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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady

By fifacoinslol, 2017-10-09

Former Oakland raid coach John Madden said that the New England Patriots ' quarterback Tom Brandy and all the NFL four quarterback had been hit too much this season. Madden Buy Madden 18 Coins also said the attack lines were not completely wrong.

In the first five games of the NFL season, 40-year-old Brady was fired more often than last season. Madden said: It is clear that the offensive line needs better protection work.But it's not all on them.Some of them are plans. 

Madden said that only 5 were blocked when the 5-player pass was violated. This allows the defender to provide additional burdens and extra rush for the quarterback.

When they were in the Baltimore Crow squad in Sunday, they were injured in the Sunday game against Denver. Madden believes that the replacement defender E. Manuel is successful and his attackers must return to better matches.

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The Operation Of The Rocket League To Achieve

By fifacoinslol, 2017-10-07

The operating experience of the game is also very good, the "Rocket league" driving feel although with the real stemless, but win in the overall sense of operation is very fluent (better use of the handle), the designer's intention to display the hot and swift disease is also completely through the operation of the game to achieve. The Rocket league combines the car racing with the ball game elements and joins a lot of ideas, combining the characteristics of racing and ball games Buy Rocket League Items, and adding new elements such as rocket power flight, lifelike visual effect and dazzling effect dress.

In theory, the real world of confrontational movement can develop what kind of tactical depth, "Rocket league" will not be less likely than they. As with almost all such works, multiplayer is the place where it can show the greatest charm, especially with friends who will undoubtedly create a lot of fun. Unfortunately, it is probably because the launch was too hot, the online battle has to rely on the official provision of the server, so that from the current situation, the war on the network situation is not very good.

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Facebook is moving into sports

By fifacoinslol, 2017-10-06

The American Football League (NFL) said in Tuesday that the company had signed a multi-year cooperation agreement with Facebook Inc., which would send videos and other content from the NFL, excluding live broadcasts. In addition, the NFL films content will be published on Facebook's newly created Facebook watch platform. Amazon won the NFL's 10 games for Thursday night games and paid about $5 million.

The agreement between Facebook and the NFL and the launch of the Watch platform Madden Mobile Coins is a step forward for the company in the field of sport. In May this year, Facebook and the American Professional Baseball League (MLB) signed a 20-game live deal. So far this year, Facebook's shares have risen more than 42% per cent, while the S & P 500 index (SPX) rose about 12%.

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The Cincinnati tigers foul

By fifacoinslol, 2017-10-02

The packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers managed to get the tigers defensive line forward "over the opening line", so the show went on. It was the first time green bay got the ball in overtime, and Rogers and the packers he led were facing a 3-10 mark on their 21-yard line. But, thanks to the tigers' foul, the packers had a chance of a non-destructive attack Madden Mobile Coins. Rogers took advantage of the opportunity to find his way to the left side of the line to take on geronimo alesson. Allison ran a full 72 yards into the tigers' end zone and was captured on the tigers' 7-yard line. But the big Numbers were enough to make the packers play mason Crosby a comfortable free-kick shot.

The lions need only one yard to make sure they win again. With 12 seconds left in the game, the lions are on a 1-yard line in the falcons and face three points. The lions quarterback Matthew stafford's quick pass tactics found the team to take over Gordon Tate. Tate puts the ball in the end zone and is awarded a valid call. However, after the referee was replayed, he thought that Tate's knee was already on the ground before the ball entered the end of the ball. According to the NFL rules, the game will be consumed for 10 seconds at the end of the game when the game is changed to a live ball, while the lions have not paused to offset the extra seconds. As a result, the game ended with a controversial correction. The falcons first lost and then won their third straight win.

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Celtic football club is super league team

By fifacoinslol, 2017-09-30

Celtic football club is one of the Scottish football super league team, as one of the two Scottish giants of Glasgow city, with city rivals rangers, called the old monopoly Scottish football Buy Madden 18 Coins more than 100 years. The stadium is home to 60, 000 Celtic park.

The celtics became the first Scottish team to win the European cup in 1967, and the first in Scottish football to win the champions league. In 1967, the Celtic team, known as the Lisbon lion, was also the first to win the title of quadruple in the European men's soccer movement.

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Sony Music Company is playing a brand new game, in Thurston and Andrew's "Joey", Thurston and Andrew "Joey" management business further expanded.

Thurston is a legend of the league, he is considered to be the greatest player of all time, he signed an exclusive brand ambassador agreement with Sony Music Entertainment company. According to the agreement announced this week, Thurston will represent Sony Music, as well as his artists, live events and other events Buy Madden 18 Coins.

In addition, Sony Music's parade campaign management company will work with Thurston management, Thurston's super management team to provide support and other business opportunities for Queensland, State Of organizers.

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The significant changes about the Madden NFL

By fifacoinslol, 2017-09-28

The new Madden game can bring adventure games and brand new game modes, target passes, coach adjustments, new theatrical styles and more. With the frostbite game engine, you can expect a truly immersive experience and enhanced realism. With the big changes in the NFL, 2017 could be an important season for EA. The NFL 18 was published on August 25 to get XBox one and PS4 in two versions.

Madden NFL 18 has switched to the frostbite engine this year and you can expect some important graphics enhancements Madden 18 Coins. You can expect a better look at players' faces, real ground, beautiful stadium exterior, spectacular city, weather impact, fireworks display. You can play the NFL game week in the current game broadcast mode. Live updates provide a comment update to make it more realistic and enjoyable.

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It is worthwhile to use policy features in multiplayer games. When you upgrade, you can unlock more specific scripts against you. Because when you start out, you're not in control, it's the only tool you've got to make your opponent's offense difficult. Research opponents like to run races and make sure that there are most common in your activities.

Play for the fourth time in a one-on-one game until you are on the pitch. Yes, it's not real. But guess what? Madden NFL mobile devices are not going to be a SIM card Madden Mobile Coins. All the important things are scored in multiplayer games, so even in your own 10 points, you have to do it. When it's your turn, your opponent has to take a kick-off.

The road to the top is a marathon, not a sprint. Here are some facts: you won't get the most of the time you need to collect in enough season for the playoffs and Super Bowl rewards will take a long time, and some life events are brutal they give the best things. Overcome it. The NFL season is a long time, and so is the game.

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What is expecting to happen in Green Bay

By fifacoinslol, 2017-09-26

In the first two weeks of the game, the Bengals predicted two wins, is now 0-2, let us see whether this week is true. The Bengals is taking the pack on Sunday, we mimic the game's madness and see what video games are expected to happen in Green Bay.

The packs start with the ball and the Bengals kicking them. Unfortunately, in the first game of the game, the Bengals gave up 74 yards to Ty Montgomery. Montgomery was finally stopped by Sean Williams on the 1-yard line. The Bengals made a heroic effort to stop them from going to the goal line, but Jamon Williams entered the end area, putting the pack on the board Madden Mobile Coins.

Bengals certainly did not want to lose two consecutive home games at the start of the season. People are very worried about entering the offensive line this season, these worries have already begun. The offensive line has broken the running of the game and allowed constant pressure in the quarterback Dalton.

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American football inspirational film

By fifacoinslol, 2017-09-25

A lot of friends like watching American movies, like the United States in science fiction, there are various kinds of self-help, stimulating movies, then you know what seen American football inspirational film Madden 18 Coins? Prevailed in the United States football is a kind of ball games, and the United States after a lot of friends like football crazy for it, even also has a lot of movies about football, so we do it today to get to know what are the top 10 movies about American football?

American inspirational film, we tend to think of "never give up", "the pursuit of happyness", but said to football, you can think of what make you impressive American football of inspirational movies? Here's a look at some of the best movies about football, such as "the revival of the wind," "the light of triumph," "the pursuit of the dream," "always strong," "the weakness," and so on.

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The Rocket League is well received by players

By fifacoinslol, 2017-09-23

If there's anyone in the hottest indie game, it's not Rocket League. The football game was well received by the majority of players have been launched, the number of players is also rising, according to the home of the IT in January, the Rocket economic "total number of players has more than 25 million people, the competition held a total of more than 1 billion games.

Today, developer Psyonix has announced that the total number of players in the "Rocket League" full platform (PS4, XB1, PC) has exceeded 34 million.

Users too much, the game also more and more, the chance of spray in the Rocket League Buy Rocket League Items had already launched the in-game report and" players "banned" system, now, this feature again to upgrade.

It is reported that the Rocket League will deploy a new automatic Language Ban system. The system can be automatically sealed, such as the player making racist remarks.

The system includes some sensitive words such as racial discrimination and malicious speech. When the spray is used to reach a certain threshold, the system will automatically seal the number. The seal is 1 day, it's 3 days again, it's a week, and then it's a permanent seal.

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We continue to get games from developers, because they need to keep making games and keeping the lights on. Even large enterprises such as EA rely on ever-releasing financial success to keep success, they do not offer the opportunity to arrogant, even if they get millions of dollars over the years to get them to release some Duff games. On the other hand, valve ensured that their financial situation allowed them to do so, although that did not mean they simply sat and sat comfortably.

Valve currently has about 360 employees, everyone is working hard, not only to maintain the steam operation, but also to let the other games time is also ongoing. Unlike many other publishers, most rely on a sequel to their most popular series of products to keep the profits flowing, and valve has been hoping its offerings will withstand the test of time; Counterattack: The global attack is still one of the most popular games Madden Mobile Coins, one of the top three players, and DotA $number It is now the world's most obscure battlefield-a global force on the electronic arena. In fact, DotA 2 is so popular that in July, the DotA 2 Invitational tournament became the biggest bonus pool in the history of Es port, with a price of up to $21 million.

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Favorite Rocket League items

By fifacoinslol, 2017-09-20

English name: Rocket League

Host platforms: PC, PS4, XboxOne

Game Type: Sports

Game language: English

Game Release Date: 2015-07-07

Producer: Psyonix


The racing class racing and sports class football together,

This clever way to make the Rocket League into a favorite item for everyone.

Players control a vehicle, the two sides can be up to 4V4 race, Rocket League Items

At this point the scene becomes very happy, you will see several vehicles crazy like chasing a big run,

The purpose is to hit the ball into the other side of the goal to win the score,

Simple and easy to play instantly allows players to indulge in them, and in the shortest possible time to get entertaining.


Of course, Rocket League will be so successful is not only a good theme,

It also has a pleasing visual effects, which realistic physical collision performance is most important,

Looking at the vehicles to resort to a variety of stunts, acceleration, flick, spray bounce,

With a variety of tricks and even fly to shoot the score, coupled with slow replay, refreshing full!

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Funny fails of Rocket League game

By fifacoinslol, 2017-09-19

Rocket League Funny moments, fails, funny reactions with pros! Some hilarious goals, dumb fun fails & wins, Rumble Crazy moments Buy Rocket League Items, pro game fails with Kronovi, Scrub Killa, Jacob, Rizzo, Sad Juni Or, Miztik, M1k3rules, Insolences, 0ver Zer0 and more fun stream moments!

Rocket League funny fails Rocket League pro fails Rocket league funny reactions fun reaction funny moments Rocket League moments Rocket League funny fails wins rumble games best goals saves fails Rocket league montage denied air dribble goal best goals funny M Oments Rlcs fail RLCS stage fail gameplay rocket League best saves dribbles goals redirects top goals best goal highlights funny Rocket League twitch compilation Fail win compilation Rocket league FX.

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The Green Bay Packers will never be eliminated in the game, but they will need to work harder to slow down the Atlanta offense in the second half of the year, or the rerun of the NFC Championship last season could be ugly. In the first half, the Packers were eliminated by 154 yards and they lagged behind the Falcon 24 7.

The High profile showdown was the same as last year's Green Bay playoffs in Atlanta. After the defeat, Packers tried to improve the middle of the team, but it didn't seem to be the answer to Matt Ryan and Falcons's passing match. In half the time, Ryan completed 13 of the 20 passes, 201 consecutive and one touchdown, while last year's playoff game, Julio Jones had 180 catches and captured 4 yards 95 times. The team ran back to Deventa Freeman supplemented by two short touchdowns.

If it were not for the One third sack of Clay Matthews near the end of the second quarter, which forced the Falcon to soar by 51 yards, the game could actually be farther away.

Yaren Rogers (Aaron Rodgers) has already tried his opponent and played a 11 75 yard score on his team's first win. But after Ty Montgomery's touchdown, Packers's offense sank into a muddy Madden Mobile Coins, three season development. In the second half of the Green Bay, Demond trufant acrobatics intercepted the Roggers pass, left the Green Bay quarterback, trampled the field, cowering his head. Green Bay once again scored a goal, the rest of the time only 19 seconds, but the team did not score.

The score was not the same as the playoffs in the first half of last year, when the Falcon entered the Half time 24 0, but the second half of the recovery difficulty increased, the Green team did not Howard Nelson, the team's top players, Mike Daniels, can be said to be the best defender of the team. Nelson's injured four head muscle was listed as questionable in return. Daniels has been excluded from the rest of the game, with leg injuries.

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Metroid IV confirmed the landing switch

By fifacoinslol, 2017-09-16

Nintendo unveiled the latest news of 10 games, including Xenoblade Chronicles II, Kirby, Metroid IV, Super Mario Odyssey, at the 2017 E3 Conference. Take the switch platform game as the main.

This Conference adopted Nintendo's consistent "face-to-face" style, a variety of game producers to show players to the new play in person, in addition to the introduction of Kirby "Mario" and other classics to continue, but also introduced rocket league and other third-party games Cheap Rocket League Items. In the release of 10 game Intelligence, Xenoblade Chronicles II is an open role-playing game released by Nintendo, Monolith Soft, and is now scheduled to land on the switch platform in the winter months of 2017. The game was produced by the "Blade of the Difference" and "the Guardian of the Light" Takahashi leader, the story of the ancient remnants of the giant God and machine God of the human remains for the stage, narrative man and mechanical strife under the fantasy adventure.

