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The current James has become the heat of the boss. As long as James and then take three championships, and Bryant can be in the historical position of a higher. But we can not forget another fact, James was in order to seek faster success shortcuts, leaving his 66 wins and 16 losses of the regular season champions, moved to recently won the championship of Wade Miami The No matter how James fans deny, this will be James's career a "stain", but also one of the important reasons he caused criticism NBA MT Coins. Some people say that the Cavaliers can not afford the fools. Indeed, the 08-09 season, the Cavaliers do not have absolute win strength and domineering, but every dynasty are so, the first championship is always harder and harder. Not to mention the Cavaliers then record but the NBA regular season history of the top ten, absolutely convincing.

The history of the NBA's long river, the regular season to get 65 wins in the 10 teams, only three did not get the championship in the year, but the other two, the Celtics and the Mavericks are eventually in five years Gui Gui Win. Only the Cavaliers, because headed star James's departure, from the winning competitors into the abyss of the lottery area. From this point of view, whether it is Jordan, or Bryant are stronger than James. Oscar Robertson was in the year after the transfer to get the championship, it has been unable to become "the greatest." James to fill this flaw, but also at least take out more Guards results, the season three pairs of today is almost impossible to do, then as a brother to get the future three consecutive years, or even four consecutive championships.

Of course, James fans do not have to be excited, as the well-deserved NBA first person, James's strength is no doubt, but whether in the history of the NBA to get the first three, or even the top ten historical status, but also need to work hard. Finally, my personal opinion is simply that the current Bryant temporarily lead, James has great potential to go beyond Kobe Bryant, but in his brother as a heat and then get three championships. As for Jordan He can not go beyond, unless James can be as a brother and then take six championships.

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MyTeam is an important change in diamond

By fifacoinslol, 2018-03-12

In this year's Valentine's Day, NBA 2K in its Twitter account released the NBA 2K17 MyTeam model of the big news. A new pink bag collection debut with Kevin Love Time Card as the first card of the bag.

Surprisingly, this Pink Diamond LOVE has a high rating of 99 OVA. In addition, a limited number of Pink Diamond LOVE dressing room codes have been revealed, so players can use the code KLOVE-3DSTK-3W64L-JCED5-UKL42 to get diamond love.

According to 2K blog, we love you update is the biggest update of MyTeam this year NBA MT Coins. There are many new things in the update: new cards, new collections, new duo, updated cards and so on.

In addition, MyTeam is an important change in diamond and pink diamonds that have a new rating. We know that diamonds range from 93-98 overall players, but pink diamonds are specifically reserved for 99 whole players. This is important because this bill ensures that after working hard, you can get the best players in the game.

Taking into account the limited edition code may be at any time down, in order to get more information on the locker code, players need to continue to pay attention to the official NBA2K MyTEAM Twitter account for more details. Or you can leave your eyes on our website because onlinegameshop will continue to add more basic NBA 2K17 tips to help the rookie understand the latest franchise.

By the way, the diamond card is being promoted according to the official NBA 2K17 MyTeam media.

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Ten NBA best team

By fifacoinslol, 2018-03-09

In the history of the NBA there are very many powerful legend, they are in that era have a strong representative! Basketball god Jordan, he was friends to become the strongest in NBA history, 5 NBA regular season MVP, 14 NBA All-Star team NBA MT Coins, Ten NBA best team, 1988 NBA defensive player of the year, 9 Times selected NBA best defensive team for a while, career with so much honor is really unparalleled.

Russell was friends called the most will win star, Russell career to get a total of 11 championships, Russell as center during the Celtics in 10 seasons won 9 times Championship, which includes an eight consecutive championship, worthy of being called Lord of the Rings.The highest score of the basketball Emperor Chamberlain's Guards data we certainly no stranger, single field 100 points so far no one can break, but there is no one can break the record is you know you - Zhang twenty million this title is not white of!

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The success of the Rocket League

By fifacoinslol, 2018-03-08

The Rocket League game manufacturers, especially those manufacturers in the field of each end of the vocal, for the domestic end-to-end players, are like good news. This is why, when the media broke the recent Tencent won the Rocket League proxy, the player's reaction so intense. For those who do not understand the game, and the recent hot sandbox game compared to this domestic awareness is not the top of the game, why can overnight occupy the industry hot topic Rocket League Keys, perhaps they are concerned about this The initial power of the game. It is the leisure class subversion for Rocket League game. Car instead of people to achieve the first car to play the ball, with the player's words to describe is both the car's stimulus, but also the game of competition. Forbes website in the description of the game developer Psyonix said: The success of the Rocket League is the result of 'smart design decisions, perfect time points, extremely limited R & D budgets and part of luck'. In today's game play creative fall into the shackles of the era.

Rocket League at present the current success of the dark horse at least to make people realize that the end has been subversive space. Rocket League, in the first half of 2016, the game developer Psyonix has been and Twitch began cooperation, held the Rocket League series championship Rocket League Championship Series Rocket League Crates. The game was conducted in the form of 3V3, with the first tournament total prize money reaching $ 75,000. Many of them C9, big shark O'Neill investment NRG and other mainstream gaming team. And this year, the official again issued a notice announcing that the 2017 will be a great year for the Rocket League league, not only in March to launch the RLCS third season match, an increase of the Oceania Division, and also revealed that during the year will contribute more than 250 Million dollars to support the Rocket League other gaming events.


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Get the rookie wage potential players

By fifacoinslol, 2018-03-07

NBA LIVE: Team building

I have to understand my situation as soon as possible, I have to be ready to meet my first game as soon as possible, I have 5 days to set up a satisfaction so that I can compete for the championship and include all the awards and to the next season But also empty out about 8 to 10M of wages to sign the free agent of the team Caixing.

Set the goal, I want to turn into the players that can only take the rookie wage potential players or to the end of the contract to the end of the players, must be sent away is the team of those high-paying low-energy NBA Live Coins. And to include all the awards team must have three stable points to have at least a good substitute, a rookie and other tasks.

In order not to disrupt the already formed team and affect the development of the entire league, or that I do not like my first championship to get too smooth without confrontation, I am determined not to exchange teams The main force! Because the Rockets PF location and PG position are relatively weak, and want to achieve all the goals, that is, from these two aspects. PF, of course, is to choose a defensive rookie is better, this goal is the Bobcats second place show Okafor. 

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The small business market

By fifacoinslol, 2018-03-06

Denver Broncos is a professional American football team located in Colorado State Denver. They are now one of the teams in the Western American Football Association of the NFL. Broncos, a member of the American Football League NFL Coins in 1960 and merged with the NFL, became the NFL team. Broncos in the early years achieved good results, the success of the six-time Super Cup game. 

Despite the small business market, the team has attracted a lot of fans ' support for its high ratings and commercial success. The team had no merit in the first four of the Super Bowl, but in 1998 and 1999, with four quarterback John Elway, running front Terrell Davis and coach Mike Shanahan, he won two Super Bowl titles. Broncos is currently owned by Pat bowen (Pat Bowlen), worth more than 900 million dollars.

John Fox was appointed as the 14th coach of Broncos's history on January 13, 2011. Carolina Panthers coached for 9 seasons. According to Henry Chisholm, a BSN Denver, Denver's local rugby team, Broncos's star Brandon Marshall, has participated in the Denver Nuggets recruiting Millsap meeting. It is worth mentioning is Millsap from childhood is Broncos fans, Broncos in 2016 won the 50th term Super Bowl champion. There is news that the Denver Nuggets compete with the sun, the Forest Wolf has withdrawn, the current nuggets most hope to get Millsap.

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GameCenter is a host

By fifacoinslol, 2018-03-05

GameCenter is a host that allows players to host personalized servers, to chat with friends, to play games with players around the world, and to learn about other recent situations. On June 6, 2006, the GameCenter donation system was suspended and merged with "full permission" service.

The measure indirectly enables GameSpot's GameCenter client service, but it still holds league activities for users with full permission. The current GameCenter has nothing to do with the GameCenter Rocket League Items from 1995 to 2001. In 2000, CNET acquired ZDNet and GameSpot, and the original GameCenter was disbanded.

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To handle Rocket League at fast speeds

By fifacoinslol, 2018-03-02

Marky can criticize everything he wants, because he is world leader in the world, and is a strong model for others to follow. "When you look at a team like FlipSid3 Tactics, they have everything a team needs to be successful: incredible mechanical skills Rocket League Keys, great game awareness and solid chemistry team," says CloudFuel. "While Marky's comments may have been critical enough, it's quite difficult to argue against his points. I think the best NA opportunity to compete against the EU is to go down to teams that are made up of players who have a strong awareness of the game , Are extremely versatile, can handle the game at fast speeds and, above all, thrive under pressure. "

Pluto reflects Garrett's response to a large extent: "It is certainly a very necessary alarm for the North American side of Rocket League eSports.The EU has been dominant in virtually every aspect over G2 in the first season Working on a more organized game" . Meanwhile, Fireburner admits that too many players in the NA are focused on "rushing to the ball Rocket League Crates and getting to the ball in the air" rather than teamwork and correct spin. For many players and fans, Markydooda was just saying what they already knew or that they had done gradually - albeit very fast.



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You can participate in all activities

By fifacoinslol, 2018-03-01

Point station treasure, take you to play the integral center of "rocket league"!

There is a personal center in the refueling station to keep your personal information so that you can bring your prize to your side in the future. You can also check the balance of fuel and the collection of gifts Rocket League Keys.

In the center of integration, you will be able to participate in all activities that get fuel values. For example, daily check-in, binding of personal information, and attention to the official community. In this way, we can not only participate in the exclusive welfare activities of our platforms, but also get the first-hand official news!

Check in for seven days or more, and there will be more. At the same time, in the fuel value activity module, the fun activities will be carried out on a regular basis to obtain more fuel values. There are all kinds of fun activities to follow, and don't forget!


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Rocket League game designer Jared Cone

By fifacoinslol, 2018-02-28

In recent PAX West, booth Psyonix studio "Rocket League" provides a live demo, twitter users Ed Penn photos sent back from the scene, the Rocket League are run on a handheld mode Switch. This is the first time we've seen a Switch console running this game Rocket League Trading.

In addition, Psyonix has announced that it will join the theme vehicles of nintendo, such as Mario, Louis, and samse Alan. It is believed that there will be other nintendo brand theme accessories will be launched. The Rocket League is now on the playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux, and is expected to log on to the nintendo Switch around Christmas 2017.

After an interview, Rocket League game designer Jared Cone, said at the beginning all people are not interested in this game, it is also the cause of the research and development of the studio Rocket League Items had to finish it at their own expense, and introduces the physical mechanics of the game, multiplayer and huge success. From a Mod to hundreds of millions of dollars, what exactly is Psyonix going through?

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The NBA team has made a lot of effort

By fifacoinslol, 2018-02-27

The Gold 1 center has been used for the first time in a 360-degree 3D stereo system in an NBA stadium. The high end of the sound system is that it can clearly capture any sound in the field, and it can automatically detect the distance from the pitch and adjust the volume to suit it. For example, you sit at the top of the arena, but you can still hear the players dribble. It's not the players that make the ball, but the 39 sound receivers around the pitch NBA Live Coins. The receivers are connected to a terminal, which is broadcast at different volumes in different regions through 178 stereos. And the system can remove the noise itself, without requiring too much manual manipulation.

For the first time, the center has used a 3D stereo audio system, a 1,288-square-meter giant 4K screen, and up to 200 high-cost dimming lights. In terms of entertainment facilities, I believe it is very difficult for anyone to say their first, if they are second.

