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By hongwei28, 2019-06-10
TEMPE Christian Kirk Cardinals Jersey , Ariz. (AP) — Larry Fitzgerald has been on many bad teams in his 15 years with the Arizona Cardinals. This, though, is the first time he’s endured an 0-4 start to the season.Still, despite a sore hamstring, Fitzgerald soldiers on.“It’s not difficult at all,” he said after Thursday’s practice. “I’m a creature of habit. This is what I’ve been doing since I was 6 years old at this time of year. I don’t look at it like it’s any different. I prepare the same way every single week. There are some good weeks and some bad weeks. That’s the way it goes.”While coach Bruce Arians and quarterback Carson Palmer retired after last season, Fitzgerald chose to come back.But he’s been part of an offense that has been the worst in the NFL. With career statistics that rank among the best in the game, Fitzgerald has 15 catches for 141 yards through four games. That puts him on pace for 60 catches this season, which would be his fewest since his rookie season.By comparison, Fitzgerald matched his franchise record with 109 catches Elite Christian Kirk Jersey , second-most in the NFL, for 1,156 yards and six TDs a year ago. He has 325 receptions over the past three years, including an NFL-best 107 in 2016 and 109 in 2015.But this is a new offense under coordinator Mike McCoy, who says he wants to get the ball to Fitzgerald more as the Cardinals prepare for Sunday’s game at San Francisco.Fitzgerald is the unquestioned leader of an otherwise very young group of receivers. He doesn’t plan on changing anything.“You’ve got to stay the course, lead by example,” he said. “This doesn’t feel nearly as bad as starting 4-0 and dropping eight in a row (which happened in 2012). And so there’s always been worse scenarios. Obviously, we’re frustrated. We know we have to play better.”Fitzgerald has 2,169 career yards receiving against the 49ers, the most he has against any opponent. In NFL history Game Christian Kirk Jersey , only Jerry Rice has more yards against a single opponent.“We’ve got a great opportunity this weekend,” Fitzgerald said. “This is a team that we’re familiar with in terms of personnel and what they do schematically. So there’s no better opportunity than the present one.”Fitzgerald said that, despite the offense’s problems, McCoy “has done a great job.”“It doesn’t matter what the call is honestly,” Fitzgerald. “It’s the players who are executing. We have to do a better job.”Fitzgerald and the rest of the Cardinals’ offense are encouraged by the emergence of rookie Josh Rosen at quarterback. Rosen had a strong debut in his first start in Sunday’s 20-17 loss to Seattle, even though he had five passes dropped, two uncharacteristically by Fitzgerald.Rosen’s ability to make plays downfield should open up the mid-range passing that is Fitzgerald’s forte at this point in his career.“I think it opens up for everybody,” Fitzgerald said, “the running game, the intermediate passing game and obviously the chunk shots. We had some good chunk plays last week. Hopefully Christian Kirk Womens Jersey , we can continue to build on that.”Asked if he wants to be a bigger part of the offense, with more targets, Fitzgerald just shrugs the question off.“I’m never one to complain or ask for anything. If it comes my way, it comes my way,” he said. “I’m not going to lose any sleep.”Fitzgerald has been effusive in his praise of Rosen.“Even before he was starting he took a leadership role. He’s taken leadership a long time ago,” Fitzgerald said. “This is his team. He’ll be the guy here for the next 10-plus years, God willing. I love the way he’s kind of taken the reins, is vocal, lets people know exactly what he wants. He wants the best out of everybody.”Rosen has said he wants to talk Fitzgerald into playing beyond this season.When told about that, the 35-year-old receiver just smiled.“Hopefully Youth Christian Kirk Jersey , I’ll be one of his biggest cheerleaders,” Fitzgerald said. The Arizona Cardinals brought in 12 undrafted free agents following the 2019 NFL Draft. While they’ll have additional players in as tryout players, there are 12 they offered money to and signed.E..."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Podcasts The Revenge of the Birds podcastGet to know the Arizona Cardinals undrafted free agents: Wofford defensive tackle Miles BrownNew,11comments Get to know the Arizona Cardinals undrafted free agents: Wofford defensive tackle Miles BrownJustin Ford-USA TODAY SportsThe Arizona Cardinals brought in 12 undrafted free agents following the 2019 NFL Draft. While they’ll have additional players in as tryout players, there are 12 they offered money to and signed.Each day we will take a look at one or two of the players with a little background information on them.Murray State quarterback Drew Anderson.Maine tight end Drew Belcher.Ohio State linebacker Dante Booker.Today, we look at a small school defensive linemen in Wofford nose tackle Miles Brown.From Emory Hunt:From Tony Pauline:

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By hongwei28, 2019-06-10
