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floor price trend is obvious

By liuyi, 2018-02-06

raw materials produced this year should be prepared by the end of last year. Guangdong this year's wood-based panels, why the shortage of MDF, resulting in the manufacturer that the material is in short supply? Mainly due to the poor situation last year, the decrease in exports overseas and the poor domestic sales. Due to the furniture industry's relations, the manufacturers did not dare to prepare materials for the past few months last

year. Therefore, when the whole situation is getting better this year, There is no raw materials, demand, demand, the price will naturally go up. SouFun: We observed that furniture, floor price trend is obvious, with upstream wood processing industry prices are inseparable. Su Haitao: yes. Enterprises such as wood furniture and wood flooring all belong to the lower reaches of timber. The prices of solid wood or wood-based panel suppliers

are rising in the upper reaches, and the lower reaches are sure to follow up. The impact on this year's furniture building materials market is still relatively large. I expect that by the middle of the year, the gains will have risen almost equally and the prices will stabilize. It is impossible for the second half of the year to continue rising "2008 China National Forest Industry Association credit enterprise

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wpc decking flooring board

eco sports plastic composite deck half court what is the price

best natural wood plastic composite deck for kitchen

What is the future potential of WPC?

Is WPC a fad or the next big thing in flooring? No one can know for sure, but indications are this product offers great potential. “It absolutely can become the dominant player,” said Eric Mondragon, hard surface buyer for R.C. Willey Home Furnishings, with 13 locations in four Western states. “WPC is what the LVT category has evolved to, although I still see the need for traditional dry-back LVT for multi-family and commercial segments of the market.”

USFloors helped usher in the WPC era with the launch of COREtec three Surfaces ago. In 2015, the company received a patent that covers all engineered flooring products with a WPC core and veneer top layer with or without an attached backing. Noting that WPC is still at the early stages of its lifecycle and expansion, Piet Dossche, CEO of USFloors,

predicted WPC “will forever change the landscape of LVT and several other flooring categories.” Specfically, he suggested some categories may even need to be reinvented. That change could be happening soon. Jeff Striegel, president of Elias Wilf, a Top 20 distributor based in Owings Mills, Md., expects WPC to be the talk of Surfaces with as many as 40 introductions. “Any time you have a product that solves a problem it seems to do well,” he said. “One of the issues people have with LVT is that there is some telegraphing and, therefore, are limitations with what you can put LVT over. That is not the case with WPC. It is clearly a trend that is on the move.”

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high quality decking boards decorative wpc wall panels covering for outdoor

modern building construction wooden look wpcexterior decorative wall panels

wpc flooring outdoor decoration easy to install

and mechanism of green product certification special, only said as a "green" certification authority by professional institutions. The product can "green core" is only a representation, is not equal to the green environmental protection,More does not equal to free formaldehyde, consumers should identify whether the product has passed environmental certification marks. 2, "relief face" in the use. On the current

market hot push "relief surface" wood-plastic floor. Experts unanimously expressed disapproval, pointing out that from the perspective of consumer use, crystal surfaces should be vigorously promoted. Experts also pointed out that wear resistance is the most critical use index of wood-plastic flooring, engraving on wood-plastic floor surfaces. It is bound to greatly reduce the wear resistance of the floor, and

easy to hide dirt, so that the use of quality discount. Consumers should not simply pursue surface effects and ignore the future service life and cleaning trouble. 3. Wide range wood flooring high price is unreasonable. Experts pointed out that the current wide wood flooring high price should not, and small size wood flooring, wide wood plastic flooring should be implemented to sell at medium and low prices.

