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When the weather permits, outdoor games are special moments for both the dog and you. If they do not require large means, the benefits to be drawn are many.

If daily walks (or even twice daily) are essential for the health of all dogs , they are not enough to ensure physical, psychological and emotional balance . Your dog also needs to play, regardless of his age. Outdoor games allow him to work his muscles, to activate all the functions of his organism, to improve his coordination and to stimulate his intelligence. At the same time, these outdoor activities reinforce your links.

To all these benefits is added the pleasure of evolving freely and in the open air . The exercises to be proposed to him must be adapted to his morphology and his capacities. The most important thing is that your dog has fun and you share moments of joy and complicity.

Some precautions to take in public places

Not all dog owners are lucky enough to have a large garden . Although there are many indoor activities to do with your dog , activities at the beach , in the forest or in a park are highly recommended to provide maximum freedom to the animal.

Nevertheless, it will be necessary to ensure that the public place chosen is  allowed to the dogs and that it can evolve there without leash . Your dog must also obey your orders, especially the reminder , to avoid incidents with other animals or people he may meet there.

Remember to bring your bowl and a bottle of water so that it can drink at any time, especially if the chosen location is far from home.

To play hide and seek

The game of hide and seek is a great way to develop your flair and analytical skills . For the youngest dogs, it also has the advantage of reinforcing your landmark status in his mind, since he will systematically look for you and be in relation to you during the next outings.

To do this, throw him an object (not too far) and take the opportunity to hide behind a tree . You must be able to see it constantly to intervene when needed. Let him look for you and make it easier for him to call him if he has difficulties. Praise him warmly as soon as he joins you.

Find a hidden object

For this game, your dog must have acquired the basic commands , such as "sitting" and "not moving". Order him to remain motionless, show him the object you are about to hide and move away under his gaze. Roughly hide the toy and ask him to pick it up, not forgetting to reward him. 

You can then gradually increase the difficulty of the game by finding more elaborate hiding places. This allows in addition to revise the basic orders.

Play Frisbee

Dogs love to catch and bring back Frisbees . Their floating trajectories give them time to adjust their course and they appreciate being able to capture them in full flight.

Moreover, there are competitions of Frisbee Dog during which extremely spectacular figures are realized. Of course, it is best that you first practice frisbee throwing so that its flight path is smooth and the object glides smoothly.

The first few times, launch the disc over short distances . You can then launch it a little further . The dog will retrieve it from the ground, then learn to intercept it in the air.

Crossing obstacles

Mounds of earth, rocks, benches and small streams are all obstacles that can be found in forests or large parks and that your dog will be happy to cross.

There is nothing more natural for a dog than to run and jump to make your way. These concatenations of elements to tame or bypass greatly improve the coordination of the animal, while giving him the opportunity to gain confidence . Do not hesitate to go through these obstacles yourself so that he follows you.

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When the weather permits, outdoor games are special moments for both the dog and you. If they do not require large means, the benefits to be drawn are many.

If daily walks (or even twice daily) are essential for the health of all dogs , they are not enough to ensure physical, psychological and emotional balance . Your dog also needs to play, regardless of his age. Outdoor games allow him to work his muscles, to activate all the functions of his organism, to improve his coordination and to stimulate his intelligence. At the same time, these outdoor activities reinforce your links.

To all these benefits is added the pleasure of evolving freely and in the open air . The exercises to be proposed to him must be adapted to his morphology and his capacities. The most important thing is that your dog has fun and you share moments of joy and complicity.

Some precautions to take in public places

Not all dog owners are lucky enough to have a large garden . Although there are many indoor activities to do with your dog , activities at the beach , in the forest or in a park are highly recommended to provide maximum freedom to the animal.

Nevertheless, it will be necessary to ensure that the public place chosen is  allowed to the dogs and that it can evolve there without leash . Your dog must also obey your orders, especially the reminder , to avoid incidents with other animals or people he may meet there.

Remember to bring your bowl and a bottle of water so that it can drink at any time, especially if the chosen location is far from home.

To play hide and seek

The game of hide and seek is a great way to develop your flair and analytical skills . For the youngest dogs, it also has the advantage of reinforcing your landmark status in his mind, since he will systematically look for you and be in relation to you during the next outings.

To do this, throw him an object (not too far) and take the opportunity to hide behind a tree . You must be able to see it constantly to intervene when needed. Let him look for you and make it easier for him to call him if he has difficulties. Praise him warmly as soon as he joins you.

Find a hidden object

For this game, your dog must have acquired the basic commands , such as "sitting" and "not moving". Order him to remain motionless, show him the object you are about to hide and move away under his gaze. Roughly hide the toy and ask him to pick it up, not forgetting to reward him. 

You can then gradually increase the difficulty of the game by finding more elaborate hiding places. This allows in addition to revise the basic orders.

Play Frisbee

Dogs love to catch and bring back Frisbees . Their floating trajectories give them time to adjust their course and they appreciate being able to capture them in full flight.

Moreover, there are competitions of Frisbee Dog during which extremely spectacular figures are realized. Of course, it is best that you first practice frisbee throwing so that its flight path is smooth and the object glides smoothly.

The first few times, launch the disc over short distances . You can then launch it a little further . The dog will retrieve it from the ground, then learn to intercept it in the air.

Crossing obstacles

Mounds of earth, rocks, benches and small streams are all obstacles that can be found in forests or large parks and that your dog will be happy to cross.

There is nothing more natural for a dog than to run and jump to make your way. These concatenations of elements to tame or bypass greatly improve the coordination of the animal, while giving him the opportunity to gain confidence . Do not hesitate to go through these obstacles yourself so that he follows you.

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When the weather prevents you from offering trips as long as usual, you can compensate for these gaps by indoor games. These are also recommended, even when your pet enjoys significant walks. They contribute, indeed, to its well-being and its development.

Play is essential for the dog, physically ,  psychically and emotionally . It contributes to the balance of the animal, uses his intelligence, promotes his learning, allows him to fight stress and boredom. At the same time, he helps strengthen his muscles and his skeleton, improves coordination and stimulates his senses.

When the weather is bad, you have to reduce walking time and physical activity of the dog outdoors  (but never remove them), indoor games can complete these activities and occupy it in a fun way . They do not require big expenses. Often, your only presence and some accessories can compose fun and stimulating exercises for the dog.

Some tips before you start

Before playing, keep these basic rules in mind:

  • the game must remain a pleasure , both for you and your dog, and it must always be associated with positive feelings . Each dog is progressing at his own pace. It would be useless to wait for improvements in the immediate future.
  • give him time to assimilate the exercises. Increase the difficulty gradually , but do not burn the steps.
  • think of rewarding him systematically by congratulating him and offering him treats and caresses.

The treats , precisely, should not turn into excessive treats that could promote overweight. For example, you can reserve a portion of your usual kibble meal for games so you do not exceed your daily food portions.

  • do not overload your dog with exercises, he may be confused and stressed. Instead, choose games based on one exercise at a time and do not make them last too long to keep you from getting tired.
  • indoor games should not be used as a substitute for walks. These are essential and there is no question of removing them.

Develop your flair by encouraging it to detect objects

Dogs love to search for buried items, especially if they smell food. Take the opportunity to offer games of research and detection at home. For example, hide a croquette in one of 10 socks, then place them around while sitting. He will be happy to find the treat and will be even more proud when you congratulate him .

In another version, you can hide a kibble under a cup of 3 and mix these before asking him to find it. A kind of beanie for dogs. Trust his intelligence, his curiosity and his infallible flair. They will eventually guide him to the solution.

To play hide and seek

This game is part of the basic exercises offered to puppies destined to become search and rescue dogs. It helps to stimulate the dog's desire to find a hidden person by associating it with a positive experience.

For this, simply play hide and seek  in a room of the house. Ask him to remain seated and do not move , then show him a cake or a biscuit. Then go to another room and hide, then call it.

Your call and the smell of candy will push him to find you quickly. The first few times, do not hesitate to help him by calling him several times to help and guide him. You can then do the same thing by replacing the food with his favorite toy, which you will give him by congratulating him as soon as he locates you.

The tunnel of chairs

Start by placing a chair in front of your dog, before ordering him to lie down and not to move. Go to the other side of the chair and ask him to join you by guiding and encouraging him. Offer him a treat when he succeeds. Gradually add a chair, then several others, to form a kind of tunnel under which he will learn to crawl to join you.

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1.   WOPET Automatic Feeder For Dogs and Cats With HD Camera for Video Recording APP Control V36 - 6 Meal

Wopet Automatic Feeder For Dogs and Cats With HD Camera for Video Recording APP Control V36 - 6 Meal

Wopet V36 works like a pet sitter,be able to feed your pet from anywhere and at anytime. remotely set times to feed your pet automatically or choose to do a manual feeding from your mobile device instantly.Best automatic pet feeder for dogs and cats.

The goal of WOPET is to enrich the life of your pet so they can have a happy and healthy life. Feed your pet on timed intervals or manually feed with a touch of a button on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Stay connected with your pet even when you are away; the HD Camera with audio enables you to view and talk to your pet.provide a interesting and better quality of living for your pet with Wopet!

Technical Specs 
Product Size: 9.8 x 13.7 x 15.3 inch 
Camera: 120° Wide Angle Lens | HD 720P 
Accepted Food: Dry food, 0.2-0.6 inches in diameter 
Food Container: 6.5L 
Rated Voltage: 110-240V 
Power Adapter Voltage: 5V/1A 
WOpet App: Android 4.0 or above / iOS 7.5 or above 
Battery Powered
Requires D Batteries (not included) 3 Pieces

2.   Maxmer 4.5L Automatic Feeder for Pets Food Distributor Cats and Dogs with Smart Automatic Pet Feeder Timer Controlled by Cellare with Camera

·  Large capacity: 4.5L of food capacity; 4 time feeding time, up to 10 times per meal, about 100g each time. Be customized to play the recording or music 3 times, recording up to 10s

·  Records and statistical data: including the day before yesterday, today, today, automatic, manual, on a meal, the meal food meal. Check the feeding time and food intake to manage your pet's health

·  Imported 100% Grain Slot ABS Material: grain groove buckle design which can be disassembled and easy to unload

·  Real-time video and phone control Video Audio calls: Built in webcam and microphone for taking photos or video recording, wide-angle lens, covering a viewing angle of 130 degrees, full-screen shooting and 100W clear pixels. 720P HD screen. At the same time with the voice recording voice function to send voice if your animals were playing elsewhere

·  Automatic video and sharing storage: images and videos can be automatically stored in the phone card or TF card, support up to 128 g of TF (not included in the package) to record your pet every time happy and share social platforms like you want


3.   AFOUNDRY Automatic Food and Water Dispenser for Cats and Dogs Automatic Feeder for Animals with Real-Time Video, Voice Recording, Portion Control, Programmable Timer up to 4 meals per day, Wi-Fi APP Dispenser Bowl enabled for iPhone and Android

2 in 1 New Automatic Pet Food Dispensers It is the latest intelligent pet feeder on the market. You can control your feeding schedule, nourish the water and interact with it even when you are away from home. 2 types of power supply design (AC adapter and battery) to avoid power outages and ensure normal operation of the power supply.

Timing and Quantitative Feeding This cat / dog feeder helps you set up automatic feeding and manual feeding schedules, portion sizes and appropriate ingredients through the app. And it will record the feeding status of your pet that will help you to scientifically manage the health of pets.

Stable and reliable Food dispenser with accurate food portions, programmed feeding. Large food intake and infrared anti-block function to prevent croquettes from getting stuck. Notification of abnormal feeding or no food it will be sent to you, so do not worry about starving.

Real-time video surveillance, remote voice intercom 1.3 MP camera with powerful night vision, you can interact with your pet via video or voice both day and night. You can yell at your pet to eat with real-time voice or recorded voice, just as if you were at home with it. And you can take photos to share your pet's documents.

Easy to set up and one year warranty Download Eggnest free in the App Store or scan the QR code on the manual to check the power supply via your smartphone. AFOUNDRY provides a one-year warranty, any quality problem please contact us, we will provide a satisfactory solution. Take it home now, your pet deserves a better life.

4.   Anself Automatic Pet Feeder for Cat Dog 5.5 L LCD Display Electric Food Dry Dish Dispenser Bowl 1-3 meals / day

·  Automatic pet feeder, keep pet on a regular feeding schedule. Solid ABS plastic: Sturdy and non-toxic for long use.