Music and light are auxiliary tools for the competition. The fans watch the game, enjoy the performance, the entertainment is the theme. At this point, the NBA team has made a lot of effort, starting with the core cheerleaders. Every summer the team reevaluates cheerleading members, and through the selection process, they end up with about 6 percent of the applicants. What most people don't know is that the cheerleaders are part-time and poorly paid. They earn only $100 to $200 per game.

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The thunder's favorite players

By fifacoinslol, 2018-02-26
As one of the thunder's favorite players of the past three seasons, Morrow was traded from Chicago on February 23 to get Doug McDermott. But while vacationing with his family in the Caribbean and training in his home town of Charlotte, Morrow sees the "march champion" ceremony as a golden opportunity to return to the city NBA Live Coins.


The march champion award ceremony held successfully, successfully raised money for a project, the project aims to help with premature newborn birth defects, and to avoid babies die young. Morrow's association with the award goes beyond the community feedback service needed by the NBA. In the season, the march sports champion awarded Morrow a certificate, and he asked his fiancee to be invited to pick it up.


Preterm birth of two children, Morrow said: "I'll be there, just next to her, but she can only myself to bear it all, just stay there, keep optimistic mentality and my fiancee shoulder to shoulder to watch her have to suffer all this, is a kind of hone, then see how strong her." "It's a blessing for me to be invited back here," he added.
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American football culture.

In particular, I marveled by the popularity of football sports in the United States and zeal, even tens of thousands of people of the city, still set in scores of the team, professional coach team, the die-hard fans, the media gossip. There is a deep explanation of why rugby is so popular in the United States, from the business level, institutional framework, and spirit.

The other feeling is that the modern history of the American movement is also the history of black struggle to strive for, to emerge, and to be famous throughout the world Madden Coins. From the beginning of the all-white movement; By the time a few clubs were afraid to hire one or two blacks, blacks endured all kinds of unequal treatment and intimidation; Almost all kinds of sports (NFL, MBL, NBA, etc.) that are popular in the United States now are the most important forces.

The Longest Yard there is a dialogue is very interesting, black prisoners for white prisoners said: what are you white always have depression, I don't understand what do you have good depressed, you but white!

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Players can play on Personal computers

By fifacoinslol, 2018-02-23

"Rocket League" is a very unique racing game, the integration of football + racing elements, coupled with a variety of racing different painting and skills, popular players praise. The Switch "Rocket League" supports local and multiplayer games, and supports cross-platform, which means that future players can play on PCs, Xbox One and Switch Rocket League Items. This game in January this year, Nintendo Switch appeared in the publicity, from the publicity video can be seen, "different degree of the blade 2" will continue the first game of the world. 


Although the screen and characters in some players do not seem amazing enough, but according to reports, the new game designer involved in painting, for the game to give a new, similar to the anime aesthetic style. "Rocket League" for the players to provide endless pleasure experience, but still subject to the problem of jet problems. I noticed my new opponent named "Waffle Facts", but I did not how the heart Rocket League Keys. The game started, and I waited for his serve to rush into my net and then hit the ball back like a dart-like vehicle like a ball game.
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NHL will be divided into four major players

By fifacoinslol, 2018-02-20

NHL is the North America four major league draft youngest, which is mainly his youth training system is not to NCAA University as the only, there are more options NHL Coins. NFL, NCAA junior, 21 years old and MLB, 19-year-old NCAA freshman and university education has a very strong connection. NHL in the world set up two scouts, concerned about all the age of the draft, and all the players to participate in the draft assessment and ranking.

They will be divided into four major players, North American players, North American goalkeeper, European players and European goalkeeper. The other three league, NBA, 19 years old, NCAA freshman; So the age is relatively large. The technical data is based on the level of the league where the player is located, the strength of the opponent he faces, and the skill level of his entire season. Every year the International Ice U18 and U20 World Championships are also the focus of the game scoring game, because it is the world's highest level of youth competition.

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Use of the rocket to accelerate

By fifacoinslol, 2018-02-19

Turbo League is a racing game. Player controls the car to kick the ball into the other's goal as the main purpose, the game USES 3 v3 mode, then small make up to bring us the Turbo economic shot skill sharing, few words said, let's take a closer look at!


With the help of the skilful disk technique, the ball is brought into the other side's hinterland, and the ball is safely pushed into the opponent's frame Rocket League Keys. This approach is the most appropriate, the risk is relatively small, but there are not many opportunities to hit the door. Be sure to see a hole in the other side and make a reasonable offer. This type of door is not suitable for the long use of the rocket to accelerate, once the acceleration may push the ball away from the car, then may be taken from the back of the opponent to steal the damage.


So the best way to get rid of an opponent after a long run is to "escort" the ball into the net. And the side of the ball, because of the lack of Angle, also need to slowly bring the ball into the net. In front of the goal position is the opponent's restricted area, when their teammates on the side of the ball, should be ready, they may carry on the cross Rocket League Items. Gearing up the position of the advice is gourd, because with the help of a certain distance to accelerate or jump (rolling), after the ball faster, and have enough distance can let you adjust the position to hit the ball.


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The most popular players

By fifacoinslol, 2018-02-17

We were doing research and development, while outsourcing outsourcing work, so as to maintain the "Rocket League" project continued research and development, we are in the outsourcing work outside the time to do this project. SARPBC was originally the Onslaught module of the Unreal Tournament 2004 game, and David Hagewood, the founder of the company, made a prototype of the vehicle's physical factors, but Onslaught was not approved, so Psyonix did not choose to change direction, but instead chose them Experienced in the use of vehicles to an unnamed racing game, the players need to drive through the obstacles, the car also increased the rocket accelerator as the driving force of control speed.

But what is more interesting than the crash? So the SARPBC Crash mode is the most popular players. At first, it was very difficult at first, and we even thought it would never be able to do it, and the project looked better at the back, because we had to do what we wanted to do, and we could not be interested in the outside world. Psyonix studio attracted as a member of the SARPBC interns Rocket League Keys, the company encountered not Less difficult. Because no one is optimistic, so the beginning must be at their own expense research and development, the studio funds quickly consumed, the marketing budget is stretched, when Youtube and Twitch in the game without any influence, so they do not have a better reputation Spread, after the release of SARPBC, Psyonix studio immediately want to redo the game.

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The winter transfer window

By fifacoinslol, 2018-02-12

The transfer of FIFA 18. Transfer window is divided into winter and summer transfer window. The winter transfer window is in the middle of the season. The summer transfer window is open to the season before the start of the season FIFA Coins. So the winter transfer window generally has few quality players to leave. Many clubs will not choose to let players leave during the season.

In the summer transfer window, the transfer market will become hot. At this point, you buy players as a "reinforcing position". Don't splash out on players when the winter window opens. When the transfer window opens, these transfer days in the calendar will show a "loop" sign. At this point you can make a transfer.

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The background of the Catholic Church

By fifacoinslol, 2018-02-11

The Celtics are a true church team with the head of Brother Walfrid.  Walfrid Frederick was a priest in the early days of the Virgin. Marist Brothers. Scotland's Celtics club with this layer of religious background. On August 8, 1898,  Walfrid went directly to the court in London to complain: Newton Heath, do not know the background of the Catholic Church FIFA Coins, actually in vain "Celtic"! Newton Schiff club loss, face to face apology, the public apology of the parties a total of 8 times, face basically lost. April 26, 1902, Newton Schiff vigorous lasted five years of "naming movement" finally came to an end.


They eventually named himself "Manchester United". 2006-07 season, Manchester United in the Champions League and the Celtics meet. Celtics fans put the digital "8" gestures, aimed at laughing at what happened after August 8, 1898. At the time of the establishment of the FIFA in 1888, the members of the Newton Heath team were humble to think that they were not equipped with the Blackburn Rovers and the Preston North End. Newton Heath team until 1892 to join the Football Federation, although the twists and turns in the twists and turns, but this did not affect the success of the club's future.

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Players have great enthusiasm

By fifacoinslol, 2018-02-09

NBA 2K18 MT: NBA 2K18 will be launched in September 2017

Eventually, NBA 2K series will be officially released in September this year, NBA 2K18 game, even if not to 2018 years. There are many other games coming soon. According to Lolga, basically the official NBA 2K18 is dedicated to the Nintendo switch NBA Live Coins.

According to news reports, News Explored (Nasdaq) said the Nintendo Exchange will launch other games, such as Zelda legend: wild breathing. Even if the game list is still incomplete, Nintendo to ensure that the game is open, the future will be new features. In addition, other games are planning: Splatoon 2, Arms, LEGO City Undercover Sonic Mania and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Needless to say, no matter what you want to meet in NBA 2K18, players have great enthusiasm to buy NBA 2K18 MT, no doubt, no one will emphasize the importance of MT, because it has any far-reaching impact on any NBA players The In addition, how to choose the official and trustworthy game site According to the requirements and expectations of players, Lolga is a fully meet the needs of players site.

Inventory is complete, fast delivery, reasonable price, experience, security, quality service, etc., no wonder Lolga in the game site in a leading position, the player's game stage and place of residence does not matter they can at any time to order and buy money to play games The In addition, Lor is also committed to selling cheap NBA 2K18 MT.

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On February 6, 2018, rockets general manager Darrell morey is quietly assessing the alliance's interest in Ryan Anderson Buy FIFA Coins, Rocket League Trading, Madden Coins and NBA Live Coins Online.

Last summer, the rockets tried to sell Anderson, but the rockets' negotiations with the knicks were hampered by his big contract. At the time, the rockets tried to accept Anderson through a third party, but failed. In this way, the rockets missed the trio of James harden, Chris Paul and carmelo Anthony, and the melon was traded to the thunder.

In the summer of 2016, Mr. Anderson and the rockets signed a four-year contract worth $80 million, and his contract expires in the summer of 2020. The rockets have won 11 of their last 13 games, with a 38-13 record so far this season, the best record in 51 games, and a 38-win streak in the 93-94 season. According to the previous rumors, because the current record is good, so Houston will not be too big on the transaction deadline.

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Super bowl is a model for sports industry

By fifacoinslol, 2018-02-06

The super bowl is famous for its exciting game, the star-studded halftime show, and the well-made and expensive advertisement. Why is a football game so powerful? Where is its commercial value ceiling? I hope you find the answer in this article.

The 52nd super bowl will be launched at 7:30 a.m. on Monday, February 5, Beijing time. In China, the media often call this day the "American Spring Festival gala," for reasons that are no more than its powerful social influence in the United States. On the day of the super bowl, americans will eat 1.25 billion chicken wings, 11 million pizza, 11.2 million pounds of crisps and 50 million cases of beer. For the American people, the annual super bowl has become an unofficial legal holiday Buy FIFA Coins, Rocket League Trading, Madden Coins and NBA Live Coins Online.

The annual super bowl is a model for sports industry to commercialize sports IP and socialize sports. Of course, the charm of the us Spring Festival gala is attracting more and more followers through TV, Internet and social media. The audience of the last epic bowl will always remember edelman's magical catch, and Tom - always winner - brady's tears.

