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the designer recommended the brand floor

By: liuyi
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10% is the choice of inferior materials, such as the ground moist keel moisture is too high; 10% is on-site maintenance and use, maintenance improper. Came to the Nanjing Consumer Association complaints Ms. Xia told reporters in June 2006, she invited a decoration company decoration, laying the floor, the designer recommended the brand floor - Fulin floor,building wood balconies railing

so her home in Hexi a Building materials supermarket to buy 86 square meters of fiber skin Yu Lei Fu Lin floor. But after the wooden floor paved, not happy for a few days, the problem came one after another. In August, her home wood flooring appeared a large area of ​​deformation, showing corrugated. Subsequently, Ms. Xia and Fulin floor contact,villa garden deck

the company responsible for the floor was re-laying. However, Ms. Xia believes that the floor is now destroyed by a large area, and there are large and small cracks are very ugly, so that is not satisfied with the solution. While the other one living in the sunrise King City, Mr. Liu complained, because the renovation team will start the floor pavement costs counted,adding height to an existing wooden fence