·  5.5 L Capacity hopper: keep enough food for animals several days of feeding and clear to see food remain.

·  Reasonable feeding schedule: Program 1-3 meals a day and accurate feeding time to minutes. Flexible meal portion: Can set 1-12 servings per meal, 1 serving is dry food about 30 g.

·  Built-in Voice Recorder & Speaker: Record your voice for 10sec and auto display 3 times clearly on each preset feeding time to remind animals to eat.

·  Self feeding times Record: Total number of automatic meal counting already served, convenient for keeping track of the animal's meal.

5.   Amzdeal Automatic Food Dispenser for Cats and Dogs Automatic Pet Feeder with LCD Display, Record Voice, 5.5L, 1-3 Meals Every Day

·  5.5L GREAT VOLUME - Can store 5,5L of croquettes (about 3kg, 45 cups), enough to feed a cat or adult dog of small / medium size for at least 10 days, the transparent bottle allows you to monitor the volume of food

·  3 MEASURES TO SET - You can set 1-3 meals at various times according to your pet diet, for each meal you can program 1-12 cups of croquettes (each cup is equivalent to 12ml)

·  EASY TO SET - The LCD screen clearly displays number of meals, time, portions of croquettes, drums, etc. for an easy setting, once set, you dispense foods automatically and accurately per day

·  VOICE AUTOPLAY - Capable of recording your voice or music for 10 seconds and repeat it 3 times with each meal that will automatically recall your animals to eat

·  PRACTICAL AND CONVENIENT - This distributor is powered by 3 batteries that can last more than 3 months, you do not need to change batteries frequently, it can power dogs even if there is power failure at home. An excellent gift for your kittens and dogs

6. WOPET Automatic Feeder Pet Feeder For Dogs Cats set time, 1 Meal

l  Multiple meals and multicolored combinations: the connector is in the package. The product can be easily assembled only if you buy two or more. You can find the other colors in our stores.

l  48 hours timer: Timer allows you to set up to 1 meal within 48 hours.

l  Usable for dry food and canned pet food. Note: if the weather is warm, it is not suitable for canned foods. 1 meals of 185g.

l  ON / OFF: It is not necessary to remove the battery when the animal feed is not used. Attention: if you set a power supply time, it is necessary to open "ON" at the same time.

l  Easy to clean: the small feeding bowl is removed and cleaned to give your pet a clean environment.


7.   PetSinc Automatic Feeder Pet Feeder - Pet Dog Cats Distributor - Easy to Use, Control Portion & Voice Recording - Programmable Timer Up to 4 meals per day

·  [Automatic Feeder] makes feeding food seamless for pets' health food & wellness whatever you are at work, school or away for the weekend.

·  [Add 1-10 portions] to the meal, each portion is 24 ml, set up to 4 daily distribution alarms; simply choosing your portion size & unit delivers dry meals.

·  [Light blue up Clock] LCD & Display provides easily adjustable settings; magnetic lock cover.

·  [Record] of personal meal recall to 10 seconds; runs on 3 * D batteries or DC power cord to the socket.

·  [Customizable Automatic Pet Feeder] great for dogs and cats of various sizes (Do not recommend for huge dogs> 120 lb, or more than 3 cats); make them happy all day.

8.   Homgrace Food Automatic Dispenser for Dogs Cats, Programmable Feeder with Intelligent Voice Recording and Timer, 5L Pet Feeder with LCD Display for Pet

·Intelligent Destroyer Food The timer program allows you to manage the feeding routine of your pet in the best way. The voice recorder can remind your pet when it's time to eat, making it feel like you're at home. With large LCD display, easy to read.

·Diet & Convenient Programming is easy and perfect for everyday use for pets who need weight loss and portion control, or for someone who needs to feed pets when not at home. The automatic feeder facilitates feeding for the health of pets.

·Large Capacity and Easy to Clean Its large capacity can contain dry food up to 5L, sufficient for 1-3 meals a day, distributes 1-12 portions to selected meals, which can satisfy all medium-sized pets and small size. This food distributor is made of ABS plastic, ecological material, resistant to sun and shocks. Removable tray for easy cleaning.

·Dual Power Supports battery and power supply, which can eliminate downtime when the main power source is interrupted. The powerful battery can continue to work for 3-5 months.

·Simple to Use and Guarantee Intelligent food dispenser, very easy to set up, with instructions for use (Italian, English, Spanish, Spanish and French). If you have any problem, please contact us immediately, we will offer a solution within 24 hours (working days).

9.   UMEI 6litre Automatic Feeder For Dogs and Cats Timing Quantitative Automatic Food Distributors

·  Suitable for small animals, medium-sized animals, large animals. For example: poodle, dog Bo Mei, cat, shepherd, Labrador and so on

·  Capacity: 6L, about 6.5 pounds of dry food. Dimensions: L14.2 inches * W8.3 inches * H14.2 inches, 4 meals can be set at different times with different quantities.

·  USB low-voltage power supply, US standards, environmentally friendly and pollution-free. your pet is very safe

·  You can listen to a 10 second voice recording while feeding. Automatic detection and controlled feeding to avoid excessive food

·  Dual power supply, like the laptop, when the mains power supply does not work, the battery power supply will be available. Powered by battery, with three alkaline batteries D (not included), the device can work for 2 years.

10.  Amzdeal Automatic Food Distributor for Cats and Dogs with Camera, Supports Remote Control via Smartphone, Record Voice, 4L, 1-4 Meals per Day

l  DISTRIBUTOR WITH CAMERA - This cat food distributor is equipped with a 1080p HD camera that rotates at 350 degrees. You can monitor animal activity, send audio and monitor power from your mobile phone

l  GREAT CAPACITY - The automatic food distributor allows you to store 4L (4Lb) pet food, up to 4 meals a day to set up, you can precisely program the amount of food for each meal from 5 to 195 g

l  INTELLIGENT CONTROL - This pet feeder has infrared monitoring function in case of food that blocks the output stops automatically, prevents the spillage and waste of food

l  UNIQUE AND PRACTICAL - The food distributor cats is robot-shaped, unique design, the distributor base is equipped with anti-slip rubber, ensure stability, above tank there is a plate to put desiccant to avoid foods from moisture. A great Christmas gift for your kittens and dogs

VOICE AND LOAD - The cats food distributor you can record your voice from 12 seconds to remind pets to eat, it is loaded both by current and by batteries, you can work continuously even if there is power failure

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If you are looking for an ideal way to feed your dog and make sure he has access to the correct food portions at regular intervals, automatic dog feeders are without a doubt the best option.

These devices are not intended to completely replace the care and attention of the dog, but it guarantees that our dog is receiving the necessary diet when we are away from home or simply prefer to focus more strictly feeding times.

The automatic dog feeders are elegant, moderately looking and available in a wide variety of colors and styles, with many features necessary for food and time control.

If you want to improve the feeding and care of your dog, in this article we will show you the best automatic dog feeders in the market and we will advise you which is the most suitable for you. Keep reading!

Types of automatic feeders for dogs - Which one Buy

Wopet Automatic Feeder For Dogs and Cats With HD Camera for Video Recording APP Control V36 - 6 Meal

WOPET Automatic Feeder For Dogs and Cats V36


WOPET V36 works like a pet sitter,be able to feed your pet from anywhere and at anytime. remotely set times to feed your pet automatically or choose to do a manual feeding from your mobile device instantly.Best automatic pet feeder for dogs and cats.

The goal of Wopet is to enrich the life of your pet so they can have a happy and healthy life. Feed your pet on timed intervals or manually feed with a touch of a button on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Stay connected with your pet even when you are away; the HD Camera with audio enables you to view and talk to your pet.provide a interesting and better quality of living for your pet with Wopet!

Technical Specs 
Product Size: 9.8 x 13.7 x 15.3 inch 
Camera: 120° Wide Angle Lens | HD 720P 
Accepted Food: Dry food, 0.2-0.6 inches in diameter 
Food Container: 6.5L 
Rated Voltage: 110-240V 
Power Adapter Voltage: 5V/1A 
WOpet App: Android 4.0 or above / iOS 7.5 or above 
Battery Powered
Requires D Batteries (not included) 3 Pieces

Mvpower is an automatic dry dog feed dispenser with a compact and pleasant design in which you can program up to 4 meals a day at the times you want your dog to eat. It also has an option in which you can record your voice for your pet to eat.

The Mvpower is ideal for when you are not at home or to keep a strict schedule in your dog's diet. Easy handling and cleaning . It incorporates an LCD screen in which you can enter the hours and the exact amount of food you want your dog to eat.


l  Transparent automatic hopper of 5.5L, removable and easy to clean.

l  Easy programming LCD screen and low battery indicator.

l  It works with 3 batteries of 1.5v D size which will not depend on any outlet, so you can locate it anywhere in the house without needing a power outlet.

l  You can program 3 power modes.

l  It incorporates a microphone where you can record 10 seconds of voice message.

l  Dimensions: 39 x 22 x 49cm

Hommini is an automatic feeder for dogs of last generation that has a novel voice recognition system that you can record your voice so that your pet feels more comfortable for when you are not at home.

The hommini is made of ABS anti bacteria and is the only automatic dog food dispenser that has a water trough. It also has Wi-Fi where through an App for Android or iOS we can configure the meal schedule of our pet and record a voice recognition to notify him of the time of the meal.


l  Deposit of food up to 3.5Kg.

l  250ml water drinker.

l  Automatic programmable feeding.

l  Speech recognition.

l  Remote video recording: it does not allow to record video or see how our pet is in each moment.

l  Dimensions: 28x 14x 21 cm

l  It works has batteries either through or through the socket.

HoneyGuardian is an electronic dog feeder with a modern and elegant design that allows you to set up 6 meals a day in food portions of 4 grams to 400 grams per meal, ideal for small and medium dog breeds. If you have to be away from home for a few days and you need to cover your dog's food needs, this is one of the best options.

The HoneyGuardian is a device that is capable of consuming very little energy, lasting up to 6 months, using batteries of good quality. Thanks to this and the features it has, it is one of Amazon's best-selling automatic dog feeders.


l  1.5 Kg container capacity ideal for dry foods.

l  Compact, lightweight and modern design.

l  Voice recording and high quality speaker, which allows you to record your voice for 12 seconds to warn your dog to go to eat.

l  Consume of super low battery: You need 3 alkaline batteries 4D, which allows you to place it on any surface.

l  LCD screen with different programming options.

l  Infrared detector in the feeder that detects if it still has food inside or not.

l  Size: 20cm x 38cm

PetSinc is an automatic feeder for dogs with an elegant design, very compact and clean that allows you to control the diet of your pet thanks to its 10 program options of servings of dry food a day, divided into 4 daily rations.

The Petsinc is ideal for dogs of small or medium breed , since it allows you to cover all the nutritional needs of the dog when you are away from home. Due to its quality and the characteristics it possesses, it is one of the most valued products on the internet .


l  Illuminated LCD screen with adjustable settings for easy use.

l  Voice recording of up to 10 seconds to call your pet.

l  It runs through 3 batteries or through the outlet that comes standard.

l  4.4kg storage capacity

l  Measures: 24cm x 30 x 38.

PetSafe is an automatic dog hopper with a rigid and discreet design that allows you to configure up to 12 servings of food per day from 30 grams to 950 grams, which is perfect to keep your dog properly cared for without having to worry.

The PetSafe has a food compartment of 6Kg capacity in which it allows dry and semi-hydrated food for dogs. It has a hermetic closing lid that allows to keep the food stored fresh and safe. If you are interested in buying an automatic feeder for any type of breed or size, this is the ideal one for you.


l  Easy-to-use programmable LCD screen with 5 buttons.

l  Requires 4 alkaline batteries, which is perfect to locate anywhere without the need for a plug.

l  Slow feed dispensing option, ideal for dogs that eat a lot or with obesity.

The food storage compartment is easily removed for cleaning.

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It is very fun for your dog to go out and enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of the rain. However, the rain can be harmful if you and your dog are not prepared. Protect your dog from the rain with the following tips.

1. Keep your dog's skin dry.
Unfortunately, wet or damp skin is the ideal area for incubating fungi and bacteria. Before going for a walk, we recommend you to prepare your dog umbrella or dog raincoat, since these will avoid direct contact with rainwater. When you are back, make sure to dry it completely with a towel , a glove to dry or a dog hair dryer . If you do not get very dirty, there is no need to bathe after having had contact with the rain but we recommend that you use dry shampoo to avoid bad odors.