In 2013 Takkarist McKinley Jersey Discount , the Atlanta Falcons tried to secure their future at cornerback in the post-Brent Grimes era by adding Desmond Trufant in the first round and Robert Alford in the second round. By any objective measure, that decision was a huge success. Both players were also immediately—and remained—extremely divisive.On Tuesday, the Falcons ended the era, cutting ties with Alford after six seasons in Atlanta. Trufant remains under contract and his contract virtually ensures he’ll remain with the team until 2020, as his contract loses dead money in 2021 and especially in 2022. Trufant does all the quiet things a cornerback should do well, from coverage to pursuit to (mostly) tackling, but his horrendous hands and occasional lapses drive fans crazy and likely will for years to come. He has, however, lived up to his draft billing. So did Alford, though, and I wanted to take a little time to pay tribute to him today. Many draftniks thought Alford would be the superior player to Trufant when he joined the Falcons, and while that didn’t prove to be true, he had many more exciting big plays than Tru, mixed in with a number of frustrating, eye-catching penalties and mistakes. When Alford was really good—as he was at times in 2015, through much of 2016, and certainly in 2017—he looked like one of the better No. 2 cornerbacks in the league, with evident athleticism and instincts. When he was really bad—as he was at times in 2013, 2014, and certainly 2018—he got beat a lot. That stat perfectly captures the Alford era. He was the NFL equivalent of a three true outcome hitter in baseball, living on an island against a receiver and either making an impressive play to prevent a catch, allowing a downfield reception, or committing a costly penalty. During his very best years (and in particular, during a Super Bowl where had had a pick six and came a knuckle’s length away from sealing the franchise’s first championship win), the number of mistakes were dwarfed by the aggressive coverage and the plays he made on the ball. During his worst years, like 2018, the reverse was true, and his age (30), contract ($7.9 million in cap savings by cutting him), and 2018 decline were the primary reasons he was cut in the first place. But I think the “good riddance” from plenty of fans misses the mark here when you acknowledge the good that Alford has done and his place in the team’s history. Alford’s place in the franchise history Deion Jones Takkarist McKinley Jersey Super Bowl , William Moore and Curtis Lofton are the only Falcons with a credible case to be considered better second-round picks in the Dimitroff era than Alford, and Lofton arguably wasn’t in Atlanta long enough. Going all the way back to 2000, you can really only add the great Jonathan Babineaux to that list.Critically, Alford is the best cornerback drafted in the second round since 2000, and he has a credible case for one of the better cornerbacks drafted since then, period. He proved more durable and more talented than Anthony Midget, Jimmy Williams, Chris Houston, David Irons, Wilrey Fontenot, Chevis Jackson, William Middleton, Chris Owens, Dominique Franks, Dezmen Southward, and Jalen Collins. Only Trufant, DeAngelo Hall, and hopefully Isaiah Oliver will prove to have had a better career in Atlanta than him, and Alford still has time to build on his overall career with a new team. For a team that strikes out way too often in the second round, Alford was an exception, a player who finished 1st overall in team history for pass deflections, 20th in interceptions, tied for 4th in defensive touchdowns, and 23rd in tackles. There’s no question his pass interference habit, costly as it sometimes was, will remain a part of his legacy, but I think over time we’ll come to appreciate the good work he did in Atlanta. I obviously hope Oliver eclipses him—I want this team to win and win big—but I respect what Alford brought to the franchise during his time in Atlanta. There are few who would argue that Alford was a great cornerback, but he also largely didn’t deserve the heat he took throughout his career in Atlanta. Instead, he was a good one with stellar highs and frustrating lows, but he was also a net good player who gave the Falcons six quality years during a time where they were Super Bowl-caliber contenders Takkarist McKinley Jersey For Sale , however briefly. Buckle up for a roster review."We’re still reeling from the latest Falcons curveball on draft night. Chris Lindstrom was popularly mocked as a second round pick, even though some analysts genuinely love his talent, and the Falcons just made him the 14th overall selection. It’ll take some time to come to terms with this, and that’s completely okay, whether you hate the pick or love it.That doesn’t mean we’re gonna sit around and blink rapidly, though. It’s time to take a closer look at the offensive line and figure out what’s going to happen from here, at least before we get further clarity from the Falcons themselves.Tackle Lindstorm is a plus athlete. He’s not the strong guy in the world, but he’s got the size and feet to play tackle if the Falcons want him to, but evidently that’s not on the table.That means the Falcons are set at tackle pending any Day 2 additions, and apparent Atlanta darling Tytus Howard just went in the first round. Barring that addition, the Falcons will have a very good starter at left tackle in Jake Matthews, an athletic stopgap right tackle with an impressive 2018 and less impressive every other year of his career in Ty Sambrailo, and former Cardinal stopgap starter John Wetzel as depth. Matt Gono is also here, though he may be hard-pressed to make a crowded roster.Sambrailo has the very real potential to be the major weak point on this offensive line. If he can play at the level he did a year ago the Falcons will weather 2019 fine, but it would not surprise me to learn that they’re sniffing around tackles on Friday.GuardThis is where things just got extremely interesting.The Falcons currently have fresh free agent signings Jamon Brown and James Carpenter, the presumptive starters heading into tonight, as well as long-time starter and veteran Brandon Fusco (who got hurt in 2018, limiting said starts for Atlanta) and sometimes starter Wes Schweitzer, plus practice squad option Sean