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By ksgwyjy, 2017-06-19

Ready for bed: Danielle Mason strips to lingerie China kinky lingerie

INSTAGRAM READY FOR BED: Danielle showed off her kinky outfit Dressed in a see though basque and not much more the naughty star left little to the imagination as she posed for a series of sexy selfies.However, despite looking hotter than ever Danielle hasn't had the easiest of weeks – even missing the Mayfair mag awards after falling ill.She famously fronted the lads mag in a full frontal shoot which saw sales hit an all-time high. INSTAGRAM TV BABE: Danielle loves a sexy selfie Danielle previously admitted she hasn't had sex for over eight months after her partner Tony Giles was sent to prision.That being said the time apart has given Danielle time to come up with other ways to spice up her life.During a recent trip to HM Prison she 'accidentally' forgot to put on any pants – much to the pleasure of her man. INSTAGRAM WET N WILD: Danielle posed naked for a naughty pic Chatting exclusively to Daily Star Online, Danielle said: "I'm still in a relationship with Tony even though he is in prison."I went on a visit to see him the other day without any pants on and did that open and close legs scene from Basic Instinct."But the prison guards didn't like it and now Tony is back on closed visits."

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