity to have a dial-in number at a very nominal price.screen sharing online

Skype has extended its approach to different devices like iOS, Android, Macintosh OS X and Windows. Therefore, no matter what device you have, you will always have Skype handy in with you. But, to get all those premium features, you have to get its premium plans.

tool for telecommuting

5. ooVoo

This is simple yet powerful telecommuting tool available in the market. ooVoo is popular in the industry for its user-friendly interface that can be handled by anyone. Hosting and joining in any telecommunication with conference calls are very easy with this software. You can also host your own conference. Sharing any file and sharing your screen also can be done with ooVoo. This tool gives you the benefit to call any person from your Facebook. But, unlike ezTalks Cloud Meeting, ooVoo allows you to add only up to 12 members in your conference call.best skype alternatives

best telecommuting tools

So, these are the best telecommuting tools available in the market. But if you look at the benefits offered by these telecommuting tools for free, ezTalks Cloud Meeting is definitely a clear winner. 

From: https://www.eztalks.com/telecommuting/telecommuting-tools.html





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Before discussing the use of virtual training you should know what virtual training is? As per virtual training definition, it is a training method in which virtual environment is used by an instructor to show, explain or test certain skills that can help others to learn something. The instructors, as well as students, have to use some effective video conferencing software like ezTalks Cloud Meeting etc. to communicate with each other face-to-face. Virtual training is used not only for educational purposes but for commercial as well as industrial training also.best free video chat

Why should a company use virtual training instead of classroom training?

Since the introduction of computers and internet, many technological developments have emerged which have changed the entire scenario of training and education. Earlier educational, as well as professional trainees, have to attend training classrooms to improve their skills but today it is available online with the help of a number of software options available online. In order to know why a company should prefer virtual training over classroom training, you will have to compare their pros and cons.best video chatting app

Pros and cons of virtual and classroom training

Engagement of audience: Some learners prefer direct training from the instructor as his body language and several other things make a healthy learning environment. It can be possible in classroom learning as well as live online learning through some video conferencing tool like ezTalks Cloud Meeting etc. But in other types of virtual training like learning through videos etc. have their own pros and cons. Usually, adults like video training to get the immediate effect as per the needs of their job.

The flexibility of training: Virtual training provides flexibility to the students as they can skip the part, of course, they have already completed. They can use this time for more important works like learning the next lesson etc. The classroom training, on the other hand, focuses on equal training for all the students whether some of them need it or not. But it also involves the entire group to participate in a discussion which can help in getting as well as processing latest information. However, both the training options offer the opportunity to practice your new skills through hands-on exercises.free webinar services

Convenience: Learners who have internet connection can learn anytime and anywhere through asynchronous virtual learning or through recorded videos. But in classroom training or live training through some video conferencing software like ezTalks Cloud Meeting etc. the students will have to follow a fixed schedule as they will have to remain in the classroom or in front of the screen at the set time.

Cost: The cost of virtual training is much less than classroom training as the students need not spend on traveling from their home to institution and back to their home. Moreover, people studying through recorded videos can learn without disturbing their work schedule. Similarly the cost of employees in virtual training is negligible once the video is created. But in classroom training or live online training, the cost of employees is calculated while assessing their overall cost. All these things can increase the cost of training the employees for a companybest instant messaging app

Protected learning: Though virtual learning allows you to learn in the comfort of your home or workplace it also distracts you from learning. The classroom training, on the other hand, trains you in a disturbance free environment and the instructor monitors the performance of the students.

How to create virtual training with ezTalks Cloud Meeting?

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is a video conferencing software that can help in creating virtual training in a very flexible and cost effective manner. It allows you to install it on any of your computing devices including Linux PC, Windows PC, Mac PC, iOS and Android devices. Here are 3 steps to create a virtual training with ezTalks Cloud Meeting.