2. Clean and dry the legs and ears of your dog

Their paws are exposed to the earth all the time and are very prone to infections. Protect your dog from the rain by wearing boots or safety shoes during this season. This will prevent mud, water, grass and insects from getting into their legs.protect your but from the rain - take

If your dog is not used to wearing pet shoes, we recommend that you gently clean your legs with special wipes after the walk. It also helps a lot to cut the fur in that area with special scissors , especially if your furry is a long-haired breed like a golden retriever, afghan hound, shih Tzu or Irish setter . Make sure to use pomace for legs to avoid dryness after being exposed to moisture.

In the same way, water, easily accumulates in the ears of dogs. Especially in those with more closed ears like the Dachshund, Labrador and Basset Hound . There are also ear wipes to dry and remove dirt that can cause infections in your hairy ears. If the humidity becomes an infection, we suggest you use specialized treatments and consult your veterinarian.

3. Do activities inside the house
When it rains, the outdoor activities are not very pleasant. To keep your hairy from your routine and keep it exercised, we recommend using toys that develop physical and mental activity within your home. If you live in an apartment building or accounts with stairs, we suggest you upload and download them with your hairy one. Or take advantage of one of the dog transporters we have for you.

4. Pay attention to what your dog consumes
When it rains too much, dogs often develop food allergies. Make sure you supervise your hairy diet and add food, croquettes, or prizes with extra fiber to maintain your defenses and prevent disease. The fiber in your food will allow regular bowel movements, even if you do not walk a lot. To prevent your dog from being overweight it is necessary to balance the activity level with the amount of food you eat.

5. Avoid infections
During the rainy season, infections are very common. Pay attention to the following signs as they may develop infection or allergy:

  • The same part of the body is constantly licked
  • They have scratches
  • Malodorous ears
  • Constant itching

These can be generated when moisture escapes the surface of the skin. The dog breeds that are most prone to these infections are the B oxer and Pug . Protect your dog from the rain and make sure to check with your veterinarian if you notice something on your furry, as it can become an infection or allergy.

WOPET helps pet parents protect their pets more carefully. Wopet offer best automatic dog / cat feeder,fashion dog / cat carrier,dog / cat booster seat when pet parents are out for work or vacation . Wholesale please contact with support@wopetshop.com

auto pet feeder pet auto feeder autofeeder automatic pet feeder with timer timer feeder dog automatic feeder with timer pet timer feeder pet carseat sure feed feeders pet auto feeders pet booster pet food timer dog food automatic feeder dog car seat automatic pet feeder dog car seat and carrier how much does a cat carrier cost timer feeder for dogs pet timer feeder timed release dog feeders pet car seat and carrier auto cat feeder wet food

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Web Conferencing

By eztalks, 2018-06-11

free screen sharing software

Many businesses conduct video conferencing during meetings. This diet is ideal for people who need a strong support network and who want to learn how to manage weight with a successful lifelong plan, according to Judith Rodriguez, author of the "Diet Selector." However, Rodriguez also cautions that the diet may not be best for people who cannot go to the meetings, an important part of the plan, or for people who do not want to exercise, follow a rigid food plan or talk to other people about weight issues.

Just click on the other computer in the Finder's sidebar and click the Share Screen button that appears beneath the Finder windows toolbar; you'll also need a best screen sharing software

username and password for that machine (see Figure 3 ). Really, though, if you're on the same network, its probably easier to physically use the other machine, but just in case thats not possible, screen sharing is always a good fallback option.

Citrix believes its expanded mobile collaboration platform will ensure maximum work flexibility and support, providing businesses of all sizes new ways to stay connected and productive regardless of location - a concept Citrix calls 'workshifting.' Using Citrix mobile apps, people can join a meeting anywhere they take their mobile device - in a taxi, on a park bench, in an office or from any location.

screen sharing software

On the other hand, online video sharing destinations and video blogs are rapidly increasing in number and relevance, and nonetheless the use of straight-to-camera talking heads are not always the most engaging type of content to offer, these video sites are often much more sincere and believable than major TV stations with perfectly rehearsed anchormen reading a teleprompter script and with great quality stock news footage in the back.


Note that third-party conference room av system regularly advertise features for Apple's products well in advance of their actual release based on a "best guess" approach without any verifiable foreknowledge of the devices - Best Buy's recent page update listing i7 processors for the upcoming MacBook Pro update is a perfect example - so this latest update from O2 by no means confirms the presence of video conferencing capabilities in the next iteration of the iPhone.

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1. ezTalks会议


ezTalks Meetings的一些最好的亮点是:



2. HipChat










4. Communifire





5. Trello








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网络协作是一项技术,它允许位于不同地点的人员通过使用在线协作工具实现相同目标,在同一项目中一起工作。根据网络协作定义,团队成员可以通过使用网络协作软件工具(如ezTalks Meetings等)协调,合作,沟通,协商,竞争和共享






企业组织可以使用ezTalks Meetings等网络协作软件工具来利用各种类型的好处。这些好处可能包括:




提高员工的整体满意度:通过这种方式,ezTalks Cloud Meeting等网络协作工具可以通过提供上面讨论的所有好处来提高企业员工的总体满意度。通过使用网络协作工具节省的旅行和沟通成本可以被业务用于通过向业内专家提供最新技术培训来提升员工的未来。


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1. ezTalks联机会议调度程序

作为最好的小组会议安排工具之一,ezTalks可以让您安排和处理在线会议。您可以使用Facebook和Google帐户登录注册一个ezTalks帐户。它在你的Mac,Windows PC,Android和iOS小工具上的功能非常出色。只需下载一个正确的表单并运行它。此时,登录并点击界面上的Schedule Meeting。之后,您可以通过设置时间安排,联系人或客户的电子邮件地址以及有关会议的所有明确数据,欢迎合作伙伴或客户前往您的会议。对于欢迎合作伙伴或客户,您可以对他们的电子邮件地址进行分类,或者专门从联系人列表中选择。然后它会通过电子邮件向每个参与者发送会议主题并完成信息。真的,这很简单。

2. Assistant.to




Boomerang Calendar是另一个在线会议调度程序。这是一个依赖Google Calendar和Gmail工作的程序扩展。Firefox和Chrome都完美无瑕。它在其官方网页上支持在线会议,这会影响到您的会议理想。由于它涉及到Google日历帐户,因此会让您了解会议计时是否涵盖。您甚至可以使用Boomerang来检查您的后续几天的可访问性,只需一个单独的快照,而不必按照您的日程安排。Boomerang日历是免费的,保持您的安全,同时简化您的会议日程安排。


与其他在线会议日程安排程序相比,涂鸦效果非凡。它有助于将您的会议时间设置为只有几次捕捉的投票。您只需要包含会议日期,地区和时间等数据,并且此涂鸦将进行可共享的调查,您可以将其发送给您的小组或聚会。从那时起,每个聚会部分输入她或他的邮件地址并选择一个空缺。这是一种基于投票的直接技术,可以安排和协同工作。涂鸦是广告维护和免费的。无论如何,它同样提供了一个顶尖的表格,使您能够加入iCloud和Google日历,在您的调查中要求额外的数据,并将编程指针发送给成员。涂鸦是免费的广告和优质从39 $始终如一。

5. Vyte.in


6. MeetOMatic






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学习过程的现代化:在现代社会学习可以通过使用互联网轻松完成。它可以通过使用诸如ezTalks Meetings等视频会议解决方案来实现这些可以帮助您轻松地与学生沟通。它还可以帮助学生自己一起在一个项目上工作,但在不同的地点。这是现代学习的世界。



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How to fight the overcrowding of prisons and slow justice. A success story from distant Australia.

Among the public administration sectors that can benefit more from business video conferencing, there is the judicial one. In addition to the well-known cost and time savings, the ability to connect to remote video also improves security and reduces the stress of detainees and penitentiary police. In Italy, one of the most prominent advocates of videoconference is the anti-mafia prosecutor Nicola Gratteri, who has repeatedly called for her introduction to our judicial system. If there is still a lot to be done in our country, in others the systematic use of videoconferencing for the hearings of detainees, listening to witnesses and other similar activities is already a reality.

The Australian case

Anglo-Saxon countries, often at the forefront in science and technology, are among the most credible of the videoconferencing potential of the judiciary. It is the case of Australia, where listening to the testimonies of detainees in a court video conferencing, without moving them from jail, is bound to become a daily practice. The country, in fact, faces an increase in the prison population which presents uncommon challenges in terms of costs and staff. Video conference systems have already been installed in four prisons and 11 state courtrooms in Victoria to respond to the growing demand for court hearings in recent years. It is the same magistrate leader Peter Lauritsen to explain that extending the use of free group video conferencing in the courts allows to hold more hearings and more types. In particular, when hearings concern domestic violence, people may choose to remotely connect, even from a simple webconference tablet, thus relieving the emotional impact and the stress generated by these situations. Teleconferences also reduce administrative costs related to attorney prison visits.

Overcrowded Prisons

The urgency of the project came out last year, after only one month more than 100 inmates could not go to court for scheduled hearings – including those for bail – at the time of the overcrowding of prison prisons . Prison prisons have, in fact, grown from an average of over 4,500 inmates in 2010/11 to 5,800 in 2013/14, mostly because of the greater number of people who were denied or abolished conditional release. On the contrary, this year, lawyers and other jobseekers will be able to communicate from their laptops, tablets and smartphones to courts and prisons through the web conference.

Videoconferencing: the most effective and economical solution

Last year, the state of Victoria decided to extend court opening hours to six days a week and weekly hearings were held in a local county courtroom to lighten the pressure on classrooms and administration staff state. But that was not enough. That is how video conference systems have become the long-term solution to the problems of justice. A story, that of distant Australia, which interests us closely. Given the many problems of our judicial system – from overcrowding to prisons to slow justice – the introduction of videoconferencing is the fastest and most effective solution. This is a choice that entails a very low cost.


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Environmental disasters, ecological problems, and greenhouse effect remind us that we must try to preserve our future. Many companies have decided to be more environmentally friendly, helping to minimize the environmental impact of global warming, greenhouse gases, and populations increasingly focusing on luxury and the health of the planet.

Everyone – from individual to international society – can have an impact on the future of our planet. Fortunately, companies do not have to sacrifice efficiency in the name of eco-sustainability. In fact, they can make the planet greener and healthier, saving time and money at the same time.

Secure video conferencing for environmentally friendly travel.

Companies must preserve brand loyalty and consumer satisfaction. This also means making the business more environmentally friendly without affecting the budget. Videoconferencing helps to pursue this goal by significantly reducing job transfers, especially for companies with offices or partners located on national and / or international territory.

Video conferencing reduces “green fees”.

Business video conferencing can also help companies reduce so-called “green fees” on environmental pollutants that are placed in the atmosphere, imposed by governments to encourage companies to produce more environmentally friendly and limit the environmental impact of means of transport such as cars , Trains, airplanes.

Video conferencing saves you.

Travel expenses make physical shifts a more expensive solution than videoconferencing, while phone and mail are not equally effective for group work. Including skype for business video conferencing between communication tools, it allows companies to drastically reduce travel expenses.

Videoconferencing helps “green consciousness”.

If your company is developing awareness of environmental impact and wants to reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere while simultaneously saving work travels, videoconferencing offers an immediate solution.


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 Here, you can find the five best telecommuting tools.

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting has taken the telecommunication and conferencing system to the next level. With easy to use interface and lots of benefits offered, ezTalks Cloud Meeting takes a lead in the segment of telecommuting tools available in the market. With this tool, you have full access to all the powerful and handy features that can be used while having your conference with your team. Besides teleconference, you are allowed to make video conferences in HD as well.how to share screen

Remotely sharing screens and interactive whiteboards with your teammates in real time while hosting an online meeting is also joyful. What makes ezTalks Cloud Meeting unique is the benefit to add up to 100 members at a time in a conference or meeting for free. This is the feature which can’t be found in any of the other telecommuting tools available in the market. Moreover, ezTalks Cloud Meeting enables you to chat with your teammates instantly. To take the full advantage of this powerful tool, like host an online meeting with up to 500 attendees, you just need to upgrade to its pro plan.best skype alternative

telecommuting tools

2. Trello

Trello is a very easy and effective telecommuting tool available in the market. It uses board and cards to connect with the remote based teams. From this powerful tool, the team members can track their tasks with an easy to-do list. Exchanging of files is equally easy with access to the Google Drive and Dropbox. Notifying about any urgent information is also possible with Trello.

