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Cloudventure Midtop's seamless dual-layer bootie

By: Hondwonrt
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The goal is to provide both comfort and energy return, resulting in a responsive and agile ride. Although our wear-testers were initially concerned that the pods were a marketing gimmick or that they would quickly fill with mud and rocks, the Cloudventure Midtop's outsoles performed just as intended.

On top of the sole, the Cloudventure Midtop's uppers have a dual-layer construction, with a relatively stiff shell around a stretchy one-piece inner bootie. The two layers only connect from the midfoot forward, so the rear halves move independently. Although our wear-testers experienced some trouble initially getting their feet into the booties, the combination works well to support the foot while protecting it from water and trail debris. Our wear-testers were also impressed with the high quality of materials and construction On uses for the Cloudventure Midtop. Although the price tag is higher than comparable models, the innovative features and high quality are worth it. It's also a visually striking shoe, although our wear-testers thought the bootie could be cut a bit higher to further distinguish the Cloudventure Midtop from the baseline Cloudventure model.

The Cloudventure Midtop's seamless dual-layer bootie construction is sock-like. In combination with the stiffer outer shell, it provides support without chafing or irritation. Because the bootie material isn't particularly stretchy, however, our wear-testers had some difficulty slipping their feet in. The small pull-tab on the heel is helpful, but could be more prominent. The Cloudventure fits long and narrow, however, and runners with wider feet or a preference for roomy toeboxes may find the fit restrictive rather than supportive. On the trail, the CloudTec lugs individually, independently compress and release as they contact the ground to generate a smooth, comfortable ride over a variety of surfaces and www.fanaticrunningwear.com/air-presto-utility-c-1_166.html obstacles.