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Pele participate in the Chilean

By fifacoinslol, 2018-02-05
Pele participate in the Chilean FIFA World Cup, but unfortunately, Pele in Brazil's first game on the wounded, failed to play again. Although there is no Pele, but fortunately he saw his teammates on the sidelines once again won the World Cup for Brazil. At this point, Pele has been for everyone's attention. However, in 1966 he was again unfortunate, in Brazil, the third game with Portugal, was stretcher carrying the field. But the difference is that this time he had to see his team off the sidelines. Mexico World Cup became his last time to participate in the World Cup. The 1970 national team has many famous football players, such as Rivelino, Jairzinho, Gerson and Tostao. With the help of his teammates, Pele seems to be unstoppable. In the first FIFA World Cup broadcast to the global broadcast of color television signals, Pele seems destined to give football the world movement with new meaning Buy FIFA Coins, Rocket League Trading, Madden Coins and NBA Live Coins Online


Wonderful clips include: against the Czech team he tried to far from the midfield goal; against England a wonderful header, the results of England goalkeeper Gordon Banks performance more brave, the ball saved; against Uruguay At the foot of the ball, go past the goalkeeper, then a small angle shot, to the people left a deep impression. Mexico World Cup finals, Pele scored the Brazilian team symbolized the first 100 FIFA World Cup goals - jumped, then a wonderful header. Brazil in the final 4 to 1 victory over Italy, which Pele scored a goal and assists Carlos Alberto Torres a ball. The Brazilian team won the third consecutive cup, becoming an unprecedented team is beyond reproach, and they are therefore able to retain the Jules Rimet trophy. Pele became legendary. The second day after the final, Sunday Times headlines: "How do you spell Pele on the emperor?"
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The game has a rich system of achievement

By fifacoinslol, 2018-02-03

NBA LIVE's "road to wealth" strategy: a wide variety of online games can be rewarded with lots of gold coins. At the same time, the first customs clearance of various events will yield more gold coins. A copy of the "road to fortune" event, which is open daily at fixed times, can be found in large quantities of gold coins. Players participate in the collection of online events, including collectibles containing the words "one key to sell".

Click the "sell items" option on the left side of the menu, find the items that meet the requirements, drag them to the corresponding position in the diagram, and click sell to get the corresponding amount of gold coins. The game has a rich system of achievement. A large amount of gold coins will be awarded for the completion of the corresponding target requirements through the description of different achievements. After obtaining the gold coin in the game, the player can go to the store to extract the gold coins and get the player he likes Buy FIFA Coins, Rocket League Trading, Madden Coins and NBA Live Coins Online.

It is also a good choice for players to trade with other players in the auction house to get the players and collectibles they need. Get the gold coins to extract the card, improve the team's strength, win the game!

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Maradona returned to Argentine football club

By fifacoinslol, 2018-02-02

On 22 September 1992, after nearly three months of negotiations, Maradona moved to seville, Spain, for $7.5 million. On October 4, 2010, Diego Maradona, who was nearly 32 years old, made his debut for sevilla, and his team lost 2-1 to bilbao. He spent a year in seville and played his last game on 12 June 1993, when he scored eight goals in 29 games.

In 1993, Maradona returned to Argentine football and joined the Newell club. On October 7, Maradona played a friendly against Ecuador's emmerlek on behalf of the Newell old boys. On June 30, 1994, in the World Cup anti-doping test, Maradona tested positive for urine and FIFA decided to ban him from all competitions FIFA Coins. On September 30, 1995, the suspension was expired, signed with boca juniors and returned to the football field. In the 1995-96 season, Maradona played in 24 Argentine serie a matches, scoring five goals. He scored two goals in seven other games.

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The active users of the Madden NFL

By fifacoinslol, 2018-02-01

Recently, EA and dynamic Blizzard have released the latest results. These two originated from the United States of the game manufacturers in the industry for many years, is considered to be doomed to the enemy, enter the hand tour industry results will inevitably be compared.

EA is the most downloaded distributor of global mobile gaming products in fiscal 2015. The number of active users of the Madden NFL Mobilemobile in the fourth quarter Madden Coins of last year grew 30% year-on-year. In addition, "Sims: Freedom of Action" (the Sims Free play) has reached 200 million downloads on the mobile platform. Judging from the March 2016 app Annie Global mobile game Download index, EA owns 497 games, ranked 3rd. According to the EA released data can be roughly speculated that its 2015 hand tour income of $550 million, income ranked in the Global Hand tour company 10th.

Blizzard is ranked 4th in the March 2016 global download by the acquisition of King's three three-game games ("Candy Legends", "Candy Soda Legends" and "Candy Jelly Legends"), after EA. However, the movement as Blizzard's hand tour for 107, less than One-fourth of EA. In terms of revenue, Blizzard's income is second only to Supercell, ranking 2nd in the world.

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The design of the Xbox One X

By fifacoinslol, 2018-01-31

The design of the Xbox One X hasn't changed much. It's still a boxy box shape, but it's all in black. If the two hosts together can be found that the Xbox One X than even the Xbox One S low some more, it also makes it can very easily be put down in most of the TV screen.

Xbox, of course, One X is not directly copy the design of the former generation, key directly into the dish and the back plate is packaged to the lower layer of the tower body, at the same time, the front and at the top of the cooling hole FIFA Coins will be no more, plus full black fuselage design, make the Xbox One X brought a stronger visual impact feeling of togetherness.

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Transparent Goalposts in every standard Arena

By fifacoinslol, 2018-01-30

We have been adding new features and Technologies for Rocket League, and our next update this fall will use this concept to put one of the most needed community functions in all time: transparent pillars-this will radically change how you view the ball in certain positions on the pitch.Transparent targets will increase the transparency of targets, goal posts and specific portions of the arena wall. More specifically, you will soon be able to see the part of the arena that was formerly rugged structure (depending on your location and camera view). For example, when defending a goal, the positions and walls around you will become transparent to achieve a better view Rocket League Trading. This is also true for players who hug the arena walls on offense or defense, because One-fourth channels will also be pivoted! Whether the walls and pillars are transparent or opaque depends entirely on your position; 

As mentioned before, the person sitting in the target can observe through the wall, the player may be in the corner near the pressurization field, still will see the target as now-as a solid purpose.We have three goals when we develop transparent goals. First, we want to provide consistent visibility within and around all arenas players ' target areas. Secondly, we hope that the transparent pillars will play a positive role in each of the arena's works Rocket League Items. In other words, the transparent door column will reduce the required visual space between the walls (crowds, statues, etc.), thus making the better appearance easier. Third, finally, we want to enable you to choose to turn on or off options-although the community has been asking for this feature for a long time, we respect some people may like the way they are accustomed to. This is your choice! Set up randomly on the options screen.In the launch of the autumn update, expect to see transparent columns in each standard arena. As a compliment to this new feature, we will also perform another performance in the same arenas so that you can take full advantage of the newly discovered visual freedom.

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The Warriors did not dare to relax

By fifacoinslol, 2018-01-29

After winning the 2016-17 season championship, The Warriors did not dare to relax, because the new season, the western competition environment more tragic, multi-team to complete the big start to complete the reinforcement. Talking about the rockets and thunder, Drey Real - Green said that the two teams do enhance the strength, but they also need to run.

This summer, the Rockets introduced Chris Paul, with James - Harden formed super backcourt, but also the introduction of Tucker, Bamot to enhance the flank defense NBA MT Coins. Thunder is through the transaction to get Paul - George, also signed Patrick - Patterson such a practical Titans. Green thinks the two teams have done a lot of signings, but they also need to adjust the run, especially Harden and Wei less.

"Obviously, any time you add such a boost is a good thing, but they are all facing adjustments," Green said. "Harden got used to holding the ball every round, and now Paul had to hold the ball. The season is also used to each round of the ball, and now George has to take some of the ball right, so that they face adjustment, but when you have such a talented player, usually you can unite and fight.

Warriors off the season although not the introduction of big, but they renew Stephen - Curry and Kevin - Durant retains the Big Four, this star has made it difficult to match the opponent. Moreover, the Warriors this summer in the case of limited salary space to complete the reinforcement, the introduction of Nick - Young, Casby, the second lineup upgrade. In the process of recruiting Yang, Green played a huge role.

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NBA game is the current mainstream

By fifacoinslol, 2018-01-25

In the NBA Live 16 sales continued bleak background, the game publisher EA also recently Q & A service on the soft, frankly "Take 2 (2K Games parent company) NBA game is the current mainstream. The NBA Live series, produced by EA, restarts in 2014 after a few years of dormancy, but the game has been changed by the NBA 2K series LOLGA of insane fortunes. In the "NBA Live 16" sales continued bleak background, the game publisher EA also recently Q & A service on the soft, frankly "Take 2 (2K Games parent company) NBA game is the current mainstream."

"NBA games are really more popular today, EA's NBA Live series is really a lot of pale. We have worked hard, hope to NBA Live series to re-occupy the market But it was not easy, because Take 2 was really doing a good job on monopoly NBA games, "said Blake Jorgensen, chief financial officer of EA." But even so, we're still going to make it in recent years. A few new attempts, the future of the 'ultimate team' program is also closely around the NBA.At the same time, we will launch a mobile phone side of the NBA game, EA generally feel that this work will be very successful.

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Messi often use practical action

By fifacoinslol, 2018-01-24

Modern football game, the player's use of the body and a great degree of dependence, often can see the players on the speed or intense body collision scenes FIFA Coins, but Messi often use practical action to remind us that the final decision of the game, often not the speed of the most Fast and the body of the strongest players, but the most will use the brain that, or that is determined by the person in the right position. If Arsenal won the FA Cup, would it be a successful season for them?

People will say that their league performance is the worst in the last 20 years, but the results of the floating is a normal phenomenon. Arsenal in the North London Derby 0-2 defeat White Hart Lane, this defeat will undoubtedly put more pressure on the accumulation of Wenger. After the current round of the gunners only ranked sixth in the standings, and behind the fourth Manchester City 6 points, but as long as the gunmen in the FA Cup final beat Chelsea, then they can still end with a championship this season.


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To sing in the car with Colt

By fifacoinslol, 2018-01-23

When you're on the road with colt, quickly move on for a few minutes to the next conversation choice and choose the "compassion" option to build a friendship with Colt and then choose to sing in the car with Colt Madden Coins. Now, there will be a series of QTE events where you need to press the trigger on the left as soon as possible, when Devin is prompted to throw the ball onto a receiver. Once you press the trigger on the left, use the analog wand on the left to guide the receiver, and press the corresponding button when the mark is over the green area.

When you press the left-hand trigger, press the receiver to the analog stick to begin in this section. When you arrive at the hotel, select "Reject" Colt want to take a picture of the banner, you will be in time to enter the hotel. This is a surprising decision because the choice of taking photos with colt and missing the opening hours of the hotel could have a negative impact on Devon and Colt. When you make the next conversation selection in a zone merge, choose the "hiss" option, stick to the path of humility, and respect your mentor. 

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Ronaldo has been in an unprecedented slump

By fifacoinslol, 2018-01-22

Ronaldo has been in an unprecedented slump since his release from the ban, and bell is suffering from injuries. But the BBC's other striker, benzema, remains uncompetitive and has missed two golden chances against las palmas. Higuain has scored 38 goals in all competitions over the past five seasons since leaving real Madrid for Italy. In the 2013/14 season, benzema hit a draw with Higuain, who both scored 24 goals LOLGA.Inc. But in that season, gonzalo higuain was more efficient, averaging 146 minutes, and benzema's 169 minutes.

In the past summer, everyone thought the Grizzlies were gone. Their most famous black and white bear had dispersed. Mr Randolph left, leaving gasol alone. Tony Allen and carter also left the line. It has been predicted that Grizzlies will miss the playoffs this season. Since the start of the season, however, the team has been unusually vocal. Grizzlies not only defeated the west's warriors and rockets, but also won the top spot in the west with a 5-3 record. From now on, grizzlies general manager Chris Wallace's series of trades in the summer not only failed to send the grizzlies to the bottom of the valley, but brought the team back to life.

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The team went in and out

By fifacoinslol, 2018-01-20

In the early days, members of American Professional Football Association continued to compete with the member teams of American Professional Football Association. In 1921, American Professional Football Association began listing the official rankings Madden 18 Coins and renamed the National Football League the following second. However, it was difficult for the NFL to be called a big league, the team went in and out and performed dog shows until the former university stars began to join, and professional competitions became increasingly popular. In 1945, the Creveland Sheep team (Cleveland Rams) became the first major league sports team on the West Coast. 