Trello offers an interface which allows you to drag and drop file which comes in very handy at times. All the information has been kept centrally, thus those can be restored anytime you need. It also supports all the devices around like iOS, Android and Windows.

telecommuting tool

3. Google Hangouts

Google has launched their native app for business communication called Hangouts. This simple yet powerful app is always ready to handle all your communication tasks. Fixing any teleconference or a meeting is just a few clicks away with Google Hangouts. You can even make Google video conference calls to your team members. Using the tool is very easy. You only need to enter your Gmail address and password and you are good to go. Now, you can call your team members with their Gmail IDs. Unlike ezTalks Cloud Meeting, this tool only supports 10 members to join in your conference at a time. Hangouts supports all the OS like iOS, Android and Windows. Thus, if you got any devices, you won’t have any problem to start the conversation no matter where you are.online meeting tools

tools for telecommuting

4. Skype

Skype is very popular and highly used tool for telecommuting at this time. This is the default tool used in many industries to manage their teams for telecommuting and meeting. Skype is free, thus it allows free audio and video calls as well as conference calls among the team members. You should have to subscribe to their premium membership plans to enable this feature. Also, this tool gives you the opportunity to have a dial-in number at a very nominal price.screen sharing online

Skype has extended its approach to different devices like iOS, Android, Macintosh OS X and Windows. Therefore, no matter what device you have, you will always have Skype handy in with you. But, to get all those premium features, you have to get its premium plans.

tool for telecommuting

5. ooVoo

This is simple yet powerful telecommuting tool available in the market. ooVoo is popular in the industry for its user-friendly interface that can be handled by anyone. Hosting and joining in any telecommunication with conference calls are very easy with this software. You can also host your own conference. Sharing any file and sharing your screen also can be done with ooVoo. This tool gives you the benefit to call any person from your Facebook. But, unlike ezTalks Cloud Meeting, ooVoo allows you to add only up to 12 members in your conference call.best skype alternatives

best telecommuting tools

So, these are the best telecommuting tools available in the market. But if you look at the benefits offered by these telecommuting tools for free, ezTalks Cloud Meeting is definitely a clear winner. 

From: https://www.eztalks.com/telecommuting/telecommuting-tools.html





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Before discussing the use of virtual training you should know what virtual training is? As per virtual training definition, it is a training method in which virtual environment is used by an instructor to show, explain or test certain skills that can help others to learn something. The instructors, as well as students, have to use some effective video conferencing software like ezTalks Cloud Meeting etc. to communicate with each other face-to-face. Virtual training is used not only for educational purposes but for commercial as well as industrial training also.best free video chat

Why should a company use virtual training instead of classroom training?

Since the introduction of computers and internet, many technological developments have emerged which have changed the entire scenario of training and education. Earlier educational, as well as professional trainees, have to attend training classrooms to improve their skills but today it is available online with the help of a number of software options available online. In order to know why a company should prefer virtual training over classroom training, you will have to compare their pros and cons.best video chatting app

Pros and cons of virtual and classroom training

Engagement of audience: Some learners prefer direct training from the instructor as his body language and several other things make a healthy learning environment. It can be possible in classroom learning as well as live online learning through some video conferencing tool like ezTalks Cloud Meeting etc. But in other types of virtual training like learning through videos etc. have their own pros and cons. Usually, adults like video training to get the immediate effect as per the needs of their job.

The flexibility of training: Virtual training provides flexibility to the students as they can skip the part, of course, they have already completed. They can use this time for more important works like learning the next lesson etc. The classroom training, on the other hand, focuses on equal training for all the students whether some of them need it or not. But it also involves the entire group to participate in a discussion which can help in getting as well as processing latest information. However, both the training options offer the opportunity to practice your new skills through hands-on exercises.free webinar services

Convenience: Learners who have internet connection can learn anytime and anywhere through asynchronous virtual learning or through recorded videos. But in classroom training or live training through some video conferencing software like ezTalks Cloud Meeting etc. the students will have to follow a fixed schedule as they will have to remain in the classroom or in front of the screen at the set time.

Cost: The cost of virtual training is much less than classroom training as the students need not spend on traveling from their home to institution and back to their home. Moreover, people studying through recorded videos can learn without disturbing their work schedule. Similarly the cost of employees in virtual training is negligible once the video is created. But in classroom training or live online training, the cost of employees is calculated while assessing their overall cost. All these things can increase the cost of training the employees for a companybest instant messaging app

Protected learning: Though virtual learning allows you to learn in the comfort of your home or workplace it also distracts you from learning. The classroom training, on the other hand, trains you in a disturbance free environment and the instructor monitors the performance of the students.

How to create virtual training with ezTalks Cloud Meeting?

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is a video conferencing software that can help in creating virtual training in a very flexible and cost effective manner. It allows you to install it on any of your computing devices including Linux PC, Windows PC, Mac PC, iOS and Android devices. Here are 3 steps to create a virtual training with ezTalks Cloud Meeting.

Step 1. Download and install the ezTalks Cloud Meeting virtual training software on your PC or mobile devices. Take ezTalks Cloud Meeting for Windows as an example, you can get the latest version of the software from the following download button.

download button

Step 2. Sign up with your email account or just sign in with your Facebook or Google account.

sign up eztalks

Step 3. After signing in this software, you can start conducting virtual training now by just clicking on the ‘Start a Meeting’ icon. This virtual training tool allows you to share your desktop screen, presentations through interactive whiteboard, files and applications with your employees as well as send text messages to your employees during the course of virtual training.free online whiteboard

eztalks cloud meeting

This virtual training software also allows the host to record some important parts or the entire training course and save it on your computer so that your employees can use it in future if they have missed something.


Though, both virtual training and classroom training have their own pros and cons still virtual training is preferred by the companies as it trains its employees as per the requirement of their jobs at a lower cost.

From: https://www.eztalks.com/training/what-is-virtual-training.html

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Technology has further transformed the way business meetings are conducted. Gone are the days when people participating in the meeting had to be present face-to-face in a room. Products like ezTalks Cloud Meeting have made it possible to conduct video conferences online and make business communication easy and fast. Now real-time telepresence meetings can be conducted among people in distributed locations. If your business meetings end up in utter chaos, it’s high time you changed the way you conduct meetings. Here are a few tips on how to run a successful business meeting:

1. Need

Before calling a meeting or sending a calendar invite, ask yourself if the meeting or discussion is absolutely necessary. Is there no other way to communicate? Do you have a list of points that need to be discussed? Have you defined an objective for the meeting? You should also consider these questions while selecting who need to be invited to the meeting. Think about who needs to be there in the meeting and inform them in advance. Simply gathering a crowd of people in a meeting is a waste of time. Review the attendee list to make sure there is at least some person or a group of people who are authorized to make a decision.how to record webinar

2. Define an Agenda

If you let a business meeting flow without any specific agenda or goal, it is bound to result in a crazy chaos. It is always a good habit to specify the agenda of the meeting in the mail or any other network through which you are communicating. If you are planning to introduce some document, you can email that document or relevant information to the participants of the meeting beforehand. This will give them the time to go through the document and be prepared with their questions and queries. This approach will also help in better understanding of the information during the meeting. Remember, vague meetings are never a good use of time.teleconference definition

3. Timeline

Along with the agenda, you should also create a timeline for the meeting. This is very important when there are multiple points that need to be discussed. You need to define a time limit for each topic. Otherwise only one point will get stretched across the meeting without any conclusion. Just like the start time of a meeting, also define an end time of the meeting and convey it in the invitation mail. Avoid conducting meetings for more than an hour unless it is very necessary.

business meeting

4. Leadership

To avoid the meeting from going off-track, every meeting requires an effective leader. Usually, the person who is calling in the business meeting or is the point of contact can be a leader. Otherwise, designate a person who will conduct the complete meeting. You don’t always need to have some senior employee as a leader; it can be anyone right from executive to manager. A leader is the person who is guiding the team in that particular issue.how to create a group message on iphone

5. Leverage Technology

 Not all meeting require face-to-face communication or physical presence. Try to minimize these kinds of meetings as they are time consuming. You should leverage technology to conduct business meetings. Right from communicating on mobile phones to opting for ezTalks Cloud video collaboration, there are various tech-supported ways to conduct meetings. Using technology tools ensures flexibility and convenience. It also saves time and reduces costs involved.group calls skype

6. Be Prompt

Start the meeting on time and end it on time. By staying prompt, you show that you value your own time as well others’ time. It will also help you build a good reputation and people will make an effort to attend your meeting. It has been seen that employees avoid meetings that do not start on time or stretch endlessly.best web conferencing

7. Prepare

Don’t rush into a meeting blindly! Make sure you are prepared or at least have some idea of the topic. Simply knowing the topic of the meeting does not mean you know what the meeting is about. If you are conducting the business meeting, it is your duty to provide materials prior to the meeting. If you are invited to a meeting, you can ask for pre-meeting materials so that you go to the meeting prepared.

Business meetings are effective only when people attending the meeting are not wondering why they are there in the first place. Do not conduct a business meeting for something that can be handled over email or phone. Reduce face-to-face physical meeting in favor of audio or video conferencing. Knowing how to have a successful business meeting is a skill, make sure you master it!

From: https://www.eztalks.com/video-meeting/how-to-run-a-successful-business-meeting.html

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You have decided, your next meetings will be via the Web! The idea is, indeed, seductive: saving time, immediate proximity, simplified sharing of documents, all, from your office. Yet you have a technical apprehension: you are afraid to make life difficult with connections and their lot of obscure settings ... No panic, here are 5 easy and free tools to try the adventure.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting

Any online meeting will be measured by its clarity in both audio and video communication and the various additional features that it offers. ezTalks Cloud Meeting is designed for continuous use with unlimited access to HD video and audio interfaces.

The software is available for free. It allows the use of innovative whiteboard to improve the extent of collaboration. In addition, you get to enjoy instant screen and content sharing to go with the issues discussed in the meeting. You can record and playback any meeting and use its arranged scheduling features to schedule and manage meetings. It is available for every device including mobile phone interphase.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting offers its users control management features that include muting, permit speak, and lock meeting among other functions. Its online meeting room is designed for internal collaboration, learning and training, external presentation, and webinars.

Skype, the most popular

Should we still present it? Already installed in many homes (those with remote family know it well), Skype is an international software that allows calls with video from computer to computer, all for free. To do this, it is enough for each participant to download the software online, to launch it and to create an account. You can then retrieve and add the required participants one by one, up to 25, to your call list and make a video call ... It is also necessary that your correspondents are also online. The latest version also allows live chat as well as file sharing.android alternative to facetime

It is done for me if: I have a personal computer and a community of contacts already registered on Skype. Calling a non-member remains possible, but is subject to a fee.

Meetings.io, intuitive and complete

To use Meetings.io, even punctually, you do not need ... nothing. The homepage, in English, offers a "Get a meeting room" button and provides you with a unique url to share between up to 5 participants. Click, activate your web cam, and you are in a virtual meeting room. The application offers screen sharing, YouTube-style video projection, document sharing and a note-taking that can be saved and received by email. You can also choose to sign up to get your personal virtual room and create a beautifully enhanced profile.free video conference

It's done for me if: I'm looking for a hyper intuitive and instant interface without creating an account.

Hangouts, the most collaborative

The messaging application made in Google + is no less a web conferencing tool. To use it, each participant (up to 10) must have a Google+ and Gmail account beforehand because all document sharing functions are inherent in this environment. From there, you can see yourself, talk to you and most of all work together on documents posted for an active working meeting.facetime alternative for android

It is done for me if: I also wish to use the video of the conference. The application makes it possible to broadcast your conference live or delayed to a large public via Youtube or your website.

Webex, the darling of pros

WeBex is the first choice on the web for web conferencing, and is a clear choice for any professional. Its WebEx Meeting solution, designed for small meetings of 3 people offers video and audio contact, but also all the comfort possible for the sharing of your work: whiteboard, document sharing, real-time annotation, meeting recording ... In addition, WebEx relies on a powerful support service, online or by telephone, which guides you in your choices and answers all your questions to leave nothing to chance.video conferencing solutions for small business

It is done for me if: I am in a logic of progression. Designed for professionals and companies, WeBex offers, beyond the free formula, several paid packages involving up to 100 participants.