Kirby can support four people, the game added new capabilities for the player, is scheduled to be sold on the switch platform in 2018. Bao can dream Company's president Shiyuan and said, in addition to the open switch version of "Pokken" outside, there will be a new treasure can dream game landing NS, is currently under development. Metroid IV confirmed the landing switch, but the conference site only released a logo map, as for the release time, trailer video, the specific type of game has not been announced.

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John Madden was outstanding In high school

By fifacoinslol, 2017-09-15

John Earl Madden (born on April 10, 1936) is a former American football coach and a national football league broadcaster. At the American Football League American Football Conference, he won the Super Bowl as head coach of the Auckland Raiders, after retirement, became a well-known color commentator for NFL TV broadcasts. In 2006, he entered the football Hall of Fame in recognition of his coach career. Since 1988, the Madden NFL video game series, which he has long recognized and advanced, has also been widely used. Madden has served as a color analyst for four networks:

Madden also wrote several books and served as a commercial booth for various products and retailers. He retired from the broadcast on April 16, 2009, and spent more time with his family.

John Madden was born in Earl Russell Madden, Minnesota and Madame Margaret Madden Mobile Coins. His father was an auto mechanic who moved the Madden family to the Daly City, California, on the outskirts of San Francisco, and was young. He attended the Virgin Mary to help secondary school, then graduated from Jefferson Secondary School, graduated in 1954.

Madden married Virginia Field on December 26, 1959. They live in Pleasanton, California, with two sons Joseph and Michael. Joe played soccer at Brown University, where Mike attended Harvard University, where he began to serve as a football player.

In high school football was outstanding, Madden and then went to college football at the Port of Grace, Oregon and San Mateo College transferred to the former Calpoli at St. Louis Orbis, where he played both offensive and defensive wild horses at the same time in 1959 Bachelor's degree, received a master's degree in education in 1961. He won the honor of the plenary session in the attack and was the catcher of Cal Poly's baseball team. Madden in 1958 by the NFL Philadelphia Hawks in the 21st round (244) drafted, but the training camp a year after the knee injury in the career had the opportunity to end his career.

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Each time the offense gets the ball

By fifacoinslol, 2017-09-14

American football:

All progress in a football game is measured in yards. The offensive

team tries to get as much "yardage" as it can to try and move

closer to the opponent's end zone. Each time the offense gets the

ball, it has four downs, or chances, in which to gain 10

yards Madden Mobile Coins

If the offensive team successfully moves the ball 10 or more yards,

it earns a first down, and another set of four downs. 

If the offense fails to gain 10 yards, it loses possession of the

ball. The defense tries to prevent the offense not only from

scoring, but also from gaining the 10 yards needed for a first


If the offense reaches fourth down, it usually punts

the ball (kicks it away). This forces the other team to begin its

drive further down the field. 

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The Xbox one x is finally officially official, and it brings a lot of beautiful 4K games. Microsoft's E3 2017 show is all about the new 4K console, which will enhance your current and future Xbox games and work with all of your existing accessories. We also have an exciting first look at the origins of the Assassin's faith, the Fox Racer 7, the national anthem and so on. This is the biggest announcement of the Xbox E3.

The next Xbox is almost here. Xbox One X will arrive on November 7 for $499, offering 4K games Buy Madden 18 Coins, Ultra HD Blu-ray support and a large amount of extra processing power for your favorite Xbox games. X will help you with your existing Xbox One game and support all Xbox One accessories. Although it has courage, it is the smallest Xbox of the inconceivable.

Fans ask, Microsoft delivers. Xbox One will soon support the original $number Xbox game with complete visual and performance enhancements. Xbox chief Phil Spencer confirms that fans ' favorite air combat game "crimson Sky" will come to this program with more detail to follow.

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The conception of the mode of Rocket League

By fifacoinslol, 2017-09-12

The conception of the mode of "Rocket League"

In 2013, Psyonix hoped that this version of the core design was to become their ideal SARBPC, a small team, using their spare time to do it, because they were doing other big publishers outsourcing business.

Game play is also more concentrated, abandoning those ideas before. They focus on playing car ball, hope to make a PC Alpha version as soon as possible, and is F2P mode, because at that time feel like no f2p game will fail, such as DOTA2 and other games developed very well. (The following are some of the reasons why they finally switched to the pay model)

So a lot of people doubt: they basically do a game with 2008 years of similar, just improved some, what has helped?

On the basis of SARBPC, some large systems or functions have been added or perfected Buy Rocket League Items.

Outsourcing experience, from the outsourcing project, take its essence to the dross, but also from the outsourcing project to enable them to master the production of Unreal3.

Internal development experience, such as the release of an iOS game "ARC Squadron", polished for a long time, although the benefits are bad, but the evaluation is good, they also canceled a lot of failed projects, and said that the game development is really difficult.

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When Rocket League started in the summer of 2015, it immediately became a huge blow. Up to four players control the Rockets ' cars in two opponents ' teams, pushing and jumping against each other by putting a huge soccer ball into the target. The round of each snack size is five minutes, though the game ends with a tie and then it works overtime. More than 33 million people now play rocket League on PCs, Xbox one and PlayStation 4, and will soon come to the Nintendo exchange with the help of Tencent and expand to China.

"We launched our first goal this year," Simmelkjaer said in an interview with Gamesbeat Buy Rocket League Items. "We want to participate as much as possible in track fans." We want the racing industry to think that this is a first-class, High-quality tournament, with athletes and teams, and it feels good to walk away. So far, all these things have happened. “

NBC publicized the game through its apps and Twitch this weekend, and broadcast in the United States, Britain, Germany, Australia and Latin America. The partnership with Psyonix marks NBC's first adventure in esports, Simmelkjaer said, because it is easy for the general audience to understand.

"We think it's a very good first game for us because it's very handy. ' If you're not a hardcore player or like this player, that's understandable, ' Simmelkjaer says. "It has some movement DNA. For our existing sports audience, it has a certain role. We are very satisfied with the outcome of the event. “

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The NCAA rugby game

By fifacoinslol, 2017-09-09

When I was walking in Wade's shoes, I met with a sense of responsibility that I had never felt before in a sporting event. The script is well written and interacts with the decisions of the VW effect and the button cues that affect your soccer IQ, performance and social status. Even small things like choosing to publish half a rough video to social media can affect your story. I was torn off by my coach because I lost control quickly at the press conference and the media was ruthlessly hit by the media. I felt sorry for Wade for every major mistake I made, because he reacted badly. These choices were meaningful when I first played, but after the second 50% I was able to see very clearly that the story of the long shot was linear, with some alternating scenes and endings.

It is interesting to note that long spears are not dependent on Madden's traditional football game to succeed. In the first two hours of the campaign, there was nothing but a few button games and a quick challenge on the pitch. But once you reach the halfway, you can meet the former NFL star in the entire pattern.

At the end, Madden seamlessly shifts to the Madden model, immediately to your players, coaches, stadiums and dragon wear uniforms. There are 27 separate challenges that will allow you to revisit Wade's past, present and future critical moments. The best challenge is to think of the NCAA rugby game Madden Mobile Coins because you control the University of Texas against Oregon State Duck, while the NCAA theme song is played in the background. This is a tribute to the long history of EA Sports and the highly respected university franchise rights. In addition, EA Sports has the opportunity to release new challenges and cards related to the long shot throughout the year, which may allow the pattern to remain relevant for a longer period of time.

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In addition to not only playing well in the regular season, the team in the final game of the pro football match cannot lose in the playoffs. Such a single round of elimination does sometimes sleeper, but I think that in the playoffs, in addition to the strength of the team, how many healthy players remain important.

For example, this year's San Francisco Oakland Invaders (Raiders) played well in a season, and the main position of the major four-point guard was injured, a change of main force, played a and injured, the result in the playoffs into a three-tier four-point NFL Virgin Show.

People who love rugby have their favorite teams Madden 18 Coins, most of the times they are influenced by their parents or their families, and they support their college teams, and they tend to support teams that are closer to home. And the popularity of the team, such as the Denver Mustang in the previous few years (Broncos) because of Manning, a lot of supporters.

Many female students also like the New England Patriots Team (Patriots), the main four points of Tom Brady Yan value High, good figure, but also to see tights wrapped in the buttocks, wife Giselle also often come to the scene.

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The great success of the Rocket League

By fifacoinslol, 2017-09-07

In the just-concluded E3 game show (the Electronic entertainment Expo), the Rocket League announced that it will launch a complete body landing on the switch platform and launching its proprietary vehicles and props in partnership with well-known manufacturers Nintendo. At this point, the Rocket League to the latest piece of puzzle, including PCs, PS4, Xbox one and switch, and other mainstream gaming equipment can be carried out Rocket League game. On this occasion, the Rocket League has won countless attention and continues to have a place in the most popular games of the 2017.

The Rocket League developer was founded in 2000 in San Diego, California, Psyonix. The independent studio, which once relied on outsourcing to keep running, has now become a well-known gaming company with Hot talk and praise from big game players such as blizzard and art. The great success of the Rocket League Rocket League Items is not so much a dark horse, but rather as a Psyonix team of more than 10 years of perseverance and quiet cultivation.

The 2008 launch of the Supersonic stunt rocket Chariot did not achieve the expected success, Psyonix but firmly believe that the car play this unprecedented combination of direction is right. By switching to the latest version of the Unreal Engine 3 for the redesign, optimize the art style upgrade screen and revolutionize the game mode focus on the multiplayer confrontation, of course, may also add a catchy name, continued as the Rocket League to achieve the Phoenix Nirvana. Grassroots Psyonix once again proved to us that focus on game quality and player feeling is a successful game only.

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The Rocket League is a fast-paced racing game that offers wonderful physical effects, crazy aerial stunts, and exciting multiplayer fights Buy Rocket League Items. This is supersonic stunt rocket chariot The Orthodox continuation, will provide the cool picture and the physical effect, increases the complete single story flow, A large number of player customization options and rich multiplayer games to create new generation action sports gaming experience. In the game there will be PS Classic game Fire Chariot character Sweet tooth to join!

Image result for 火箭联盟

Recently, the official release of the Rocket League of the entity version of the trailer video, from the video can be seen in the game's screen production excellent, physical effect is very cool, very worth looking forward to.

Rocket League since the release is really rich and famous, all kinds of prizes to keep, developers are also making a pot full. With the popularity of the game, the enthusiasm of the players rose, the developer Psyonix has announced the launch of the Rocket League collection, the collection contains all the existing game content and 4 new cars, an exclusive art painting. At the same time Ps4/xbox one host will also have the entity version to launch.

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Friendship players can cause a variety of problems. In addition to annoying things, collisions can also allow you and other players to lose enough time to develop the enemy. While in rare cases, promoting friendly players is beneficial (usually kick-off) and usually requires more coordination, you will find that in your typical pick up game. The Rocket League community has been looking for new ways to explore and share their creativity Buy Rocket League Items. Whether through YouTube, Steam workshop or Reddit, there is always a constant stream of content to watch, appreciate and learn.

Image result for rocket league screen

In fact, one of Jhzer's early and most popular content creators exploded on YouTube after the free montage Storm took over the community. The freestyle role allows the player to reposition the ball into an impressive target, which is critical at the highest level of skill. On-site competitions will always test your skills, but the "Custom training" package produced by the player provides an effective means of practice. This month's "Custom Training" list will focus on new practices for improving air and ball control through a variety of acrobatic scenarios. There is plenty of time for these new options to help you find the untapped Rocket League-flip, ceiling shot, air dribble and so on.

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Hit your opponent and score a goal.

You can easily set up in a local split screen. Just put the player 2 between the ball and the player 1. Then, 1 player 2 into the ball and scored a goal. Considering the physics of the car may take several attempts. Look at the demonstration below. You can also upgrade this trophy online in a friend's private game.

Use your rocket lift for a total of 5 minutes

You will naturally get this in the platinum operation Buy Rocket League Items. You can do this by pressing down and you'll only be able to do it for a few seconds at a time, and you will soon accumulate 5 minutes of Ascension in the game.

Complete Practice Exercises

On the main menu, select Training. Here are 5 options to see. The bottom 3 here is practice practice; Select a start. I recommend the striker because it is the simplest and you will have acquired some skills from step 1th.

For striker, you will accomplish 10 basic goals. It starts very easily because the ball is completely stationary. Later in the round, the ball was moving, but luckily it was very slow.

For the goalkeeper, you will defend the goal of the ball throwing ball at a faster rate. Even if you're not good at guarding the goalie the drill is very simple and only needs you to be able to play. At the beginning of the first 8 drills, just charge the ball and you will automatically win. For the last 2, when you score from the side, you must use it correctly.

Finally, the "air" function is similar to a striker, but uses jump () and rocket boost () to hit the ball. This is the hardest of the 3, but it's still easy. For this section, I strongly recommend that you use auxiliary jumps when you are pressing in the air without tilting in any direction. This will allow you to get the highest ball and make sure it will go down to the target.

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The earliest test of the Rockets league

By fifacoinslol, 2017-09-02

In our earliest test of the Rockets league, we wanted to know where the goods, power and weapons were. Just a ball? But the more we play the Rocket Alliance, the more we feel the smoothness and accessibility of its control scheme, and how to eliminate all other distractions and choices that make the player a very talented footballer Buy Rocket League Items. Really, nothing seems to jump and nitrification in mid-air (yes, you can aim your car to basically fly a short distance) to stop the target kicking, or blow up the attacker, before you can take off a game or build a perfect bounce center to pass the ball to a teammate's bike.

