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MapleStory’s monsters for a accustomed aeon of time

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MapleStory’s monsters for a accustomed aeon of time

Leveling Up Event - Anniversary time players levels up, they will accept Maple Leaves. The amount of Maple Leaves adored will alter depending on the level. College akin players will accept added Maple Leaves.GM Contest - The GMs will run appropriate contest and arouse endure year’s ceremony boss, Big Puff Daddy, at accidental times.Monster Transformations – Any amateur can transform into one of MapleStory’s monsters for a accustomed aeon of time.4 Candle Event - Nexon is giving abroad 1,200 prizes over 40 days, including in-game items, Nexon Bold Cards, agenda cameras, iPod Touch and a laptop computer Players who play for 40 account will accept a candle. Once a amateur has a candle, they can accept up to four pieces of block for anniversary alternating 40 account of bold play. Players who get four pieces of the block will accept a adventitious to win.Maple Quiz – Players can yield the Maple Quiz. For every catechism a amateur gets right, 5 Maple Leaves and a appropriate block will be rewarded.

The delay is over. MapleStory M Mesos, the free-to-play, 2D, side-scrolling massively multiplayer online role-playing game, has appear the much-anticipated 5th Job Advancement that will absolutely change the gameplay of MapleStory. The application will be accessible for download on 16 November 2016 and it will be reside on 23 November 2016.The 5th Job Advancement promises to breach down boundaries, arch new access and angrily change the way players acquaintance the game. New 5th Job abilities will be alien to all 39 characters a anniversary after on 23 November, aperture up amaranthine play possibilities, with endless permutations and combinations for players to actualize the absolute bold strategy.