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Pure Water Purification System

By koyopacker, 2018-10-31

pure water purification system 


Drinking water is one of the most basic needs of every living being. But have you ever thought, with the level of rising pollution, the water we get is something that we can consume directly? Just for the record, over five years to 2017, water-borne diseases, such as cholera, diarrhoea, typhoid and viral hepatitis caused 10,738 deaths, revealed a latest government data.


The Raskob grant helped RO Water Treatment Machine for the World reach four more rural communities in Honduras where, in addition to clean water, nearly 150 families got pit latrines.

It’s all part of the nonprofit agency’s water, sanitation and hygiene program to promote health and better lives for people in some of the poorest communities in Honduras and Haiti.

In addition, these facilities are important to the work of the Catholic Church. She referred to a seminarian in Trojes who said lack of basic services like clean water and sanitation affects church outreach. If priests, seminarians and catechists get sick, “this causes delays in preaching the word of God to families,” he told her.

Pure water equipment with RO system for the World teaches people in the areas they serve to be “community agents” and educate their neighbors about the water filters and latrines. This fosters community development, and “it is important to have reliable resources to build up their reliance on each other and strengthen their community,” said Brother Richard Iaquinto, Weston’s prior.

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