Harlow. They have a ridiculous number of bodies and are going to need to clear that logjam somehow between now and the start of the season.Carpenter is still the heavy favorite to start at one of the guard spots, and he’s traditionally played on the left side, making me suspect that Lindstrom is your day one starter at right guard. That puts Jamon Brown either as a pretty damn expensive backup or a potential candidate to compete at right tackle, where he has a passable chance of beating out Sambrailo. That’s just speculation at this point, though.I’d expect the Falcons to roll on with Carpenter, Lindstrom, Schweitzer, perhaps Brown, and Harlow as their guard options, with Fusco finding himself on the outs as a post-June 1 cut to help pay for the draft class. He’s been solid his entire career and his contract would have made him an affordable starter in 2019, so that unfortunate injury last year is proving to be a nightmare. For what it’s worth, Brandon Fusco is a smart guy and knows exactly what this selection means.I don’t doubt Fusco lands somewhere else as a starter Takkarist McKinley Jersey On Sale , given his track record, and we’ll wish him well wherever he goes. The long-term questions at the position concern where Lindstorm will wind up (left guard post-Carpenter?), whether Brown sticks at guard, and whether Schweitzer and Harlow are going to be around long-term as depth. Despite the number of options, this position grouping feels profoundly unsettled.Oh, and I didn’t even mention Adam Gettis, who is now a tremendous longshot. CenterIt’s just Alex Mack right now. The Falcons may look for a long-term option here later on, but it’s pretty clear they’re riding with Mack for 2019, and he’s done nothing to dissuade them from doing so. Even with some slippage, he’s one of the league’s better pivots.If the Falcons can’t or won’t invest in someone to groom over the long haul, a longer look at Schweitzer or Harlow as a potential option is worth a moment’s consideration. Otherwise, they’re likely to ride with Gettis or (another longshot) Fusco as Mack’s direct backup, which would at least give them some veteran depth minus Ben Garland.How’s this line looking? Great at left tackle, rock solid at center, uncertain everywhere else.What the Falcons have done is given themselves competition everywhere they had question marks, with an opportunity to let the best men win out of Brown, Carpenter, Schweitzer, Fusco and Lindstrom at guard and Sambrailo, Wetzel, and maybe Brown at right tackle. Lindstrom’s athleticism and brilliant senior year at Boston College give me hope that he can be an impactful starter at guard right away, but the Falcons are still trotting out stopgaps at two positions unless they can land a high-upside tackle in the second or third round. For all the investment of draft capital and money this offseason, then, the Falcons’ offensive line should be at least marginally better but had better be a hell of a lot better than that. The key to all of it is the Lindstrom pick, which is either going to make this team look like a bunch of geniuses for nabbing an elite offensive lineman or lead to their downfall if they whiffed and didn’t do enough to improve other positions. Me? As much as I didn’t expect and didn’t exactly welcome the Lindstrom pick on first blush, I do like his talent and fit in Atlanta, and I was quite happy with the additions of Brown and Carpenter. I’ll hope for more clarity on where exactly everyone is lining up in the days and weeks ahead, but suffice to say I’m cautiously optimistic about Atlanta finally solving one of their eternal guard needs for a long time with the new guy.

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By hongwei28, 2019-06-10
On an ugly rainy day in Baltimore Replica Hayden Hurst Jersey , the Ravens looked just as unattractive to start. Quarterback Joe Flacco was sacked on second down, and the offense went three-and-out. Then, Sam Koch’s punt was blocked on fourth down, setting the Broncos up inside the 10-yard line. On the very first offensive play for Denver, rookie running back Royce Freeman walked into the end zone untouched for an easy touchdown.Baltimore responded well on the next possession, however. After a good return from Tim White, which set the Ravens up near midfield, Flacco led the offense down the field, including a 30-yard catch-and-run from rookie tight end Mark Andrews. The drive was capped off with a touchdown run from Alex Collins.Things did not get better for Baltimore’s defense on the next drive, as they allowed a 35-yard touchdown on an end around to wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders. The Ravens offense responded by getting in range for a Justin Tucker 52-yard field goal. After a punt from both teams, Flacco found Javorius Allen through the air for a 12-yard touchdown. Flacco continued his strong connection with wide receiver John Brown with a 44-yard deep pass on the following offensive drive. Still Stitched Hayden Hurst Jersey , the drive ended in a block field goal. Chris Harris Jr. returned the blocked kick for a touchdown, but it was called back for an illegal block in the back, and Denver was unable to capitalize on the turnover. The next score was another 52-yard field goal from Tucker for Baltimore, making the score 20-14 going into halftime. The Ravens started strong in the third quarter with a touchdown drive. Andrews had another big catch on the drive for 29-yards, and Allen ran the ball in for his second touchdown of the day, giving Baltimore a 27-14 lead. After the defense had kept the Broncos out of the end zone since the first quarter, Denver was knocking on the door at the 15-yard line. Quarterback Case Keenum was picked off by