In 1950, the NFL received 3 teams from the All-america Football conference, which no longer exist, and expanded to 13 teams. In the 1950 's, professional American football finally gained the status of a major league sport. The NFL embraces television broadcasts, giving all Americans the chance to follow the stars. The 1958 NFL Championship in New York made Unitas and his Baltimore Colts teammates a nationally renowned figure. By the year 1934, all the small market teams moved to big cities. Another factor in the popularity of the NFL is the annual Championship championships that began in 1933.
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The most popular players

By fifacoinslol, 2018-01-19

The award was chosen by a group of media members at the end of the all-star game, with the highest number of players or two of the most popular players to win the award. In 1999, the league canceled the NBA all-star game because of a labor dispute, so it didn't award it in 1999. Bob pettit and kobe Bryant are the only players to win the award four times. Oscar Robertson, Michael Jordan and shaquille o 'neal were named the MVP of the all-star game three times LOLGA.Inc. Bob kucci, Julius erving, isiah Thomas, elvin Johnson, Karl Malone, Allen iverson and lebron James both won the prize twice.

Lebron James in 2006 the first all-star game MVP trophy also made he became the youngest NBA all-star game MVP award winner, James only 21 years old that year. NBA all-star Game Most Valuable Player award is a professional Basketball league (NBA) by the United States each year for the NBA all-star Game best performing the award by the all-star. Since 1953, when NBA officials decided to select one of the most valuable players (MVP) from the NBA all-star game, the award was created. The NBA also picked the most valuable players for the NBA all-star game, which was also played in the two years prior to 1953, when Edward McCauley and Paul arikin were voted MVP in 1951 and 1952.

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The real NBA program

By fifacoinslol, 2018-01-17

The real NBA program, Madden, must steal the idea: if it gives people the opportunity to create a classroom project and allows users to download it before the season starts, it will make franchising so enjoyable. Dubby is no stranger to discussing objectionable things between competitions. Since EA came in, you can see the difference between the end of "real Dubby" and its new PG-13 functionality Madden 18 Coins. Although forced to soften its brand, the birth of Philadelphia and its Cinderella history are certainly favored in some parts of Madden's fiercely competitive company.

His EA home compliment biography not only organizes the players in his game, he also refers specifically to his "electronic personality". This year's Super Bowl, which won and lost time management, Atlanta many times-foolishly-gave New England more time to play 20 again in the race stopwatch. At the end of the game, the Madens AI team is Falcons in this field. In the middle of the Tenth century, the NFL's text translations have changed a lot, with Rams, Raiders and Chargers all looking a new home.

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The Life on the Mars

By fifacoinslol, 2018-01-14

Top Gear is a car show produced by BBC television. Founded in the last century 80 s, after wind and rain, redesign and launched in 2002, to 2015, the new broadcast a total of 22 Season (Season), programming two seasons a year, each Season around 10 sets, 60 minutes per set (early for 50 minutes or so), but due to reasons such as budgets or programming different episodes. There is also a special edition produced separately Rocket League Crates. Now there are 160 episodes.

Top Gear will return in the spring of 2016 with a new host lineup, according to the latest news from Sunday express on May 4. Former producer Andy Wilman will miss the show. It is reported that the British broadcasting corporation (BBC) has in advance and the Martian Life (the Life on the Mars) starring Philip glen bannister (Philip Glenister), channel 4 host Mr Martin (Guy Martin), and Classic Car Show presenter Jody jie DE (Jodie Kidd) negotiations, they will host in the spring of next year's new team of Top Gear.

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FIFA 18 was developed and published by electronic arts. In January 2017, during the Nintendo switch demonstration, EA announced that it had customized a FIFA 18 port on the Nintendo switch console. It runs on an in-house game engine, rather than a few versions of the game like the Frostbite engine. Although the Switch version contains a career pattern, it excludes a store-based travel pattern.

The switching version runs at 1080p resolution, 60 frames per second, and 720p in handheld/desktop mode at 60 frames per second when connected to TV Cheap FIFA 18 Coins. This is the ultimate team's debut in a nintendo system. The unique feature of the transformation version includes the local multiplayer mode, which allows up to two nintendo switches to connect and compete for a five-match sequence in the form of a new model local season. Another mode of exclusivity is the switch boot mode, which allows players to enter the local/single game immediately.

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Buy gold COINS and cash

By fifacoinslol, 2018-01-11

We are pleased to introduce the latest online hacker device Madden NFL Cell 18. This 100 percent security, 100 percent of the work hackers are good and quick way so you can add COINS! This liveTV and Kodi on-demand streaming media plug-in includes video from all streaming games. In this sport, the most important thing is to have a lot of cash, which you can get by using madden mobile COINS online Buy Madden 18 Coins. To install Madden NFL Cell v3.9.1 + offline knowledge + Mod apk, your android device does not need root.

Madden cells hackers and cheating is a very useful online tool in your Arsenal game if you play with Madden NFL mobile every player knows the factory every day in cash and capital movement you can not compete with other teams and players when you don't carry enough cash in your pocket, don't buy gold COINS Madden Mobile Account and cash within the application shopping but not everyone of them has a variety of individuals who know the cells of Madden in methods and use the application in money didn't get banned.

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A lot of cars are vintage cars

By fifacoinslol, 2018-01-10

"Forza Motorsport 7" is not so "great" compared to the previous ones. And 700 vehicles, contains the cockpit view of them all, this is a very huge task, at first in the number of time I also slightly startled, "Horizon 3" start time are, after all, only 350 cars.


But when it comes to the game, it turns out that a lot of cars are vintage cars Forza 7 Credits or very ordinary civilian cars, except for special specifications, maybe you won't be interested in them. The good thing is that at least the car has a full range of cars, even a Mercedes truck, and a few rally cars can see them -- but, of course, there's no need to think about it.


7 "and" Forza Motorsport also added a new Angle of view, also is in the cockpit, only the smaller part of the instrument panel, the proportion of larger windshield, only keep the dashboard, can let you see more clearly out of the window. It simulates the driver's feelings while also taking care of the players' more visual needs. I like them very much.

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The warriors' Stephen curry

By fifacoinslol, 2018-01-09

On January 9, 2018, NBA officials announced that the raptors' demar DE rozan and the warriors' Stephen curry LOLGA.Inc were the best players in the east and west last week.

Derozan has won his eighth week of the season and the third time of the season. Zhou Deluo praise led the raptors on 3 win record, during which he surrender league-leading 35.7 PPG and send out 6.0 assists and 4.3 rebounds data, shooting 55.7% and 55.0% on threes (11 of 20 shots), shot 93.3% from (28 of 30).

On January 2, raptors after overtime victory over the Milwaukee bucks, demar derozan history record, with 52 points and team and become the raptors history after Vince - carter and terrence Ross, 3rd 50-point game player. In the game, drazen scored 17 goals for his career, including five 3-pointers. Two days later, drazen scored 35 points (18 points in the third quarter), and the raptors defeated the bulls 124-115. On January 6, the bucks returned to the bucks, with DE rozan scoring 20 points.

Curry won his first week of the season and his 11th career. Curry helped the warriors win 3-0 last week, averaging 33.7 minutes and 35.3 points (the league's second) 6.7 rebounds and 5.3 assists. On Jan. 7, curry scored a career-high 45 points per game, including 15 goals and 16 free throws.

On January 4, in Dallas, curry scored 32 points, including a 3-pointer at the top of the ring at the end of the game. It was the 49th time in history that the warriors had the best week of the week and the second best week of the season after Kevin durant.

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The lakers were previously traded for brooke lopez, and today the lakers held a conference for him. Lopez also said that as a native of Los Angeles, playing for the lakers is a dream come true. Lopez said his younger brother robin's middle name was byron, byron Scott's byron LOLGA. And lopez also showed his humor, saying the lakers got the better of the two brothers. Lopez said she was surprised by the potential of zubaz. Zoubaz was picked by the lakers last season in line 32. After a workout in the league, zubaz slowly gained a foothold in the lakers and became a starter in the second half of the season. 

Of course, with the arrival of former all-star lopez, zubaz may be on the bench again, but again, he can get a valuable opportunity to learn from lopez. Nuwaba was one of the lakers' biggest discoveries last season. Nuwaba first signed a 10-day deal last season, and he impressed the lakers with a full contract. Today, general manager pelinka announced that the lakers have officially implemented the team's options for next season. The most remarkable thing about nuwaba is his defense, his defensively aggressive defense, and his potential in this area. Of course, it is his three-point goal that he must improve next season, and he knows that. The magician mentions that nuwaba needs to expand his range, and he is improving that.
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What have we changed

By fifacoinslol, 2018-01-07

For the "Silver II" player, you should get an additional RP by victory and lose less RP until you finally get the "Silver II". RP does not actually participate in pairing at all, but it is still completely controlled by your hidden MMR. What have we changed? From the evening of September 15 at 6 pm (6 pm EST), we will re-grow the player LOLGA.Inc to a more accurate department. In the event of this, you may notice that there is a jump in your RP and the first part of bronze, silver and gold is removed from "II" or "III" according to your preseason league rating (MMR) ".

We've got into the first quarter of the day, we've had the opportunity to watch Rocket League more closely in the real world, it's a good time to make this post so that you all have a better idea of how the system "formal" works so that we let you know what we think we are doing and what we do wrong. This is a possible TLDR, so be ready!How to work before the season? 


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To judge the direction of the movement

By fifacoinslol, 2018-01-05

Euro Step, a brilliant technique used in basketball with the ball. The greatest bright spot of this technique is the pace of the layup, the swing of the left and right, which makes the defender unable to judge the direction of the movement, causing the defender to lose the defensive position.

The pace of the founder has been unable to confirm, and also can't prove that the source of the pace, is said to be due to the first by a European player layup with a great pace, so called step in Europe LOLGA.Inc. By former star in Lithuania, luna, Matthew Leo nice (? ar ū nas Mar ? iulionis) is first used in the NBA, the manu ginobili carried forward in the NBA, and gradually popular, imitation and learning become the successor of the template.

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To start the game with the zero coins

By fifacoinslol, 2018-01-04

Madden NFL 17 is based on the National Football League's video game, released by EA Sports. We now have a lot of Madden 17 coins for iOS/Android/PS4 / Xbox One, and can be farmed by hand. Our lolga site is the best choice for the Madden NFL 17money PS4 and 24/7 instant messaging service. If you find the game difficult but unwilling to quit, buying the cheapest MUT 17 is our smartest way!

Madden 16 guide: How to get coins in MUT. Conquer Madden NFL 16 ultimate team mode Madden 18 Coins (MUT) the first step, and need not spend a penny of cash, the first thing to set up a bank account, you will need to invest more coins. You're trying to get somewhere near 20,000 coins. Playing games is the most obvious way, but there are other ways to do it first.

To start with the 0 coins: Start by playing live or in the season, until you run out of energy. This will help you earn 4,000 to 10,000 coins. Season games take longer, but they can earn more. Sell everything on your bench at a reasonable price. Don't sell too low. Sales of the entire team is a good way to make quick coins, because you can buy players at any time, but if you know how to use the coins to make a profit, is paid back.

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Slovenia won the European Cup

By fifacoinslol, 2018-01-03

In 2017, Slovenia won the European Cup with 93-85 Lectra in Serbia, the first European Cup, including the euro, before winning the European Championship.The Heat star Golan-Dragic became Slovenia's number one hero, and he scored 20 points in the second quarter, cutting 35 points and 7 rebounds and winning the MVP of the tournament. The only thing that Slovenia regrets is that their talented teenager, Luca Doncic, was injured in section III and dropped out of the race early.