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Drivers can press the "drift" button to make a quicker turn and 180-degree rotation, which requires a lot of use, especially when the car hits the opposite direction that you expect. Nitro buttons provide accelerated speed, but Nitro is quickly consumed and must be recharged by driving on the spot's small yellow pod; After about five seconds, everyone will touch and recharge. Nitro also provides power for the game's only "attack", which will hit the opponent when you exterminate nitro for 1.5 seconds. This will hit the opponents, they have to wait about two seconds to regenerate-soon, but in a fierce scramble, kicking a target, this time span can make any side of the ball different.

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The new Madden builds its core experience around the ultimate Team model, which will mix and match player cards to build a team. You will start with enough cards to have a decent player--one or two stars, perhaps, but mostly less well-known players. Of course, you want to improve your team over time, which means buying a card bag and making a bid on a personal card at a live auction Madden Mobile Coins. Unsurprisingly, you can spend real money to get the coins and cash in the game in order to buy these things very quickly.

If there is a specific trend in Madden NFL Mobile, it is that everything is leaner and more accessible than last year. At the scene, this means that things like hearing and substitution are not available. You will choose a play, kick the ball, then run it or throw it; Defense is also proving to be as complex as choosing your game, trying to run off the QB or the ball carrier and timing the slide to try to intercept the interception. This is a very simple thing to do with a complex movement, but it is still very interesting and suitable for moving. Easy, easy to come out.

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Football game rule

By fifacoinslol, 2017-08-30

American football field is often nicknamed "pan" (Gridiron, or "barbecue"), because the pitch line style to make the stadium looks like a can help food on the fire barbecue wire rack. Competition is in a 360 - foot (120 yards, or 109.7 meters) long and 160 feet (53.33 meters) 53.33 yards, or the width of the pitch. Long boundary is called edge (sideline), lower boundary is called the bottom line (the end line). Buy Madden 18 Coins The bottom line in front of the line is called a score line (goal line), the distance between two points line for 100 yards (91.44 meters). Scoring area lies between the baseline and the score line 10 yards (9.1 meters) wide area called the bottom area (the end zone), also calls the touchdown zone.

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Football game rule: eleven players on each side, one side is the offensive group, the other is to defend group. Attack group is the purpose of the ball to each other as much as possible positions on, win over the goal line into the other end zone to score. There are two kinds of attacking methods, the player with the ball forward run (break) or air pass (pass). The other defensive group as far as possible to prevent the other side is the purpose of the attack, and force the other party lose the ball. If the offensive side or loss of the ball, both teams swap sides, namely the original offensive defense, and the original defenders put on the offensive group. Game so on both sides took turns to attack and defense, until the end of the four quarter time.

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The biggest Madden Mobile Community

By fifacoinslol, 2017-08-29

Madden Mobile's new season is about to begin! On August 16, you will be logged on to Madden Mobile so that you can get a new experience immediately. Rob Gronkowski greeted as Madden Mobile's new face. You can come in right away and build your team from the beginning. New and powerful tools will help you navigate and rule the new season Madden Mobile Coins!

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Spot and lightning activities are the key to some of the best rewards in the game! Be sure to log in every day and see what you can make in Madden Mobile. Madden Mobile Community The biggest requirement is now here! Using the special skills of the NFL players, such as Mike Vick and Cam Newton, never had!

Tactics against opponents have reached a new level. The possibility of never stacking your support is so profound and fun. Use special collectibles to enhance your gameplay, and even to get a special collection of team games, so that any member of your team can get a special boost.

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You can use and select a number of different team projects in Madden Mobile so that a place can maintain organization and sequencing is critical. Binder has received upgrades and shortcuts to your most commonly used features.

In addition, group management has never been so smooth. One of the largest community requests, bulk add items and player collections has been added this season! Get your Madden Mobile rewards quickly!

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The top competitive games in recent years

By fifacoinslol, 2017-08-28

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Rocket League received "generally positive reviews" according to the review aggregator website Metacritic, on all three platforms. Reception towards the beta versions of the game was very positive, with critics praising both the fact that it is "addictive and fun", as well as the visuals, which "are brilliantly detailed" and "crisp" Cheap Rocket League Items.

A large majority of reviewers praising the multiplayer component, calling it "fun", "simple", and "highly addictive", as well as one of the top competitive games in recent years. Some have pointed out that the simple core concepts belie the game's true depth, which stems from a developed understanding of the "floaty" physics and control mechanics.Alec Meer of Rock Paper Shotgun found that even two years since release, Rocket League remained very open, friendly, and accessible to new players across all ages, in contrast to other games with online longevity that tend to be dominated by expert players and difficult to breach by new ones.

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Standard game in four sections

By fifacoinslol, 2017-08-26" alt="Image result for nfl">

The football match, both sides respectively sent 11 players play. Play, however, can replace some or all of the players at any time. All 53 player in the team game are available in every game has been sent. Each player is exclusive tasks. Team players can be divided into three groups, respectively for the offensive group (offense), defence (defense) and secret service group (special teams).

Standard game in four sections, each section 15 minutes per quarter (middle school for 12 minutes) and contains the second, the interval between the three. Play in some cases Madden 18 Coins will be suspended in the timing, so the game a lot of time often exceeds the stipulated time, for more than three hours. If the fourth quarter, after both sides with points, competition will be extended for 15 minutes, use to score the winning rule. If still no score, the result of the game in a draw. Extend the provisions of the university games more heavy and complicated and different.

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Tiburon finished creative work on the project

By fifacoinslol, 2017-08-25

Devin and Colt both use both at the Regional Combines and eventually have the opportunity to start a journey towards the NFL. Longshot runs from there to the NFL Draft - no further. Although it is coming a year after the story mode in FIFA, Young said Longshot is not a response to the trip; Tiburon finished creative work on the project before the FIFA mode was announced. Longshot highlights some features that Madden fans will long remember, such as training mini-games, as well as completely new elements Madden 18 Coins.

Young said that Tiburon was inspired by Naughty Dog action games and Telltale Games adventure games to include quick events and branching the dialogues - varied mechanics choices that basic players will know and casual players can capture quickly. There is also something of an educational element at Longshot: the position of the quarterback is incredibly complicated and you will learn together with Devin. "We've been trying to do things like classroom exercises" are exciting, "Young said.

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Turbo League is the copy of Rocket League

By fifacoinslol, 2017-08-24

Turbo League is in any case the perfect clone of Rocket League. Indeed, the principle of operation of the original as well as the copy is practically the same. The gamers clash on a life-size football pitch. The goal is, of course, to score goals in the opposing nets. In short, they really play football, but in an original way; Original, because these are the cars that will hit the ball, which makes that the gamers are before anything else pilots a little out of the ordinary. So, of course, Turbo League is the copy of Rocket League. However, Zero Four Game Cheap Rocket League Items had the good idea to make subtle and interesting alterations to the mobile version of the game.

Turbo League is played on mobile devices, including iPhone, but not only; It is indeed a safe bet that the game will also be available on iPads. Moreover, users of smartphones and tablets under Android will not be left out. Car Turbo League features an online cross-platform multiplayer mode. Concretely, it is possible to organize clashes between the iOS gamers on one side and the Android gamers on the other - note that each team is composed of up to three players. Moreover, with Turbo League, it is also possible to customize the vehicles at will, to make use of the boots to propel the cars in the air or to accelerate thoroughly. It is also expected that the game incorporates in-app purchases.

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The comments on NFL 17 Coin

By fifacoinslol, 2017-08-23

NFL 17 Coin comments as I said in the article, when these intermediate company to get your order in a field, they will open their stocks, announced that they want to buy a coin in your field, information will be collected database, and then all of the COINS sellers, including intermediate company, coin studio, a hacker knows how to work with, and then to sell COINS to intermediary companies. They don't know where the Madden Mobile Coins come from, by hand, by robots or by hackers. So they can't say that their COINS are clean. This means you have a chance to buy a coin from a hacker account, and you can't avoid it because no one can promise that their COINS are completely clean. If you buy a website that tells you that their COINS come from direct farmers or anything... Don't trust them... I believe this is a lie.

The purchase of a coin may make your game account permanently suspended or banned. But the study tells us that a quarter of players have bought COINS, most of which have not been banned. Because blizzard designed so much demand in the game, they knew it was impossible to stop the players from asking. So they simply ban farmers' accounts and buy stolen COINS. You can learn more about this article: the best place to buy Madden 17 COINS.So how do you buy NFL17Coin without being banned? You simply buy COINS from the auction house, or check the NFL17Coin Review to see the top NFL 17 coin sales website. The auction house will clean up all the COINS. Your goods such as silk cloth is placed on the auction house, will be the total price is set to 105% of the amount you want to, then you buy website must pay 5% of the auction house.

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Harden trained with Paul

By fifacoinslol, 2017-08-22

Offseason this summer, the rockets got Paul, this is one of the biggest contributor, harden, if it weren't for harden vigorously recruit, the rockets could not get in the summer, Paul is also unlikely to tucker and mulder, more difficult to enter Anthony the last stage of the battle Online Game Shop. Harden of Paul backcourt, strength, no doubt, and that some of the positive preparation, a purpose only, is that a sword refers to the warriors, hope to be able to beat them, for harden, he has the leadership more and more, after he recruited to Paul, and actively with the training with the lads. He communicates with Paul every day and hopes to form a good chemical reaction before the start of the new season. Haden has been training with Paul many times this summer, and has even fought in the druze league together, in the name of his brother.

This summer, the league has been working so hard to train new team-mates at the heart of this team. Most of the team leaders are on vacation or on their own. Harden is using the offseason to develop tacit understanding with his new teammates. Recently, harden trained with Paul, zhou qi, Blake and josh Smith. Paul, Kevin and black are the rockets' new signings, apparently harden will give new signings in the training of some of the rockets tactical idea, at the same time, through training, harden can be more familiar with the characteristics of his new team-mates. The rockets' leader was so diligent that he was hardly idle during the offseason. His body became stronger and his abdominal proud flesh was gone, and such harden felt even more terrifying than before. Every offseason, my goal is to progress, to keep a good condition in order to meet the arrival of the new season, I knew how exciting, next season will also know how important it is for next season, so I must make full use of good this offseason. Although I am going to participate in many public welfare activities and some other things, once I enter the training hall, I will have no distractions." "Says Mr Harden.

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Different styles of scene in Rocket League

By fifacoinslol, 2017-08-21

Psyonix's solid edition of the Rocket League has sold more than a million copies. The fast paced racing soccer game was launched in the summer of last year after a year of digital editions. The entity Edition of the Rocket union called "Rocket League: collection" (Rocket economic: the Collector's Edition), in addition to containing the original game, also includes "supersound fury", "revenge" and "chaotic competition" DLC package. Buy Rocket League Items The physical version is sold by 505 Games, which is also responsible for the release of "Terraria" and the "Stardew Valley" physical edition. The rockets' top-selling platform remains a digital platform that has sold more than 9.5 million copies of Steam, PSN and Xbox Live since its release. 


There are different styles of scene, there is a sunny green field, a mechanical underground metal city, and a high-tech electronic arena. Like in reality, the "rocket maps with different weather, whether it is sunny and bright during the day, all over the sky stars, bright night, or thunder storm with thunder and lightning, ice ice and snow day, etc., there is always a suitable for you! Under the unified tone, "Rocket League" combines different colors and light effects to make the scene appear diversified and dynamic, without any monotony. Map at the same time, the various design elements can interact with the players, players learn from fuel, fuel point lights will automatically dimming, blinked through the game in the scene are like stars.


The success of the physical sales area also demonstrates the potential of some traditional "pure digital" games in this market. Psyonix told the media that most buyers were new users except for some older players who bought the physical version. Jeremy Dunham, vice President of the studio, said the results were based on tracking new accounts and comparing sales of physical and digital versions. The solid edition of the Rocket League has sold nearly 10 million copies of its digital sales. March Jeremy Dunham in guest Kinda be hilarious Games called "rocket" total sales volume has reached 10.5 million, registration number of players including local split screen number and PS member free game player, was close to 29 million.

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The new NBA Live 18 has also been improved

By fifacoinslol, 2017-08-19

NBA Finals is in full swing, as the current success of the tournament alliance, NBA in science and technology can be described as more flowering, through the introduction of popular digital games, VR technology and other mining business value, to other peers to set an example. And around the basketball game this type, EA's NBA LIVE 2018, also officially on the competitors 2K NBA 2K 18 launched a challenge, a bloody rain is inevitable.

2K and EA like the mobile phone industry, such as Apple NBA Live Mobile Coins, Samsung, PC processor industry, Intel and AMD, both sides have been playing against the competition for many years. At the same time, the two game duel, but also to a certain extent, represents the game development and evolution of technology and progress, but also reflects the mobile phone hardware upgrades for the development of the game boost.

NBA Live 18 in the picture quality has done a great upgrade, obviously this is to meet today's powerful mobile phone processor, large screen and high resolution screen, the maximum degree of visual enjoyment. In order to achieve high quality, EA and even the player's shoes are meticulous. New 3D scanning technology, allowing the players in the NBA players at the foot of the shoes look like the foot of your shoes like the same.

The new NBA Live 18 has also been improved in handling, which is the core elements of the game fun. Users can experience the real dunk, to achieve a smooth layup, and players in the basket one-on-one game more real action interaction, in actual operation, the user can use the size and strength to combat your opponent, cut dribble , To protect the basket or low against.

