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Psyonix's Car Football game Rockets League

By fifacoinslol, 2017-06-24

Psyonix's "Car Football" game "Rockets Alliance":

Today, the "rocket alliance" ushered in a new "rumbling" model. This model is free, supports online mode, also supports personal mode and watch mode.

"Rumble" mode allows players to randomly obtain 11 kinds of ability to upgrade, including "(death breathing: boots)", it can make you "kick" the other player's car; "destroyer", you can let the opponent's car from Control the ground; "frozen", you can let the ball freeze, can not move; "hook claw", you can catch the ball to their side; "hay machine", you can quickly hit the ball .......

In addition to the above mentioned, there are more powerful skills, such as "strong impact", can make your impact more intense; "spike", you can let the ball and your car connected, where you go, it was you Where the "trader", you can let you and the opponent exchange position; "tornado", you can throw the ball and opponents heaven. The Best Place to Get Rocket League Items, You can go to the realiable site

In addition to the "rumbling" model, as well as out of the box system! Officials said the box will be randomly dropped in the game, this time players need to buy a key to open the box, and out of the items contain new war Cars and other unique props, these are can be traded. A key price of $ 1.49, packaged to buy 5, 10, 20 price is $ 5, $ 10, $ 20.

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The nintendo game update

By fifacoinslol, 2017-06-23

The nintendo game update, and the announcement of the new game in development.

Super Mario Odyssey will arrive on October 27

Though since since the beginning of the year, it has been recognized, but a new trailer, on the basis of the exploration of the super Mario Odyssey reveals players can look forward to the game: set up outside the mushroom kingdom, Mario to travel to a lot of places, including the lush green tropical forest, desert and palm trees, mountains, and, of course, New York style new Tang Ke city. The Best Place to Buy Rocket League Items from the realible site:

While Mario will spend most of his time exercising his immediate recognition of the red-blue jump shot, he will wear new outfits during Odyssey, such as the all-white three-piece suit. One of the big surprises is the existence of dinosaurs, so there is no limit to what you can expect in a game.

Super Mario Odyssey will release the nintendo switch on October 27.

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There is a target in rocket league page

By fifacoinslol, 2017-06-22

Third Wave Digi-nos Corporation (President: Kanemon Tanaka, Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) announced that it will offer PC gaming "ROCKET" to users who purchase desktops and laptops equipped with GeForce GTX 1050, 1050 Ti, 1060 We launched a campaign giving a download code of "LEAGUE".

There is a statement to the target model that there is a target in rocket league page.

After confirming, please purchase.

By using the coupon code enclosed with the target product on the GeForce user utility "GeForce Experience", you can obtain the download code of "ROCKET LEAGUE" Rocket League Items. For details, please check the coupon code included in the product.

The period will end as soon as inventory runs out until 31 July 2017.

We can not compensate for revoked download codes.

For details, please check NVIDIA "GeForce GTX" Rocket League "Bundle" page.

We will continue to provide "GALLERIA" to pursue "Overwhelming No. 1 game PC brand" with speed, high quality and powerfulness.

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Rocket League will get a new arena

By fifacoinslol, 2017-06-21

"Rocket League" will get a new arena and a new combat car, as the Rockets launched the football match to celebrate the second anniversary of next month. On the other hand, NVIDIA is offering a free copy of the game by buying a product.

On July 5, Psyonix will release the second anniversary of the game, adding a new arena called Champions Field. It can be used for all competitive online playlists and private games.

With the newer features included, two new combat vehicles can be found in the new Rack League's new Overdrive box Rocket League Items. After online matching, it will be provided as a limited drip.

The new combat vehicles are Animus GP and Centio V17, which can be customized, such as its trajectory, engine sound and target explosion effects. All of which will be available from the free and paid crates in the Rocket League.

The engine audio system will also be updated. The new soundtrack options allow players to fight in the new arena, to enhance their adrenaline.

This will be a new achievement and trophy, target explosion, etc., including a patch that updates the anniversary before the July 5 anniversary. See more details of the anniversary update through Psyonix's website.

For those who want to get a free copy of the "Rocket League", NVIDIA will use the GeForce GTX 1060, 1050 TI or 1060 video card or laptop for every award based on NVIDIA.

According to NVIDIA, GeForce GTX 10 series supported by NVIDIA Pascal, NVIDIA Pascal is said to be the most advanced game GPU architecture. It promises to provide unprecedented performance and immersive experience.

"Rocket League" was launched two years ago, it initially supported PS4 and PC. It can now also be used on Xbox One, OS X and Linux. At present, there are now more than 31 million people have a copy of the game.