Step 1. Download and install the ezTalks Cloud Meeting virtual training software on your PC or mobile devices. Take ezTalks Cloud Meeting for Windows as an example, you can get the latest version of the software from the following download button.

download button

Step 2. Sign up with your email account or just sign in with your Facebook or Google account.

sign up eztalks

Step 3. After signing in this software, you can start conducting virtual training now by just clicking on the ‘Start a Meeting’ icon. This virtual training tool allows you to share your desktop screen, presentations through interactive whiteboard, files and applications with your employees as well as send text messages to your employees during the course of virtual training.free online whiteboard

eztalks cloud meeting

This virtual training software also allows the host to record some important parts or the entire training course and save it on your computer so that your employees can use it in future if they have missed something.


Though, both virtual training and classroom training have their own pros and cons still virtual training is preferred by the companies as it trains its employees as per the requirement of their jobs at a lower cost.

From: https://www.eztalks.com/training/what-is-virtual-training.html

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Technology has further transformed the way business meetings are conducted. Gone are the days when people participating in the meeting had to be present face-to-face in a room. Products like ezTalks Cloud Meeting have made it possible to conduct video conferences online and make business communication easy and fast. Now real-time telepresence meetings can be conducted among people in distributed locations. If your business meetings end up in utter chaos, it’s high time you changed the way you conduct meetings. Here are a few tips on how to run a successful business meeting:

1. Need

Before calling a meeting or sending a calendar invite, ask yourself if the meeting or discussion is absolutely necessary. Is there no other way to communicate? Do you have a list of points that need to be discussed? Have you defined an objective for the meeting? You should also consider these questions while selecting who need to be invited to the meeting. Think about who needs to be there in the meeting and inform them in advance. Simply gathering a crowd of people in a meeting is a waste of time. Review the attendee list to make sure there is at least some person or a group of people who are authorized to make a decision.how to record webinar

2. Define an Agenda

If you let a business meeting flow without any specific agenda or goal, it is bound to result in a crazy chaos. It is always a good habit to specify the agenda of the meeting in the mail or any other network through which you are communicating. If you are planning to introduce some document, you can email that document or relevant information to the participants of the meeting beforehand. This will give them the time to go through the document and be prepared with their questions and queries. This approach will also help in better understanding of the information during the meeting. Remember, vague meetings are never a good use of time.teleconference definition

3. Timeline

Along with the agenda, you should also create a timeline for the meeting. This is very important when there are multiple points that need to be discussed. You need to define a time limit for each topic. Otherwise only one point will get stretched across the meeting without any conclusion. Just like the start time of a meeting, also define an end time of the meeting and convey it in the invitation mail. Avoid conducting meetings for more than an hour unless it is very necessary.

business meeting

4. Leadership

To avoid the meeting from going off-track, every meeting requires an effective leader. Usually, the person who is calling in the business meeting or is the point of contact can be a leader. Otherwise, designate a person who will conduct the complete meeting. You don’t always need to have some senior employee as a leader; it can be anyone right from executive to manager. A leader is the person who is guiding the team in that particular issue.how to create a group message on iphone

5. Leverage Technology

 Not all meeting require face-to-face communication or physical presence. Try to minimize these kinds of meetings as they are time consuming. You should leverage technology to conduct business meetings. Right from communicating on mobile phones to opting for ezTalks Cloud video collaboration, there are various tech-supported ways to conduct meetings. Using technology tools ensures flexibility and convenience. It also saves time and reduces costs involved.group calls skype

6. Be Prompt

Start the meeting on time and end it on time. By staying prompt, you show that you value your own time as well others’ time. It will also help you build a good reputation and people will make an effort to attend your meeting. It has been seen that employees avoid meetings that do not start on time or stretch endlessly.best web conferencing

7. Prepare

Don’t rush into a meeting blindly! Make sure you are prepared or at least have some idea of the topic. Simply knowing the topic of the meeting does not mean you know what the meeting is about. If you are conducting the business meeting, it is your duty to provide materials prior to the meeting. If you are invited to a meeting, you can ask for pre-meeting materials so that you go to the meeting prepared.