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Gold Players in NBA Live Mobile

By fifacoinslol, 2017-08-17
The main goal of NBA Live Mobile is building a superstar team with some of the best players in the NBA. Without a doubt, though, making coins in NBA Live is tough. There are many different methods to make coins but NBA Live Coin Stores has been able to crack the code and will now show you How To Make Coins On NBA Live Mobile!First off, players make coins from playing live events, season games, and head to head games. Players can use these coins to buy and sell players on the auction house. This is important because smart players don't even have to play the game to make coins. Using the auction house you can buy players for cheap prices and sell them for higher and make a profit in coins on that player. 


Please keep in mind that this guide takes a long time to make. If you enjoy this guide please consider sharing it on social media with your friends, it would really help us out. Also, remember that some of these methods might become outdated and not as profitable at the time of us making this guide. NBA Live Mobile Coins Gold Players in NBA Live Mobile can sell for anywhere from 2,000-3,000 with the exception of some players who go for much more. To use this method simply go to the transfer market and put the max bid price at 1,000. This method is very simple which means you can adjust the prices as you wish. All players under 1,000 coins you should bid on. Keep bidding on as many players as you can in hopes that you win a few players out of a stack of 30. Each player you win for under 1,000 coins you should be able to sell that player back and double or triple your coins.
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If you want a quicker goalie

By fifacoinslol, 2017-08-16

To round off the very top goalies on NHL 17 HUT is another 89 overall rated goaltender, this time coming in the form of LA Kings star Jonathan Quick. Quick posts very high numbers in both endurance (95) and aggression (94), along with more high numbers in positioning, agility, rebound control, vision, shot recovery and speed (92).


Whilst there’s a well established top three – Price, Holtby, Lundqvist – places four to six all offer something different whilst being the same overall. Online Game Shop Schneider is the most balanced of the goalies, with his peak stats and lowest stats all falling very close to the 89 mark; whereas Quick peaks very highly in endurance and aggression, along with speed and agility. Then Rinne is very strong at defending the low end of his net whilst stopping the puck from bouncing out of his grasp. 


So if you want a quicker goalie, more likely to make those last second, extravagant saves, go for Jonathan Quick. If your opponent is likely to attack close to goal, trying to deke in, go Pekka Rinne. The Finn will mop up anything in the low areas. If you can’t decide and just want a trusty, stand-by goalie, go Cory Schneider.

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Psyonix finished development of Battle Cars

By fifacoinslol, 2017-08-15

Rocket League all-round development began in 2013, spent about two years under $2 million, although they have in previous years tested a variety of "Battle - Cars" sequel to the prototype, including attempts to game idea into Electronic Arts Psyonix use the Battle - Cars Rocket League Items some feedback to fine tune Rocket economic game. Psyonix design director of Corey Davis argues that Psyonix a key requirement is that the game's frame rate increased from 30 frames to 60 frames per second, this is a Battle - Cars known criticism, is very important to the new hardware. - Car is considered "too central" and the game is too difficult for skilled players to touch. They ease some aspect, in some ways to make it more approachable, such as by slowing down the game speed, and allows players of all skill levels to compete against each other, at the same time promote based on the team's game.

Although they tried to add elements like power - ups, they found that the gadgets were too distracting. They also explores other changes, such as to make the game more coarse ty, similar to a Monday night, developed a few about handling car, making graphics to give players a sense of scale, the impression is to control the full size vehicles, instead of radio control car, and create an open structure of the world, players will be in the stadium and drive participation in the contest between the stadium. However, the team chose to break away from the game and focus on more visual elements to improve the title. From the chariot, Psyonix recognizes that very few players actually line, and has developed the Rocket League's single-season mode to encourage players to complete online games.

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Orlando local developer and banker Jim Hewitt spent nearly four years for his hometown to bring an NBA team: the then 76 people's general manager Pat Williams dug Florida, the latter Immediately after taking office, it is responsible for selling T-shirts, hats and other merchandise with Orlando's magic words - and even persuading the local people to book future tickets for $ 100.

The efforts of the two did not in vain, living in the middle of Florida basketball fans showed great enthusiasm touched the NBA. July 2, 1986, Hewitt on behalf of the Magic paid $ 100,000 to become one of five NBA expansion candidate team. After a year, on April 22, 1987, the NBA Board LOLGA.INC of Directors formally voted to join four of the teams: the 1988-89 season, the Charlotte Hornets and the Miami Heat first entered the league, while the Orlando Magic and Minnesota Timberwolves in the subsequent season, that is, the 1989-90 season to join, the four teams must pay 32.5 million US dollars to join the license fee.

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The annual list of the most valuable football clubs in the world has been published. Unsurprisingly, Spanish club real Madrid has been the world's most valuable club for the third year in a row. Shrank by 5% from a year earlier, despite their market value of the reduced from $3.44 billion to $3.26 billion, but with higher than the world any a competitive sports team annual income ($746 million), real Madrid or firmly occupy the top of the list.

The galaxy battleship's high revenue comes largely from the team's impressive record last year. Real Madrid also took the heaviest European cup title from atletico Madrid, despite losing the Spanish league to its rival atletico Madrid. In addition, they also won the Spanish king's cup, European super cup and club World Cup champion, was named the best team in Europe last year, and the "number one" player cristiano ronaldo also elected best player in the world.

The top two were Barcelona and Manchester united, with a market value of 31.63 billion and $31.04 billion respectively. This is the first three of the three giants that have dominated the list for the fourth year in a row. Bayern Munich is the only German club in the top 10, with a market value of $23.47 billion. Italy's Juventus and AC milan have also entered the top 10. It is worth mentioning that in the wealth report, Forbes to social influence, matchday revenues, television into, business income to measure, lists the Six Super football club (" Soccer 's Super Six ").

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The punishment for the patriots

By fifacoinslol, 2017-08-09

During the 2015 FIFA tournament against the Indianapolis colts, it was noted that the patriots were using enough football. There are even Suggestions that patriot staff play football deliberately to give the team an unfair advantage in the postseason. Soon after, a lengthy investigation and a heated debate began, and a full report will be published in May 2015. The Wells report found that the ball provided by the patriots was the main team, with an average less pressure than the ball provided by the pony. In addition it is important to note that Tom Brady (Tom Brady) and some of the communication between two patriot locker room attendant suggested, according to the results of Brady is likely to be "common knowledge", and deliberately patriot's staff to play football

After the incident, the NFL in the first four games of the 2015 season has suspended payments, brady to patriot fines of up to $1 million, and force they retook the first-round picks in 2016 and in 2017 the first round draft picks. After brady's appeal, it was eventually cleared by the southern district court of New York, and only the second circuit court of the U.S. court of appeals could restore it to the 2016 NFL season after a year. Brady finally agreed to suspend trading in 2016, but led the patriots to win the super bowl lee.

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Rocket League : Players now have 50 Car Preset slots, up from ten; A “Change Preset” button has been added to the end of game lobby. You can now change to another Battle-Car preset without exiting a match; “Dodge Deadzone” added to Controls Options. This setting allows you to control how far you must tilt the controller stick to activate a directional dodge move in the air instead of double jumping. The default value of 0.5 means you must move the stick at least half of the way towards your intended direction to dodge instead of double jump.


Rocket League will be getting its Anniversary Update later today and it comes with a load of stuff including Rick & Morty customisation items Buy Rocket League Crates, theChampion’s Field arena, Overdrive crate, new achievements, and more. Highlights of this update, which also ushers in competitive season 5, include: FREE Rick & Morty Customization items distributed as Common drops after online and offline matches, including Rick and Morty Antennas, ‘Cromulon,’ ‘Mr. Meeseeks,’ and ‘Mr. PBH’ Toppers, an ‘Interdimensional GB’ Rocket Boost, and ‘Sanchez DC-137’ Wheels; ‘Rocket League Radio,’ which adds a new default music playlist “Rocket League x Monstercat” with 18 new tracks from EDM music label Monstercat; 


 The maximum value of 1.0 means you must move the stick all the way in a direction to trigger a dodge. Rocket Trails have been renamed Rocket Boosts; Pressing Start when selecting Online Playlists now starts the matchmaking search; The Boost Meter and Rumble Powerup are now displayed when watching a player in Spectator Mode; The Boost Meter and Rumble Powerup now display during Replays; A pop-up window will appear when exiting a match when you have indicated you wanted a replay, but did not save a replay; A “Maintenance Mode” message has been added to the matchmaking ticker. You will see this only when PsyNet is undergoing maintenance “High Contrast Nameplates” now default to ON. This can be reverted in the Options Menu.

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When Henry was young

By fifacoinslol, 2017-08-07

Impression, Henry is not a big mouth, basically basic to speak. However, during the 2006 World Cup in Germany, he did say that the 190 million Brazilian people are unhappy. "When I was young, I wanted to play all day, but my parents told me that learning was always the first," said Henry. "In Brazil, they have been kicked from 6:00 in the morning to six o'clock in the morning." I really do not know, in what circumstances Henry did the above expression, in short, the Brazilian people really unhappy, it is not obvious satire, Born in the school does not love the bad boy Well LOLGA.INC.

Ready to fight back to the Brazilian Brazilians more, let us listen to the former international small Juniniao ye said. "He (Henry) is a great player, but he does not have to put himself in a whirlpool of politics in Brazil, 80% of children can not go to school because there is no money at home, rather than their parents do not want. The children are already bitter enough. Brazilians are hoping to get the same medical health and education system as France. "No abuse, no fumes, only a touch of helplessness.

Henry's words do not listen, but in all fairness, he is still in the Brazilian football culture in the core - bitter child, star road, professional player status is the child to escape the best way to stay upside down. Although the reason is so, but also do not poke people hurt it, Henry is not the obvious. Before the last World Cup, read "football economics" a chapter, on the middle class increase is the England team World Cup poor results of the direct cause. Now, the control of Henry this bold big truth, the more that "football economics" the author really insight ah.

Two of the books are economists who have proven research methods. They studied the family background of England and England in 2002 and 2006, and concluded that more than half were children of poor people, including small Shell, Rooney, Shearer, Campbell, Ferdinand, Adams, Gerrard and so on first-line star. Only four international fathers are required to continue their education after the age of 16, only 15% of the international origin of the so-called "middle class family." This confirms the best environment for a consensus, civilians family-born star. Of course, you will cite Kaka, Pirlo as an example, the rich children can also be hard to climb to the top of football. Do not bicker, after all, this ratio is still too small.

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Boston is no stranger to obscure postseason sports heroes. Patriots fans will never forget how young cornerback Malcolm Butler won the Super Bowl for the Patriots with a last-second interception a couple of years back.But arguably never has there been a more unlikely postseason stud than the Bruins' Sean Kuraly. The 24-year-old center scored two goals Friday night, including the game winner in double overtime, to spark the Bruins' 3-2 win over the Senators.Not bad for a player who scored his first career goal in the second period of the game. The rookie Cheap NHL 17 Coins was scoreless in his first eight NHL games this season.Kuraly, who was originally selected by the Sharks 133rd overall in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft, couldn't have picked a better time for his scoring breakthrough. 

The Bruins were on the brink of elimination, down 3-1 to the Senators. Playing on Ottawa's home ice, the situation looked dire.And when the Bruins fell behind 2-0 in the second period, it looked like their postseason was over. But David Pastrnak scored the Bruins' first goal in the second period, and Kuraly tied it with his first career goal, setting the stage for his heroics in double overtime.Tuukka Rask collected 41 saves, several of them highlight worthy, to help extend the Bruins' postseason.Now, with the Bruins hosting Game 6 Sunday, momentum is on their side. And so is Kuraly.Three stars3. Braden Holtby, Capitals After giving up four goals in three straight games to Toronto two of them overtime losses Holtby shut down the Maple Leafs, turning away 24 of 25 shots in a 2-1 overtime win.2. Justin Williams, Capitals The right wing knocked in the game winner againt the Maple Leafs 1:04 into overtime. 

Williams, who scored 24 goals in 80 games this season, has three in this series.1. Sean Kuraly, Bruins The rookie will never forget this night, with his first and second NHL goals the tying and winning scores that helped the Bruins stave off elimination by the Senators in the playoffs.Gotta see itAfter playing to a 1-1 tie in regulation, the Capitals made scoring look easy in overtime. Marcus Johansson finds Justin Williams in the slot for the game winner, the fourth game of this series decided in overtime. Washington carries a 3-2 series lead into Game 6 Sunday in Toronto.Saturday's game to watchGame 6: Canadiens at Rangers, 8 p.m. ET, NBC (Rangers lead series, 3-2) The Rangers obviously want to end this now, rather than cross the border and play in the Bell Centre, where the ethusiastic fans not to mention all those banners hanging from the rafters reminding everyone of past Canadiens' greatness make it one of the toughest road games in hockey. Especially in the Stanley Cup playoffs. 

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The heat of basketball game is rising

By fifacoinslol, 2017-08-04

Now, the latest "NBA Live" series of games for the "NBA Live 16", the trip in September 2015 landing PS4 and Xbox One platform. However, the official did not give the name of the next work, but pointed out that the work will be developed by EA Tiburon.US EA will be held in January to March in the fourth quarter of fiscal year. Happily, the NBA All-Star Game will be held in this time period, the date is scheduled for early February next year.

Fans friends know that the new season's NBA regular season is about to war at the end of next month. The heat of basketball is also rising, let alone the game is also associated with force. For example, last week there are 2K "NBA 2K17", NBA Live Mobile Coins and EA side without the introduction of new work but also did not lag behind the trend for its work "NBA LIVE mobile version" to a new season version update. In the actual annual transfer period, there will be a lot of players related transaction information appears, and star players for things like this, but also by the fans and the media focus. 