inside linebacker Patrick Onwuasor. Onwuasor returned the interception for a touchdown, but it was negated by an illegal block in the back penalty on Matthew Judon. The Ravens were able to grind the game out afterwards, pressuring Keenum and covering well on defense and running the ball and converting critical third downs on offense. Baltimore’s defense had an impressive showing considering the absence of C.J. Mosley, Michael Pierce and Jimmy Smith. Rookie inside linebacker Kenny Young had another impressive game in Mosley’s absence, totaling 10 tackles. Keenum was limited to 192 passing yards and zero touchdowns Baby Hayden Hurst Jersey , and he was pressured and hit all day by the Ravens defense. Judon, Terrell Suggs and Za’Darius Smith combined for three sacks on Keenum. In comparison, Flacco was only sacked twice, as Von Miller was held to zero sacks.Despite a solid performance from Baltimore’s offense, the run game was still a nagging issue. Collins finished the day with 68 rushing yards and a touchdown but was unable to consistently find holes and running room on the ground. Flacco was on point through the air, however, throwing for 277 yards and a touchdown. Most importantly, the offense did not turn the ball over once.The Ravens now improve to 2-1 and join Cincinnati at the top of the AFC North after the Bengals fell to 2-1 with a loss to the Panthers. Baltimore will face the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday Night Football next week. A look at some key fantasy football questions going into Week 11:WHICH UNDER-THE-RADAR PLAYERS HAVE THE BEST CHANCE FOR A BIG GAME THIS WEEK?Giants QB Eli Manning has a juicy Week 11 matchup against the Buccaneers, who have given up multiple TDs to QBs in seven of nine games. Other Giants you should consider starting this week include wideout Sterling Shepard and tight end Evan Engram. The Bucs can’t stop WRs and TEs, and have yielded the second-most fantasy Points Per Game (FPPG) to both positions.You can stick a fork in the Raiders. They’re done and should be targeted in fantasy football every week. The Cardinals, their Week 11 opponent Best Hayden Hurst Jersey , have a rookie and veteran that have the potential of having a big game against them.Christian Kirk is averaging just under seven targets per game over the past four weeks. Despite his quiet Week 10 against the Chiefs, he had averaged just over 65 receiving yards in his previous four games. He’s an excellent route runner with good hands and should be considered a trade target in dynasty leagues.Larry Fitzgerald slumped badly earlier this season but he’s averaging just under 10 targets over the past four weeks and has 23 receptions and two TDs during that time frame.The Raiders have surrendered multiple TDs to the WR position in seven straight games. Tight end Ricky Seals-Jones has a good matchup against the silver and black. Tight ends have caught 18 passes and scored four TDs against Oakland over the past three weeks.Ravens RB Alex Collins could be a sneaky play against the Bengals, who’ve given up 13 total TDs to RBs this season. QB Joe Flacco’s Week 11 status is not known (hip) and if either Lamar Jackson or Robert Griffin III start in his place, the Ravens might lean on their running game a bit more.ANY GOOD BUY LOW OPTIONS TO FOCUS ON AS TRADE DEADLINES APPROACH?Corey Davis, WR, Titans: The Titans averaged just over 15 points per game for the first seven weeks of their season. They’ve averaged 31 points over the past two weeks and Davis has averaged 10 targets and 90.5 receiving yards during that time. Davis is fourth with eight targets inside the 10 this season. With the Titans offense finally showing some life, look for Davis to continue to have some upside.Sony Michel, RB, Patriots: For many fantasy owners the bloom may be off the rose when it comes to Michel, but the Patriots have shown that when he’s healthy they’re going to give him the ball. He averaged just over 22 carries, 4.72 yards per carry and scored four TDs from Week 4 to Week 6. Fantasy football playoffs take place from Week 14 to Week 16 in most leagues and he faces the Dolphins in Week 14 and the Bills in Week 16. Both have been very friendly to the run.ANY RECOMMENDATIONS FOR TRADE TARGETS BASED ON REST OF SEASON SCHEDULES?Cam Newton Adult Hayden Hurst Jersey , QB, Panthers: Newton has scored the eighth-most fantasy points among QBs this season and has future matchups against the Buccaneers, Browns, Saints and Falcons. The Browns are 17th in FPPG allowed to QBs, but the other three teams are in the top 4 in points allowed to the position.Emmanuel Sanders, WR, Broncos: Sanders has scored the 11th most fantasy points among WRs. With the Broncos trade of Demaryius Thomas to the Texans, Sanders will continue to be heavily targeted in the passing game. He still has favorable matchups against the 49ers, who’ve yielded 14 TDs to WRs and the Browns, who’ve allowed the seventh most FPPG to WRs this season. In Week 16, which is usually championship week in fantasy football Limited Lamar Jackson Jersey , Sanders will have a very favorable matchup against the Raiders. In addition, Phillip Lindsay, RB for the Broncos, should also take advantage of Denver’s soft schedule down the stretch and should also be considered a trade target.WITH COOPER KUPP OUT FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON IS THERE A RAMS WR THAT COULD TAKE ADVANTAGE OF HIS ABSENCE?His target share is tough to predict, but look for Josh Reynolds, who has big-play potential, to play some of his reps out of the slot, where he’ll absorb some of Kupp’s targets. In his last game with Kupp on the sidelines he caught three passes for 42 yards, but two of those catches were for TDs.