Appear.in, the purest

Little known, Appear.in is a solution that could well overshadow its sisters as its simplicity is disconcerting. The site's home page suggests you give a personalized name to your meeting room ... And that's all, no software, no registration possible, you just have to deliver the famous Sesame to your contacts, 8 maximum, via mail or sms and they are appearing on your screen, live. Appear.in also allows the sharing of written messages. On the other hand, the whole operating in peer-to-peer, and not stored on a server, it is not possible to archive your data.
It is done for me if: I wish to contact my colleagues as we make a phone call, share verbally, instantly, and without loss of time.

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ezTalks Cloud Meeting

This is also one of the most popular free web based training software. If you want to train your employees via face to face communication, this is a very good option. They offer HD resolution and the audio is also very crisp and clear. Live chat feature is also there in case you need to send some URL or other documents to the employees. There is also a whiteboard in case you want to draw any graphs or pictures. The free online employee training tool is also possible to make real time PPT presentations for better understanding. And the good thing is that it can be accessed via all kinds of devices, such as Mac, Windows, iOS and Android gadgets.screen share online


iSpring Learn LMS

It is a very popular web based employee training software. It is very user-friendly. The setup is really easy. All you have to do is just open an iSpring Account and you are ready to go. The best thing about this software is that it supports all kinds of content. From audios to videos to Flash, you can upload almost anything you want. And in case you don't have much content, you can also take help of their software to create courses.video conferencing interview

Another advantage of this software is that it provides detailed reports. It will track all the learning activities of the employees and will provide vital statistics of each employee. On the basis of their performance results, you may design separate courses for each of them to improve their productivity. They also have a mobile app which allows all the employees to finish their courses offline.microsoft video conference


MeetingBooster is a solution that simplifies your life:

Before the meeting: easily plan the meeting and assign preparatory tasks to the participants;
During the meeting: MeetingBooster allows you to take notes instantly, whether for face-to-face meetings or videoconferencing;
After the meeting: analyze your meeting, keep and easily find all the files associated with it, and quickly assign tasks to follow up discussions.


Google Calendar can also be a convenient way to plan your meetings: easy to use and very readable, it allows you to quickly set a meeting niche and share it with your team. 

Managing a virtual meeting or conference requires the use of powerful, interactive tools.best video chat

Do not hesitate to test the different applications proposed in this article to improve the quality of your briefings with your team and your customers.

Tell us what your favorite tool is to organize remote meetings!

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ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is a free remote meeting tool that allows you to host an unlimited number of meetings through a live broadcasting via a browser. Unlike WebEx which allows you to have meetings for as long as you want, ezTalks only gives you forty minutes for every group meeting. ezTalks Cloud Meeting beats the other remote meeting tools mentioned above as it allows participants to record and play back group and private chats. It is similar to Web Ex in the sense that it also has an annotation tool that allows it to mark and share documents. ezTalks Cloud Meeting also allows the user to control the meeting and has forty eight hours email support.benefits of collaborative learning



Capture-minimum screen-2015-10-13-at-09.55.46

Cisco Webex Meetings offers options to suit your needs. To facilitate your meetings, the tool has an invitation support with the link to redirect participants to the meeting space. It is an effective way to deliver the right information at the right time.

It also offers the ability to gather all the files you need, in a meeting, at the same location. This will allow you to switch from one file to another without having to leave the software interface.screen share software



Capture-minimum screen-2015-10-13-at-09.55.58

Intuitive and easy-to-use tool, Mikogo allows you to share your computer screen with your colleagues during your conferences. It can work with any web browser and is compatible with several operating systems (Linux, Windows, etc.). This is ideal for online demonstrations.

The application offers a multilingual interface, which will be suitable for freelancers working with international clients. They can easily use the same tool and understand all the functionalities by choosing the language of their choice. video conference interview



Capture-minimum screen-2015-10-13-at-09.56.05

GoToMeeting is an application that offers several benefits to users such as the ability to share your presentation and the interface of your computer screen to your guests. This option is useful for integrating more interactivity between you and your customers.

In addition, the tool is available on different terminals (computer, mobile, tablet) and each participant can choose his preferred medium.video conference interview



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NeedToMeet allows you to organize your meetings in 3 simple steps:live meeting

Complete information and meeting details;
Suggest dates and times;
Send invitations to people of your choice.
Guests are notified by email and you are notified when one of them answers. You can also, through NeedToMeet, view their comments and suggestions in a snap to edit the meeting.

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The business world is moving rapidly leaving so many companies playing catch-up. If an organization is not quick to adapt to the changing technological world, then they can very easily end up leaving the market. These telecommunication tools are so essential. They can not only help you to increase your revenue but could also significantly boost the working morale of your employees. Your company will become an attractive working environment where everyone wants to be in. So what are these tools and how do you ensure that your business stays updated on some of the top telecommunication tools?

1. Intranet or Social Intranet

In the past, a simple notice board used to be enough to keep everyone updated. Each employee will just go through the board and access all the information from the management. This, however, can't work in the current world. No one should have to go through the notice board to access news and updates. Not when we are living in the 21st century where technology has changed everything. So how do you pass information to your employees? This is where social intranet comes in.

Social intranet acts as a private platform accessible by employees within a given organization. In this platform, they can access all the updates and any other information they may need for efficient performance. Social intranet is so effective and convenient. Every employee regardless of their location in the business premises will access information so quickly without interfering with their work programs. Social Intranet will reduce cases of documents going missing or failing to reach their final audience. The amount of paperwork will also be significantly cut down by the company. New employees and interns will have more convenient access to the policies, work projects, and progress. All these are just but some of the benefits of using this particular telecommunication tool.

2. Group and Private Chat Rooms

This is another very crucial communication tool necessary in the business world. Most times within an organization different teams are working towards achieving different goals. It is the responsibility of the organization to ensure that these teams can communicate and share information efficiently. The management should also be in a position to contact this team to monitor progress and give an update. How best to do so if not through the creation of chat rooms? Thanks to various software and application we can now do so very conveniently either through mobile gadgets or PCs. An example of software you can use here include:

a. ezTalks Cloud Meeting – This is an excellent teleconferencing software that helps you to host online meetings with up to 100 people for free. With this software, you can communicate with your whole team and utilize the provided whiteboard to present drawings and other figures. The other great benefit of this tool is that it can be used with people can being very far. They don’t have to be within the same premises to enjoy the high definition audio and video provided by eZtalks. Within the platform, you can also send private messages to some of the participants.

3. Case, Issue Tracking, and Ticketing software

Cases of a faulty or unresponsive website are very common. These problems can arise not just on the side of the employees but also to the customers. If a business does not have an effective strategy in place to deal with such problems, then it can result in massive failures. These sorts of breakdowns can even cripple the entire operations of a company. To make sure that this doesn't happen you'll need to have proper software where people can send their tickets for queries and cases and an equally perfect software for tracking the progress of those tickets. The software should also highlight the priority of each case and solve them appropriately. Every employee should be able to send a ticket and have it resolved within the shortest time possible. This ensures that they can continuously work efficiently. The customers and clients should also file their problems as soon as it happens. They should have access to the progress of these tickets. Failure to this will lead to the clients looking for alternatives which will affect not just the business revenues and income but also its reputation. It's therefore, inevitable that a business should have this important telecommunication tool.

4. Discussion Forums

For employees to stay motivated and goal oriented they need to feel like they are part of the team. They need to feel like they are on the same page with their bosses and fellow colleagues. They need to have a forum where they cannot just receive directions and rules but also to share their concerns. This is very useful as it helps to keep the management and the employees working towards the same goal. It makes employees feel motivated and valued. This will consequently be reflected in their performance improving the overall productivity of the business. The best way to achieve this is through the creation of digital discussion forums. A digital forum is useful and also economical. Such conferences can be conducted in platforms such as eZtalks cloud meeting, Skype for business, etc.

5. Internal Audio, Video, and Blogs

A company can experience a significant increase in employee's performance if they give them a digital platform to express their knowledge and concerns. The management itself could also use such a platform to disseminate information and updates to employees. These can be done either through audio or video files or blogs. There have been lots of studies done which have proven that most employees could contribute on important topics more freely when doing so in a digital format than if they are to do it face-to-face. With this, you can, therefore, have your employees sharing what they think about the services/products and the operations of the business. New hires can also use tutorial videos and audios shared to learn on how to execute some duties. Internal audio, video, and blogs remain within the organization so outsiders can never access them.

These are some of the top telecommunication tools in the workplace. If installed and used appropriately they guarantee to boost sharing of knowledge, engagement of employees and management and efficiency. Any business needs such improvements.


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A conference room is a big room in a hotel or a company which is meant to hold meetings, trainings, presentations etc. This room is equipped with technology for video conferencing with clients or suppliers, projector, computers etc.

The conference rooms of today are very different of what it used to be 15 years back. At that time audio and visual equipment were just a mere TV and a pull down screen with projector. Video conferencing was only available in companies which were big and who could afford spending good amount of money on the bandwidth. It is a very different story nowadays and there has been lot of innovation and modern technology which has come into place helping communication easier.

meeting room equipment checklist

A company’s conference room speaks a lot about the type of company it is and whether it supports innovation in technology or not.

How would you choose the correct equipment for a conference room? There are millions of equipment available so how would you know which one is the correct one for you? So here the main question lies whether it will be used for meetings, presentationsor only just to accommodate guests? Do you want high quality sound and visual or are you ready to do something which is of medium scale? What is your budget? Considering all these things in your mind, you can choose the kind of equipment you require to be in your conference room.

Whatever be your budget there are certain basic conference room equipment checklists which are definitely required in a conference room. The standard meeting room equipment would be:


If you want your conference room to look high tech and have an aesthetic effect, then having a good television is a must. Of course, everything depends on your budget and how you want to allocate it. Buying a good TV will help in better video conferencing and sharing of visuals in a clear and comfortable manner. There are various kinds of smart TVs also available in the market now which can help in direct video conferencing without the use of external hardware. They can connect to the internet using wireless technology, make calls, and perform like a computer. Although they are a bit costly, but it will a good investment in the long run. Subscribing to a good video conferencing software like ezTalks is also going to save out on a lot of trouble.


A telephone has failed to be obsolete even though there are a lot of new technologies which have come up. It just does not refuse to go away. This maybe because people do not want to spend a lot of money on data and 4G services. A telephone will be a must need device for your conference room. Buy one which has a good sound system and microphone so that the whole room can listen to it. Also sync your intercom system with it, in case you want to call some other person in from the office. You do not want to be seen running out of meeting and doing petty work.


If you have a big conference room which has more than 20 people sitting in it, then a TV would not help much and you would require a bigger screen to project. Using a projector here would be wise so that everyone in the room can have a clear view. There are 4K projectors available but they cost a lot. However, today’s projectors offer a bright projection which can be easily seen in lit and dark rooms simultaneously. Choose your projector wisely as it is a long term investment.

Sound system

If you have all the modern amenities in your conference room but have a poor old speakers which is throwing cracked sound, it is high time you think about some replacement as it is going to play hard on your company’s reputation. Invest in a decent sound system and also make sure you have good microphones installed at various points in the conference table so that the voices of people from all corners can be audible to the recipient.

Wireless system

This has become a necessity not just for conference room but for a company in general. The main reason being, it offers portability. You don’t have to carry your dongle or search for LAN wires at different places. It stops all these wiring hassles and is easy on your staff as well. Almost all devices like printers, cameras, and fax machines are connected to wireless nowadays.

Other accessories

The other equipment for meeting room in which you need to invest would be good quality furniture’s, proper lightning, stationers and other equipment like fax machines, printers etc.

A conference room is a place in which you are going to interact with outside world sitting in your office. The people on the other end are able to see your office, staff and infrastructure which leaves an impression on them. Creating a good or a bad impression is completely up to you. Keeping resources needed for meetings ready with a good bandwidth connection solves most of the problem and lags.


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Top 8 Web Conferencing Reviews

By eztalks, 2017-06-22

There are so many web conferencing tools in the market these days. They are full of features, and thus make life a lot easier. These software allow both audio and video meetings, as well as help in holding seminars, sharing charts, screenshots, and other various recordings during those meetings. These are usually used, to cut down the travel cost, and conduct, international meetings easily, right from the vicinity, of one office or even from home. Web conferencing reviews, talks about all the best software, that are available in the market, but before going into that, we must know, what are the minimum features that such a tool should have –

●It should allow, both audio and video communication easily.
●It should have a multi-user interface for the conferences to be held.
●It should also allow screen sharing, as that is a must these days.
●Lastly, it should allow video recording, for further needs.