In the "NBA LIVE mobile version" to be updated there are players list, rookie list and the team's shirt, and the operation has also been further optimized to adjust. It seems that EA in the new season has not released new work but update the old practice, it seems that there is no insistence on a new tradition every year. But in any case, at least from the surface point of view in the basketball-related game competition, they are at a disadvantage. As for the future can also resurgence, and now who can not predict. At present, "NBA LIVE mobile version" updated version has been pushed, players can start to experience to see what is the same place in the end.

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An interesting aspect of Rocket League

By fifacoinslol, 2017-08-03
Although Psyonix has purchased the car as a separate purchase from the beginning, it is not very clear that it does not break the community in terms of the venue. As a result, although more and more venues are released as part of the downloadable content (DLC), they are also offered free of charge to Rocket League players who do not want to purchase additional content. An interesting aspect of these extra venues is the Rockets Lab Buy Rocket League Crates, which is a group where there is a big difference in layout, unlike traditional counterparts who look like a football field. This may represent a high degree of change that limits the object of the ball movement, or is built in a different mold, such as a circle.


If you do not know, in the rocket Union in the transfer like wearing a new suit. It will not change your body, just your appearance. (Except for typewriters, which is a technical term that collides with your objects in the environment.) You can choose from a dozen of the free options available in the basic game or from the growing collection of costs from the developer In the selection. If you take the game on the retail sale - Rocket Union Collector's Edition, you will get another 6 cars when you buy the game. But that's not all. Psyonix also sent four other cars, two of which are designed for the newest release of the new site, the other two are part of the special edition.


In order to attract players to take a copy of the entity, developers have decided to let the four vehicles in the retailer to buy time for July 18. After that, other players will be able to charge a fee.One of the last one - called "Utopian Retro" - has been borrowed from the spirit of the game before the supersonic acrobatic rocket powered battles. Unlike normal stadiums, both goals are interdependent, while allowing players to change quickly from offense to defense. The double goal, as the name suggests, offers two separate openings that let you shoot into the ball. 
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Sudden death in the NFL football game

By fifacoinslol, 2017-08-02

Sudden death in the NFL football game. If both sides at the end of normal time is still a draw, is to enter the sudden death overtime (similar to a football match in the golden ball system), the length is 15 minutes. The extra time will start with the same coin toss before the game starts. If a party to make the first move in overtime the touchdown in the first wave of attacks that you, or any one party after the first attack wave touchdown or free-kick, security (Safety) or in overtime, the game end directly. If the first wave of attack ends with a free-kick, lose points the opportunity Buy Madden 17 Coins, and a wave of attack if obtains the winning touchdown, failing to score loss, free kick score back to continue the game, scored the next one party win. If the extra time is 15 minutes and the game still fails to win, it's a draw. Of course, if it's in the playoffs, the game goes on and on and on, until it's a tie.

Every player in the NFL must wear basic equipment according to the rules. The main thing is helmets, masks, braces. These things not only protect the face, but also prevent the trauma to the brain. There are various types of armor for American football, designed for different locations. But the protection covers the front, back, shoulders. The front line is thicker, the outside and the quarterback pay more attention to the extension of the shoulder area. The standard pads are seven pieces, two pieces of protection for the knee, two to protect the thigh and two to protect the femur on both sides and one to protect the caudal vertebrae. There was a time when it was forbidden by the league to give up on the legs to run faster. The above is the standard dress of an American football player, and the lack of any one will be banned. Some athletes can reasonably increase their protection according to their own needs, such as taking on an additional backboard to protect the back of the back, and some of the injured players will add joint support equipment.


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The competition between the NFL and AFL

By fifacoinslol, 2017-07-31

Professional football grew rapidly in the mid-1960s, and in some surveys it surpassed baseball as America's favorite spectator sport. Because the NFL was unable to offer the opportunity to make many people's popularity grow, a coalition of its rivals, the American Football League, was founded in 1960. AFL NFL no introduction of a number of characteristics, such as wider - open passing attack, player name on the shirt embroidered, let the audience know the remaining time an official clock (NFL use the table to calculate time and periodically announced time). The new alliance will also tackle the financial problem by establishing a broadcasting royalty share between the teams and the broadcast of the cable network.

The competition between the NFL and AFL climax in 1966, both sides are constantly push mining university good players in the league by offering high salary and continuing opposition to pay expensive began to let both sides are difficult to deal with. On June 8, 1966, the two reached an agreement announced plans to merge, forming a new alliance with 24 teams, the original nine teams of AFL Buy Madden 17 Coins plus the NFL's new coalition of three teams in the American Football federation (American Football Conference, AFC), and the rest of the NFL team into the National Football federation (National Football Conference, NFC). In 1967, the first session of the AFL - NFL championship (later known as the first "Super Bowl", always Ⅰ) in Los Angeles, the NFL champion green bay packers to a 35-10 victory over Kansas city chiefs AFL champions. In 1970, the new union's merger process was finally approved by the government, and the NFL's name was retained, and the afl-nfl championship, which was held for four years, was officially renamed the super bowl.

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The Rocket League is soccer with cars

By fifacoinslol, 2017-07-29

The Rocket League is another independent game that proves that even today, in the age of high-budget, complex and extensive production, there is also a place for titles based on an interesting idea. Especially since the Psyonix game can be run to play few matches or spend hours with it, grinding skills. And regardless of which of the options we choose, we will be sure that there is always someone on the other side of the screen willing to have fun together.

The concept is simple enough - soccer with cars. Ram into the ball to send it flying, hopefully into the other team's goal. It's an easy game to get into, the matchmaking Rocket League Crates is very active and it never takes long to get in to a match. On top of this the average match only lasts a few minutes, so it's an excellent game to play casually as it delivers a lot of fun in a little time.  On the other hand, mobility, ball control and teamwork ensures that there's a great amount of depth if you want it.

Great concept for a game, gets a bit repetitive after a while, but it's most of the time superfun to play, especially when the devs keep creating new content. I also highly recommend to play this game with friends. Controls are smooth. Since my pc is actually a potato in disguise, i cannot say anything about the graphics because i have everything on the lowest settings. Still great experience playing though.


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Players can choose NHL Superstar

By fifacoinslol, 2017-07-28
The NHL 17 has several game modes, new and back, including team building patterns, team management simulators and career models at the National Hockey League. The hockey final team mode, also known as HUT, returns. Players create a custom team by opening a package that contains a transaction card to get the player and build a stronger team. The chemical system that replaces the NHL title is the new Synergy system. Each player now has a special synergies, whether it is "player coordination" or "team collaboration Cheap NHL 17 Coins." When some of the players in the team have the same synergies, these are activated. Players collaborate only to provide specific attributes for the player to enhance, and Team Synergies granted each player team attributes to enhance. 


NHL series is the second time the World Cup hockey, 2005 NHL is the first NHL champion for the characteristics of it Players can compete with any team of the World Cup they choose. Each team's actual players, jerseys and signs appear in the game. Prior to the "Madden NFL" series, a similar pattern was introduced into the "Champions League" model. A fantasy sketch simulation, players can choose NHL Superstar in a 12 round draft, and create their own team with them. After the draft, the player can play online with the computer or other players. Players also have the opportunity to meet the tournament tournament during the tournament. Also added to NHL 17 is ECHL, a North American Hockey League. All 27 teams in the league can play, all the team's jerseys, signs and players appear.


The "dynamic set" is also introduced into the HUT. This is a model of the production system, allowing players to put items or players into a set, and then get a higher value reward. Over time, the introduction of updates and different packages. "Become a professional" model allows players to pursue their career in their own custom hockey league hockey league. EA Sports Hockey League mode or EASHL also returns, players can use their own custom players to join by other NHL 17 users of the team. Teams can be customized with custom names, logos, uniforms and venues. As the team progressed, the team's arena became bigger and improved.
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Fun hockey experience interaction

By fifacoinslol, 2017-07-27

The Boston Bruins NHL Union, one of the six founding teams, has a 91-year history of the team will bring a large number of active star and legendary star on July 12 for the first time in China, launched a 10-day visit and exchange activities. In the meantime, Oregon will join hands with The Boston Bruins to include a number of exciting Chinese and international hockey enthusiasts, including a strategic signing conference, city training camp and carnival a number of exciting thematic activities for the majority of Chinese hockey enthusiasts offer a hockey carnival gluttonous feast NHL 17 Coins.

It is understood that The Boston Bruins the lineup of the Chinese line can be described as star-studded, not only known as the future star of NHL team active star David Pastrňák and the Secretary of the left winger active actor Matthew Beleskey, there have been retired before The Boston Bruins players Andrew Raycroft and Bob Sweeney, these stars will be with the Boston Bruins youth training official co-star appeared in Beijing, Shanghai two city official summer training camp and ice hockey experience carnival activities.

It is noteworthy that, as an important event of the Bank of China, Oregon will also be in the July 13th in the nest of the golden hall of the first strategic signing press conference officially signed with David Pastrňák, as its exclusive brokerage agent in Asia , Thus further promoting the development of domestic youth ice hockey. Conference site David Pastrnak will also bring you more fun hockey experience interaction.

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Kevin Garnett's characteristics are too dark

By fifacoinslol, 2017-07-26

When talking about the handsome men of the NBA, the first impression of the fans should be like Parsons, Loew that kind of white or pseudo white (black blood white skin). But after all, the NBA is black world, many blacks, and in so many blacks to find some looks handsome man is not difficult, the following seven is an example (subject to black skin).

Dwyane Wade

Seventh: Dwyane Wade. Wade has only one drawback in looks, and it comes to the face a little baby fat. In addition, it is a standard handsome man LOLGA.INC.

Nick Young

Sixth: Nick Young, not so much Nick Yang handsome Nick Young cool handsome, the field of singles king, field is also a very lively big boy.


Fifth: McGrady, the young McGrady not only playing handsome, long also handsome. After retirement because of a long time do not exercise, do not exercise now a little blessing. But handsome face believe that Chinese fans will not forget.

Kevin Garnett

Fourth: Kevin Garnett, Kevin Garnett's characteristics are too dark, basically belong to the kind of black days can not find the kind of people, but nothing to see Kevin Garnett is absolutely standard type.

Kobe Bryant

Third place: Bryant Bryant, after Jordan retired, in the discussion of the successor of the issue of Bryant's vote is the most, in addition to the advantages of the data, there is one thing is Kobe Bryant and Jordan like a long.


Second place: James Harden, Harden ranked second, half of the reason is because of his beard, the other half is due to the Harden will put POSS, you can go to see the cards of the players like a suit, Harden is definitely the most handsome , The most domineering that person.


First name: Michael Jordan, this is the most suspense of the believe. And even added to the white believe that Jordan or in the NBA came in first place.

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Rocket League Crates was originally on sale

By fifacoinslol, 2017-07-24

"Rocket League" is a team game, developed by the US independent game studio Psyonix online games.

The game has been launched at home and abroad received numerous awards, the number of players record high, as of now the number of players around the world more than 30 million; more gains, including TGA annual sports / racing games, including more than 150 international awards.

The game was originally on sale before the Steam Buy Rocket League Crates, but by the end of April and find the agent to find the domestic, and soon after, the player found that you have been unable to buy this game in the Steam, of course, has been bought or can play a play .

This event directly led to a large number of players in the store brush a large negative feedback, the official response to the sale, said that because the country will issue a "free version", so no sales of Steam paid version of the game.

Officials also said that although the sale, but have to buy the game players can continue the game.

But today the players found that you have been unable to search in the country store this game.

Can only search the game's DLC content, the official said earlier, because the country will issue a free version, in order to avoid the dual version of the players to bring the trouble, off the shelf version.

This also means that this game should be in the near future will be officially on the line, the official in the free version of the game to remove the obstacles.

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According to NBA journalist Sam Amike reported that the Cleveland Cavaliers still did not give up fighting for Carmelo Anthony, and their recent chips were Tristan Thompson + Emman - Shampoo.

Obviously, in the discussion on Anthony's deal, the Cavaliers NBA Live Coins are not willing to pay Kevin - Loew. Recently, the knight for Anthony trading chips are based on TT and shampoo.

In fact, the Cavaliers this summer has been selling shampoo, before the Rockets and talked about, but did not reach.

According to Sam Amico, the Cavaliers did not want to trade out of the TT, and the Knicks did not want to recover Shampoo.

At the same time, the Rockets did not give up for the hope of competing for Anthony. In the past, although the Rockets thought a lot of ways, including pull into the third party team, but still can not give a satisfactory solution to the Knicks.

It is understood that the Rockets may be on the current small forward combination (Trevor Ariza + Tucker + Bamot) satisfied.

But Sam - Amico pointed out that although the Rockets will not give up for Anthony, but they are now on the degree of desire for Anthony is no longer as strong as before.

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The Rocket League 5 competitive season

By fifacoinslol, 2017-07-21

Once you have completed the purchase of an eligible movie, you will receive an email that contains an in-game code from PlayStation or Xbox within 7-10 days. After launching the Rocket League, go to the 'Extra' menu, click 'Redeem Code', enter your unique code in the pop-up window. The 'Gearlock' wheels Buy Rocket League Crates are unlocked and are ready to play! All Gearlock codes will expire on September 30, 2017. Players who choose not to buy digital movies this summer can still get the 'Gearlock' wheels this fall as a FREE random drop after online matches. Look for a future update!

The Rocket League 5 competitive season will begin with the release of our update anniversary on July 5 and we are making some changes we want to share with you guys in advance. Contrary to the transition between previous competitive seasons, no competitive ability will be rescinded for season 5. Your teams will pass from season 4 to season 5. While we recognize that some players are waiting for the start of each season, the down side is to make a Restoration can be significant. The quality of the games may be low for several weeks after the end of a season, as players recalculate their true skill rankings. With the seasons that occur more often, we are not comfortable creating matchmaking instability every few months.

