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When someone is beginning pvc fitting manufacturers a weight loss program we always begin where the body is successful; i.e. moving in three planes, using muscle synergies vs. individual muscles, moving through the available range to allow proper muscle loading and using the butt to train the brain.

We then tweak in nutrition, action (or time) management and work on specific deficits with their particular body mechanics.

This allows clients to have success initially in the program and gives them confidence to stick with the program. New activities are introduced gradually and usually one or two at a time. We apply new techniques or exercises and make sure clients are proficient at them before moving on to something else.

Sound familiar?In the case of injuries, we always begin with what the patient can do well before forcing a difficult or painful task into their repertoire of exercises. Only one or two main goals are ever worked on at any given time. The success rate and patient compliance are much higher when tackling the situation from this angle.

Increasing an athletes speed is the same; I do a biomechanical evaluation, and based upon the evaluation, pick one thing to focus on. Amazingly, this one area, if mastered, will improve many other deficits simultaneously.

These successes will carry over into other aspects of clients lives. Their stress levels, success in school, productivity and energy levels all improve because of the step-by-step improvements in their training.

This was all because we started with success and built upon it from the inside out.

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