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How To Take Proper Care Of Goalkeeper Gloves?

By: jacksonjones
Posted in: Sporting Goods
How To Take Proper Care Of Goalkeeper Gloves?

Goalkeepers are the key players on a team. This is also because they are told to be the anchor of the defense, and of course, you would want to ensure that you are all set. Well, for a goalkeeper to be prepared, proper care of gloves is important. You need to ensure that the gloves aren’t worn out, are not slippery and that it fits you well. 


Still, you must take a look at some of the most basic tips on how can you take proper care of goalkeeper gloves. Here are those few tips, take a look: 


Washing Tips:


It is advised to wash the gloves immediately after use in warm water (maximum of 30 degrees C) before allowing to dry naturally. It is also told to not use any type of scrubber or a washing machine but using hands. There are certain things that are asked to avoid completely in order to dry the gloves, such as: 

  • Using an iron

  • In the direct sunlight 

  • Using a hairdryer 

  • By wringing

  • in front of a fire


These things are told to be the potential reason for losing the natural moisture of the goalkeeper gloves and turning to be dry and brittle that would later result in wearing out. 


There are a lot of other things that depend on the quality of the gloves itself. In case you are planning to purchase any soccer equipment, you can opt for online stores such as Alpha Elite Gear as they are known to have an amazing quality of soccer equipment at a very reasonable cost.