Business meetings are effective only when people attending the meeting are not wondering why they are there in the first place. Do not conduct a business meeting for something that can be handled over email or phone. Reduce face-to-face physical meeting in favor of audio or video conferencing. Knowing how to have a successful business meeting is a skill, make sure you master it!

From: https://www.eztalks.com/video-meeting/how-to-run-a-successful-business-meeting.html

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You have decided, your next meetings will be via the Web! The idea is, indeed, seductive: saving time, immediate proximity, simplified sharing of documents, all, from your office. Yet you have a technical apprehension: you are afraid to make life difficult with connections and their lot of obscure settings ... No panic, here are 5 easy and free tools to try the adventure.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting

Any online meeting will be measured by its clarity in both audio and video communication and the various additional features that it offers. ezTalks Cloud Meeting is designed for continuous use with unlimited access to HD video and audio interfaces.

The software is available for free. It allows the use of innovative whiteboard to improve the extent of collaboration. In addition, you get to enjoy instant screen and content sharing to go with the issues discussed in the meeting. You can record and playback any meeting and use its arranged scheduling features to schedule and manage meetings. It is available for every device including mobile phone interphase.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting offers its users control management features that include muting, permit speak, and lock meeting among other functions. Its online meeting room is designed for internal collaboration, learning and training, external presentation, and webinars.

Skype, the most popular

Should we still present it? Already installed in many homes (those with remote family know it well), Skype is an international software that allows calls with video from computer to computer, all for free. To do this, it is enough for each participant to download the software online, to launch it and to create an account. You can then retrieve and add the required participants one by one, up to 25, to your call list and make a video call ... It is also necessary that your correspondents are also online. The latest version also allows live chat as well as file sharing.android alternative to facetime

It is done for me if: I have a personal computer and a community of contacts already registered on Skype. Calling a non-member remains possible, but is subject to a fee.

Meetings.io, intuitive and complete

To use Meetings.io, even punctually, you do not need ... nothing. The homepage, in English, offers a "Get a meeting room" button and provides you with a unique url to share between up to 5 participants. Click, activate your web cam, and you are in a virtual meeting room. The application offers screen sharing, YouTube-style video projection, document sharing and a note-taking that can be saved and received by email. You can also choose to sign up to get your personal virtual room and create a beautifully enhanced profile.free video conference

It's done for me if: I'm looking for a hyper intuitive and instant interface without creating an account.

Hangouts, the most collaborative

The messaging application made in Google + is no less a web conferencing tool. To use it, each participant (up to 10) must have a Google+ and Gmail account beforehand because all document sharing functions are inherent in this environment. From there, you can see yourself, talk to you and most of all work together on documents posted for an active working meeting.facetime alternative for android

It is done for me if: I also wish to use the video of the conference. The application makes it possible to broadcast your conference live or delayed to a large public via Youtube or your website.

Webex, the darling of pros

WeBex is the first choice on the web for web conferencing, and is a clear choice for any professional. Its WebEx Meeting solution, designed for small meetings of 3 people offers video and audio contact, but also all the comfort possible for the sharing of your work: whiteboard, document sharing, real-time annotation, meeting recording ... In addition, WebEx relies on a powerful support service, online or by telephone, which guides you in your choices and answers all your questions to leave nothing to chance.video conferencing solutions for small business

It is done for me if: I am in a logic of progression. Designed for professionals and companies, WeBex offers, beyond the free formula, several paid packages involving up to 100 participants.

Appear.in, the purest

Little known, Appear.in is a solution that could well overshadow its sisters as its simplicity is disconcerting. The site's home page suggests you give a personalized name to your meeting room ... And that's all, no software, no registration possible, you just have to deliver the famous Sesame to your contacts, 8 maximum, via mail or sms and they are appearing on your screen, live. Appear.in also allows the sharing of written messages. On the other hand, the whole operating in peer-to-peer, and not stored on a server, it is not possible to archive your data.
It is done for me if: I wish to contact my colleagues as we make a phone call, share verbally, instantly, and without loss of time.