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The Rockets League has been around

By fifacoinslol, 2017-07-20

Related image

The Rocket League finally came to Xbox One on Wednesday and was priced at $ 19.99 (about 1,360 rupees), and game developer Psyonix announced in a blog post on Xbox Wire Buy Rocket League Crates.

The game released by Microsoft's current console system was released in December, and with the release of the week, Xbox One owners will start to saliva. "The Rockets Alliance has been around for a long time," said Jeremy Dunham, vice president of Psyonix. "The Psyonix team is proud to be able to bring it to you and thank Panic Button's development partner.

Related image

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Check out our Madden 18 Longshot interview

By fifacoinslol, 2017-07-19

Madden NFL 18 makes the move to Frostbite this year. It's fair to say that FIFA 17 has not been a drastic change from FIFA 16, but has allowed the team to create the bizarre but fascinating story mode, The Journey. At the EA Play 2017 EA event, the publisher revealed Madden's "Long Story" 18, which will follow Devin Wade's story while trying to turn hopes for an NFL career from a dream to a reality. In a story style similar to FIFA 17's The Journey but also from Telltale games like The Walking Dead, players will have several choices to help or hinder Wade's career.

For more information by Mike Young Madden 17 Coins, check out our Madden 18 Longshot interview. Career mode fans at Madden may want to put their expectations low, as UGG Editore Kat Bailey says, EA is not doing much on this part of the experience. You can take a look at what Madden 18 will appear in the above videos and watch the screenshots below. Based on the relationship between the images, we would have guessed that these images came from a cinematic view of the game, perhaps reproducing or from story mode. The last shot is definitely from the story mode, showing a young man looking at a window at the Lucas Olympic Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts.

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The Grizzlies' loss for the Blazers

By fifacoinslol, 2017-07-18

In the first of the two semifinals of the 10th day, the Memphis Grizzlies got a quick start, jumping forward to a 19 point advantage ahead and going half-way to 45-38. But things came back in the second half, and Portland closed the gap behind a strong game by Jarnell Stokes. A native of Memphis who had two stints in the NBA with the Grizzlies, Stokes repeatedly powered his basketball style and collaborated with Caleb Swanigan Buy NHL 17 Coins (15 points, 11 tables) in Portland to bring Portland to victory 87-82 . Stokes finished with a 22 point game and 15 rebounds, earning a literal card in the back of Portland's head, Terry Stotts, who was sitting in front of him.

After winning five Las Vegas Summer League matches, the Grizzlies' loss for the Blazers ended their summer championship experience. After long performance throughout the week by Wayne Selden, today Grizz got a good swingman performance by Dillon Brooks. A second round of Oregon in the 2017 NBA Draft, Brooks showed a versatile offensive game scoring 16 points in 21 minutes as well as adding 4 rebounds and 4 assists.

The much-anticipated match-up between Ball and Dallas Dennis Smith, Jr., points to the expectations. As he demonstrated during the Summer League in Las Vegas, Ball has a singular ability to connect his teammates, keeping the basketball moving and always finding the man open. While he has shown an impressive touch and has completed many long distance steps, he can also exhibit a limitation and will make short and fundamentally sound passes when the game calls him. In defense, the ball ball awareness is impressive as it manages to keep an eye on his man and the ball at the same time.

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Our praise for the rocket league game

By fifacoinslol, 2017-07-17
Recently for the upcoming "fast and furious 8" preheating, the fire of racing games the rockets alliance cooperation with universal pictures, launched the "fast and furious" special vehicles DLC. Racing games the rockets alliance (Rocket economic), recently announced it will linkage with the film "speed and passion", launched in the movie "tang eldest brother" favorite dodge charger as the prototype of DLC vehicles, also released a promotional video. "


The rocket launch on July 7, in 2015, and in August 2016 when sales already broke through 20 million, with a very interesting way and good graphics, which developed by Psyonix game players in the mouth of accumulated a very good reputation.In yesterday's report we ranger network already mentioned, the rocket league (Rocket economic) "after the domestic Buy Rocket League Items is tencent agent, lock her in the Steam zone and cannot buy (before buying players can also buy the DLC). As soon as it was revealed, there was an immediate reaction among the domestic players. 


A lot of players who bought games on Steam before, or changed their praise for the game, or have done a bad review of the game. The language of the game has also come down to a mixed reception from previous special reviews (it has dropped to 68 percent by the end of the game). Regardless of the game's most valuable evaluation and the latest reviews, almost all is "a piece of red" : a lot of old players have said does not support the game by tencent agent in China.
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Engine audio upgrades of Rocket League

By fifacoinslol, 2017-07-12

Rocket League Radio of Rocket League: 18 new EDM songs have been added to the game. I have never been a fan of this kind of music personally, but every new song they add fits the feel of the game Cheap Rocket League Items. The playlist is available to stream or purchase on Spotify, Itunes, and more. A free flag and decal has also been included for fans of the incoming music. Rocket League Radio allows the player to choose from 4 playlists to play in the menus. There is also a promise for more playlists to come, and also the ability to play the songs while in a match.

New achievements and trophies of Rocket League: Achievement hunters have the chance to unlock 6 new achievements having their own unique requirements.

Engine audio upgrades of Rocket League: Finally, all engine sounds in the game have been retouched. New engine sounds have been added to old cars that did not have unique engine sounds.So that is all of the new content within the anniversary update for Rocket League. Psyonix has said in the past they want to keep riding out the success of the game and keep adding to it and it at least appears they are living up to that promise. With the added success and recognition the game is getting from Esports and recently the X Games, don’t expect it to go away anytime soon.

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Ryan Miller NHL debut for the Sabers

By fifacoinslol, 2017-07-11

The NHL Expansion Draft is behind us and the Vegas Gold Knights have chosen William Carrier from the Sabers.

In addition, the Sabers also sent a sixth round pick this weekend in Las Vegas to influence the gold knights by choosing another of their other unprotected players.

Carrier, a second round of St. Louis in 2013 that was swapped in Buffalo as part of the operation that sent Ryan Miller to the Blues, made his NHL debut for the Sabers last season. He continued to score eight points (5 + 3) in 41 games at Buffalo.

Among other major selections in Vegas were the goalkeepers Marc-Andre Fleury (Pittsburgh) and Calvin Pickard (Colorado) ahead of Jonathan Marchessault (Florida) and James Neal (Nashville) and defenders Marc Methot (Ottawa) and Brayden McNabb Angeles).

Now, it's time for the rest of the clubs Cheap NHL 17 Coins to face. The trade freeze of the League ended at 8 am EST, releasing teams to make moves before the start of the project on Friday.

For the second straight season, Buffalo's first opponent will be the Montreal Canadiens. Saber opens the 2017-18 season against Montreal at KeyBank Center on Thursday, October 5 at 7.00.

Stay tuned for the full program release at 3:00 pm. This afternoon on NHL Network.

Full functionality with Sabre alumni Danny Gare and Marty Biron is now available. Lauren Hall sits with the guys to discuss their respective drafts in Part 1 and then quizzes them on pop culture from their epochs in the second part.

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NBA LIVE Series of confrontation

By fifacoinslol, 2017-07-10

"NBA LIVE" is an NBA-themed video game series. Since EA launched the "NBA LIVE 95" in 1995, the game has become EA's most popular basketball game brand, in the 1990s and even dominate the basketball game market trends, and the only market with the "NBA LIVE" Series of confrontation only SEGA launched the "NBA 2K" series (currently SEGA has the sports game sector sold to the United States Take-Two company).

NBA LIVE is a series of athletic games created by NBA players as a prototype NBA Live Coins. The earliest version of "NBA1995", with the needs of the market, EA will be released every year the latest version of the game. Nowadays (2010) the latest version of "NBA2010", because the PC relationship, and China's most popular version is "NBA2008". EA also introduced the appropriate version of the iPhone platform, but the bug is too high, the feature is through the season mode to win the championship can unlock the retired players.

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Paradis has 35 consecutive games

By fifacoinslol, 2017-07-08

Denver Broncos center Matt - Paradis (Matt Paradis) got good news on Friday, he got a medical license to return to training. Prior to Paradis both sides of the buttocks have received surgical treatment, he missed the offseason team training Buy Madden 17 Coins. Wait until the training camp begins at the end of July and he will take part in most of the training. "I've never been so worried," Paradis said. "I may have been worrying about the restoration of treatment before, which is what we will continue to focus on.

But now my hips feel good. I guess I never realized how much pain I had before and now feel like, 'Do you mean I will not feel pain every day all day?Paradis did not attend the last 10 weeks of the season because of hip pain, but he still played every game of each game attack.He finally became a professional bowl of alternate players.He has 35 consecutive games (including the season Race) took part in each attack.

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Mavericks senior journalist Tim McMahon

By fifacoinslol, 2017-07-07

Dallas Mavericks officially announced that they have and team veteran Dirk Nowitzki contract. According to the team, the details of the contract are not public.

2017-18 season is Nowitzki joined the NBA's 20th season, but also his Mavericks in the 20th season. He will be the same as Kobe Bryant into the league after 20 years only played a team player.

Mavericks senior journalist Tim McMahon had previously reported that Mavericks and Nowitzki signed a two-year $ 10 million contract, the second year for the team option.

In Dallas's 19-year career, Connaught King led Mavericks to achieve a great achievement in the team history. In the 2002-03 season, Connaught King led Mavericks played the regular season 60 wins the best record, then in 2006, led the team into the finals. In the 2006-07 season, led his team played 67 wins team history best record. 2011, finally led Mavericks aspirations to NBA championship.

Regular season career so far, Nowitzki NBA Live Coins averaged 34.9 minutes to play, you can get 21.7 points and 7.8 rebounds and 2.5 assists.

In the playoff career, now 39-year-old Nowitzki averaged 40.6 minutes, you can get 25.3 points and 10 rebounds and 2.5 assists.

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Canada's professional ice hockey star

By fifacoinslol, 2017-07-06

Wayne Gretzky, Canada's professional ice hockey star, get 2857 points of the "great ice hockey", the global hockey legend. 14 years old when signing up to participate in professional league. In the United States National Ice Hockey Association (NHL) campaign for 20 seasons, Edmonton Oilers (Edmonton Oilers), Los Angeles Kings (Los Angeles Kings), St. Louis Blues (St. Louis Blues) and New York Rangers Hockey team (New York Rangers) effective, so far to maintain the highest score of the US professional hockey, retired in 1999. Former NHL Phoenix trapeze coach Buy NHL 17 Coins. It is currently a shareholder and head coach of Phoenix Coyotes.

At the age of 6, Gretzky has participated in the Brentford local children all-star hockey game.

Until he was 10 years old, has 82 games in the season shot into the amazing 378 ball. Gretzky's name quickly appeared in the prominent position of the major newspapers, every Canadians are concerned about the ice hockey child prodigy.

1977 years. World Youth Hockey Championships held in Brentford. In front of his hometown elders, Gretzky outstanding performance, was elected as the best shooter, is also the world's youngest top scorer.

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If you know how to set up the server, you can learn how to run and run the game server. But the difference is that the management of the game server to be much more complex. If you want to run your own game server, that means you want to see it succeed. For the correct practice, we recommend that you give the following four tips. Player slot You may have found that many servers are not set up correctly. Maybe the owners do not know that their servers can not support more than a certain number of players. 


For example, Minecraft uses your computer's RAM to serve each user. If you want to serve the player, you have to have a lot of memory. However, we do not recommend that you assign RAM to the player. If ignored, your server will always respond to the player's request. In the worst case, your server may stop responding. Your internet connection For some games you need a quick internet connection. One of the games is called "Boat Simulator Limit". If you do not have a quick connection, the game may give the player a lot of problems. Ideally, your connection should provide 10 to 20 Mbps upload speed.  ( Lolga is a credible site that offer your Madden Coins and Madden Mobile Coins to play American football sports video game.)


On the other hand, Minecraft's upload speed is 0.5 Mbps. online time Will your server always stay online Then the answer depends on whether your server is public. Now, if you want to use a server for a group of friends, you do not have to keep it online. On the other hand, if the server is public, we recommend that you keep it online 24 hours a day. You do not know when a user visits your server. If they find that your server is offline for most of the time, they will not come back again. Therefore, make sure to provide users with maximum uptime, especially if your server is public.


 Do you need a staff member Then you may need or may not need a lot of staff to take care of your server. It all depends on the security status of your server. If your server is always online, make sure you hire a moderator to take care of your server when you leave. But if you know your server is safe, no one will enter the system, you do not need a lot of staff. This is true, especially if the server will be used by a small group of people. As an alternative, you can install protective measures to prevent trolls from moving away from the system. So, if you want to easily operate the game server, these are some useful hints. Hope you can run and manage your server without any problems.
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The metropolitan area is great

By fifacoinslol, 2017-07-04
The two facts of the current NHL rule. The metropolitan area is great and almost funny. Monday's Penguin and the capital game is great, it's ridiculous. I will be confessed with you when we are alive, I missed this. When I go back, watch it, realize that I missed, my reaction led Jamie Benen. to sum up: The capital made 3-0 lead. Pittsburgh wipes it with six unanswered goals, which is part of the second season (nine). The Washington team scored two goals in the third place. Pittsburgh won the OT. Final grade: 8-7. Two NHL best opponents between fifteen goals. Oh, there's a hat trick and controversy sprinkled there as well. How nuts This is where all the penguins can describe the post-bulletin after the description. "A weird game," said Sidney Crosby. "Crazy," added Malkin. "It's not your typical game," Daley said. Sullivan said: "The second period is one of the most insane times I care about." I do not even know how to evaluate it. " We are not, Mike Buy NHL 17 Coins


But we have to try. Because the three hours of hockey is everything this season, all the subway sector, this is a hockey game. And probably the best hockey game in 2017. Showing the greatness of Malkin and Crosby NHL: Washington State in Pittsburgh Penguin Charles LeClaire-USA Today's movement Penguin boutique center this year, the advantage is difficult to underestimate. Crosby scored a goal in his life, with 27 goals in 37 games leading the NHL. His pace more than 100 points. He may play 60 goals. And Malkin is no different, in 49 games in 49 points, Markin should be at least 90 points to complete. Crosby and Malkin's leading league goals (20.7 and 18.8, respectively). They are to consider the power.  They must be against the capital. Two-player four-ball, Crosby three assists. In all cases, Malcolm's statistics (79% of cocaine) are absurd. Two penguins superstar early depression, seize the wheel, go straight to the bus network. As they did throughout the season, better than anyone in the league. Chaos of chaos The two teams combined nine goals in a period of time. Let it sink And in this framework, penguins sought, what is the speed of swinging it Pittsburgh took five minutes to turn the 3-0 capitals into 5-3 penguins.
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The main content of this conference

By fifacoinslol, 2017-07-03

E3 2017 Nintendo's conference has just ended, as the last E3 2017 before the show, Nintendo this conference is only a short 25 minutes. The focus of this conference is still the first party to the game, is the Switch game home.