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brand building the third point

By liuyi, 2018-01-22

companies seeking scale, and some enterprises seeking personalized, the most important thing is to find The positioning of their own businesses, while concerned about the brand building, the third point may be the increase in the proportion of fine decoration for the future of our impact, there will be some impact, fine decoration market in China to go good or bad takes time , This is a trend, but in China, such a consumer habits, the fine

decoration of the road, still have to go, or there is still a long way to go, of course, there are real estate companies which have the concept of problems, there Consumer philosophy, he is a more complex and complex issue, no matter what the proportion of China's fine decoration projects will increase year by year, as our flooring company, which should play a relatively important role, the only way The future through these aspects of the

grasp, I think our flooring industry in some of the outstanding enterprises, will gradually become bigger, made hundreds Company, is very possible. Thank you.Recently, I saw in Fenggang Akihito Industrial Park, Julong, rejuvenation, financial resources, three wood flooring business people come and go good not lively. Workshop workers put the wood on the machine, busy in the production and processing of wood flooring. It is

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mostly block, specification 30.48cm x 30.48cm x 1.27cm, can be directly paved on the cement foundation surface, anti-skid, damping effect is good, very popular with consumers. Here we take a look at the suspension flooring, what are the advantages? A suspension design is no one product in such a clever way to solve such an important problem of moving floor vertical buffer,

intensive support according to the law of uniform distribution in the whole floor below three degrees. Arch bearing structure of the best engineering mechanics structure formed in the huge impact of local moments will pass to 907 intensive support, formed the elastic matrix mitigate the impact of the athletes,

knee, ankle, back and cervical vertebra joint formed the best protection. Reduce the impact of athletes joints, delay muscle fatigue aging, to avoid accidental impact injury. More importantly, in the impact of the case, it does not look like as soft, but has a good elasticity and supporting force of professional floor should be heavy, basketball great placed on top of it without causing any deformation,

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careful purchase of 12 mm thick floor .8 mm floor will dominate the market? 12 mm laminate flooring, is the technological progress or retrogression is the mainstream trend of future development or the market Passed by the popular style Passed on the topic of "EO" in 2006,composite wainscoting wall

the problem of floor thickness has once again become the topic of renovation of the home furnishing network. Floor manufacturers claim that 12mm is a 8mm upgrade product, while some industry experts Think 12mm floor discussion again Become the focus of attention,Cheap Outdoor WPC Products Wholesale in UK

do not rule out some of the industry insiders as a means of copying the suspect. : Reinforcing the floor to the "thick" turn 12 mm is the trend or speculation Event Four: US 332 survey refers to the Chinese hardwood flooring in the United States 337 investigation,high temperature application composite materials

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Low reflection, sweat absorption, no odor, no moisture retention; 6, durability: the product of raw materials for polypropylene (PP) for high strength materials, added with anti ultraviolet radiation, anti oxidant, cold resistant materials such as modified polypropylene, the advantages of the products with pressure, impact resistance, resistance to high temperature long service life,

High weather resistance, high temperature, humidity, rain is not afraid of the sun, never warping deformation beneath the bitter snows. No climate area restrictions, no water after rain site.

excellent performance: the ball rebound rate reached 95%, the sliding friction coefficient 0.52 (data from plastic floor grid national sporting goods quality supervision and inspection report data); 8, use restrictions: all-weather, climate without geographical restrictions,

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national standard value flooring

By liuyi, 2018-01-15

the national standard of laminate flooring has been put into effect. Its name and numbering are the national standard of People's Republic of China GB18580-2001. Famous brands have both the test report produced by the authorities of quality inspection in China, and the labels and labels are complete on the packing boxes of products. Registered trademarks,

manufacturers, operating units, type, quantity, address, telephone number, etc.. 4, select free formaldehyde emissions, waterproof wood floor contains a certain amount of formaldehyde, if more than the national standard value (1.5mg/L) will be harmful to the human body. At the time of purchase,

the most suitable choice of national environmental protection signs certified products or exemption products. 5, water resistance (resistance) performance of water resistance (water resistance) is reflected by the thickness expansion index of water absorption, the index value is high, water resistance is poor, that is easy to cause dimensional change in humid environment.

