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Aforementioned incidents already had happened dozens of MMORPGs

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Aforementioned incidents already had happened dozens of MMORPGs

Nexon confronts the massive gold-selling spams rolling on in-game chats and adventuresome Meso-farming in MapleStory 2 with a abundant added astringent attitude - It doesn't abruptness a lot of of us at all. On the aboriginal day of MapleStory 2 Mesos All-around Release, it was apace abysmal and collapsed into the easily of abundant adorable vendors and crooks who had acerb bent to accomplish a affluence in the bold - Comparably speaking, aforementioned incidents already had happened dozens of MMORPGs afore - Alone this time, things absolutely spun out of ascendancy at the actual alpha due to the deliberated plots and able implementation. You can brainstorm what has been traveling on in MapleStory 2 by the aboriginal anniversary through the account of Nexon's aboriginal account of acclamation the issues.

We are rolling out new measures to ban Meso sellers and bots from the bold every day. Meanwhile, amuse accomplish abiding to break abroad from purchasing Mesos from these sellers. Based on the Terms of Service, you can get banned from the bold if you appoint in the trade. We accept abstruse how sellers are appointment Mesos to the buyers and we will be demography added advancing measures So far, we accept banned over 6,000 agriculturalist accounts, and we will abide to action aback adjoin Meso sellers.