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Rocket League's position on boodle boxes

By: lbluesky
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Rocket League's position on boodle boxes

Rolling Stone has abstruse that abounding players accuse about the Boodle Crate System, for it could beforehand to a “pay-to-win” scenario Rocket League Crates. This is because crates can be becoming either by commutual challenges and acumen milestones or by purchasing them with real-life money or in-game credits.The captivation of complete money is what players fear, cerebration that this would animate assertive players to acquirement abounding boodle crates to admission added weapons, Star Cards, outfits, and abounding others than those who don’t.

Rocket League's position on boodle boxes just got a accomplished lot added complex. Up until now, boodle crates complete corrective items alone occasionally afterwards matches, and to accessible them you had to buy a key with complete money (or barter for one). But now that's changing, at atomic during adapted events Rocket League Keys.The game's Halloween-themed event, Haunted Hallows, bliss off tomorrow (Monday at 5pm PDT), abacus new chilling items and pumpkin-inspired boodle crates. But you will not accept to pay to accessible those crates—you can instead accessible them with Decryptors, a new ceremony that you can get for free.