Web Conferencing Reviews:

AnyMeeting – It is a web conferencing tool, for small organizations. As, it doesn’t allow a lot of members, but only a few, and is very good, for small business groups. It provides all the basic features, along with phone conferencing. This was established in 2011, and since then, it has earned a lot of members and a very good name as well. One can sign up for a free trial, but for conducting meetings $18 is charged. AnyMeeting web conferencing review is just a way of telling how effective this tool is.


ezTalks Cloud Meeting – Another software, which has been in the market, for quite some time now. This software allows, to make virtual calls and organize virtual meetings as well. It has the feature of one to one, as well as one to many conferencing. ezTalks provides few new features like whiteboard, private chats etc. ezTalks is very generous and offers a free pack, that supports up to 100 member conferences.

eztalks cloud meeting

Zoho Meeting – It is one of the most useful software, for large companies, as it allows to hold conferences all over the world, without wasting much money. This software allows sharing the screen directly with the customer, and not only that, it also gives power of control to the client, while a presentation is going on. It is a multi-platform software, and runs on Windows, Mac and also Linux OS. It can be also used through, Firefox, Google Chrome and other such browsers.

zoho meeting

TeamViewer – TeamViewer is well known for its sticky notes. Just like a real sticky note, you can use a virtual one here, through this software. It is in the market for almost 10years now, and provides one of the best services, when it comes to remote screen sharing. The high end features of TeamViewer make it one of the best web conferencing software, and there it is included in the web conferencing reviews list.


GoToMeeting – It is one of the most user friendly tool available today. Other than arranging meetings and conferences, it has other features too like desktop sharing etc. which allows to connect one computer to the other and share important information. It allows to share the desktop view of one computer for all the other computers that are attached to the host. Another good thing about this is that, it has very high and secured transmission, thus all the information is safe. The free version allows up to 3 participants. If one signs up for the 30 day trial pack, then the upgraded features are made available and other than this, they also offer a 60 day refund policy, in case the customer is dissatisfied with the usage.


Zoom – Zoom web conferencing review must talk about how, this tool allows a wide range of functions and also how it can be used more effectively by people. It can be used for giving online demos, online trainings and also virtual conferences and meetings. It has the feature that allows the main user to decide whether they want to show their desktop screen to others or not. It works perfectly for all devices including Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and even Blackberry. It can provide highest of 200 participants, and the packages vary accordingly.

zoom web conferencing

Join.me – It is the most modern web conferencing software in the market these days. It has a sleek, beautiful, user friendly and easy interface, that makes, working with it a lot fun. If a meeting is to be arranged, but you are in a hurry and have not much time to make all arrangements, then it is the best platform. It just requires to invite the other participants, or customers via their email id, or it can also be done, by just sending them a link to the chat room. Easy joining makes it easy using as well. What’s more, it allows an absolutely free 14 day trial pack, to try out every function.


WebEx Meetings - Web conferencing reviews can’t be complete without talking about WebEx Meeting. It is free, but if you intend on trying their premium plan, then there is a 14 day trial pack for that as well. Coming to the free plan, well generally free plans lack something or the other to influence the customers to go for the premium, but that’s surely not the case here for, the free pack in itself is a top notch deal. It provides audio connection, screen sharing as well as document sharing, interactive whiteboard, and about 250MB storage space of Cloud. The premium pack allows 25members HD quality meeting.

webex meetings

Most of the above mentioned web conferencing software allows a free trial pack, so before opting for a premium pack of any of these software, it is better to try out the trial pack and check, whether the features provided are enough as well as apt for your needs. Also, comparing all the software is a must before going for a paid package.


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The Importance of Telecommunication

By eztalks, 2017-06-22

Telecommunication is the transmission of signals, signs, writings, words, messages, sounds and images, by radio, wire, optical, or other types of electromagnetic systems. Telecommunication happens when there is an exchange of information between participants with the help of technology. It is the lifeblood of our society and has helped make the world a global village with about 98 percent of the world under its network coverage. The importance of telecommunication has been experienced by every sphere of life, some of which we shall learn about right away.

Importance of Telecommunication in Education

Earlier education meant only attending schools at normal schools hours. However, with the introduction and development in telecommunication things have changed a lot. The internet, a part of the telecommunication service helps students enjoy what is known as distance learning or e-learning. This basically helps student opt for higher education in their preferred courses. Almost all types of courses you can think of are available in such distance learning institutions, and they have lecturers who give classes and notes to their students, just like the way it happens in the brick-and-mortar schools, but you have more benefits to enjoy here as are mentioned below.

• Things are very easy as far as distance learning is concerned, and the only telecommunication products required is a computer with internet connection, and then the students can start with their course study.

• Students need not leave city/country to join an institution of their choice. Many well-known institutions make use of telecommunication to offer a great variety of courses that students can join from the comfort of their own home. This helps them save a lot of money that would otherwise be spent on airfare, hostel rooms, and other charges. Furthermore, you will also save the conveyance charges that you would have to bear to travel to and from your institution every day.

• Since such online courses allow students to choose their hours of learning, students can easily continue with their job and education at the same time. You may complete your job during the day and study at night, or whenever you find the time.

• Most of these courses are certified and hold as much importance as the traditional education curriculum, and the certificates are equally valuable. So, students opting for distance learning have the opportunity to get their dream jobs on completion of such online courses.

Importance of Telecommunication in Healthcare

With the help of telecommunication equipment, the healthcare providers, as well as the patients, enjoy a lot of benefits.

Benefits for Patients

• People living in areas that do not have specialist care facility can use telecommunication equipment to get in touch with their healthcare provider without having to travel long distances.

• People suffering from chronic conditions, who need their vital statistics (like blood pressure and heart rate) to be monitored on a regular basis, can send such details to their doctor without having to visit them physically.

• Those who are homebound will not have to visit their physician, and instead, their caregiver can monitor their condition and keep the physicians updated.

Benefits for the Physicians

• There will be shorter wait times in the clinic as fewer patients will need to visit the doctor physically, and thus the doctors will be able to serve more patients, more effectively.

• As the physicians will be able to keep a track of their patient's condition regularly, they will be able to offer better care and better treatment.

Importance of Telecommunication in Business

Telecommunication serves as an important tool for businesses. Owing to it companies are experiencing more success and many benefits.

• Telephones are still used by most companies. Owing to call management techniques businesses can handle incoming calls easily. In case other lines are busy in such situation, calls are transferred to other employees who have the skills to manage such calls.

• With the help of mobile telecommunication, it becomes easier for employees working from home or from remote locations to communicate effectively. They can use telecommunication devices to receive and send messages, access data, participate in conferences, and work on documents.

• It is not possible for all team members to be physically present in important meetings, but collaboration is important for the success of projects. In such situation, telecommunication comes to the rescue. A teleconference of web conferencing can be planned using the best video conferencing software like ezTalks, and then team members from all over the world can participate in it seamlessly.

Importance of Telecommunication in Economic Growth

The importance of telecommunication in our society has been experienced by one and all. It also has a strong effect on our economic activities. We have already learned how telecommunication is important for healthcare and education, and now we shall discover what kind of role it plays in agriculture, transportation, and administration.

• Agriculture has a very crucial role to play as far as the economy of any country is concerned. With the help of telecommunication, farmers can be informed about possible earthquakes, thunderstorm or other natural disasters through simple meteorological information. They can also be taught how to avert the consequences of such disasters as fast as possible.

• Telecommunication has played an important role in the transport sector always. It is used to fly and land airplanes, and to manage a fleet of vehicles in passenger transport and freight. With the help of telecommunication, it also has become possible to manage the movement of human traffic.

• The machinery of the government is also dependent on telecommunication, with the help of which the system enjoys a greater performance. For instance, the police need telecommunication to maintain control and command on the sea, air, and land. In public administration, telecommunication plays an important role in coordinating the three tiers of the government.

By having an impact on all spheres of life, telecommunication helps bring big changes in the world. This is in fact why the world is being able to develop and grow at such great pace. Telecommunication offers us not only better social awareness but also a better life at large. As telecommunication keeps on progressing, keeps on growing, human life will also progress, grow, and become a lot easier, a lot better.


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Silicon Labs (NASDAQ: SLAB) is a team of hardware and software innovators dedicated to solving their customer’s toughest embedded design challenges. For nearly 20 years, they have created the silicon, software and tools that enable the world’s leading engineers to create products that disrupt industries and change the world. They’re headquartered in Austin, TX, and have 13 remote sites globally. Behind the scenes, IT Director Shane Dickinson is responsible for ensuring that employees are able to collaborate and deliver on Silicon Labs’ mission. We sat down with Shane to learn more about his solution in this Q&A session with Silicon Labs.conference call skype

After an internal survey, Shane discovered a major issue with the communication between faraway offices likes Singapore and Austin. The time difference made it necessary for someone to stay in the office after hours to participate in a team call, which wasn’t sustainable or convenient for employees. “We wanted to get these remote teams to interact as if they were in one location.”facetime vs skype

They started with a Lifesize competitor but were quickly underwhelmed by the adoption. After reevaluating the approach, Silicon Labs decided to switch to Lifesize for the simplicity and interoperability between the cloud service, in-room systems and mobile clients. “It’s been revolutionary: within just weeks after launch, we already had over 200 users created. It’s taken off, and it’s taken off quick.”free online meeting

Lifesize Cloud not only makes it easy for Silicon Labs to connect their offices over video; it enables them to connect with teams outside of the company too. “It doesn’t matter what client someone’s using; I can send an invitation to anyone inside or outside the company, and I don’t have to worry about how they connect.”

For Silicon Labs, educating the end user has been the key to their success with video conferencing. Download the full case study to learn more about how this pioneer in semiconductor production set the stage for collaboration.google conference call

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Introducing Lifesize Record and Share

By eztalks, 2017-06-20

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could share business content, like the sales forecast that was reviewed in yesterday’s meeting, across your organization just as easily as you share adorable cat videos with your friends? Now you can with Lifesize Record and Share.


Lifesize Record and Share enables any Lifesize user to securely record their video conferences, or individual conversations, from any of their devices or meeting room systems. They can even capture the content that is shared within the call, all with a single click. It’s like a personal video channel.online presentation tools

“As video conferencing becomes more popular, we’ve seen a significant increase in demand for recording functionality. Today we’re responding, with more than just easy-to-use recording—we’re going leaps beyond that with a completely new approach,” said Craig Malloy, Lifesize founder and CEO. “We’ve thought strategically about how customers want to use their recordings and, based on that insight, Lifesize Record and Share incorporates a personal video library and channel that provides the industry’s easiest and most dynamic resource for sharing.”online white board

Key features of Lifesize Record and Share include:

One Click to Record and Auto-Publish: Any user from any device can record a meeting—including any content shared within the call—with a single click from within the Lifesize App or Lifesize Icon video system.

Personal Video Library for Playback and Sharing: Similar to the experience on YouTube channels, users can turn collaboration into content by saving video calls to their personal video libraries, where they can also see what has been shared with them.share screen

Socialize Content across the Company: Users can tag all video and audio participants, which will then automatically extend the discussion by adding the recording to those participants’ personal video libraries.

No-Hassle System Management: Lifesize Record and Share removes the need for ongoing IT support, with automatic reports that monitor usage across the organizationunified communication platforms

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Have you ever traveled the world? Explored a new culture? Taken an adventure trip in a different country? Part of the excitement about traveling to a foreign land is being immersed in that culture, whether it’s the language, cuisine or leisure-time activities. It can be exhilarating to get out of your comfort zone and take in another culture’s way of living, and sometimes that means not understanding what’s being said or things getting lost in translation along the way. And that can be fun and exhilarating at the same time.live meeting

However, the thrill or romanticism of a foreign language is totally lost in the business world, where you need your communication and collaboration tools designed in your native language. Nothing is more frustrating, or slows productivity more, than trying to utilize a tool that doesn’t use your own language. You need to have the ability to communicate with your colleagues, partners and suppliers in your language with a tool that facilitates that communication.online presentation tools


In just under a year, Lifesize Cloud has made an impression all over the world, with over 1,200 organizations enjoying the benefits of a Connected Experience from their laptops, tablets, smartphones and meeting room video conferencing systems. Over 30 percent of our Lifesize Cloud customers are international, and we understand how important it is for a global service to speak to its users in their native languages. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that in addition to English, Lifesize Cloud is now available in these 14 languages: German, Italian, French, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Polish, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese.online white board

So now when you use and share the power of Lifesize Cloud with others, you’ll be doing so in a more personal way.

