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Rowsey helped Marquette accomplish the NCAA

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Rowsey helped Marquette accomplish the NCAA

Rowsey helped Marquette accomplish the NCAA Clash endure year.ìOur programís not in a position to in actuality yield off afterwards Andrew,î drillmaster Steve Wojchiechowski said.But Rowsey was the abandoned chief this year on a agenda that contrarily had to await heavily on freshmen and sophomores. Marquette accomplished 21-14 this season.Rowsey averaged a team-high 20.5 credibility this season, binding out backcourt accomplice Markus Howard (20.4 points).ìIn the NIT, I anticipation you saw a guy who didnít ambition his career to be over with,î Wojciechowski said of Rowsey.

Eagleís Landing Top baseball amateur Jonathan Edwards has won this weekís Fanís Best Spring Athlete of the Ceremony poll with 806 votes War Thunder Golden Eagles.Edwards addled out 15 and accustomed no hits to advanced to the Aureate Eagles to a 10-0 achievement over Woodland endure Saturday.ìI would like to congratulate Jonathan on acceptable Amateur Of The Week,î Eagleís Landing arch drillmaster Ronney Daniels said. ìHeís one of the captains on the aggregation and a leader. His harder plan and adherence is starting to pay off, and this is just the beginning. Iím beholden of Jonathan and I apperceive he will abide to win awards and a lot of importantly, win amateur with his teammates. I would like to acknowledge everybody for voting for him and acknowledging him.