The following is the main content of this conference:

"The degree of the edge of the blade 2" is Nintendo own development of the open world RPG game, this will be landing in the winter of 2017 Switch platform, the conference directly announced a large number of games the actual picture, you can see from the actual picture of this Or will include a turn-based command battle system, there are QTE options in combat.

"Star of the card than"

The conference released the "Star of the card than" series for the latest, will be registered in 2018 platform. The support for the largest four people online, compared to the previous picture of a lot of fine.

"Flame Heraldry: Unparalleled" is Nintendo and glorious Tikumor's Ninja Team ("Ninja Dragon Sword" series of developers) to complete the meeting announced the latest PV game Buy Rocket League Items, this will be in 2017 9 On the 28th landing platform.

"Rocket League"

This is also a small number of third party works at this press conference, "Rocket League" is a fusion car, the ball in a creative game, will be landing in the winter of 2017 Switch platform, Switch version of "Rocket League" will support cross.

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Monitor children's play time

By fifacoinslol, 2017-06-30

The official channel has released the application of "Nintendo Switch Management" with NS for controlling the time and content of the child's game.

Monitor children's play time, even if the excessive play and missed the agreed time, but also through the alarm clock to inform the children. Parents or guardians can use the "Nintendo Switch Management" to confirm whether the child has complied with the agreed time. In the "pause mode", when the agreed time, the game can be automatically suspended.

Which APP also record function, with how long to play what game at a glance. Buy Rocket League Items To confirm the daily play record, the monthly play situation summary table will be sent through the push.

In order to prevent children from eating cartridges, specially in the production process to add bitter, non-toxic. This bitter agent, Denatonium benzoate, is the world's most known substance, with the aim of preventing ingestion.

NS transplant "snake" is completed in just one week. According to the "snake" developers recalled that they received the Nintendo Switch development machine at the end of November 2016, and began the NS version of the transplant work in January. They can use a week to run on the Switch "snake Road". Just after some fine tuning. Developers are mainly grateful to the Unreal Engine for the optimization of paradise, in particular, a key export to Switch format.

Korean game company NCSoft CEO Kim Ze-chen will give all employees a Nintendo Switch host and a "Zelda legend: wilderness." Jinze Chen said like "wilderness", want to share with the staff in the company's game experience.

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Rocket League game has a rocket ejector

By fifacoinslol, 2017-06-29

Rocket League game has a car, a rocket ejector, a hat, a painted, a small flag, but this is still a football game. So some of the ideas on the football field is very important to understand this game. But if you say, I do not make ah, do not know 22 people a ball is in the Gaha, but I puzzled Road Za Za play "Rocket League" supposed to? Want me to say that you read this article you know.

The practice mode in the game includes two basic tutorials: basic tutorials and advanced tutorials, respectively. Do not hesitate to wear them! And these two tutorials are not difficult, but the tutorial is enough for you in the game playing up. And you can also understand some of the more important moves, such as you can penetrate the tutorial after understanding the shot before the somersault and used to grab the point and the difference between the rollover Cheap Rocket League Items.

Almost every game you can see, all with the flock of rotten eggs like the past. Obviously football is not so play. In the "Rocket League", if you find that two or three cars have been rushed to the ball, then if you let go, in addition to the situation can become more chaotic, the usefulness is not big. But if at this time you choose to go to empty when the position, first save their own savings and then wait for an opportunity to move. Then the ball once out of the chaos from the fight out, you can fill the speed of the past rush shot; if the ball flew toward the side of the goal, you can take the lead in the rescue.

Only rely on the acceleration system in the game. If you have a good chance at close range, you feel an acceleration will be able to meet, but at this time your accelerating slot ran out, you should do is push the left joystick forward, and then two points ×, So that you can use the roll before the roll to accelerate. This technique is often used in the game.

Do not remember you in the game will show you because "pass the ball" and get points? What do you say? Because the biography is really important. Because the biography is really important. Because the biography is really important. Because, it is important to say three times. The importance of passing in the football field is no need to say that in the "Rocket League" such a football game, it is still very important. When you are in the other side of the door next to the wall to get the ball the opportunity, do not want to engage in any pattern, and directly toward the direction of the goal kick. Maybe your teammates or the other teammates will be able to keep up with the overnight, even if not able to give each other's defense to create a huge mess.

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The rocket league presented as a gift

By fifacoinslol, 2017-06-28

Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. (NYSE: JCB) today announced that NVIDIA and Gigabyte Systems will provide gamers with GeForce graphics cards with free games for their Rocket league games.

The rocket league presented as a gift is a game that has been released in 2015. It is a game in which a RC car equipped with a rocket is manipulated so that a team that scored many goals with a goal like a football wins and applies a ball to the wall or a booster It gives action play such as moving fast, jumping, breaking the opponent's car Buy Rocket League Items.

This event will be held from May 30 to July 31 for about two months. In order to present the digital code, not the actual printed coupon in the graphics card package, enter the purchase information in the application page prepared by GIGABYTE The game code that is sent by e-mail can be installed on the PC at the input of NVIDIA GEFORCE EXPERIENCE.

The event target model is the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 / GTX 1050 Ti / GTX 1050 series, and more details can be found on the Gigabyte brand site.

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Several patches of Rocket League game

By fifacoinslol, 2017-06-27

If you tried to play the Rocket League on PC or PlayStation 4 last week, it was a frustrating experience.People can not stop playing the Rocket League, even if the Rocket League will not let them. After playing a couple of games this morning, I can not blame them: it was so great!Game developer Psyonix seems to be blocked by the Rocket League's warm reception. It is said that this game has been downloaded more than 200 million times, and this figure is still growing.

How do people not super angry? I suspect that this is related to opening Psyonix through Twitter and other places. They seem to really feel uncomfortable about what's happening and solve server problems as quickly as possible. In addition, they feel modest and apologetic to these questions, which is very good for the players. (And, as the reader points out, it is "free" through the PlayStation Plus.)Many of the greatest competitive games have very large audiences, and outside of these games they will not be very good. Look at all the articles written to help non-players understand the international, DotA 2 contest this week. From "StarCraft" to "Counter Strike" competition game, unless you are already a fan, otherwise it is difficult to watch and appreciate.

It also helps the game not get any DLC - pay and free mix until several patches arrive at the multiplayer game of the cleanup game.This is to deal with a less than ideal situation, I suspect that in the next few weeks, it will continue to bring dividends for the Rocket Union. Cheap Rocket League Items For me, I will try and dive into other games!This past weekend saw the first "Rocket League Championship" (RLCS), which is the World Cup-driven football match. This is not the first ever Rocket League, but with the popularity of the game, developers Psyonix will be through the ambitious game set and the incredible Hollywood finals into the future of e-sports. RLCS part of the feeling like the mainstream of e-sports in the future, all thanks to the game.


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This is now the Rocket League everywhere, it is difficult to imagine a world without it. The car's future football is, after all, an unequivocal good thing, and we do not know the necessary conditions we need until it is released. However, there may be many have not played, but this week without excuse.

The Rocket League is now free to play on Steam until Sunday morning (I think it's PT time - probably Monday morning in Australia). In addition, if you are a new person, as you play, that game there are 30% discount. This applies to the GOTY version and the "most" DLC.

For DLC, there is now a ton, mostly in the form of fast and angry cross. It's for me, maybe, one day, the Rocket League will get its own film adaptation Rocket League Items. We can only hope. This is now the Rocket League everywhere, it is difficult to imagine a world without it. The car's future football is, after all, an unequivocal good thing, and we do not know the necessary conditions we need until it is released. However, there may be many have not played, but this week without excuse.

The Rocket League is now free to play on Steam until Sunday morning (I think it's PT time - probably Monday morning in Australia). In addition, if you are a new person, as you play, that game there are 30% discount. This applies to the GOTY version and the "most" DLC.

For DLC, there is now a ton, mostly in the form of fast and angry cross. It's for me, maybe, one day, the Rocket League will get its own film adaptation. We can only hope.

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Psyonix's Car Football game Rockets League

By fifacoinslol, 2017-06-24

Psyonix's "Car Football" game "Rockets Alliance":

Today, the "rocket alliance" ushered in a new "rumbling" model. This model is free, supports online mode, also supports personal mode and watch mode.

"Rumble" mode allows players to randomly obtain 11 kinds of ability to upgrade, including "(death breathing: boots)", it can make you "kick" the other player's car; "destroyer", you can let the opponent's car from Control the ground; "frozen", you can let the ball freeze, can not move; "hook claw", you can catch the ball to their side; "hay machine", you can quickly hit the ball .......

In addition to the above mentioned, there are more powerful skills, such as "strong impact", can make your impact more intense; "spike", you can let the ball and your car connected, where you go, it was you Where the "trader", you can let you and the opponent exchange position; "tornado", you can throw the ball and opponents heaven. The Best Place to Get Rocket League Items, You can go to the realiable site

In addition to the "rumbling" model, as well as out of the box system! Officials said the box will be randomly dropped in the game, this time players need to buy a key to open the box, and out of the items contain new war Cars and other unique props, these are can be traded. A key price of $ 1.49, packaged to buy 5, 10, 20 price is $ 5, $ 10, $ 20.

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The nintendo game update

By fifacoinslol, 2017-06-23

The nintendo game update, and the announcement of the new game in development.

Super Mario Odyssey will arrive on October 27

Though since since the beginning of the year, it has been recognized, but a new trailer, on the basis of the exploration of the super Mario Odyssey reveals players can look forward to the game: set up outside the mushroom kingdom, Mario to travel to a lot of places, including the lush green tropical forest, desert and palm trees, mountains, and, of course, New York style new Tang Ke city. The Best Place to Buy Rocket League Items from the realible site:

While Mario will spend most of his time exercising his immediate recognition of the red-blue jump shot, he will wear new outfits during Odyssey, such as the all-white three-piece suit. One of the big surprises is the existence of dinosaurs, so there is no limit to what you can expect in a game.

Super Mario Odyssey will release the nintendo switch on October 27.

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There is a target in rocket league page

By fifacoinslol, 2017-06-22

Third Wave Digi-nos Corporation (President: Kanemon Tanaka, Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) announced that it will offer PC gaming "ROCKET" to users who purchase desktops and laptops equipped with GeForce GTX 1050, 1050 Ti, 1060 We launched a campaign giving a download code of "LEAGUE".

There is a statement to the target model that there is a target in rocket league page.

After confirming, please purchase.

By using the coupon code enclosed with the target product on the GeForce user utility "GeForce Experience", you can obtain the download code of "ROCKET LEAGUE" Rocket League Items. For details, please check the coupon code included in the product.

The period will end as soon as inventory runs out until 31 July 2017.

We can not compensate for revoked download codes.

For details, please check NVIDIA "GeForce GTX" Rocket League "Bundle" page.

We will continue to provide "GALLERIA" to pursue "Overwhelming No. 1 game PC brand" with speed, high quality and powerfulness.

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Rocket League will get a new arena

By fifacoinslol, 2017-06-21

"Rocket League" will get a new arena and a new combat car, as the Rockets launched the football match to celebrate the second anniversary of next month. On the other hand, NVIDIA is offering a free copy of the game by buying a product.

On July 5, Psyonix will release the second anniversary of the game, adding a new arena called Champions Field. It can be used for all competitive online playlists and private games.

With the newer features included, two new combat vehicles can be found in the new Rack League's new Overdrive box Rocket League Items. After online matching, it will be provided as a limited drip.

The new combat vehicles are Animus GP and Centio V17, which can be customized, such as its trajectory, engine sound and target explosion effects. All of which will be available from the free and paid crates in the Rocket League.

The engine audio system will also be updated. The new soundtrack options allow players to fight in the new arena, to enhance their adrenaline.

This will be a new achievement and trophy, target explosion, etc., including a patch that updates the anniversary before the July 5 anniversary. See more details of the anniversary update through Psyonix's website.

For those who want to get a free copy of the "Rocket League", NVIDIA will use the GeForce GTX 1060, 1050 TI or 1060 video card or laptop for every award based on NVIDIA.

According to NVIDIA, GeForce GTX 10 series supported by NVIDIA Pascal, NVIDIA Pascal is said to be the most advanced game GPU architecture. It promises to provide unprecedented performance and immersive experience.

"Rocket League" was launched two years ago, it initially supported PS4 and PC. It can now also be used on Xbox One, OS X and Linux. At present, there are now more than 31 million people have a copy of the game.