Global video conferencing that works like you do—direct and meet-me, instant and scheduled, on your device and in your language share screen

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Finding the Right Note-Taking Tools for your Meetings

Today we’re going to look at some of the various note-taking tools on the market, and I’d like to start things off with a metaphor. As any auto racing fan could tell you, Michael Schumacher is probably the world’s most famous race driver, a seven-time Formula One champion who spent an impressive 15 years at the top of his profession. And while his super-awesome talent accounted for most of his success, he was also on some of the very best teams in the sport, driving the world’s most advanced racing cars. If Schumacher hadn’t been given the right tools for the job—if he’d been put on the track in, say, a standard midsized sedan instead of a Formula One car—he’d never have won a single race.

While office meetings are admittedly a whole lot less glamorous than international Formula One racing, the point is that your success is dependent on having the right note-taking tools. When it comes to taking notes, are you in that Ford Focus, or are you in the Ferrari race car? Let’s take a look at some of the most common tools to find out.share screen



The old standby. Whether it’s yellow legal stationery or a creative department-approved Moleskine notebook, the notepad’s a great starting point. But you can’t share it without a scanner, documents aren’t searchable, and it’s easy to misplace. For small, informal meetings, the notepad is great. But for anything bigger than that, you might want to consider stepping up your note-taking game.

Word Processor

Because documents created in word processors can be emailed, searched and saved to a backup drive, they represent a big improvement over the old analog notepad in terms of collaborative potential and security. Unfortunately, word processors lose a lot of that usefulness because they lack the freeform capabilities of the ol’ pen and paper. Ultimately, these programs are great for taking minutes but less useful for freeform creative thinking.unified communication platforms


Evernote is a “freemium” tool that was designed specifically for note-taking and archiving—a combination intended to bring out the best of both worlds. Proprietary Evernote “Notes” can consist of formatted text, webpages, web excerpts, photographs, voice memos and even handwritten notes taken from tablet screens.

Microsoft OneNote

Like Evernote, Microsoft’s OneNote program is a freely available collaborative program meant to bring the note-taking experience into the 21st century. Microsoft designed the program to be a computerized version of the iconic three-ring binder. Unlike with word processors, where the emphasis is on publishing, OneNote makes it easy to collect, organize and share unpolished notes. Pages can be any size you want, images can be inserted without loss of quality and you don’t have to work around a set page layout.video conferencing software

Lifesize Record and Share

Lifesize video conferencing systems let you record and replay full meetings so you’ll never miss an update or an action item again. When used in conjunction with some of the more powerful note-taking tools, like Microsoft OneNote or Google’s new Keep program, this is our metaphorical Ferrari: fast, streamlined and powerful. Lifesize Record and Share enables any Lifesize App user to securely record their video conferences, or individual conversations, from any of their devices or meeting room systems. They can even capture the content that is shared within the call, all with a single click. When you record a video, it automatically saves to your personal video library in your Lifesize account where you can watch, like, share and save videos to watch later.

Without notes, meetings are an exercise in futility. And at the end of the day, the notes you take are only as useful and actionable as the media they’re recorded on.  So if you want to get the most out of them, then you’d better ditch the Focus for the Ferrari—start recording your meetings with Lifesize, taking notes on powerful, purpose-built software and taking advantage of the most cutting-edge business note-taking tools around!voip gateway

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Sixty thousand, four hundred and eighty minutes, one thousand and eight hours, forty-two days, six weeks. It doesn’t matter how you break it down, the U.S. average of six weeks of maternity leave goes by in a flash. Prebaby, all I could think was, “What will I do with all that time?”, and I started to make lists of how I would fill the time when my baby was sleeping. Flash-forward to one day postbaby, when I started thinking, “How can I get more time?” If you’re a working mom who plans to return to the workforce after having your baby, there’s probably nothing more stressful than waking up each morning postbaby and reminding yourself that now there are only 42—wait, 38, oh no, now it’s 15 more days before you have to go back to the world of people sitting in cubes, typing away on laptops, while thoughts of deadlines fill the air.google conference call


Fortunately, we live in a time when the transition back to the workforce doesn’t have to be as cut and dried as it was in years past. Flexible working arrangements, paternity option plans and even the introduction of mother’s rooms in the workplace have made returning to work a lot easier on new moms—and dads too! Here’s the checklist I used to ensure that the transition back into the life of people who can dress themselves and eat lunch without the need to be burped would be a success.ip pbx


1. Before my maternity leave started, I talked with my boss about how flexible my schedule could be when I returned to work, and we made a plan. I could leave the office a bit early every day and work from home on Fridays through the close of the year. I communicated this plan to my direct reports and the colleagues I worked closest with before I left to set expectations for my return. Two weeks before I was scheduled to return, I checked in with the boss and reminded her of the agreement.


2. I informed HR of my new-mom needs. I knew I’d be nursing and wanted to ensure I’d have the appropriate resources. Just as I was about to embark on maternity leave, construction started in our offices for a new open-floor layout. The first to go? The mother’s room, of course. There weren’t any nursing moms in the office at the time, so I went to HR and reminded them that it would be needed again in about 6 weeks.live meeting


3. I met with my team a few times while I was away, with baby in tow—not with the intent to talk shop but to have the team meet the little one and give myself some adult interaction too! Of course, my Type A personality couldn’t stay disconnected, so I quickly asked about open projects, caught up on the latest water cooler gossip and met some folks who had joined the team since I left. I found that by meeting with colleagues over my leave, I didn’t feel so alienated when I returned.


4. I stuck to my arrangement, and so did my boss! Here’s the thing—everything I’ve said above sounds good in theory, but if you don’t practice it, what’s the point? The magnetic pull of wanting to finish a project, stick around for another chat or go into the office for a meeting can be overwhelming at times and have you saying, “Well, just this one time.” But as you know, like a forming addiction, one time becomes two, becomes four, becomes always. I was lucky to have colleagues and a boss who knew my plan and helped me stick to it. I also made a recurring invitation on my calendar that reminded me when it was time to go home.online presentation tools


The Friday work-from-home days were a blessing. I got to shave two hours from my workday (aka the commute) and spend more time with Baby A before starting my day and before she went to sleep at night. And because I had Lifesize video conferencing technology—Lifesize Cloud, to be exact—I was able to really stay connected on those Fridays when I wasn’t physically in the office. I hosted video meetings with my team, chatted with colleagues and used the audio line to place my calls. I even got to introduce Baby A to our creative agency out in Denver during one of our weekly Friday calls so they could see what she looked like in “real life.”

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Telecommuting and working from home are terms that cause confusion among many people. While the two might refer to working arrangements in which employees perform work outside the conventional working environment, they actually carry different meanings. The prefix tele basically means distance. Hence the phrase telecommuting means employees work from a distance without having to commute to central place of work. On the other hand, work from home involves persons stationed at home and independently working for different companies or businesses. However, regardless of whether you want to telecommute or work from home, you'll still be able to enjoy the same amount of convenience.

Main Difference between Telecommuting and Working from Home:

1. Telecommuting Involves Employees Working For Employers At Home While Work from Home Entails Working as Independent Contractors or Business Owners

Telecommuters are usually employees who work for their current employers without having to visit the work site regularly. Many companies use this mode of working to save money by allowing employees to carry out their duties from home. So long as the job description does not require any special hardware equipment, it can perfectly fit into the telecommuting job bracket.

Majority of people that work from home are business owners and/or independent contractors. For instance, a person running a home-based hair salon, a spares shop or day care center can fit into the work-from-home job description. Also, anyone that works from home with different companies on a contract basis can also be included in this bracket. Independent contractors are actually more like freelancers.

2. Telecommuters Are Paid a Pre-Determined Salary While People Involved In Work-From-Home Choose Their Own Compensation Rates

If you're working as a telecommuter, you have to adhere to a certain schedule set by your employer. That means you may sometimes be required to be in the central office or on job site at certain times. In addition, the salary you expect at the end of the month is dictated by the employer.

On the other hand, if you are working from home, you can set your own schedules, find jobs as you wish and certainly determine your own compensation rates. The biggest benefit of this kind of job is that you generate reasonable income by just working from the comfort of your home.

3. Telecommuters Are Usually Given Operating Equipment by Their Employers While People Working From Home Use Their Own Hardware and Software Equipment

Telecommuting is an arrangement where the employer provides all the necessary resources for the employees to use in working at home. That means the workers are provided with software to run certain functions of the company or organization. Some of the jobs that can allow you to telecommute include TV script writer, content designer, digital marketing associate, customer care representative, social media copywriter and more. You'll only need to visit the office or worksite for important meetings, professional development among other company events.

Unlike telecommuting, work-from-home jobs involve contractors who use their own equipment and software to operate. They also have the required expertise and experience to do the jobs. Such persons can secure contracts from different companies and complete tasks according to the timelines they set.

4. Most Telecommuting Jobs Rely On Computers and Internet While Work from Home Jobs Often Don't Need Software and Internet Connection

Telecommuting kind of jobs largely employ the use technology such technology as laptops, desktop computers, smartphones and Wi-Fi to be able to execute duties. For instance, a customer support representative needs to online most of the time to respond to calls or e-mails from customers or even join video conferencing at home. Hence, for one to be working from home, internet connection and reliable customer support software is a must.

With Work from home kind of jobs, all one needs is to have to have a sizable home office space for conducting business. For instance, people operating salons, jewelry shops or day care centers from home don’t necessarily need computer and/or internet connection. That's because their customers already know where to find the products or services and can make complains in person if necessary.

5. Most Companies Adopt Telecommuting as a Cost-Cutting Strategy While Work from Home Is Established On the Principle of Convenience

Majority of companies who adopt telecommuting do it with the aim of downsizing its workforce to reduce on costs. By employees operating from home, the company will be able to save thousands of dollars spent on paying workers commuter allowances and other extra monies. It's also a relief to telecommuters because this mode of working cuts on clothing, food and gas expenses associated with going to work. So the benefits for telecommuting are two-way: for both the employer and the employee.

People involved in work-from-home jobs do not need any work cost saving strategy because they have everything set under their home environment. They don’t need to pay office rent, commute to work or spend money paying a huge number of employees on a regular basis. Business owners or independent contractors working from home basically do so to enjoy the convenience and the peace of mind associated with working under a home-based office.

6. Telecommuters Follow Laid-Down Rules of Work from Employers While People Working From Home Are Mostly Their Own Bosses

If you're a telecommuter, you'll be required to adhere to all the rules and requirements laid down by the employer or company. Failure to do so might lead to suspension or being laid off. That means you must always strive to deliver to the expectations of the company or business.

On the other hand, if you own and/or operate a work from home job or business, you'll only set your principles right to ensure the business runs swiftly. The rules of engagement you create will mostly be in your mind and not written down, unless you are a contractor who's required to sign binding contracts.


These are just some of the key difference between telecommuting and working from home anyone would need to know about. While the jobs involve working from the home environment, the big difference is in the nature and terms of work. You can only consider telecommuting if you are working for a certain employer or company. And if you're a home-based business or independent contractor working from home, then you can classify yourself on the work-from-home category. In a nutshell, it doesn't really matter whether you want to telecommute or work from home. The biggest advantage of working at home environment is that you'll enjoy greater convenience as you save on a lot on expenses.

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Nowadays business is global and no one can stop this trend now. One thing that has emerged and has become tremendously popular is teleconferencing. What is teleconferencing? It has become the future wave, since the majority of people have started to work from home and run own business. Since there are so many diversities in locations, and communication being the most significant thing, so it needs a sophisticated solution. This demand has boosted teleconferencing products to be more available and be more popular.

What Is A Teleconference?

Do you know what does teleconference mean? Teleconferencing definition is basically meeting with telecommunications medium. This is a general term to link people at two or more locations with electronics.

It is a telephone meeting with two participants or more that involves in technology, which is more sophisticated than a two-way simple phone connection. Teleconference at its simplest case, is when an audio conference is done with both or one ends of the conference that shares a speaker phone. The audio teleconferences of today are arranged on dial-up phone lines sometimes and use bridging services to offer necessary equipments for the call.