LOLGA, a game trading company,has been with all players here for 7 years. We work conscientiously for lots of gaming enthusiasts with our dedicated professional service team which can guarantee the delivery of the goods with 15 minutes (except for special cases). From the moment you ordered, LOLGA will work tirelessly to make sure that it is completed as soon as possible in order to bring you more happiness, more freedom and more personalized gaming experience! 

Pleperitz cast 4-To get 21 points, Doncic took 8 points and 7 rebounds, former NBA player Anthony-Randolph get 11 points and 3 caps. Serbia scored two pairs, King rookie Bogdan-Bogdanovich got 22 points, 5 assists and 4 rebounds, Cavaliers 2011 54th show Milan-Mark million 15 points, Boban-Mayanovich 5 1 to get 6 points and 3 rebounds.

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We are growing so fast, whether as a company or as a game, we are trying to build and maintain our backend system in our online service team (this is Psyonix's team), which makes it a good time to mention our career pages, For the people who want to join us in the Rockets league. Haguewood added: "Other problems in the game have been added to the game, affecting the pairing," and in recent days, the problem of matching delays has become apparent, returning to Dropshot last week.

Our pairing server has been regularly stuck in a problem state, a large backlog of matching bookings-you can play with an empty server, but Psynet isn't fast enough to get into the server LOLGA. This leads to extreme search time being reported in social media. Rocket League developers Psyonix also announced the introduction of a new Dropshot model, which is a unique volleyball, the player must destroy the opposing team's floor.


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It is a professional team

By fifacoinslol, 2017-12-30

The Rocket League 5 competitive season will begin with the release of our update anniversary on July 5 and we are making some changes we want to share with you guys in advance. Contrary to the transition between previous competitive seasons, no competitive ability will be rescinded for season 5. Your teams will pass from season 4 to season 5. While we recognize that some players are waiting for the start of each season, the down side is to make a Restoration can be significant. 


LOLGA is a game trading company, it accompanys us 7 years, we are servicing for many customers day and night, bring happyness to our customers. It is a professional team LOLGA.Inc, guaranteeing 15mins delivery (except some unexpected situation). We wouldn't have a rest until your orders are fully complete after you sent a payment.


Important announcement: The valid time of activities is from December 20,2017 to January 5,2018. Besides, it must be a single order that satisfies the above conditions during this preferential activities. Lastly, the right to final interpretation of activities belongs to the LOLGA.Inc.

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The best goalkeepers in the Premier League

By fifacoinslol, 2017-12-29

On 21 March 2015, in a match against Burnley, Forster suffered a severe knee injury after clearing a back pass and was escorted off the pitch by medics, and replaced by Kelvin Davis. Forster's injury was looking bad. Although initially expected to be out for up to a year, Forster resumed light training in November 2015. Forster went on to keep clean sheets in his next two matches.

Forster's performance at Arsenal on 2 February 2016 in his fourth match was highly impressive and drew plaudits from many. The Gunners dominated the match Cheap FIFA 18 Coins, and had 11 shots on target as opposed to Southampton's three. It is genuinely inspired goalkeeping performance. After the match, Koeman praised his goalkeeper, hailing his performance as magic and describing him as one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League and maybe in Europe.

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A great improvement in this season

By fifacoinslol, 2017-12-28

Pistons defender reggie Jackson suffered a severe ankle injury in the pistons' game today. According to a reporter at the scene, Jackson was unable to stand after his injury, which appears to be not very optimistic. According to the video playback, the sprained ankle bending Angle even more than 90 °. He was then helped off the pitch by a team-mate. Jackson was in good form before leaving the game, getting 8 points and 13 assists.


Drummond is first face arvidas sabonis in couple dribbling, suspected double face each other, he made an unusual behind dribbling, then under the ass brought a limp, obviously, arvidas sabonis didn't think of each other in this operation, the defense did not keep up with the rhythm, is god breakthrough zhuang dunk


Drummond as the center, there has been a great improvement in this season on the organization coordination, averaging assists jumped from 1.1 to 1.1, also increase from 38.6% to 38.6%, and the shooting average of penalty shots at the same time he can get 14.0 points and 14.8 rebounds 14.0 steals 1.3 blocks.

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The history of competitive games

By fifacoinslol, 2017-12-27

All 32 NFL teams are involved in the Madden NFL Club Championship. NFL and EA Sports are expanding into the electronics arena. Their Mad NFL Club Championships will cover all 32 teams and mark the first time the American sports league has so completely projected into the world. We have been studying sports for a few years and working with the owners," said Chris Halpin, NFL consumer chief strategist.

Each NFL team has only one person to compete, so 32 of the most gifted players can participate in the multi-day MCS final, which will be held at the Orlando Professional Bowl experience Madden Mobile Coins for the first time, the ultimate Super Bowl experience Minneapolis en. EA announced today that it organized the first Madden Rugby club tournament, a milestone in the history of competitive games and electronic competitions.

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The attack on Manchester United's flank

By fifacoinslol, 2017-12-26

At the start of the new season, Manchester United have been the champions of a strong three-game streak. Compared to last season, the two-year-old version of the Red Devils attack faster, more powerful, more three-dimensional offense, 3 games scored 10 goals is the best proof LOLGA.Inc.



But if you look closely at Manchester United's 10 goals, you will find that, in addition to positioning the ball, the other goals are almost always under a quick attack, in the face of the opponent's Lizuweiwen line of defense, but also from the side of the Red Devils in the face of intensive defense when there is a lot of room for Today we're going to talk about the main reasons why Manchester United faced a weak offensive when it comes to intensive defense. 


The attack on Manchester United's flank is not very threatening, so the opponent's defensive focus is in the middle. And can be in the Mchitalian and Mata often like to rely on the middle of the road, plus the left side of the front Lashford or Marshall also prefer to cut rather than bottom, leading to the middle of the attack too much, compression of their own attacking space at the same time, so that teammates are trapped in the opponent's encirclement. Manchester United in the offensive players are more accustomed to have the ball at the foot, no ball running less, so in the central middle of the attack, it is difficult to play effective infiltration coordination.

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The biggest exception is the Gfinity Cup

By fifacoinslol, 2017-12-25
The biggest exception is the Gfinity Cup – the Friday evening, where the 3v3 Cup is the preferred venue for competition in Europe-consistently with top-notch teams. Most of the highly competitive rocket federations are tournaments organized around community organizations, many of which are largely attracted to viewers.To narrow the competitive gap in the current structure.


The Rocket League will soon become a formidable competitor, combining a dedicated fan group with a talented team, a very understandable game. All of the "Champions box" proceeds directly to the Rocket League Electronic Athletic Awards pool. In North America, there are a variety of races to play, but there is no match for Gfinity to perform all the top teams in Europe in Friday Rocket League ItemsIt has not been announced how to allocate the funds to a competitive environment, but most people think there will be some outside the RLCS. 
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Last season, the Cavaliers lost to the Warriors, a large part of the reason because of Kevin Durant, Warriors array has five All-Star level players, so this summer that the Cavaliers can introduce a star player, Such as Paul George, such as Jimmy Butler, but not, these people have given up to join the Cavaliers!


Knights of the German strong is no doubt, and have James and Owen this German talent level players, but the stars do not want to join, what is the reason for this? Paul George gave the answer in a recent interview, George said: "With James in a team your pressure will be very large, it is difficult to adapt to James's system, and play around James, playing well is normal, Playing bad will be the media and fans unlimited criticism. "George is justified, the best example is Kevin Loew, every season, even if the Cleveland Cavaliers won the season, Kevin Le Husband are criticized, it can be said that the back of the pot Xia, so that the pressure is very large! It seems the Cavaliers fourth All-Star players really may be hopeless!


Houston Rockets boss Alexander publicly sell the Rockets, which can be said to have shocked the NBA, many people think that this will make the Rockets into chaos, the new season there will be a lot of instability, but the fate of the decision may be the Rockets It is not a good thing!

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The car racing game, the rocket league Switch edition, is officially announced. They have not yet got the switch development machine, or what the situation is. But fortunately they did not seem to give up the idea of moving the rockets into the switch, and the video-game bus will continue to pay attention to the Psyonix follow-up news. 

This popular football game on other platforms is about to land on the Nintendo switch and the game will support Cross-platform battle. Luckily, the platform has only been launched for one months, so we have more time to plan and understand the needs of our audience. wish you happy every day, every minute! LOLGA is your intermediary partner in the field of games and online games! LOLGA will serve you here better with the great support! LOLGA will do the best to repay you. 

When players buy goods of Rocket League and single order reaches $20-$40, you will reward one in three of 1 extra Tradable Keys on PS4 and PC platform or 2 extra Accelerator Crate on Xbox One platform; when single order reaches $40-$60, you will reward one in three of 2 extra Tradable Keys on PS4 and PC platform or 4 extra Accelerator Crate on Xbox One platform; when single order reaches $60-$80, you will reward one in three of 3 extra Tradable Keys on PS4 and PC platform or 6 extra Accelerator Crate on Xbox One platform. And so on, for the single order meeting the conditions. 

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The Steam platform "Rocket League

By fifacoinslol, 2017-12-21

This situation also represents the Steam platform "Rocket League" official lock area, although the game before using the Google server makes a lot of players in the experience of the game when you have to go through some "high-tech" to achieve smooth operation, but This time the "express" still let many players feel angry! Although the current relevant DLC can also buy, but without the support of the ontology, these additional consumption does not make sense. is a game trading company that has been with us for seven years.We serve many game enthusiasts day and night, giving players a lot of pleasure.We have a professional service team. From the moment you place the order, we will work tirelessly to ensure that the goods are delivered within 15 minutes (except for special cases). 

Psyonix announced the first Rocket League Championship Series in March 1, 2016, the finals took place in August 2016 with a $ 55,000 prize pool. The second season of the championship series took place in December 2016 with a $ 125,000 prize pool. A third series began in March 2017, with the $ 300,000 prize pool finals taking place three months later. Such a hot game, what are you waiting for? just buy the cheapest rocket league items from us ,to be a super player in game ! 

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In the end, the player's Numbers show that Psyonix is doing the right thing. In industrial terms, the Rocket League is a "sticky" game. That means many people often play rocket leagues. It's a great opportunity for a generation of YouTube gamers. The Rocket League can make good use of the video video to achieve amazing goals or savings and quickly share them on social media or gaming networks. This is related to the high design quality of the game. 

To celebrate the coming Christmas and new year, has launched the following special activities for players who are interested in the rocket League. 

If the payment of a single order is between $20 and $40,we give away 1 key to ps4 and pc users,we give away 2 Accelerator Crates to xbox one users; 


If the payment of a single order is between $40and $60,we give away 2 keys to ps4 and pc users,we give away 4 Accelerator Crates to xbox one users; 


If the payment of a single order is between $60 and $80,we give away 3 keys to ps4 and pc users,we give away 6 Accelerator Crates to xbox one users.

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The launch of the Rocket League game

By fifacoinslol, 2017-12-19

Since the launch of the Rocket League game, there has been a problem haunting many players: who is driving the car in the Rocket League? Of course, these cars are controlled by the player, but are the players using something like a remote control to manipulate the cars or are they sitting in the cockpit manipulating the cars?

Rocket League is described as "soccer, but with rocket-powered cars". Rocket League has one to four players assigned to each of the two teams, using rocket-powered vehicles to hit a ball into their opponent's goal and score points over the course of a match. 


In March 2016, Psyonix announced the first Rocket League Championship Series; the finals took place. 

In August 2016 with a $55,000 prize pool. The second season of the championship series took place. 

In December 2016 with a $125,000 prize pool. A third series began in March 2017, with the $300,000 prize pool finals taking place. 