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We can’t stop playing Rocket League

By fifacoinslol, 2017-06-20

Rocket League, a ridiculously fun mashup of driving and soccer (seriously!), has taken the Internet by storm. The unexpected popularity has ravaged the game’s servers. Despite constant downtime, it hasn’t stopped vehicular sports fans from coming back over and over.If you’ve been trying to play Rocket League on PC or PlayStation 4 over the last week, it’s been a frustrating experience. 

People can’t stop playing Rocket League Rocket League Items, even if Rocket League won’t let them. And after playing a few matches myself this morning, I can’t blame them: this game is so damn good!The game’s developer, Psyonix, seems to have been caught off-guard by the warm reception for Rocket League. The game has reportedly been downloaded more than two million times, and that number only continues to grow.

How come people aren’t super pissed off? I suspect it has to do with how open Psyonix is being through Twitter and other places. They seem to genuinely feel bad about what’s happening, and working as fast as possible to fix the server issues. Plus, they’re humble and apologetic about the problems, which goes a long way to generating goodwill from players. (And, as pointed out by a reader, it’s “free” through PlayStation Plus.)It also helps the game won’t be getting any DLC—a mix of paid and free—until a few patches arrive to clean up the game’s multiplayer.

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Rocket League is one of the best games available for Xbox consoles and PlayStation, however, Nintendo users have never been able to experience the title on their consoles. Fortunately with the arrival of the Nintendo Switch, players will be more taken into account by third-party developers and has already confirmed the arrival of several major games.

This week we learned of the arrival of FIFA 18 to the Nintendo Switch, and now users have another good news coming from E3 2017. The developers of Rocket League are going to launch the latest version of the game to the latest Nintendo console.

"You asked for it, and we heard it! As we just revealed during the Nintendo Spotlight from the E3 2017 through a direct video, Rocket League will be coming to Nintendo Switch later this year! Rocket League for Nintendo Switch will have all the same content, features and updates we have posted on other platforms as well as exclusive battle vehicles, and customization of items such as Mario and Luigi hats! "

The game will also support all the functions offered by the console, such as manual mode, tablet mode, and table mode, as well as online or local multiplayer. It will even be possible to play against opponents of other platforms like Xbox One or Steam of online way.

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Nintendo's annual E3 Direct livestream has a surprising and rich share for the owners of the Switch. One of the big surprises was the announcement that the "Rocket League" entered the switch.

Switch does not have Xbox, PS4 or PC platform has a powerful function is not a secret. If the switch can handle the "Rocket League" 60 frames per second gameplay, this is a big mystery. I have already played, Psyonix developers can follow the past at any time to maintain action. In order to make it run at 60FPS, sacrifice must be made.

The Rocket League on the switch runs in 720p 60FPS handheld mode and docked at the same time. This is not surprising if you are used to playing a switch in handheld mode, because the tablet screen can only support 720p, but most switch games such as "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe" and "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild" Run at 1080p and play on the TV. If you are used to seeing the Rockets in 1080p, it will be an adjustment. Even for the future Xbox One X 4K update.

But 60FPS is more important than the highest resolution. A game like "Rocket League" that requires rapid twitching requires a smooth frame rate. The game is still a work in progress, but the current form of exchange is like "Rocket League" the same. I noticed a few drops of the frame rate here and there, especially when a target scoring from an exploding animation may potentially be released before this release is released. Rocket League Items for Sale, The Best Place to Buy it from the realiable site

Rl switch thumbnails

Jeremy Dunham, vice president of Psyonix, said: "Through cross-platform games, everything feels the same, looks the same, so no one feels they are in a disadvantage." We want to make sure you want each mode On each platform will be exactly the same. "

The eight-person local multiplayer game is the biggest trick in the Switch suite. Able to connect many Joy-Con to the switch to open the door to the local multiplayer game, "Rocket League" will have this side. Local multiplayer games are not shown in this release, so we have to wait to see how to run. You can also play a 2-person player split screen, but depending on the development team may run at 30FPS speed.

In addition to the resolution, this is the complete "Rocket League" experience, which will have all the patterns that can be found online and offline in other versions. It will have a cross-platform online play. Boxes and rankings will be the same, but the Switch version will have its own exclusive qualification, such as Mario and Luigi hats for your car. Players will be able to use the Pro controller or single or dual Joy-Con.

Switch's "Rocket League" will exit after this holiday, the price is $ 19.99.

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PC players compete in Rocket League

By fifacoinslol, 2017-06-15
Both Minecraft and Rocket League will soon let you play across different networks.


Meaning: Minecraft players on the switch, Xbox One, mobile devices, the PC and with VR headsets can play together. Likewise, Xbox-One, Switch and PC players compete in Rocket League.