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By hongwei28, 2019-06-10
If the Carolina Panthers are going to pull out of a frustrating tailspin Donte Jackson Jersey Boys , they'll have to do it without three-time Pro Bowl tight end Greg Olsen.Olsen re-injured his right foot during Sunday's 24-17 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the latest blow to the 33-year-old's bid to return to form after having surgery to repair the same foot last season."I ruptured my plantar fascia. The plantar fascia on the bottom of my foot popped. It's just something we've dealt with since I've come back," said Olsen, who limped off the field early in the second quarter."Since I've come back, I've dealt with a variety of pain and whatever in my foot. ... Today, that plantar just finally had enough," Olsen added. "It kind of just ruptured on me. ... That first play of the second quarter, I just came out of my stance and I just knew right away what happened. It popped pretty good on me."It's Olsen's third injury to same foot. He missed nine games last season with a broken foot and had surgery but returned to play.Then, he re-broke it this year, did not have surgery and came back quickly. Now, it appears his season is over."It's just been obviously a very frustrating two seasons now," said Olsen, who had one catch for 13 yards against the Bucs."It was actually getting pretty good as far as the bone was concerned. I developed some soft-tissue stuff over the course of the last six or seven weeks and dealt with it, and tried to keep it at bay as best we could," the tight end added. "It's just kind of one of those things that it's just a matter of time. ... It just kind of had enough."Coach Ron Rivera called Olson's injury "tough" but did not speculate about the outlook for the 12th-year pro."We'll see Cheap Donte Jackson Jersey ," Rivera said. "Again, we'll let the doctors determine that situation for us."Olsen didn't want to look ahead, either."It's tough. I think we've gotten about as much as we could've ever asked out of this foot in its current state," Olsen said. "To go 10 years and not really have anything and then one little injury now will stall me for a good part of two seasons is frustrating. I can still play at a high level. It just hasn't been in the plans right now."Sunday's loss was Carolina's fourth straight following a 6-2 start.Olsen, who has 27 receptions for 291 yards and four touchdowns, said he doesn't know what's holding the team back."I'm probably not the guy to ask right now," said Olsen, who missed three games earlier this season because of his foot.Rivera said there's only one way to get back on track: win."At the end of the day, you give yourself a chance and fight to the very end. You can look at it, the last few games we have played have come down to the last opportunities we had had, whether it be on offense or defense," Rivera said."You just have to make a play. That is unfortunately something we haven't been able to do right now," the coach added. "We have not been able to make a play when it matters."The Panthers haven't won since beating Tampa Bay 42-28 on Nov. 4.Cam Newton conceded that after winning six of eight to begin the season, he never would have imagined the Panthers sitting at .500 a month later."But, hey Custom Donte Jackson Jersey , we put ourselves in this situation," Newton said, "and we have to get ourselves out." The Panthers didn’t make the mistake the Bengals made this offseason.And it’s nice that they have that luxury now, to make decisions that only pertain to football.According to multiple sources in Carolina’s football operation, the question of whether free agent safety Eric Reid would continue to kneel during the national anthem never came up during their discussions this week. During a free agent visit to Cincinnati earlier this year, Bengals owner Mike Brown asked Reid about his future protest plans. Subsequently, Reid was not signed by the Bengals.In Carolina this week, it was never a factor.Simply put, it’s a move that never would have been made under former owner Jerry Richardson. And while the football operation wants to focus on how much Reid will help a team that lost starting safety Da'Norris Searcy, they know even if they won’t say it that having David Tepper in charge gives them a liberty they never previously enjoyed. (Of course, they haven’t used that liberty to sign the backup quarterback they desperately need, but when you’ve been crawling for 23 years, expecting a sprint is probably unfair.)Richardson had a deeply patriarchal view of his football team, and it reflected in the transactions they made. To call the Panthers conservative understates the case profoundly. Richardson bragged to Charlie Rose (in a visual made ironic given each of their future public humiliations) about No. 1 overall pick Cam Newton not being allowed to get tattoos. A fringe player (defensive back Marcus Ball) mysteriously disappeared from the roster after raising his fist last September at the peak of anti-Donald Trump sentiment. Defensive end Julius Peppers stayed in the locker room that day in his own silent protest, but since he’s a future Hall-of-Famer Donte Jackson Jersey Discount , he remains employed. Richardson’s desire to not risk offending his Old South base (i.e. conservative and white) was woven into the organizational culture, and the Panthers 192-192-1 record in 23 years was a metaphor for many things.But Richardson’s gone, after selling his team in the wake of allegations of workplace misconduct that included racial and sexual harassment. In his place stepped a man who once called the commander in chief “a demented, narcissistic scumbag” and “the father of lies.” While Tepper’s still very supportive of some of Trump’s policies (no one that rich isn’t), he has also been an active proponent for and participant in their efforts for social causes. This week, the Panthers were packing supplies for flood victims in Eastern North Carolina, and Tepper was elbow-to-elbow with players and staffers in the assembly line. He also impressed his players in his first meeting with them after the purchase, telling them that he cared about the issues they cared about, and was serious about allowing them to work for change.Assuming he’s in football shape, Reid should absolutely contribute to a football team that needs him. But whether he does or doesn’t, he already contributes to a culture that has changed, which certainly needed to.