Three months later. It is a wonderful games, attracting a large number of E-sports enthusiasts. 


Therefore, if you wanna conquer the opponents in the game, then unhesitatingly buy cheaper Keys, Boosts,Crates, Wheels, Bodies, Antennas, Trails, Decals and Toppers of this game on LOLGA


Of course, in order to celebrate the coming Christmas and New Year, LOLGA prepares favourable activities as follows :


It is a double reward activity! 


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The trailblazer's starting small forward

By fifacoinslol, 2017-12-18

The NBA is the dream of countless basketball players. Not only can the NBA compete with the world's top basketball players, it can also get high visibility and a generous salary. Like James, iverson, and even Giannis Antetokounmpo, they've all come to the NBA from the slums or the bottom of the society, and become multimillionaires. But there are also big families who have made it to the NBA just because they love basketball LOLGA.Inc. Here are two of the richest men in the NBA!


The trailblazer's starting small forward al-farouq Aminu has the royal blood of Nigeria. His name means "the advent of Kings" in the local area. He is second to none in his local wealth and connections. His father, Luc Richard Mbah, is a cameroonian chief and head of the Cameroon national employment fund. Mbah is known to the locals as the prince, and the "great" Joel Embiid is the player that Mbah has unearthed at a local basketball camp.

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"Rocket League" is a sports game released for PC in July 2015. Later PlayStation 4 version and Xbox One version has been released. The player develops a hot fight combining football and race, to operate the car and put the ball in the goal of the opponent. Psyonix's new sports game "Rocket League" was aimed at purchasing MSI graphics cards with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, 1050 Ti and 1050, or gaming notebook PCs, Rocket League) "game code and receive a coupon that can be redeemed. 

It has both the breadth of faces that even beginners can enjoy and the depth that can be enjoyed even by advanced players, and even now even after two years have passed since release, it has become a longevity title that keeps selling on any platform. Many people were eager to release the "Rocket League" as a Nintendo Switch, but this time the wish of those users was finally fulfilled. a new sensation sports game enjoys soccer play with radio controlled cars, and received more than 150 awards and nominated game titles such as the Best Sports Game Awards of the Year.

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NBA games in the sports class

By fifacoinslol, 2017-12-15

A new turnaround strategy game will give you the option of your favorite real basketball player, like LeBron James, James Harden, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, From high-ranking teams such as the Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State and other gangs to the Warriors, the Chicago Bulls, the Los Angeles Lakers, the Boston Celtics, and so on. To experience yourself in this tactical basketball strategy card game new NBA league 2017! 


Encounter with other brave and rival opponents, NBA flip to engage you in the NBA addiction league 2017 game, with other NBA games in the sports class by flipping the card fight different. Team, focus, your shares can be regarded as the real basketball and the best player king! Such as LeBron James, James Harden, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, Wade and so on the best basketball player, as well as the other 300 NBA stars, including the most famous The NBA legend is unlocked to the high ranking game waiting for you!
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Play season and the traditional game

By fifacoinslol, 2017-12-14

Play season and the traditional game on the season is not much different. The exception is that you do not play as many games as possible, the last two minutes of each quarter. You should also note that all the events will take your endurance to play You start from 15 endurance, you can get each level, you can get more capacity at once. So after ten, you may be able to have 16 endurance instead of 15.

Control is a very short area, but let's get through it quickly. In the lower left corner you will have your "joystick" to move your players.  After you use your physical strength, it will be added after a period of time, or you can buy more things in the application. But you play the final, but I can not tell you what it is like, because I am not very good That means you need to play and tweak my experience. Of course this is a joke, except for the part I suck in the game.

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tThey played three consecutive games

By fifacoinslol, 2017-12-13

Majerle is one of the 42 players in the league, all in all 92 games in the 1992-9 season. Of which 8 were eventually in the Basketball Hall of Fame Last season, only 18 players in the league have action in every game. Of which only three people - Houston's James Harden, Boston's Isaiah Thomas and Atlanta's Holford is also the All-Star. Then the expansion of the sun from 1968 to 69 years. Johnny "Red" Kerr played 82 games in 156 days.

They played 15 back-to-back games, they played three consecutive games in five games, twice twice (yes, twice), playing four consecutive games! If this happens today, there will be litigation, NBPA executive director Michelle Roberts (Michele Roberts) will use the hay fork and the burning torch will be angry thugs to plan the developer's office. Of course, this thug will be composed of role-changers and allied comrades, because the stormy office is quite taxable.


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The game resolution

By fifacoinslol, 2017-12-12

NS edition FIFA 18 has exclusive mode local seasons. The two faces a five-game mini-season. Nintendo has unveiled a new generation of its own TV commercials for the console, and video has revealed "FIFA 18". All of the the NS model includes "FIFA Ultimate Team", "Career Mode", "Kick Off" and "Local Seasons". The NS edition, jointly built by EA's two studios Cheap FIFA 18 Coins in vancouver and Romania, is scheduled to be released on September 29 with PS4, XBO, PC, PS3 and Xb360. 

The NS edition, jointly built by EA's two studios in vancouver and Romania, is scheduled to be released on September 29 with PS4, XBO, PC, PS3 and Xb360. The game makes full use of the portability of NS, supports three methods of TV mode, portable mode and desktop mode, and the game resolution is 1080p in TV mode. The handle and the smooth degree of the operation are exactly the same as those on the other two platforms.

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Why can't robots play dodgeball

By fifacoinslol, 2017-12-11

The Game is created by the unreal engine 4, as the rocket league, reaction is the key to win the game, the game of dodgeball referred to as Murderball Rocket League Keys, the main players, and then other players hit, background music is designed to conform to the theme but affect the electronic dance music player. 


In addition, the robot that the player controls can be arbitrarily defined, such as various battle armour. Why can't robots play dodgeball, since the rocket league is playing football? Green Man Gaming Publishing has released new game called electric drill , team Mission composed of two producers should Ctrl Studios, the robot players through FPS view playing dodge ball.
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Triple crown challenge of Forza Motorsport

By fifacoinslol, 2017-12-09

The "Forza Motorsport 5" triple crown challenge to the guinness world records is a six-hour challenge. The challenge was held in Shanghai on Friday. A total of 20 Xbox One players and One international racing team are invited. The team of international professional drivers dong hobin and cheng fei won the guinness world records Forza Motorsport 7 Credits.


Why did the drivers leave the real circuit and the drivers still win? One of the secrets is the lifelike driving experience of the Xbox One and Forza Motorsport 5. For dong and cheng, "Forza Motorsport 5" is not only a game, it is also part of everyday car simulation training.

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The group's first Liverpool team

By fifacoinslol, 2017-12-08

Although the group's first Liverpool team can avoid the second Chelsea team. But the second team in this year's champions league are the likes of bayern Munich, Juventus and real Madrid. They are all likely to meet Liverpool. Norbert Klopp said: "I know we won a lot of games this year and it's almost the first team. It's not a big surprise. I think this year's champions league group stage is strange. There are a lot of strong teams now. This year is special. You won't always be able to face teams like bayern, real Madrid and Juventus.

"Antonio Conte said yesterday that they had no good opponents, and that no team would be happy to have them. But we won't be glad we're ready for the next round FIFA 18 Coins. If I have a preference, I would say I don't mind. But usually I always get real Madrid, so let's see what we can do.

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The competitiveness of the rocket league

By fifacoinslol, 2017-12-07

According to Psyonix, the game will be added to the player reporting system this week in order to make the game more stable. This system can check the progress of ban. The system can also be automatically sealed. Players can make racist remarks. Each word has a critical value, and once a set of languages has reached a critical value, the player will be automatically blocked. The seal is 1 day, it's 3 days again, it's a week, and then it's a permanent seal. 

In addition to the number of players, Psyonix emphasizes the value and importance of maintaining the competitiveness of the rocket league in the same journal Rocket League Items. "All players, regardless of age, can play together and enjoy a happy gaming experience." At the beginning of last month, there were just over 33 million players in the all-game "rocket league". In less than a month, however, that number added another 1 million. It is reported that the total number of players in the rocket league has exceeded 34 million in 2 years.

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In any way, the Rocket League is a masterpiece, as of the end of 2015, the game has sold 4 million units, income 70 million US dollars, which is not PlayStation Plus platform countless free download. In fact, Hagewood said, "Hoops" data sheet could have been paid for sale, but the company still chose to launch free of charge. Of course, free push content is not just to get players recognized, or to the game to do one of the best way to market marketing. 

According to Forbes news, and now developers Psyonix has been from the game to get more than 110 million US dollars in revenue, only DLC in the PC, PS4 and Xbox One three platforms sold more than 500 million Rocket League Items. Even more interesting is that the Steam store DLC page is recognized most of the comment is, "I do not have a flag, bought it just to support Psyonix. Dunham has now become vice president of marketing for Psyonix Studios, who believes that if you use the map and the new game mode to charge the players.

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The Rockets league consists of two tutorials

By fifacoinslol, 2017-12-05

The Rockets league consists of two tutorials, one is basic, the other is advanced. Play them both and then master them. Don't ask if you will need amazing speed and pull the second moving minute, especially the normal forward flip and landscape. I see almost every game, every game, makes me laugh: all six car chasing the ball like an angry chicken. It's not how you play real football, it's not how you play the Rockets league Rocket League Items

Garrett has been the strongest so far, and NRG has been a champion. If they can bring the same mentality to Atlanta, they are one of the teams that dream of hacking the weekend. Team new traitor Team signed the dream of Huck Atlanta's other top spot. Although both teams are the top two in the X game, they also want to reach the finals in Atlanta. The real question is whether a team that dominates a competitive rocket alliance in a few months will be able to maintain its strength.

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All kinds of information about the game

By fifacoinslol, 2017-12-04

Rocket league competition can choose 1VS1, 2VS2, 3VS3, 4VS4 and other forms. You can set whether the race is public and can focus on the players in a particular area. In addition to creating the league, players can choose to join the existing league. The game offers a search feature that allows players to easily find their favorite league. In the search list, the league closest to the opening game will be displayed on top. When the game starts, the player will be automatically pulled into the game, so the player doesn't have to keep staring at the screen Rocket League Keys

In other words, when the player has already signed up and entered the waiting state, the player will only have a private match, which will prevent the player from being pulled out in the public competition. When you take part in a game, UI interface will clearly present all kinds of information, including the player's opponents, semi-finals player, ongoing and upcoming game and has a team in the league information be clear at a glance. The new league rules refer to physical sports and the EA classic "FIFA" series, simple and intuitive. The data of e-sports competition is more complicated and the results of manual query on the external website are very complicated. The rocket league seems to have managed to automate the entire system, making it easier for players to get relevant data.

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Some screenshots from demonstration

By fifacoinslol, 2017-12-02

For now, "Forza Motorsport 5" has sold more than a million copies of its only exclusive racing game, including ferrari and McLaren. Game developer Turn 10 has said that the game can run at a fixed rate of 60fps at 1080P.

Microsoft's second generation console went on sale yesterday, and delighted gamers can finally play their favorite game. The greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment. A player on the experience abroad "Forza Motorsport 5", found that the present game with the first impression Forza 7 Credits of the gap is too big, so he also specially capture some screenshots from demonstration on both ends.

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Xbox's exclusive retirement star

By fifacoinslol, 2017-12-01

If you play FIFA on PS4 or PC, then until this year's version, you have been cold when it comes to Legends, (until now) Xbox's exclusive retirement star's beautiful game. Fortunately, FIFA 18 will be different, the whole concept is re-advertised as an icon, everyone can share their legend, but very rare state.