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ezTalks Cloud Meeting

This is also one of the most popular free web based training software. If you want to train your employees via face to face communication, this is a very good option. They offer HD resolution and the audio is also very crisp and clear. Live chat feature is also there in case you need to send some URL or other documents to the employees. There is also a whiteboard in case you want to draw any graphs or pictures. The free online employee training tool is also possible to make real time PPT presentations for better understanding. And the good thing is that it can be accessed via all kinds of devices, such as Mac, Windows, iOS and Android gadgets.screen share online


iSpring Learn LMS

It is a very popular web based employee training software. It is very user-friendly. The setup is really easy. All you have to do is just open an iSpring Account and you are ready to go. The best thing about this software is that it supports all kinds of content. From audios to videos to Flash, you can upload almost anything you want. And in case you don't have much content, you can also take help of their software to create courses.video conferencing interview

Another advantage of this software is that it provides detailed reports. It will track all the learning activities of the employees and will provide vital statistics of each employee. On the basis of their performance results, you may design separate courses for each of them to improve their productivity. They also have a mobile app which allows all the employees to finish their courses offline.microsoft video conference


MeetingBooster is a solution that simplifies your life:

Before the meeting: easily plan the meeting and assign preparatory tasks to the participants;
During the meeting: MeetingBooster allows you to take notes instantly, whether for face-to-face meetings or videoconferencing;
After the meeting: analyze your meeting, keep and easily find all the files associated with it, and quickly assign tasks to follow up discussions.


Google Calendar can also be a convenient way to plan your meetings: easy to use and very readable, it allows you to quickly set a meeting niche and share it with your team. 

Managing a virtual meeting or conference requires the use of powerful, interactive tools.best video chat

Do not hesitate to test the different applications proposed in this article to improve the quality of your briefings with your team and your customers.

Tell us what your favorite tool is to organize remote meetings!

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ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is a free remote meeting tool that allows you to host an unlimited number of meetings through a live broadcasting via a browser. Unlike WebEx which allows you to have meetings for as long as you want, ezTalks only gives you forty minutes for every group meeting. ezTalks Cloud Meeting beats the other remote meeting tools mentioned above as it allows participants to record and play back group and private chats. It is similar to Web Ex in the sense that it also has an annotation tool that allows it to mark and share documents. ezTalks Cloud Meeting also allows the user to control the meeting and has forty eight hours email support.benefits of collaborative learning



Capture-minimum screen-2015-10-13-at-09.55.46

Cisco Webex Meetings offers options to suit your needs. To facilitate your meetings, the tool has an invitation support with the link to redirect participants to the meeting space. It is an effective way to deliver the right information at the right time.

It also offers the ability to gather all the files you need, in a meeting, at the same location. This will allow you to switch from one file to another without having to leave the software interface.screen share software



Capture-minimum screen-2015-10-13-at-09.55.58

Intuitive and easy-to-use tool, Mikogo allows you to share your computer screen with your colleagues during your conferences. It can work with any web browser and is compatible with several operating systems (Linux, Windows, etc.). This is ideal for online demonstrations.

The application offers a multilingual interface, which will be suitable for freelancers working with international clients. They can easily use the same tool and understand all the functionalities by choosing the language of their choice. video conference interview



Capture-minimum screen-2015-10-13-at-09.56.05

GoToMeeting is an application that offers several benefits to users such as the ability to share your presentation and the interface of your computer screen to your guests. This option is useful for integrating more interactivity between you and your customers.

In addition, the tool is available on different terminals (computer, mobile, tablet) and each participant can choose his preferred medium.video conference interview



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NeedToMeet allows you to organize your meetings in 3 simple steps:live meeting

Complete information and meeting details;
Suggest dates and times;
Send invitations to people of your choice.
Guests are notified by email and you are notified when one of them answers. You can also, through NeedToMeet, view their comments and suggestions in a snap to edit the meeting.

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