Only Sony is not there. Not because Microsoft would not want this, for example, in the case of Minecraft. But on the contrary. The will is there, but Sony refuses.


Why exactly, our English Eurogamer colleagues wanted to know. Below is the discussion of Eurogamer editor Wesley Yin-Poole with Sonys Jim Ryan on this topic.


Minecraft supports cross-platform between switch, Xbox and PC. Today, Rocket League ( Rocket League Items for Sale, The Best Place to Buy Rocket League Items from the realiable site lolga ) was announced as a cross-platform title between Switch, Xbox and PC. Both do not offer cross-platform play with the Playstation. Is it because Sony does not play the ball? What is going on here?


We have done it in the past. We are always open for discussions with any developer or publisher who wants to talk about it. Unfortunate is a commercial thing between us and other stakeholders. In this particular case, I will not go into details. And I can see you rolling your eyes.


Well, you must realize why PlayStation owners are upset. They want to play with both Switch, PC and Xbox-One owners in these two big, important titles and they do not get an explanation of why it is not. That's the point.


Jim Ryan: Yes. We have to be very careful with regard to the responsibility towards our players. You know as well as I do, that people of all ages play Minecraft, but also very many children. We have a contract with the people who are online with us. We take care of them and they move within the curated PlayStation universe. Leaving children to external influences that we have no control over is something we need to think very carefully about.


It seems to be no problem for Nintendo. And Nintendo is probably the company that cares most about the protection of children.


Jim Ryan: Yes, that's true. Everyone has to make their own decisions. We will do that. As I said, we basically have nothing against cross-play.


Is this final? Or maybe you leave the door open?


Jim Ryan: I do not think anything is ever final. Everyone who claims this is usually a fool. Nevertheless, as far as I know, there is currently no talk about it.


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Why the Rocket League can be successful

By fifacoinslol, 2017-06-14

Rocket League: We are very pleased that the Rocket League has been successful since the launch of the PlayStation Plus on July 7 - we can not do that without you! PlayStation Plus can be used free of charge for players who do not play rocket races until Aug. 4 to join!

We thought we would bring you the expected results of the upcoming "supersonic anger" DLC package.( Rocket League Items for Sale, The Best Place to Buy Rocket League Items from the realiable site lolga )

As we mentioned earlier this month in our launch report, the Sonics Fury DLC package includes two new Battle-Cars: American super sports car Dominus, and Japanese-style street Takumi. These two models are customized for the garage to provide six different decals (a total of 12 species), only for DLC.

In addition to the new "chariot", DLC Pack also includes two new Rocket Boosts ("Nitrous" and "Burnout"), two new rounds (football-themed "Cristiano" and very cool "Spinner "), Five new types of paint (" brushed metal "," carbon fiber "," metal pearl "," pearl "and" wood "), and a small amount of new trophies. The package will close at $ 3.99 in early August.


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The Rocket League's second birthday

By fifacoinslol, 2017-06-13

Today, during the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) Season Three World Championship, developer Psyonix announces that the Update for the two-year anniversary of the Rocket League will arrive on July 5, bringing with it a wagon of new content.

Perhaps the peculiarity of this Update is a new arena called "Champions Field", a standard and modern stadium that will be available in Competitive, Private or Casual Matches.

Update also accompanies the start of the Competitive Season 5, as well as the end of Season 4 still under way. There will also be the introduction of the "Rocket League Radio" that adds 18 new songs from the Monstercat label to the game.

A complete list of what's coming up with Season 5 will come as Update is approaching; However, Psyonix has announced that the advent of this seasonal shift will mark a new, more immediate and direct approach to the new Season; Competitive seasons will not be longer and trailing. At the end of Season 4, the prize will be different, players will be rewarded with new tracks rather than new wheels, depending on how they will end.

Additional content includes the new Import Battle-Cars - Centio V17 and Animus GP. (To View More About Rocket League Items )These machines will be available in the new "Overdrive Crate". Additionally, for the first time, there will be new customization options: allowing a custom engine rush, goal blasts and traces. These will be available in a free selection mix and crate drops.

Below you can check the two new machines and the arena:

Update will also include new goals and trophies, new soundtrack options, and more.

It is also important to remember that the Anniversary Update will be launched the Rocket League's second birthday, which will take place July 7, 2017. Since the launch of the game in 2015 (when no one knew what it was), the community grew by counting 31 million Players and more than 1450000 matches completed across all platforms.

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The sales of million for rocket league

By fifacoinslol, 2017-06-12

According to developer Psyonix news, "Rocket League" has reached a new milestone, that is, sales of more than 10.5 million copies. This is a very good affirmation of the popularity of the game, representing the players who play games at the same time.