When there are many more equipments having special arrangements considerably, it is called a video teleconferencing where participants can view motion or still video images of each other. Now the modern technologies have made it possible for teleconference to have every participants appear as if they are present in the same room.

There are different types of teleconferencing and different methods are used in each technology, but some common factors like telecommunication channel, interactive two-way communications, Linking people at multiple locations and dynamic users' active participation always contribute to the teleconference definition.;

Types of Teleconferencing

In the part above, we have introduced you the teleconference definition. In the following part, we'd like to share you the different types of teleconferencing to get you better understood.

Type 1. Video Teleconferencing

This mode of teleconference is a combination of video and audio for providing video communications. There can be various modes like one-way video or two-way audio and two-way video or two-way audio. It displays anything captured by TV camera and mainly used for displaying moving images. Since the bandwidth of video is high and there is opportunity for multiple, large display screens, video teleconferencing will need special telecommunication arrangements made with a special room at each end. High-bandwidth cabling or equipment has become more commonplace, so video teleconferencing may be done from one's own mobile setting and also on the computer.

There're various video teleconferencing solutions for you to keep communicate and connect with colleagues, customers and others. Among all ezTalks Cloud Meeting stands out. It's versatile and reliable, which provides you with high-definition audio and video, meeting schedulingscreen sharing and content sharing, meeting recording and playback and more to simplify your teleconferencing services.

what is teleconference

Type 2. Audio Teleconferencing

Audio teleconferencing is also called Voice-only or known as conference calling sometimes. It can interactively link people at remote locations through telephone lines. Audio bridges basically tie every line together. Meetings may be conducted through audio conferencing where preplanning is required. Activities like chair naming, setting of the agenda, along with offering printed materials for participants are done earlier so that it can be reviewed.

Distance learning is also one application of audio conference, which is a cost effective solution for education.

what is teleconferencing

Type 3. Audiographics Teleconferencing

Here narrowband telecommunications channels are used for transmission of visual information like alpha-numerics, graphics, documents, or video pictures like adjunct for voice communication. Also called as enhanced audio or desktop computer conferencing. Devices like electronic tablets, freeze-frame video terminals, remote-access microfiche, Fax, integrated graphics systems, slide projectors uses this teleconferencing mode.

Type 4. Web Teleconferencing;

As for web teleconferencing, telephone lines are used for connecting two or more modems and computers. Any program done on the computer may be sent through lines, and it may asynchronous or synchronous. An asynchronous mode example is electronic mail.

Web conferencing is also very helpful in distance education. Now some institutions are offering credit programs by computer completely and students get texts trough mail.

teleconference definition


Teleconferencing can increase results and efficiency in a profitable way by using limited resources. Some of the pros are easy communication at long distances, ability of relaying information to most people at one go. Flying abroad for addressing a business partner or attending meeting is no longer necessary, thus saving time and money. But some issues of teleconferencing are that there is no face to face contact and service may be lacking if it is a wrong provider, and fees can be substantial. All in all, teleconferencing helps boost business, education, medicine and more industries. You can select a suitable type of teconferencing to ease your telecommunication and collaboration.

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In today’s ever evolving business world, video conferencing continues to be one of the most efficient ways of business communication. Large and small enterprises are using the technology to keep their employees connected as well as hold virtual face-to-face meetings with business partners. For many businesses, VoIP web conferencing has become the best option due to its effectiveness and comparatively low costs.

VoIP-based web conferencing is a way of holding meetings over an IP data network. It could be on your internal network or the internet. This is the major attraction of web conferencing VoIP – reduced costs since communications don’t have to be carried over a communication company’s network.

voip web conferencing

Requirements for a VoIP Web Conference

The most crucial requirements for VoIP are a camera and sufficient bandwidth. A T1 line or its equivalent, or a DS3 line can be used if you plan on holding lots of meetings via video conferencing. Supported browsers include Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Providers also offer additional products to optimize IP traffic for VoIP.

Benefits of Holding VoIP Web Conference

1. Reduced operating and traveling costs

Cost saving is the biggest advantage of web conferencing especially for small businesses. Instead of stressing cash flow paying for employees’ travel expenses and conference halls, businesses now use VoIP capabilities to link up meeting participants. The cost savings can be used to grow the core business of the enterprise or improve its profitability. And though the cost of communication is reduced, the effectiveness of communication remains uncompromised as participants can interact almost as if they were in the same physical location.

2. It facilitates face-to-face meetings

Face-to-face interactions enhance communication and it’s the desire of any business to have in-person meetings when discussing the most important matters. However, planning for and carrying out meetings in physical locations all the time is uneconomical for a growing business. VoIP web conferencing delivers all the benefits of face-to-face meetings, such as non-verbal cues which make over 90% of communication, experts say. Face-to-face meetings also provide an environment that helps participants to create long-lasting relationships.

3. Increased employee engagement

For many small enterprises, maintaining employee engagement is an uphill task. Utilizing video conferencing features like screen sharing helps employees to stay alert and focused on the discussion. Studies have shown that video conferencing increases employee engagement significantly and this translates to better performance at work.

4. Enhanced productivity

VoIP-based web conferencing is considered as one of the technological improvements that have enabled employees to be more productive at work. The improvement has graduated meetings from the simple concept of “talking heads” to more productive sessions where documents, media and other forms of information are shared and discussed immediately. These capabilities fasten the decision-making process and the business is in a better position to maintain its competitive advantage.

5. Enhanced security of business information

Just as any other IP-based communication method, VoIP web conferencing is more secure than traditional forms of communication such as email or phone calls through a provider. Security enhancement is done through the VPNs and Secure Sockets Layer, which limit who can overhear or participate in a conference stream. The information being shared is, therefore, safe from external parties, some of whom might want to use it to the disadvantage of the business.

Best Web Conferencing VoIP providers

Some web conferencing VoIP providers like ezTalks offer free plans to ensure that even business that are on a tight budget benefit from video conferencing. The plan gives you an ample chance to begin your search for the most suitable online meeting service for your business. Free plans are often limited by the available tools and number of people who participate in a VoIP web conference. For ezTalks Cloud Meeting, for example, the limit is 100 participants but you can hold an unlimited number of instant or scheduled meetings, each meeting being up to 40 minutes. HD voice and HD video is supported as you broadcast via your Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and Browser. Desktop and application sharing is also offered. It allows participants to view whatever the presenter puts on their screen in real-time. Large groups can be provided with documents and information quickly and effectively. Other features of the free starter plan include recording and playback, private and group chat, and co-annotation on shared screen.

For larger businesses, however, the limitations of the free plan may be an issue. The paid plans provide more tools and capabilities and allow larger numbers of people to participate in one-on-one meetings. When selecting an online meeting service and plan, focus on what’s important for your organization. It will be easier to decide which plan provides what you need out of the web conferencing VoIP service.


Time and again your business needs people to come together and in a business world that’s getting increasingly sophisticated due to current trends such as globalization and e-commerce, there’s a need to look for the most efficient and effective methods of communication. VoIP web conferencing technology provides innovative functions that allow a business to cut business costs, enhance interactions, improve productivity and ensure that business information is kept secure.

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Five Popular Video Conference System Comparison

A video conference is a live and visual conference between two more people located in different locations for communication purposes. Video conferencing allows transmission of text and static images between two places. It is also very possible to transmit full-motion video images and high-quality audio between multiple locations.

Video conferencing systems comes with many benefits amongst them, lowering travel cost particularly when team members are far from each other, and saving time. It is hectic and cumbersome to gather team members for a meeting; it is time-consuming and not always practical. With the right video conferencing, you can meet them anywhere anytime saving you money, energy and time. We are going to provide an objective video conference system comparison for top 5 popular video conference systems.

1. Polycom Video Conference System

It is a video conferencing system that helps in increasing the productivity of your video calls and phone calls. It makes the voice clearer and ensures that participants can hear each other clearly, hence enabling concentration on the discussion.


• Face-to-face Collaboration: It is possible to have a face-to-face collaboration with Polycom video conference system without forcing people into the office, making your work done faster no matter the distance between you and staffs.
• Innovations: Polycom video conference system groundbreaking innovation sets it apart as the global leader in collaboration. It is professionally designed by experts to meet class and quality.


2. Logitech Video Conferencing System

Logitech video conferencing system is simple to use and affordable, you only need a USB plug-and-play connectivity that allows connection to devices such as a laptop. It is designed to handle a group of people in a meeting, from 14 individuals up to 20. Reason being, it has optional expansion microphones, allowing everyone to collaborate.


• Full HD Video: Logitech video conferencing system gives full high-density videos with an excellent smooth streaming in the conference calls. It is featured with autofocus and face detection to ensure the best viewing.
• Four Omni-directional microphones with 360-degrees coverage: Logitech's speakers are separated from the microphones and placed on a station so as to improve audio quality. Featured with four omnidirectional microphones to pick up sounds with equal frequency from all sides or directions, Logitech video conferencing system also provides an additional receivers option to cover larger meeting rooms.
• Easy to control: Logitech video conferencing system comes with a remote control as a small IR blaster to give more comfortable experience. The device allows you to preset, control calls, zooming settings, and adjust volumes as well.
• Compatible: Logitech video conferencing system is compatible with Bluetooth and NFC protocols, enabling easy and quick connection to smartphones, tablets, etc., to participants.


3. Lifesize Video Conferencing System

Lifesize video conferencing system has eliminated complicated hardware by embracing software. It allows three major types of video conferencing; point-to-point, multipoint and streaming solutions automatically without any need to configure anything.Video Conferencing Equipment


• HD video communication: Lifesize video conferencing system provides and delivers high-definition video products.
• Collaborative: Secured with built-in encryption, SSO, and SAML, Lifesize has a cloud-based application which natively pairs participants.
• A Great Value: It is affordable and lowers total cost by combining audio, video, and web conferencing, recording and sharing in one application.


4. Vidyo Video Conferencing System

Vidyo video conferencing system offers a complete HD video for universal end-point in any network without upgrading systems for effectiveness. Vidyo is fully customized and easy to integrate.Free Video Conferencing


• Confidentiality: Allows face-to-face engagement on virtually every consumer device making online customer experience personal
• Compatible: It is suitable to connect to smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Hence making it easy to connect remote teams and teleworkers.
• Effective: Vidyo video conferencing system has an excellent multipoint video conferencing experience, therefore, enabling unified communication.


5. ezTalks Video Conferencing System

It is an all-in-one video conferencing system, easy-to-use by allowing you to host unlimited HD video conferencing for up to 100 persons per meeting. ezTalks applies to larger companies such as in government and community. It is IOS, Windows, Mac, Browser and Android supported. It is ideal for private and group chat.unified communication platforms


• HD Video and Audio: Simplifies face –to-face communication across the screen by providing ultra-high-definition videos and crystal clear audio.
• Instant Screen and Content Sharing: ezTalks allows you to share screen with fellow participants to demonstrate your operations in real time or present.
• Record and Playback: ezTalks has a recording and playback feature for quick reference and easy storage.
• Control and Management: It has excellent setting fitted to ensure meetings are orderly via presenter; permit speaks, mute all, kick out, etc.

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ezTalks is the world's leading online free video conferencing provider that enables you to connect with people anywhere and anytime. Integrated with HD video conferencing, audio conferencing, screen sharing, content sharing, remote control and other powerful features, it can be widely applied to all industries (enterprise, government, education, training, healthcare, law, finance, military, community, etc.) for online meeting/teaching/training/webinar/video presentation. 

Reseller Program

ezTalks Reseller Program enables our resellers to make high profits by selling ezTalks products using their own marketing channels in local markets.

We are interested in distributing our software through resellers focused on specific countries or regions. Because we think every market and every business requires personal approach, we decided to switch into individual negotiations instead of laying down fixed terms. Sales volumes and commitments to promote ezTalks are the key factors in determining partnerships.


ezTalks provides a broad range of opportunities for distribution partners to meet the specific market needs of any client.


Key Benefits


· High-quality products ezTalks always attaches very high importance to product quality and we have gained the popularity among a huge number of users and software reviewers from more than 150 countries.


· Low wholesale prices

ezTalks provides very competitive wholesale prices depending on the wholesale quantity and the market.


· Flexible customization

Besides our excellent product quality, we also provide product customization for local markets according to your requirements such as adding company info, localization etc. Increase partner exposure on our web page.Video Conferencing Equipment

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