Vieira is the football "tough guy" image, on the pitch is not nonsense. This is recorded by his current legend card, with 91 bodies and 85 defensive statistics Buy FIFA 18 Coins. Do not be a second thought it was all he had everything because he was fast (84 steps) and skill (82 dribble). Vieira is a player around the team building, even the most reserved players, will be like a way to scream the package this icon. 

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The transfer of goods on the market

By fifacoinslol, 2017-11-30

For FUT coins, EA has strict guidelines and is active against players who get coins from third parties. Their website says: "Buying coins will hurt you and other players' experiences FIFA 18 Coins. "When the transfer of goods on the market prices and become unbearable when it will affect the player's economy." The FBI accused Clark and three others to create software that recorded thousands of false matches - cheating servers to reward their coins.


"When you buy a coin, you encourage the coin seller to cheat in the game to illegally produce coins." Those who break the rules face a thorough ban on all FIFA games. Last year, a hacker who created FIFA "coin generators" was convicted of millions of dollars in fraud. 24-year-old Anthony Clark from California participated in an e-fraud program involving more than $ 16 million in FIFA coins.

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European Football Championships, also known as the European Cup, is a European Football Association, the European Football Association members to participate in the highest level of national football tournament. Held in 1960, the first session, followed by every four years, has held 15 sessions.

The tournament was founded under the name of the European Nations Cup and was later renamed the European Football Championship in 1968 Buy FIFA 18 Coins. The initial purpose of the tournament is to fill the gap between the two World Cups for four years, so that European countries have more opportunities for the game.

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Football defenses today perform numerous games and formations during a game. The number of defensive linemen may vary from three to five. The number of linebackers may vary. Also, many teams will use 5 defensive backs in passage situations calling for nickel defense. One of the main strategies of defending football against the pass is the blitz. This is when a player who normally would not run the passer-by throws the passer-by.

This can be a defensive back or a line supporter. Many teams change who is playing and how many players are playing almost every game. Some teams blow more than others. The advantage of the blitz is that a soccer team is more likely to get a lot or give the quarterback less time to kick football Buy Madden 18 Coins. The disadvantage is that there are fewer downhill players to face a runner or cover the receivers. A defense game strategy that is used late in the games is preventive defense. This usually means that the defense has an extra defensive back and the defenders are all behind the receivers. 

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The Quality Of Madden NFL Mobile

By fifacoinslol, 2017-11-22

Madden NFL Mobile looks pretty good on the quality of the game. But like last year's series, it's a free game. According to EA's model of free games, we have to meet with familiar in-app purchases and physical limitations.

Although free doesn't mean the game is really good or bad. But in contrast to the big pit of in-app purchases, players prefer to sell it in a fee. If the player with impatient already could not help but want to try, you can move to Canada area Madden Mobile Coins on the App Store first download the beta version, if you have any valuable opinions can also reflect to EA official, when issued anywhere in the world might have unexpected surprise.

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The most authentic NFL game brand on earth has returned to the mobile arena in the new season, more than ever! A more violent collision, a more complete lineup (over 2,500 real NFL players!). Now satisfy your football desires!

A smoother, more powerful impact makes you feel the power of each rewrite Buy Madden 18 Coins. An unprecedented precision operation and amazing quality that makes you feel like you're in the game.

From 32 NFL teams, the teams compete on the lifelike sports field. Trading players and tracking data, according to each team's different in-depth tactics manual to launch the winning strategy.

Sign up for Origin to lead your favorite NFL team to the top of the table. Keep completing the challenge and savoring the thrill of victory.

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The Popular Football Game

By fifacoinslol, 2017-11-20

Lachinio's departure has actually launched the current roster shuffle weeks before the end of the season, and G2 has not yet finalized its new line of formations. You can see its Switch announcement trailer at the top of this article. The Switch, Xbox One, and PC versions will have cross-play compatibility, but the PS4 is currently left out. It will be released on Switch this holiday season. 

The Gambit backup player was rejected shortly after Lachinio left, and the latter initiator of the week 0ver Zer0 revealed that he will no longer be the protagonist of the Rocket League professionally after having beaten depression Rocket League Keys and anxiety while playing full time . As such, this means that Kronovi is looking for two new appetizers to fill the G2 role and try to bring the team back to the NA promotion. The Rocket League has become a new milestone for registered users. The popular football game now has a staggering 30 million registered players, from nearly 29 million in March.
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Jordan didn't quite know that: it would be one of the greatest finals in college basketball history, and it was one of the most exciting in history. He felt it was a great feeling to win the championship in his first year. What matters is that he is trusted. The coach trusted him and handed him the ball. He made a shot Cheap NBA Live Coins. Destiny chose him.

So it ended, in 1982, the first season after he entered college, the first one to kill, the first champion. Jordan said after the game: "I didn't see the ball. I didn't dare to see it. I'm just praying."

It's one of the most classic moments in the history of professional sports. It's the most replayed in NBA history. After that, the bulls won. Jordan raised his hands and roared; The sixth championship; The sixth finals MVP; Great plot, the masterpiece of god, the greatest figures in the history of the a movement for its great career ended with the greatest blow, so destined to be broadcast repeatedly, more than any one scene in the history of the NBA.

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2K 18 Will Face A Huge Challenge

By fifacoinslol, 2017-11-16

NBA Live 18 will have three game modes: Franchise, Ultimate Team, The One. Among them, The One mode allows you to create your player status and become a legend for league and street. Master your choice of roles and personal style, as well as the unique athletic ability, characteristics and equipment Cheap NBA Live Coins. Franchise allows you to control your favorite NBA team and build it as an irresistible king when playing games and upgrading teams. 

You can make excellent player deals and improve your team skills through a unique upgrade system. Every decision can make you feel the heat of the playoffs, blood boiling. Ultimate Team allows you to step through a carefully selected superstar team. You can earn virtual coins or buy NBA LIVE points to get more players, coaches and stadiums, and increase the overall strength of your team.

NBA Live 18 will be in the fourth quarter of 2017 landing PS4 / Xbox One / Android / iOS, after the release, 2K will face a huge challenge.

And this year's NBA championship competition series, but also for the EA prepared enough popularity. But 2K has been leading the market for many years, want to overturn it, just as now with 1: 3 behind the Cavaliers, the face of the Warriors leading momentum, but also need more effort Caixing. As to whether to create a miracle, time will tell us everything.

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The Rockets League has been a long time to come to the Xbox One, Psyonix team is very proud to bring it to you, thanks to our development partner in the Panic Button. With their help and expertise, we are able to bring the Rocket League to XB1 with high levels of performance and loyalty Rocket League Keys. In addition, as another benefit of the Xbox One player, we also included three DLC Packs we released before, which have been bundled in the game for free.

Rocket League: Since December last year, when we first announced the Rockets to Xbox One, the old and new players have been asking us when we can see our football racing hybrid to the platform. As you can say from our headlines, we are proud to announce that the answer to this question is next week - it will start on Wednesday, February 17. 


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We Bought The Romanian National Team

By fifacoinslol, 2017-11-14

In 1994, Chelsea took a step further under the leadership of Hoddle, who succeeded in bringing the limited team to the semi-finals of the European Cup Winners' Cup, but his greatest contribution appeared in the next summer. With the Stamford Bridge problem solved smoothly, the club also provided additional transfer funds. Chelsea need to introduce a world-class big-name players to stimulate the city, Hoddle also successfully persuaded the Dutch legend Luther Gullit from Italy to West London Buy FIFA 18 Coins

Another heavy transfer is the next we bought from Manchester United striker Mark - Hughes. It was not long before we bought the Romanian national team right-back dan - Petrice library, pay attention to pass with the technical skills of football and back in our eyes. Just a short season, Gullit to conquer all the fans, known as the Chelsea club history, the best player.
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The Story Mode Of FIFA 18

By fifacoinslol, 2017-11-13

FIFA 18 is one of the most popular games of the year, as previous deliveries have quickly climbed to the top of the sales charts. This is the game developed by EA Sports so far to understand everything. At present, this is almost confirmed in September is expected to launch the FIFA 18 date Buy FIFA 18 Coins. Video games will be available for several platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One and - Surprise!

As for the price, the Spanish market is expected to reach about 60 euros. The game itself brings the characteristics and innovation is still a mystery. EA sports in the FIFA launched on the 17th of the "story mode" is likely to continue. We will have to wait for the launch to see if we will improve the narrative.

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NBA Rookie Best Team

By fifacoinslol, 2017-11-11

NBA rookie best team by the league's 30 team coach vote, respectively, selected five people selected for the first team, five were selected for the second team, do not consider the location factors, and they can not vote for their own coaching team Players, get the first lineup of players get 2 points, the second lineup was 1 point.

According to the official website to give the votes data, Evans, Jennings and Curry are three votes to 58 points selected for the first team, showing their performance completely conquered the team coach Cheap NBA Live Coins, can be considered deserved The In addition to the three, the Hornets Darren - Collison scored 46 points, the Bull Taki - Gibson won 41 points, the two also successfully selected.


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The First Quarter Of The Ranking Game

By fifacoinslol, 2017-11-10

In the first season, in the largest department to allow the number of players limited, in the Rockets League second season will not have such a situation. This means that if you are good enough for the top, get the bracket you deserve. The small changes that the Rocket League will bring in the second quarter in February include overhauling the existing ten divisions.

Now ten will be changed to twelve. They will also be marked as different from the prospect I to the championship instead of bronze to platinum Rocket League Keys. Earlier this month, game makers announced that players will be rewarded for their performance in the first quarter of the ranking game, and will distribute the "longer game time", called "Uncommon" new type of project.

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US Department of Justice documents, public outcry, Fahd in Zurich time on April 30 issued a statement, denied the charge, while dismissed, resigned. At present, FIFA launched a survey on him.

Fahd first denies all allegations against himself. "The only response to illegal kidnapping to Li Jinhao is that I am willing to cooperate with the parties concerned to clarify this, which is surprising to me." But he said that he did not want to affect the upcoming AFC and the FIFA Congress, which may cause a split, "after careful consideration, I think, the most in line with the interests of the two Football Association is that I quit the Asian Council Election, at the same time, resigned from the current football and all the duties. " He also said that if the charges were revoked, they would return to football.

The IOC says Fahd's "trouble" has nothing to do with the Olympics, so it will not be "how", but at home, the Kuwaiti parliament has been discussing and wants its own anti-corruption agencies to investigate Fahd Although in the international reputation, but in the country, its "family disputes" constantly, in December 2015, he was sentenced to imprisonment for six months, charges offended monarchs, support others collusion of foreign forces, money laundering and embezzlement of public funds, Eventually, he was acquitted.

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The Ultimate Xbox Title Of Madden NFL

By fifacoinslol, 2017-11-08

EA sports brand name is used to sponsor the British Football League team Swindon Football Club from the 2009-10 season, and EA Sports Cup in the Republic of Ireland. With Madden NFL 09 as the ultimate Xbox title. In addition, NASCAR Thunder 2003 and NASCAR Thunder 2004 are not only for the PlayStation 2, but also for the original PlayStation release. EA sports brand name is used to sponsor the British Football League team Swindon Football Club Madden Mobile Coins from the 2009-10 season, and EA Sports Cup in the Republic of Ireland. But for the original PlayStation as well.

In addition, NASCAR Thunder 2003 and NASCAR Thunder 2004 are not only for the PlayStation 2, but also for the original PlayStation release. EA sports brand name is used to sponsor the British Football League team Swindon Football Club from the 2009-10 season, and EA Sports Cup in the Republic of Ireland. With Madden NFL 09 as the ultimate Xbox title. EA sports brand name is used to sponsor the British Football League team Swindon Football Club from the 2009-10 season, and EA Sports Cup in the Republic of Ireland. But for the original PlayStation as well.

