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The game will also support all the functions

By: fifacoinslol
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Rocket League is one of the best games available for Xbox consoles and PlayStation, however, Nintendo users have never been able to experience the title on their consoles. Fortunately with the arrival of the Nintendo Switch, players will be more taken into account by third-party developers and has already confirmed the arrival of several major games.

This week we learned of the arrival of FIFA 18 to the Nintendo Switch, and now users have another good news coming from E3 2017. The developers of Rocket League are going to launch the latest version of the game to the latest Nintendo console.

"You asked for it, and we heard it! As we just revealed during the Nintendo Spotlight from the E3 2017 through a direct video, Rocket League will be coming to Nintendo Switch later this year! Rocket League for Nintendo Switch will have all the same content, features and updates we have posted on other platforms as well as exclusive battle vehicles, and customization of items such as Mario and Luigi hats! "

The game will also support all the functions offered by the console, such as manual mode, tablet mode, and table mode, as well as online or local multiplayer. It will even be possible to play against opponents of other platforms like Xbox One or Steam of online way.