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Some people use the floor to warm

By liuyi, 2018-01-15

dealer. Sina Home: The floor of the floor for the entire floor industry, what kind of good impact? Nanyang Wood Zhongnan: I think there are several key floor conference, one is the United States market, there are some new laws and regulations in Europe there they appear, like the green sign in Europe, as our domestic industry, or have a certain impact , The point is to let us double the cost. But our sales price increase is not a good thing

for foreigners, this is no doubt. No matter how we mention, he can not do it by himself.Sina home: Do you think the real estate control policies on the flooring industry now have any greater impact? Nanyang Wood Zhongnan: It should be said that there are effects. Because the regulation of the country is a big trend, but now there is an energy-saving decoration. Rough housing For those of us manufacturing companies, I think it is a

good thing, because some of our excellent products three solid wood mixed, warm floor, and laminate flooring, these popular abroad about 50 to 70 years of home, We can create very well in our country. At present, some parquet in China is relatively low grade, including floor heating. Some people use the floor to warm, but basically, there is not a concept yet. Therefore, we think this time we took advantage of the platform of the floor

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under deck shed design
unique fence ideas rustic
price of teak vs cedar

USFloors helped usher in the WPC era with the launch of COREtec three Surfaces ago. In 2015, the company received a patent that covers all engineered flooring products with a WPC core and veneer top layer with or without an attached backing. Noting that WPC is still at the early stages of its lifecycle and expansion, Piet Dossche, CEO of USFloors, predicted WPC “will forever change the landscape of LVT and several other flooring categories.” Specfically, he suggested some categories may even need to be reinvented.


That change could be happening soon. Jeff Striegel, president of Elias Wilf, a Top 20 distributor based in Owings Mills, Md., expects WPC to be the talk of Surfaces with as many as 40 introductions. “Any time you have a product that solves a problem it seems to do well,” he said. “One of the issues people have with LVT is that there is some telegraphing and, therefore, are limitations with what you can put LVT over. That is not the case with WPC. It is clearly a trend that is on the move.”ising this classification of product.


What is WPC exactly?The “w” stands for wood, but the fact is the majority of WPC-type products entering the market today do not contain wood. WPC is a composite material made of thermoplastics, calcium carbonate and wood flour. Extruded as a core material, it is marketed as being waterproof, rigid and dimensionally stable. In an effort to differentiate their products, suppliers are branding their WPC offerings with names such as enhanced vinyl plank, engineered luxury vinyl flooring and waterproof vinyl.


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useful human warm core floor

By liuyi, 2018-01-11

and temperature control technology can achieve "time / subarea switch at any time", very energy-saving, electricity saving. 7, anti-aging manufacturing warm core floor materials are special materials, with good characteristics, anti-aging, non deterioration, stable performance,

service life and building age. 8, super wear test, the surface of the warm core floor has reached more than 8500 rpm, wear-resistant layer of wear-resistant paper reached more than 60 grams. 9, good safety through warm core power, not to exceed the maximum surface temperature of 50 DEG C, no spontaneous combustion, not explode, no leakage. 10, useful human warm core floor series products by authoritative department of infrared application expert detection,

the wavelength is 8.97 microns, is a kind of infrared ray beneficial to human health, scientists called "life light wave"". It can be absorbed quickly by human body, make the blood vessel dilate, promote the blood circulation and metabolism, activate the tissue cell, enhance the immunity of human body, and is very beneficial to the health. The main features of warm core self heating floor,

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a list of the Top 500 Chinese Brands compiled exclusively by World Brand Labs (WBL) was released. With the outstanding advantages and potential for future development, Jiangsu Kentier Wood Co., Again glory of the selected list, reelection wood flooring industry laminate floor runner-up throne.cutting railing spindles