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In fact, the rockets canceled their shootaround this morning. They live in a hotel near the terrorist attack in New York yesterday. Local police were still investigating the crash site, and the shuttle bus was not available, so it had to be cancelled.

This summer, rockets forward Ryan Anderson has been Mired in Anthony's trade rumors NBA Live Mobile Coins. At the knicks' home, Anderson says he's not in a bad way. In today's game, Anderson continued his steady performance. He got 21 points.

Anderson said the trade rumors were not distracting. "I didn't care at all. I just did my job and I made three points and I knew it was the best place for me and the place I wanted to be."

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The Players' Movements Were Excellent

By fifacoinslol, 2017-11-06

In fact, after many generations of polishing, the game interface layout of FIFA has been fixed, so what can or need to change is the treatment of the game screen Buy FIFA 18 Coins. At this point, FIFA 18 has undoubtedly handed over a satisfactory answer.

The players' movements, the turf of the pitch, the details of the auditorium and the bleachers, and the lighting effects, were excellent. Well, even billboards do well...

FIFA series has been the main variety of tactical design, rich tactics, operation and FIFA18 nature also inherited the characteristics of the FIFA series number far exceeds the tactical operation and design of various kinds of competitors, players like nature is blessed.

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Madden NFL 17 Was Released In August

By fifacoinslol, 2017-11-04

Madden NFL 17 was released in August last year and allows players to run their NFL teams, scouting players, calling games and hopefully hopes to win a couple of games each with comments from Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis.

NFL Draft begins on April 27 in Philadelphia with Draft NFL Experience, Madden Mobile Coins a free fan event that promises to dive into the fotbollsverdenen. You can see the design on the site project outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art in the gallery at the top of this article.

Traffic restrictions will disappear in four stages leading to the event. During this time, however, it is recommended to avoid Benjamin Franklin Parkway as far as possible, just to be safe.

The first phase came into force on 10 April and lasts until May 7. Spring Garden St.westbound closed on Pennsylvania Avenue, while there will be fewer courses around the Eakins Oval and Kelly Drive area.

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The Manning family is an American sport football family,Peyton Manning's father Archie Manning is a famous NFL quarterback in The 1970s, he played twice as all-star players, unfortunately, Archie Manning never win The super bowl game. His eldest son was a successful professional when he was in college, but he said goodbye to a serious injury.

The second son, peyton manning, has inherited his father's talent Buy Madden 18 Coins and is one of the most outstanding quarterbacks in the NFL's history, winning four of the most valuable players, and twice crowned the super bowl. His brother, eli manning, was a quarterback for the New York Giants. In 2008, he led the giants to defeat the New England patriots in the 42nd super bowl and won the most valuable player title. He led the team to defeat New England patriots in the 46th super bowl in 2012 and won the second most valuable player.

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The Player Can Rent An Elite Player

By fifacoinslol, 2017-11-01

The retro game technique analysis of NBA Live Mobile

A retro event is one way to win a new player Cheap NBA Live Coins. Every time you take part in the event, you get a chance to get a new player. So how do you play this event?

In the online tournament interface, you can find the event called "retro" and click "start" to enter and take part in the challenge. "Retro" is one of the ways to win new players, and every time you get involved, you have a chance of getting a better new player.

In "retro" events, the player can rent an elite player with a rating of 88: George hill, with his joining, you'll be more comfortable winning the game! After entering the game, the goal you need to achieve is very simple: to beat the score and win the game.

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British media BBC reported that according to the latest Forbes athletes personal income list data show that Cristiano Ronaldo became the world's highest income athletes, which is his two consecutive years of the summit.

Cristiano Ronaldo's salary, business endorsement plus the sum of the other bonuses reached $ 93 million, up $ 5 million from the previous year. His income goes beyond James, Messi FIFA 18 Coins  and Federer and other stars, even more than the two NBA star Harden and Curry together to earn more.

Forbes athletes in the top 100 there are 32 NBA players, followed by baseball 22, football and 15 football and nine.

The top 10 list is as follows:

Cristiano Ronaldo (soccer): $ 93 million

James (basketball): $ 86.2 million

Messi (soccer): $ 80 million

Federer (tennis): $ 64 million

Durant (basketball): $ 60.6 million

Andrew - Lark (American football): $ 50 million

McIlroy (golf): $ 50 million

Curry (basketball): $ 47.3 million

Harden (basketball): $ 46.6 million

Hamilton (F1): $ 46 million

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DeMarcus Ware Has Been Retired

By fifacoinslol, 2017-10-30

NFL elite line guard team has two characteristics: skills and depth of the full depth.

Skills and diverse means: want to be the top team, in addition to sack and rush, but also take into account the anti-run, man-to-man defense and control the outside and other skills, so as to perfect. In addition, they also need at least one can always be on the pitch as the mainstay of the players. He needs a powerful physique and superb technology, can lead his teammates control the game. But even if the player can not play a sudden accident, the performance of this line Corps should not have a significant decline.

1st place: Denver Broncos

Von Miller, Shaquil Barrett; Brandon Marshall, Todd Davis, Weak side line defender Xie En - Ray (Shane Ray)

Denver Broncos has the league's strongest linebacker, one of the most ruthless rushing von - Miller. After winning the Super Bowl, he still maintained a tiger performance last season, harvest 13.5 sack. Like him so much in the wild horse is more than one, really frenzied Madden 18 Coins. Mustang lineup depth completely empty, everyone is both the speed and strength of the big man. Last season, this diversity of skills to defensive coordinator Wade - Phillips (Wade Phillips) can try a lot of different defense system. I believe that the new coach Vance Joseph (Vance Joseph) and defensive coordinator Joe - Woods (Joe Woods) tuning results will not be bad. Strong rush to the wild last season, sacked the third, while their anti-run and man-to-man defense performance is not bad.

However, DeMarcus Ware has been retired. I am not saying that the performance of the Mustang will plummet, but Will is the backbone of this defense, is the soul of the three seasons since. They will miss the leader.

No. 2: Kansas City Chief

Keyers: Justin Houston, Tamba Hali, Dee Ford, inside Derrick Johnson, Ramik Wilson, )

And the other teams on the list are different, the Emirates line Corps is not sturdy, but full of health, their anti-run and impact quarterback no one can enemy. We all know that there are several strong queens on the second line, but the line guard is their defense of the success of the defense. Rushing, anti-run, etc. are not inferior to other teams. Chiefs in the pitch line has superb control, but also has a strong and flexible players, all very well.

3rd place: Carolina Panthers

Key executives: Luke Kuechly, Thomas Davis, and Shaq Thompson.

Skywalker Luke - Kuchi Li has always been one of the strongest linebackers of the league, he played when the superb skills and players can be impressed by a lot of people. Last season, when he missed the Panthers' performance also allows us to see the importance of this player. Kuchi and veteran Thomas - Davis together formed the main body of the Panthers line guard. Their sense of judgment on the court and the tactical sense of the enemy's sense of smell, enough to reflect the two men's understanding of football in depth. Teenager Shaq - Thompson in the man-to-man defense of the performance is no less, he can both near the front and running back, but also to participate in the raid.

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Tom Brady Is The Most Magical Quarterback

By fifacoinslol, 2017-10-24

In the NFL draft, high in the selected players, there will be high expectations. However, some of the biggest stars in history have been selected for a low position. One of the best defensive forwards in history, one of the best defensive forwards, and the player who was considered by many to be the top player in the NFL's history, was chosen outside of 100.

Tom brady is the most magical low-rotation quarterback miracle in history, and brown is no doubt the most magical low-rotation miracle. Influenced by his family environment, Madden 18 Coins brown had a poor academic record and failed to get into a football school. In the 2010 NBA draft, he is also considered only speed, run a route will only back to a player, that year for 21 wide receiver is selected before brown, brown after being selected, however, is to rely on, day after day of hard work, let oneself more than today's level in front of everyone.


In 2014, his 1698-yard line was in season 8 of the season, and his 1834-yard history was no. 4. In the current league, only Julio Jones and audel Beckham can be compared to him, and both of them are the most expensive. Because brown's career is not over yet, we can't give him an accurate historical position, so in this list, put him in tenth position temporarily. I believe that he will use his courage to improve his historical position in the future.

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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady

By fifacoinslol, 2017-10-09

Former Oakland raid coach John Madden said that the New England Patriots ' quarterback Tom Brandy and all the NFL four quarterback had been hit too much this season. Madden Buy Madden 18 Coins also said the attack lines were not completely wrong.

In the first five games of the NFL season, 40-year-old Brady was fired more often than last season. Madden said: It is clear that the offensive line needs better protection work.But it's not all on them.Some of them are plans. 

Madden said that only 5 were blocked when the 5-player pass was violated. This allows the defender to provide additional burdens and extra rush for the quarterback.

When they were in the Baltimore Crow squad in Sunday, they were injured in the Sunday game against Denver. Madden believes that the replacement defender E. Manuel is successful and his attackers must return to better matches.

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The Operation Of The Rocket League To Achieve

By fifacoinslol, 2017-10-07

The operating experience of the game is also very good, the "Rocket league" driving feel although with the real stemless, but win in the overall sense of operation is very fluent (better use of the handle), the designer's intention to display the hot and swift disease is also completely through the operation of the game to achieve. The Rocket league combines the car racing with the ball game elements and joins a lot of ideas, combining the characteristics of racing and ball games Buy Rocket League Items, and adding new elements such as rocket power flight, lifelike visual effect and dazzling effect dress.

In theory, the real world of confrontational movement can develop what kind of tactical depth, "Rocket league" will not be less likely than they. As with almost all such works, multiplayer is the place where it can show the greatest charm, especially with friends who will undoubtedly create a lot of fun. Unfortunately, it is probably because the launch was too hot, the online battle has to rely on the official provision of the server, so that from the current situation, the war on the network situation is not very good.

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Facebook is moving into sports

By fifacoinslol, 2017-10-06

The American Football League (NFL) said in Tuesday that the company had signed a multi-year cooperation agreement with Facebook Inc., which would send videos and other content from the NFL, excluding live broadcasts. In addition, the NFL films content will be published on Facebook's newly created Facebook watch platform. Amazon won the NFL's 10 games for Thursday night games and paid about $5 million.

The agreement between Facebook and the NFL and the launch of the Watch platform Madden Mobile Coins is a step forward for the company in the field of sport. In May this year, Facebook and the American Professional Baseball League (MLB) signed a 20-game live deal. So far this year, Facebook's shares have risen more than 42% per cent, while the S & P 500 index (SPX) rose about 12%.

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The Cincinnati tigers foul

By fifacoinslol, 2017-10-02

The packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers managed to get the tigers defensive line forward "over the opening line", so the show went on. It was the first time green bay got the ball in overtime, and Rogers and the packers he led were facing a 3-10 mark on their 21-yard line. But, thanks to the tigers' foul, the packers had a chance of a non-destructive attack Madden Mobile Coins. Rogers took advantage of the opportunity to find his way to the left side of the line to take on geronimo alesson. Allison ran a full 72 yards into the tigers' end zone and was captured on the tigers' 7-yard line. But the big Numbers were enough to make the packers play mason Crosby a comfortable free-kick shot.

The lions need only one yard to make sure they win again. With 12 seconds left in the game, the lions are on a 1-yard line in the falcons and face three points. The lions quarterback Matthew stafford's quick pass tactics found the team to take over Gordon Tate. Tate puts the ball in the end zone and is awarded a valid call. However, after the referee was replayed, he thought that Tate's knee was already on the ground before the ball entered the end of the ball. According to the NFL rules, the game will be consumed for 10 seconds at the end of the game when the game is changed to a live ball, while the lions have not paused to offset the extra seconds. As a result, the game ended with a controversial correction. The falcons first lost and then won their third straight win.

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