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We can’t stop playing Rocket League

By fifacoinslol, 2017-06-20

Rocket League, a ridiculously fun mashup of driving and soccer (seriously!), has taken the Internet by storm. The unexpected popularity has ravaged the game’s servers. Despite constant downtime, it hasn’t stopped vehicular sports fans from coming back over and over.If you’ve been trying to play Rocket League on PC or PlayStation 4 over the last week, it’s been a frustrating experience. 

People can’t stop playing Rocket League Rocket League Items, even if Rocket League won’t let them. And after playing a few matches myself this morning, I can’t blame them: this game is so damn good!The game’s developer, Psyonix, seems to have been caught off-guard by the warm reception for Rocket League. The game has reportedly been downloaded more than two million times, and that number only continues to grow.

How come people aren’t super pissed off? I suspect it has to do with how open Psyonix is being through Twitter and other places. They seem to genuinely feel bad about what’s happening, and working as fast as possible to fix the server issues. Plus, they’re humble and apologetic about the problems, which goes a long way to generating goodwill from players. (And, as pointed out by a reader, it’s “free” through PlayStation Plus.)It also helps the game won’t be getting any DLC—a mix of paid and free—until a few patches arrive to clean up the game’s multiplayer.

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Rocket League is one of the best games available for Xbox consoles and PlayStation, however, Nintendo users have never been able to experience the title on their consoles. Fortunately with the arrival of the Nintendo Switch, players will be more taken into account by third-party developers and has already confirmed the arrival of several major games.

This week we learned of the arrival of FIFA 18 to the Nintendo Switch, and now users have another good news coming from E3 2017. The developers of Rocket League are going to launch the latest version of the game to the latest Nintendo console.

"You asked for it, and we heard it! As we just revealed during the Nintendo Spotlight from the E3 2017 through a direct video, Rocket League will be coming to Nintendo Switch later this year! Rocket League for Nintendo Switch will have all the same content, features and updates we have posted on other platforms as well as exclusive battle vehicles, and customization of items such as Mario and Luigi hats! "

The game will also support all the functions offered by the console, such as manual mode, tablet mode, and table mode, as well as online or local multiplayer. It will even be possible to play against opponents of other platforms like Xbox One or Steam of online way.

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Nintendo's annual E3 Direct livestream has a surprising and rich share for the owners of the Switch. One of the big surprises was the announcement that the "Rocket League" entered the switch.

Switch does not have Xbox, PS4 or PC platform has a powerful function is not a secret. If the switch can handle the "Rocket League" 60 frames per second gameplay, this is a big mystery. I have already played, Psyonix developers can follow the past at any time to maintain action. In order to make it run at 60FPS, sacrifice must be made.

The Rocket League on the switch runs in 720p 60FPS handheld mode and docked at the same time. This is not surprising if you are used to playing a switch in handheld mode, because the tablet screen can only support 720p, but most switch games such as "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe" and "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild" Run at 1080p and play on the TV. If you are used to seeing the Rockets in 1080p, it will be an adjustment. Even for the future Xbox One X 4K update.

But 60FPS is more important than the highest resolution. A game like "Rocket League" that requires rapid twitching requires a smooth frame rate. The game is still a work in progress, but the current form of exchange is like "Rocket League" the same. I noticed a few drops of the frame rate here and there, especially when a target scoring from an exploding animation may potentially be released before this release is released. Rocket League Items for Sale, The Best Place to Buy it from the realiable site

Rl switch thumbnails

Jeremy Dunham, vice president of Psyonix, said: "Through cross-platform games, everything feels the same, looks the same, so no one feels they are in a disadvantage." We want to make sure you want each mode On each platform will be exactly the same. "

The eight-person local multiplayer game is the biggest trick in the Switch suite. Able to connect many Joy-Con to the switch to open the door to the local multiplayer game, "Rocket League" will have this side. Local multiplayer games are not shown in this release, so we have to wait to see how to run. You can also play a 2-person player split screen, but depending on the development team may run at 30FPS speed.

In addition to the resolution, this is the complete "Rocket League" experience, which will have all the patterns that can be found online and offline in other versions. It will have a cross-platform online play. Boxes and rankings will be the same, but the Switch version will have its own exclusive qualification, such as Mario and Luigi hats for your car. Players will be able to use the Pro controller or single or dual Joy-Con.

Switch's "Rocket League" will exit after this holiday, the price is $ 19.99.

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PC players compete in Rocket League

By fifacoinslol, 2017-06-15
Both Minecraft and Rocket League will soon let you play across different networks.


Meaning: Minecraft players on the switch, Xbox One, mobile devices, the PC and with VR headsets can play together. Likewise, Xbox-One, Switch and PC players compete in Rocket League.


Only Sony is not there. Not because Microsoft would not want this, for example, in the case of Minecraft. But on the contrary. The will is there, but Sony refuses.


Why exactly, our English Eurogamer colleagues wanted to know. Below is the discussion of Eurogamer editor Wesley Yin-Poole with Sonys Jim Ryan on this topic.


Minecraft supports cross-platform between switch, Xbox and PC. Today, Rocket League ( Rocket League Items for Sale, The Best Place to Buy Rocket League Items from the realiable site lolga ) was announced as a cross-platform title between Switch, Xbox and PC. Both do not offer cross-platform play with the Playstation. Is it because Sony does not play the ball? What is going on here?


We have done it in the past. We are always open for discussions with any developer or publisher who wants to talk about it. Unfortunate is a commercial thing between us and other stakeholders. In this particular case, I will not go into details. And I can see you rolling your eyes.


Well, you must realize why PlayStation owners are upset. They want to play with both Switch, PC and Xbox-One owners in these two big, important titles and they do not get an explanation of why it is not. That's the point.


Jim Ryan: Yes. We have to be very careful with regard to the responsibility towards our players. You know as well as I do, that people of all ages play Minecraft, but also very many children. We have a contract with the people who are online with us. We take care of them and they move within the curated PlayStation universe. Leaving children to external influences that we have no control over is something we need to think very carefully about.


It seems to be no problem for Nintendo. And Nintendo is probably the company that cares most about the protection of children.


Jim Ryan: Yes, that's true. Everyone has to make their own decisions. We will do that. As I said, we basically have nothing against cross-play.


Is this final? Or maybe you leave the door open?


Jim Ryan: I do not think anything is ever final. Everyone who claims this is usually a fool. Nevertheless, as far as I know, there is currently no talk about it.


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Why the Rocket League can be successful

By fifacoinslol, 2017-06-14

Rocket League: We are very pleased that the Rocket League has been successful since the launch of the PlayStation Plus on July 7 - we can not do that without you! PlayStation Plus can be used free of charge for players who do not play rocket races until Aug. 4 to join!

We thought we would bring you the expected results of the upcoming "supersonic anger" DLC package.( Rocket League Items for Sale, The Best Place to Buy Rocket League Items from the realiable site lolga )

As we mentioned earlier this month in our launch report, the Sonics Fury DLC package includes two new Battle-Cars: American super sports car Dominus, and Japanese-style street Takumi. These two models are customized for the garage to provide six different decals (a total of 12 species), only for DLC.

In addition to the new "chariot", DLC Pack also includes two new Rocket Boosts ("Nitrous" and "Burnout"), two new rounds (football-themed "Cristiano" and very cool "Spinner "), Five new types of paint (" brushed metal "," carbon fiber "," metal pearl "," pearl "and" wood "), and a small amount of new trophies. The package will close at $ 3.99 in early August.


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The Rocket League's second birthday

By fifacoinslol, 2017-06-13

Today, during the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) Season Three World Championship, developer Psyonix announces that the Update for the two-year anniversary of the Rocket League will arrive on July 5, bringing with it a wagon of new content.

Perhaps the peculiarity of this Update is a new arena called "Champions Field", a standard and modern stadium that will be available in Competitive, Private or Casual Matches.

Update also accompanies the start of the Competitive Season 5, as well as the end of Season 4 still under way. There will also be the introduction of the "Rocket League Radio" that adds 18 new songs from the Monstercat label to the game.

A complete list of what's coming up with Season 5 will come as Update is approaching; However, Psyonix has announced that the advent of this seasonal shift will mark a new, more immediate and direct approach to the new Season; Competitive seasons will not be longer and trailing. At the end of Season 4, the prize will be different, players will be rewarded with new tracks rather than new wheels, depending on how they will end.

Additional content includes the new Import Battle-Cars - Centio V17 and Animus GP. (To View More About Rocket League Items )These machines will be available in the new "Overdrive Crate". Additionally, for the first time, there will be new customization options: allowing a custom engine rush, goal blasts and traces. These will be available in a free selection mix and crate drops.

Below you can check the two new machines and the arena:

Update will also include new goals and trophies, new soundtrack options, and more.

It is also important to remember that the Anniversary Update will be launched the Rocket League's second birthday, which will take place July 7, 2017. Since the launch of the game in 2015 (when no one knew what it was), the community grew by counting 31 million Players and more than 1450000 matches completed across all platforms.

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The sales of million for rocket league

By fifacoinslol, 2017-06-12

According to developer Psyonix news, "Rocket League" has reached a new milestone, that is, sales of more than 10.5 million copies. This is a very good affirmation of the popularity of the game, representing the players who play games at the same time.

Psyonix also announced some other data, from June 2015 to 2017 in January, "Rocket League" already has 1 billion of the total players to play this game. Of which about 50% of the players participated in the competition, and 33% of the players is the occasional play. Although only 11% of the players experience the Alternative model, starting from September 2016 Rumble still has 31 million tournament records.

The news came from Jeremy Dunham, vice president of Psyonix, who said that in February, "Rocket League" registered players reached 29 million (here including the screen game players, through the PS + free game, so avoid sales Large numbers), a quarter of the 29 million registered players (about 7 million) have played "Rocket League", indicating that the game still has a vigorous vitality.

For more information about the Rocket League, please visit lolga, lolga site was one of the first professional online coins site, Buy Rocket League Items 24/7 Friendly Service, Keys & Crates Fastest Delivery and Lowest Prices, 100% Safety!

Dunham also said the company's purpose is to make the "Rocket League" getting better and better, do not want to lose any players want to play the game. Not because of the addition of some new features let the players buy a game, although the production sequel has a very attractive potential income, but the hasty push sequel is not the right way of doing things.

Even after the game has been released for two years, the team is still considering adding new features to the game, and the sequel is really far away.

In addition, the "Rocket League" in the PS4 Pro on the upgrade patch, will be able to 4K resolution 60 frame mode, single mode and double dual mode is the same, but also according to the previous player feedback on the game The optimization, repair some BUG.

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"Rocket League" is the main battle of many people, the author most of the game time is also in online mode, automatic matching should be based on the account level, but the actual situation is matched to the player level really much worse.

Some players do not know how to efficiently grab the ball, such as headless flies, the audience out of 120% of the force contribution was 0, with the rookie AI have a ratio; and many players for jumping, flip, wiping and other skills are very skilled , Scraping is also very active, these people are the main force on the field; occasionally encounter some hard-working, usually away from the ball far, but always at the crucial moment rushed to give a fatal blow.

Finally, the line single we can also "season" mode, the season players need to create a team with a number of AI team competition, and ultimately to schedule the seat.Rocket League Items for Sale, The Best Place to Buy Rocket League Trading from the realiable

Overall, the "Rocket League" to play with the car is completely feasible, and its real physical system also makes the game become lively and interesting, full of infinite possibilities. But the game in the depth and width of the content has yet to be developed, after all, not the orthodox football game, the fun of this can not be exchanged for real playability, and occasionally happy to a few Board is also good, but the time will be obvious Feel boring and tired. 

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This game can be downloaded immediately

By fifacoinslol, 2017-06-08

"Rocket League" This game is not long after the sale of many players may be some of the operating skills and the like is not too familiar with today Xiaobian for everyone to bring "Dedicate-foundation" to share the "Rocket League" jump flight and drift Skills to explain, hope to help everyone.

This game I downloaded immediately after the horse was attracted. Because there is no buy vpn so are playing the computer, summed up some small experience like the exchange of about.


This game I feel the most important thing is to jump. The sense of distance from the ball. Jump can be two and the second paragraph of the jump can be used to change direction. So I now describe how to use the jump to correct the ball position and match the shot to give the force.


The second is to introduce a very interesting place. You can fly in heaven when you are full of speed. The most important use of this feature is that you can press the ball in the opposite side of the ball down, and the impact of stronger, and in some of the bus together in a strong air when the ball can fly to snatch. But must prejudge a set of cars and the ball feel.Rocket League Items for Sale, The Best Place to Buy Rocket League Trading from the realiable


The third is drifting. This feature may be very few players. Drift my induction is the role of the ball over the top and you face the ball when the direct drift in situ U-turn, do not need to turn a big bend. As well as save the ball when the speed is too fast to immediately turn the front of the ball and then a forward 2 to jump to change the location of the ball. Finally, the most important thing is drift very cool.

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Rocket League is ready to become completely crazy . Psyonix has officially crossed his title with Dying Light (FPS) and Techland's immortal creatures after announcing the possibility of fashion, including basketball. Each title has a vehicle, and both studios are provided with their own color of the game using the skin in another title.


Obviously, now Dying Light players can use orange and blue paint to customize their hawkers, by believing themselves into the Rocket League to kill the zombies. This summer, Psyonix fans will be able to play in their car after a Revelation theme, and more classroom scores. To do this, just go to this site and use the code "LightMyRocket" to unlock these skins.


Rocket League(View more about Rocket League Items at lolga)can be used for the death of the painting in the above video can be seen, waiting for this summer will be carried out in other parts of the partnership. Remind, last month in the Xbox One on the release of the football game, and has done a card, waiting for the release of the physical version.

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