The 2007 "Top 500 Chinese Brands" list is the fourth comprehensive assessment of Chinese brands conducted by World Brand Labs. World Brand Laboratory is an international and professional brand research institute headquartered in New York City. It was chaired by Robert Mundell,Eco-friendly Wood Plastic Composite Flooring Wholesale in UK

the winner of the 1999 Nobel Prize in economics and "Father of the Euro," and is wholly owned by the world's leading Strategic Consulting Group World Executive Group, experts and consultants from Harvard University, Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,floor tiles images

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The content of three aluminum oxide and the thickness of the film determine the wear resistance of the two revolutions. Each square meter containing three oxide two aluminum is about 30 grams of wear-resistant layer about 4000 revolutions, the content of 38 grams of wear-resistant revolution is about 5000 rpm, 44 grams of wear-resistant revolution should be about 9000 rpm, the greater the content and degree of film, the higher the revolution,

the more wear-resistant. 2, the wax layer is waterproof floor groove double sealing, prevent moisture into the substrate, while preventing the diffusion of hazardous substances free substrate, Opel floor through the adsorption and decomposition ability of biological wax strong, these harmful substances absorbed slowly, decomposition. 3, waterproof layer is in the waterproof floor groove tenon and mouth with biological wax seal,

to prevent the entry of external moisture. 4, the environmental protection layer of waterproof floor groove tenon double seal, to prevent the spread of harmful substances in the substrate, so that it no longer cause harm to the living environment, to achieve a very good environmental protection effect. 5, the waterproof balance layer is the use of wax sealing technology,

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Price proofing 'war, making sales

By liuyi, 2018-01-02

to contemporary needs and timely changes. Traditional solid wood furniture, technology and texture in many consumers appear to be as usual, or even conservative, then to veneer furniture represented by the rapid occupation of new markets. Now the veneer has long been divided according to the material is divided into ordinary veneer, tree tumor, tree shadow, tree and fork; from the production methods can be divided into planing veneer, sawing veneer, peeling veneer; according to the production form is divided into natural veneer, dyed veneer , Technology veneer, edge banding, bamboo skin. Product refinement, the variety of sound promote the

use of veneer in various fields and optimization. It should be noted that many enterprises only do simple processing, earn a little processing fee, low level of technology, low quality, low added value, there is no brand concept, for which more and more enterprises have to move into cruel ' Price proofing 'war, making sales and prices have shown a decline. How to learn advanced foreign technology such as cutting veneer veneer processing has become a top priority. Under the dual pressure of China's own development requirements of the veneer industry and the current external market conditions, a large number of enterprises that fail to pass the

market's technical requirements, management and service will exit under the mandatory market requirements and the market environment has been purified, powerful and dreamy. Fair chance of competition. It is believed that after experiencing large-scale reshuffling, the veneer industry in China will surely start its normal operation. The core competitiveness of the veneer industry will gradually become prominent, and an environment of honesty, transparency, fairness and fairness in the market will gradually emerge. The end of 2006, the flooring industry in this year can be described as 'scenery' unlimited. However, behind the lively, more business

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Timber cut back after the selection of timber is cut, in the past is across the lumber cut wood, so that waste of timber is very great, and because of the different growth characteristics of different wood characteristics, to produce the floor unstable.wood grain plastic villa garden deck pictures

The state-of-the-art Elephant Flooring uses the sloping wood from top to bottom, thus not only does not destroy the natural texture of the native tree material, effectively removes scarring, but also provides high utilization of wood and protects forest resources.Low Cost Outdoor WPC Decking Wholesale in UK

Computer flowers cut a good material has a different pattern, if the splicing is not good will affect the decorative effect of color. St. Elephant Kang tree floor parquet will use the computer to choose from, to ensure that every piece of the fight together in the floor can be harmoniously displayed in the most primitive wood,front door threshold with plastic stillages

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wood flooring production reached

By liuyi, 2017-12-01

northeast, northwest and other markets, laid the leading position in the industry. After 5 years of localization, China's laminate flooring enterprises have expanded to more than 3,000, and forced the menacing import of laminate flooring to withdraw from the Chinese market.Cheap Porch Railing Instructions