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By hongwei28, 2019-05-21
I get it. I do. When a team struggles at the rate that the Buccaneers have this season - starting 2-0 to be 5-9 at this point - you get overlooked. When a team isn’t on the big stage or under the bright lights week in and week out http://www.buccaneerslockerroom.com/authentic-vernon-hargreaves-iii-jersey , you get overlooked.When people vote based on name recognition rather than actual production, good players get overlooked.Now, the Buccaneers are without a Pro Bowl player for the first time since 2009.You mean to tell me that Mike Evans, who has a career high in receiving yards with two games to spare, doesn’t deserve to get in?You mean to tell me that Jason Pierre-Paul, who has 11.5 sacks, 14 tackles for loss Bryan Anger Jersey , and 19 quarterback hits doesn’t deserve to get in?You mean to tell me that Ali Marpet, the man who has played at an elite level at three different offensive line positions in three years doesn’t deserve to go?That’s where we are.Lavonte David got snubbed as he always does, but 4-3 outside linebackers just don’t get the love that 3-4 outside linebackers do. They don’t put up the sacks or the quarterback hits so they don’t get the accolades and adulation. Don’t get it twisted - Lavonte deserves to be there, too.Gerald McCoy, although not having a big year, had made six consecutive Pro Bowls. Being voted in this year would have tied the franchise record set by Warren Sapp with seven. Did he deserve it this year? Maybe not, but he’s been the one mainstay for the Bucs in that game for a long time.That’s just how this season has been. A largely ignored team that has been a punchline since their red hot start Gerald McCoy Jersey , only making the headlines when it’s something negative - they’re only going to continue to be ignored.Some of these guys will inevitably get in. With players ducking out due to injury or playing in the Super Bowl, the Bucs will inevitably be represented. But it shouldn’t have come to that.That’s what happens when you do nothing but lose for the better part of the last decade, I guess. As the weekend approaches and the Buccaneers get ready to set their sails to take on the Washington Redskins we take a quick look at the Thursday injury report from both teams. On the Buccaneers side of things it isn’t looking promising for the likes of Vinny Curry, Ronald Jones and M.J. Stewart as all three did not participate for the second day in a row. Demar Dotson who has been an injury report staple at this point was upgraded, as was Mike Evans, to limited participation as is usually the case this time of the week for Dotson. The Redskins have a laundry list of injuries heading into this match-up and that list is headlined by Adrian Peterson who was upgraded to a full participant. Cornerback Quinton Dunbar did not participate along with tackle Trent Williams. Morgan Moses was upgraded to a limited participant for the Redskins. Both teams full injury reports can be found below.

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By hongwei28, 2019-05-21
GREEN BAY Womens Zach Zenner Jersey , Wis. (AP) — Joe Philbin’s simple, no-nonsense and consistent approach as interim head coach is rubbing off on the Green Bay Packers.Winning helps reinforce the message.The Packers are 2-1 under Philbin going into their season finale against the Detroit Lions, who have stumbled to the finish line having lost seven of their past nine games.Coach Matt Patricia’s job seems safe, though his first year in the Motor City has definitely been disappointing. With the playoffs out of sight for each team, the Lions and Packers go into their game at Lambeau Field hoping to ride a win into the offseason.“The time is right now,” Patricia said. “That’s the great part about it, is the time is right now to go out and improve and get better, and that’s what we have to do.”Except that any improvement can’t help Detroit in the standings this year. The Lions (5-10) were assured of their first last-place finish since 2012 following a 27-9 loss to Minnesota last week.After firing Jim Caldwell following a 9-7 record last year, Detroit will finish with a worse record than in any of Caldwell’s four years leading the club.Asked this week if he was told by team management if he would return in 2019, Patricia said that he was “pretty confident. Everything for me right now is just keep moving forward and getting ready for the game this weekend.”While the Packers (6-8-1) are assured of a second straight losing season, they at least seem to be rejuvenated since Philbin was promoted from offensive coordinator to interim head coach following the firing of Mike McCarthy.A 44-38 win in overtime over the New York Jets finally got the Packers their only road victory of the season. Players have spoken of their respect for Philbin and their desire to win for him.“It’s relatable messages, it’s talking about his family and talking about things that are important to him,” quarterback Aaron Rodgers said. “And then little nuggets that we can take with us. Easy connection points, I guess is the best way to put it.”Rodgers has known Philbin for a while, going back to the 2010 season when the Packers won the Super Bowl with McCarthy as coach and Philbin in his first stint as offensive coordinator.Philbin has also won over Davante Adams Kenny Golladay Jersey White , who was drafted in 2014 and only started working with Philbin this year.“So I think that he kind of has his head in the right spot, and … he’s really easy to follow, because you know what you’re going to get every day,” Adams said. “You know, he makes it clear what he expects from you. That’s why I’m a big Joe advocate.”Another win could improve Philbin’s case to stay on after this season. Team president Mark Murphy has said that he wants to get a chance to see how Philbin fared over the final four games as Green Bay proceeded with its coaching search.Other notes and things to watch:RECORD WATCHWith 111 catches, Adams is two shy of breaking the club record set by Sterling Sharpe in 1993. He’s also 134 yards shy of breaking the single-season mark set by Jordy Nelson (1,519) in 2014. He said that he was optimistic that he would play after missing practice at midweek with a knee injury.THE END?Lions safety Glover Quin may be playing in his last NFL game at Green Bay. Quin, who turns 33 next month and has one year left on his contract, insisted he has not decided whether he wants to play next season. He considered retiring after last season.Quin has started 147 straight games, the longest active streak by an NFL safety. Houston drafted Quin in the fourth round in 2009 out of New Mexico and he signed with the Lions in 2013. Over the past six