Psyonix also announced some other data, from June 2015 to 2017 in January, "Rocket League" already has 1 billion of the total players to play this game. Of which about 50% of the players participated in the competition, and 33% of the players is the occasional play. Although only 11% of the players experience the Alternative model, starting from September 2016 Rumble still has 31 million tournament records.

The news came from Jeremy Dunham, vice president of Psyonix, who said that in February, "Rocket League" registered players reached 29 million (here including the screen game players, through the PS + free game, so avoid sales Large numbers), a quarter of the 29 million registered players (about 7 million) have played "Rocket League", indicating that the game still has a vigorous vitality.

For more information about the Rocket League, please visit lolga, lolga site was one of the first professional online coins site, Buy Rocket League Items 24/7 Friendly Service, Keys & Crates Fastest Delivery and Lowest Prices, 100% Safety!

Dunham also said the company's purpose is to make the "Rocket League" getting better and better, do not want to lose any players want to play the game. Not because of the addition of some new features let the players buy a game, although the production sequel has a very attractive potential income, but the hasty push sequel is not the right way of doing things.

Even after the game has been released for two years, the team is still considering adding new features to the game, and the sequel is really far away.

In addition, the "Rocket League" in the PS4 Pro on the upgrade patch, will be able to 4K resolution 60 frame mode, single mode and double dual mode is the same, but also according to the previous player feedback on the game The optimization, repair some BUG.

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"Rocket League" is the main battle of many people, the author most of the game time is also in online mode, automatic matching should be based on the account level, but the actual situation is matched to the player level really much worse.

Some players do not know how to efficiently grab the ball, such as headless flies, the audience out of 120% of the force contribution was 0, with the rookie AI have a ratio; and many players for jumping, flip, wiping and other skills are very skilled , Scraping is also very active, these people are the main force on the field; occasionally encounter some hard-working, usually away from the ball far, but always at the crucial moment rushed to give a fatal blow.

Finally, the line single we can also "season" mode, the season players need to create a team with a number of AI team competition, and ultimately to schedule the seat.Rocket League Items for Sale, The Best Place to Buy Rocket League Trading from the realiable

Overall, the "Rocket League" to play with the car is completely feasible, and its real physical system also makes the game become lively and interesting, full of infinite possibilities. But the game in the depth and width of the content has yet to be developed, after all, not the orthodox football game, the fun of this can not be exchanged for real playability, and occasionally happy to a few Board is also good, but the time will be obvious Feel boring and tired. 

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This game can be downloaded immediately

By fifacoinslol, 2017-06-08

"Rocket League" This game is not long after the sale of many players may be some of the operating skills and the like is not too familiar with today Xiaobian for everyone to bring "Dedicate-foundation" to share the "Rocket League" jump flight and drift Skills to explain, hope to help everyone.

This game I downloaded immediately after the horse was attracted. Because there is no buy vpn so are playing the computer, summed up some small experience like the exchange of about.


This game I feel the most important thing is to jump. The sense of distance from the ball. Jump can be two and the second paragraph of the jump can be used to change direction. So I now describe how to use the jump to correct the ball position and match the shot to give the force.


The second is to introduce a very interesting place. You can fly in heaven when you are full of speed. The most important use of this feature is that you can press the ball in the opposite side of the ball down, and the impact of stronger, and in some of the bus together in a strong air when the ball can fly to snatch. But must prejudge a set of cars and the ball feel.Rocket League Items for Sale, The Best Place to Buy Rocket League Trading from the realiable


The third is drifting. This feature may be very few players. Drift my induction is the role of the ball over the top and you face the ball when the direct drift in situ U-turn, do not need to turn a big bend. As well as save the ball when the speed is too fast to immediately turn the front of the ball and then a forward 2 to jump to change the location of the ball. Finally, the most important thing is drift very cool.

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Rocket League is ready to become completely crazy . Psyonix has officially crossed his title with Dying Light (FPS) and Techland's immortal creatures after announcing the possibility of fashion, including basketball. Each title has a vehicle, and both studios are provided with their own color of the game using the skin in another title.


Obviously, now Dying Light players can use orange and blue paint to customize their hawkers, by believing themselves into the Rocket League to kill the zombies. This summer, Psyonix fans will be able to play in their car after a Revelation theme, and more classroom scores. To do this, just go to this site and use the code "LightMyRocket" to unlock these skins.


Rocket League(View more about Rocket League Items at lolga)can be used for the death of the painting in the above video can be seen, waiting for this summer will be carried out in other parts of the partnership. Remind, last month in the Xbox One on the release of the football game, and has done a card, waiting for the release of the physical version.

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