2002-2007 initial pattern 2002 Laminate flooring has accounted for half of the flooring industry, then, the domestic brands have been fully beyond the foreign brands. Our country has become a big exporter by a country that imports laminate flooring. By 2006 wood flooring production reached 200 million square meters,Outdoor Wood Tiles | Wood Plastic Composite Decking

accounting for more than 60% of all wood flooring production. Into 2006, the wooden floor taxation incident, the United States 377 investigation lock brought the storm so that the entire industry has entered the stage of reflection. In this context, 2007 has become a year of laminate flooring restructuring,White Wood Plastic Backyard Fence Picket

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with the elderly and children on safety, and Dongnuanxialiang, corrosion proof, abrasion resistance, long service life etc.. So, the quality of bamboo flooring can be said to be not too worried about the raw materials by the German Shuhao company supplies, all is 45g/m2 (AL2O3) above, reliable quality. Two, bamboo and wood composite floor expensive?

Any kind of commodity has high school, low grade, the most direct embodiment is the price of the goods, the floor is the same. In the field of bamboo and wood composite flooring, the price of high-end floor can reach thousands of yuan / square meter. Relatively speaking, in the end of bamboo and wood composite flooring price elasticity is relatively large, ranging from 300 - 1000 yuan / square meter. Bamboo flooring in the low-end price flexible space is narrow, generally less brand floor 200 yuan / square metres of wood flooring,

unless it is the preferential price for enterprises or businesses to promotion when possible, but does not rule out the military to Zhilie low price products may grab the market. The price of low-end bamboo flooring is not necessarily proportional to the quality of the products and, from 200 to 300 yuan / square meters of wood flooring in the market is more popular, this is the brand of choice for consumers have a good reputation and strong production strength. Through the above introduction, we can see that bamboo flooring overall is very good,

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floor attention to house website

By liuyi, 2017-11-16

work with the ground non-toxic. Health requirements.     conclusion: epoxy floor paint cost-effective, in the decoration process used properly will often play an unexpected effect, all according to their actual needs to play a small series of selection. More Jiezhuang knowledge welcome attention to house website. Related reading: how to measure the floor paint abrasion resistance, epoxy floor paint buy seven key factors, what is floor paint, floor paint price?Bamboo flooring fresh and natural, good decorative effect,

widely used in Home Furnishing life, the correct use and maintenance, to keep the beautiful and durable bamboo floor is very important, today Xiaobian to introduce maintenance skills of wood flooring, maintenance work to help you do a good job of bamboo wood composite flooring. First, keep indoor ventilation and dry environment, often keep indoor ventilation,

not only can make the chemicals in the floor as volatile as possible, row out to the outside, and can make indoor moist air and outdoor exchange. Especially in the absence of long-term living and maintenance, ventilation and ventilation inside the room is more important. Common practice is: often open windows or doors, so that the air convection, or the use of air-conditioning systems and ventilation systems, so as to create a clean and dry indoor environment.

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the longest service life of up to 30 years. PVC floor soft texture, so the elasticity is also very good, for the weight of the impact of a certain buffer function, it is not easy to cause damage and fall.     small sum up: from the above introduction can be seen, PVC floor has many incomparable advantages, but in the specific decoration process how to choose,

also have to take into account the overall effect of the room. If you want to learn more, please pay more attention to house decoration network.Epoxy floor paint can be made into high strength, wear-resistant and beautiful floor, with no seams, solid texture, good drug resistance, dust-proof, anti-corrosion,

anti-static, easy maintenance, low maintenance costs and so on. To meet a variety of customer design requirements. Here is a small compilation of epoxy flooring for everyone to paint construction and maintenance knowledge.     one, epoxy floor paint construction; 1, epoxy flooring surface treatment (1) new completed industrial floor must be maintained after a certain period of construction, about 28 days. (2) clear the surface of cement slurry, old paint, and adhesion debris. (3) completely remove the oil on the surface,