seasons, he is the league’s only player with at least 400 tackles, 15 interceptions, 10 tackles for losses and five forced fumbles.LAMBEAU FINALES?Linebacker Clay Matthews missed practice at midweek with a back injury, while receiver Randall Cobb sat out while in the concussion protocol. Both veterans are free agents after this season, meaning they could be playing their last games at Lambeau as Packers — if they’re healthy enough to play at all. The coaching change leaves an extra layer of uncertainty to the offseason.SILVER LININGDetroit Lions wide receiver Kenny Golladay made the most of the increased opportunities he had when Golden Tate was traded and when Marvin Jones was injured. Golladay Womens Kenny Golladay Jersey , the second-year, third-round pick from Northern Illinois, had 70 receptions for 1,063 yards and five touchdowns after making 48 catches for 477 yards and three scores as a rookie. Eight percent of his catches gave Detroit first downs, trailing only Tampa Bay’s Chris Godwin in the category.GOING STREAKINGThe Lions are going for their first four-game winning streak in the series against the Packers since the 1982-83 seasons. Detroit is also trying to win consecutive games at Lambeau for the first time since 1990-91. Goodbye Antonio Brown. Hello, D.K. Metcalf."The Pittsburgh Steelers have had one of the quietest offseasons of anyone in the NFL. No drama, no losing two of their biggest players, no nothing. Just humming along like the NFL dynasty they’ve established themselves as for the past few decades. *does the Jon Stewart earpiece bit*Oh, I’m being told that is not correct.Anyways, it’s the Steelers’ time to step to the podium in our Pride of Detroit Community Mock Draft and general manager ncbur10 is ready to make his pick. With the 20th pick in the POD Community Mock, the Steelers are taking wide receiver D.K. Metcalf. Here’s ncbur10’s explanation:“If you like the NFL, and you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t, you know that the Pittsburgh Steelers have been the center of drama since the end of the regular season. I don’t want to revisit all of that but safe to say the Steelers are in a precarious position within their division. The Browns have gotten better, at least on paper, and the Ravens are the defending divisional champions. Point blank http://www.lionslockerroom.com/authentic-dwayne-washington-jersey , the Steelers need to add some playmakers just to keep pace or face a situation where they are trying to rebuild with an aging Ben Roethlisberger and his rapidly-closing Super Bowl window.This year the Steelers draft needs are similar to years past: An athletic linebacker, a long-term solution at cornerback, a sure-handed tight end, and an edge-rushing monster. The difference is that this offseason their most prolific offensive weapon—and head case—has taken his talents to the West Coast. This adds yet another layer to the draft puzzle that faces the Steelers.The Steelers need to find a way to make up some of the lost production by Antonio Brown’s departure. They have JuJu Smith-Schuster and they drafted James Washington in the second round last year, but he struggled to get open all season. They brought in Donte Moncrief from Jacksonville, but his career production isn’t anything to get excited about. The Steelers need a productive deep threat that can take the top off the defense and open up the running game and underneath passing lanes. D.K. Metcalf gives them just that and more. Metcalf is an athletic freak that ran a 4.33 40 at the NFL Combine. While he is still raw, his rare physical skill set was on display in the SEC. He has some drop issues, and his agility skills don’t show a player that can break off his routes cleanly, but he wasn’t asked to do a lot of that in college. His game reminds me a lot of Randy Moss coming out of college, a physical specimen with great vertical threat capabilities, some drop issues, but over time developed a more prolific underneath game.Metcalf’s production might not match that of Brown, but what it will do is take pressure off of JuJu to assume that role. Metcalf’s role will be complementary at first and give the Steelers a bonafide deep threat and red zone target. Big Ben’s accuracy on the deep pass will play right into the skill set Metcalf brings to the Steelers. Metcalf is a slight risk but his upside is through the roof and if anyone can get the most out of his talents it’s the Steelers.”Catch up on all of the picks with our Community Mock Draft Tracker

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By hongwei28, 2019-05-21
Andrew Luck waited impatiently in the Indianapolis Colts locker room Sunday.As he contemplated his first regular-season start in more than 20 months Womens Michael Johnson Jersey , Luck reflected on his excruciatingly long journey back from shoulder surgery, the things he wanted to show in the opener and, of course, leading his team to victory.Then realty hit. Indy's first scoring chance ended when Luck's first official pass was picked off.He threw for 319 yards and two touchdowns, but his chance to rally the Colts to a victory ended when the Bengals returned a fumble 83 yards for a touchdown in the final minute."It hurts that we didn't win, it hurts that we didn't win at home," Luck said following a 34-23 loss to the Bengals. "It crushes all of us. But what are we going to do? We're going to get back to work."The next chapter comes on the road where the Colts visit Washington and Super Bowl champion Philadelphia over the next two weeks.If Luck continues to perform as he did Sunday and continues to improve as he did throughout the preseason, the Colts know they will be in good hands.By most measures Jonah Williams Cincinnati Bengals Jersey , Luck quickly returned to his pre-injury form following the interception.He threw only four more errant passes in the first half while finishing 39 of 53 with 319 yards and two touchdowns. He staked the Colts to a 23-10 lead midway through the third quarter and nearly rallied them in the final four minutes with a 50-yard drive.The rave reviews came from all corners 鈥?players, coaches, even opponents who didn't need to review the game tape before making an assessment."You're back," Bengals coach Marvin Lewis said he told Luck after the game.New Colts coach Frank Reich was impressed with his first full-time look at his starting quarterback."I thought his accuracy was good, I thought he was poised, I mean it was fun seeing him four quarters," Reich said. "I thought physically he looked good. He threw it well."And Luck followed the offensive script by hooking up with nine receivers during the game.He also ran with urgency, managed to buy extra time Jonah Williams Jersey 2019 , threw the ball