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This adidas ZX 700 is the perfect shoe

By: hx201314
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Collaboration is to bring us new adidas ZX 700 that will be based and inspired by families and factions from the TV series Game of Thrones. In general, six different color variants will be created. Today we have the first two versions of House Targaryen for you. The first version is modeled on Daenerys Stormborn, hence the off-white upper like her fair hair. In turn variant number two is a reference to its three dragons. Here we see red and gold yarn that refer to the fire coming from their mouths. The other part of the upper is in black.
While the first two pairs of adidas Harden Vol. 3 from this collaboration will come out this weekend, we now know the next two silhouettes that will appear next month. The first is an Prophere inspired by the great enemies of His Goku dressed in green and purple. Thus we find a pair dressed in a premium primit black and green contrasted with touches of purple on the inside of the foot, the heel and the branding of the tongue. The insole is stamped with the Dragon Ball Z logo with a 7 crystal ball recall. The pair rests on an imposing white midsole contrasting with the rest of the pair. As for the Deerupt, it is inspired by the character Gohan, wearing a purple textile him. This is why the pair comes in a predominantly purple upper, contrasted by patterns in 3M representing lightning, arranged on the entire upper. This is based on an elegant gumsole to emphasize the whole.
Looking at the third model of  Yeezy 350 Boost V2 Zebra, I get the impression that he was slimmer, slender compared to his predecessor, although we still have a lot of Boost foam in the sole. Nevertheless, I find here the DNA of these models somewhere somewhere - they look different than what usually serves adidas and somewhere they match Harden. At least I'm picking them up. As for the changes from its predecessors - adidas focuses on the classic herringbone in terms of traction - previously based on sophisticated computer-generated designs analyzing James' play, but such solutions have not always been fully effective in less ideal conditions. Plus classic language, not any built-in.