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pattern, closer to nature, 'green out of blue, but better than blue', strengthen the floor will be inspired by solid wood, but its use of performance and environmental Aspects will go beyond the solid wood flooring. At the same time also add new features, such as reducing noise, antibacterial and health care function 'infrared' radiation and other bionic function of the floor. Reporter: Now the store business model will change it? Li Wei: Before and after 1996, China has just begun to rise decoration hot, flooring and other building materials have settled in the new building materials market, rental booth business, retail market share of the main share of the

floor. But I think the future of large customers will be 'professional customers', such as real estate developers, decoration companies, the retail market share will shrink, a large number of personalized products will be sold to second - hand housing households. Flooring business model will change. On the one hand, we have set up a large project department, responsible for approaching the 'developers' and so on, such as ordering more than 5,000 square meters of customers, can tailor their products for him. On the other hand, I predict that the number of stores in the market will be reduced, although last year the supermarket accounted for only 5% of the

macro sales share, but I believe that this share will rise sharply. At that time, we will be in such a big city in Beijing to open 3 to 5 product exhibition center or experience center, please consumers experience our products. Reporter: How will consumers buy psychology change? Li Wei: I believe that will not take ten years, consumers certainly better than now shopping, is 'you dare to sell, I dare to buy!' Now consumers are always worried about buying fake goods. With the progress of society, the legal system continues to improve, counterfeiters will be severely punished by the law, once the sale of goods problems will make enterprises pay a very high

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the film

By liuyi, 2017-10-23

Skin so thin, is it easy to be worn? For multi-layer parquet, its wear resistance is often not dependent on the thickness of the skin, play a decisive role is covered in the floor of the most surface coating. When you buy multi-storey parquet, you should pay more attention to the quality of the floor board paint. The specific method is to ramp the floor board placed in the bright, from the end of the board to see whether the film is full of uniform, with or without wave shape indentation and so on. Paint should be uniform, no bubbles, white spots and other phenomena, the surface should not have obvious stains and damage. At present, the multi-layer solid wood flooring surface on the market adopts the new type of UV acrylic paint. The three times the UV curing, the second planing treatment, the paint can penetrate into the table, so that the film is not There will be off the situation, and other types of flooring on the market mostly use ordinary PU paint leaching paint treatment, like chocolate wrapped food, although the surface film is thick, but easy to fall off. This new type of paint than ordinary PU paint, with good environmental performance, wear, flame retardant, highly transparent and other significant features, can resist chemical erosion, long-term use will not turn yellow. While the roller paint than the paint in the touch will appear warmer, there will be no cold feeling. Because of the multi-layer solid wood flooring with such excellent surface technology, so despite its thin surface, but its wear-resistant strength through the National Panel on Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center, wear resistance is twice the national standard.

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Floor accessories pollution can not be ignored It is noteworthy that consumers are often more concerned about the logo identified by the green logo, thus ignoring the use of environmentally friendly materials. It is understood that now buy laminate flooring,composite plywood 4 x 8 panels

flooring businessmen generally provide free shipping installation, floor glue are also presented with the floor. In view of environmental protection, moisture-proof high-quality flooring plastic prices are expensive, some small workshop-style manufacturers tend to use cheap ordinary glue,outdoor deck for sale

and even cheaper prices of low-quality plastic, such environmentally friendly glue can not guarantee its quality, but in the business " Brand-specific "and" all-inclusive "under the guise of the logical entry into the consumer family, resulting in family environmental risks.does a wpc fence cost per foot

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wood deep processing projects