away on occasion and continually bounced up after taking big hits including a helmet-to-helmet collision that led to the ejection of Bengals safety Shawn Williams in the first quarter.Luck didn't bother going to the sideline and explained he didn't even consider the hit "much of a deal."Having him back on the field, though, was a huge deal for the Colts."Just having his leadership, the energy and the way he plays quarterback 鈥?it makes things easier for everyone else around him," said Pro Bowl tight end Jack Doyle, whose fumble after he appeared to pick up a crucial first down at the Bengals 15-yard line in the final minute led to the clinching score.But for Luck, this was not just another game.He acknowledged the routine game-day drive to Lucas Oil Stadium helped put his mind at ease and that when he went through the billowing smoke for introductions, it felt as if he was playing youth football again.He wasn't thrown off by a question about whether a recently disclosed snowboarding accident during the 2016 offseason that may have extended his recovery period.All he really wanted to do was finish his comeback with a win."Certain things felt normal Color Rush Jonah Williams Jersey ," he said. "And then some emotions crept up and sort of hit me before we went out to play. I'm so grateful and appreciative to be here." With the multitude of injuries the Bengals suffered throughout the year, Cincinnati’s offense looked very different from Week 1 to Week 17. Even so, when the crew was healthy, they put up a lot of yards and points in the first half of the year. Cast your vote and sound off on your winner for the Bengals’ 2018 Offensive Play of the Year!A.J. Green’s 38-yard touchdown versus Colts: After keeping the game close for a bit, Cincinnati was down by two touchdowns as the third quarter was closing. Andy Dalton floated a pretty pass to Green, who sliced through the Indianapolis defense while lined up in the slot. A.J. Green’s 32-yard touchdown reception versus the Ravens: Cincinnati’s star receiver struck again in Week 2, achieving a hat trick of scores against the Ravens for the night. Green’s second touchdown reception of the night was a beauty, in which he broke tackles and then outran three other defenders. Tyler Boyd’s 37-yard touchdown versus Panthers: Even though it ended up being a loss for the Bengals Cheap Jonah Williams Jersey , Boyd’s touchdown grab in Week 3 was a sight. Dalton was flushed from the pocket and threw a dart to Boyd, who tumbled making the catch after dragging across the field. The score put the game at 28-21 and the play was Boyd’s second-longest reception of 2018. John Ross’ 39-yard touchdown reception versus Falcons: It was a shootout in Atlanta, as Dalton and Matt Ryan exchanged three touchdown passes apiece. Dalton’s second of the day was a toss down the seam to Ross, who ran past the Falcons’ secondary. A.J. Green’s 13-yard game-winning touchdown reception versus Falcons: It wasn’t the biggest play of the year, in terms of net yardage, but it may have been the most clutch of 2018. Cincinnati was driving to win and capped off an incredible 15-play drive, with a laser beam from Dalton that he fit in between two Falcons defenders, as Green made a sliding catch for the win. Jeff Driskel’s first career touchdown pass—a 28-yard play to Tyler Boyd: Though it was in “garbage time” in a game against the Browns that had gotten out of hand Jonah Williams Jersey Womens , Driskel’s strike to Boyd was a very nice play. It was Boyd’s sixth touchdown reception of the season. Joe Mixon’s 51-yard run versus Steelers: Though Mixon’s career-long run didn’t net a touchdown (just a field goal) or lead to a victory, it tied up a game against the Steelers that initially appeared to be headed for a blowout. In the scamper, Mixon broke about five Steelers tacklers and claimed the AFC rushing title with his 105-yard performance.

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The San Francisco 49ers are in the midst of a short week Womens Cassius Marsh Jersey , as they continue preparations to face the Oakland Raiders on Thursday Night Football. Both teams gave their players some time off on Monday to recuperate from Week 8. They will hold fairly normal practices on Tuesday, and then likely have walkthroughs on Wednesday.The short week mean the media availability is truncated as well. Normally the 49ers practice Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and have different availability each day. This week, it’s all happening on Tuesday. Head coach Kyle Shanahan will meet with the media at approximately 12:30 p.m. PT. He will be followed by defensive coordinator Robert Saleh, and then quarterback C.J. Beathard. The locker room will be open after that, until 1:30 p.m. The 49ers are holding a late practice at 4:45 p.m. as they work to get their players recovered from this past Sunday’s game.The 49ers will stream the press conferences Twitter Jaquiski Tartt Jersey , Facebook, and the team’s app. The 49ers beat writers will also have updates from the media sessions. I’ve embedded our beat writer Twitter list so you can follow along. We’ll have transcripts later today, along with the Tuesday injury report.A Twitter List by NinersNation Pat’s update: Looks like they are going to have a sit-downFor those of you still glued to your digital devices for the latest in Antonio Brown Watch, the owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Art Rooney II is on a plane to Florida to talk to the Steelers wide receiver. Ian Rapoport reports that while Rooney is trying to make right with Brown, Brown wants nothing of it. Brown stated he was done a few days ago via his Instagram, which led to speculation that he would be traded. Reports came that he officially requested a trade. Now Rooney is trying to make a last-minute effort to keep the star wide receiver in Pittsburgh. In his latest MMQB piece, Albert Breer offered some context on the situation thus far as well including a report that Brown put in multiple trade requests over the last two months. In early January Womens Joe Montana Jersey , Mike Tomlin said that Brown had not asked for a trade. A few bullet points from Breer’s article are below, but I suggest reading up on everything there: The 49ers are not at the top of the odds to land brown. According to beonline.ag, the Arizona Cardinals are favorites to land him at 9/2 odds.And so here we are. Brown still wants out, has dealt with domestic disturbances and being found guilty of reckless driving and still has a market. The owner is on their way to try and turn this around, but it’s looking more and more like Brown has made up his mind. Of course, Brown had something to say too.
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