By liuyi, 2017-09-17

Japan to introduce the first domestic formaldehyde-free floor automatic production lines, environmental protection products to achieve the world's leading standards. At present, Jinqiao won the national level at all levels of management and industry associations a high degree of recognition and extensive praise: the solid wood flooring national standards drafting unit,Using WPC Material for Outdoor Flooring the Chinese flooring industry service standards drafting unit, the Chinese floor whitening whiteboard drafting unit; State Environmental Protection Administration The title of 'China Famous Brand', the title of 'China Famous Brand', the title of 'China Famous Brand' issued by the State

Administration for Industry and Commerce, and the 'China Famous Brand', 'China Famous Brand', 'China Famous Brand' Service outstanding member enterprises ',' China's flooring industry strong enterprise ',' China's flooring industry export leading enterprises 'and so on. Greatly enhance the Jinqiao floor brand value and influence. Jingjing Sen Jilin Forest Industry (600189) announcement that the company decided to invest in Beijing branch to build an annual output of 3 million square meters to strengthen the floor project.Buying Wood Plastic Decking It is reported that the project will enable the company to invest 11.58 million yuan, the company will be self-financing investment,

production and operation period of 15 years. According to the disclosure, the company in recent years from abroad to introduce a series of high-quality wood species, has developed to strengthen the floor, fire board and other wood deep processing projects,Synthetic Teak Marine Decking greatly improving the added value of wood products. Analysts said the company invested tens of millions of dollars to invest and build an annual output of 3 million square meters to strengthen the floor project is expected to receive substantial returns and improve the company's main business income. (Lingxin Dong) Recently, the company recommended the 'Jinqiao' brand solid wood

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number of goods and services

By liuyi, 2017-09-13

as a supplementary fund activities. At that time, the Shandong Provincial Consumers Association at the same time in the city, county, township selection of a number of goods and services double excellent retail enterprises as Consumers Association members shopping discount units.deck costs per sqft virginia

As long as the retail business to the local Consumers Association to apply, the city by the Association to review the recommendation, approved by the provincial Consumers Association approval, you can sign an agreement to obtain the qualifications of shopping units,outdoor deck for sale

and by the Provincial Consumers Association to publish newspapers and magazines, issued "Consumer Association members shopping discount units" plaque logo. Members can enjoy special offers in the business. It is reported that the members of the purchase units for members to perform their duties include:alternative fencing ideas

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appearance of solid wood flooring

By liuyi, 2017-09-04

Although the past has been, and for a long time. But really let ordinary people know parquet floor, or Heng Yi after playing this brand. I'd love to listen, parquet, where is the new? Now what kind of product and positioning it has? Zhang Hongwu】 【this from several aspects of speaking.wood outdoor dustbin supplier

First, the entire floor of the industry's product mix, how constitutes Second, its future direction of development. In the past, the earliest appearance of solid wood flooring, it is clear that a resource of the product, what kind of tree what kind of wood,wpc outdoor decking discount

what kind of wood to do what kind of floor, is a very strong technology industry. A lot of technology, are in the human body. People are good at doing a certain kind of material, do a kind of paint. And later appeared to strengthen the floor, is a highly standardized,plastic horizontal fence panel

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departments to contact the countervailing and then investigate the government departments to investigate the questionnaire.High Quality Wood Plastic Flooring Provider The US International Trade Commission has initially considered imposing punitive tariffs on hardwood and flooring imported from some countries into the United States, including wood products from Canada. According to the US Orleans wood products manufacturers complained to the International Trade Commission, in recent years, from China and other countries, a large number of hardwood flooring, low prices, only half of the local price, making the local enterprises simply can not compete, had to withdraw from

the market, by This is damaged. US government statistics, said in 2001 China's hardwood flooring to the United States exports only 52 million US dollars, and in 2006 has reached 925 million US dollars.Composite Decking VS Wood Decking The United States expressed concern about the rapid increase in Chinese hardwood products in the short term and decided to take anti-dumping measures. At present, the US International Trade Commission is investigating this case, according to the impact of competitive factors, such as raw materials, illegal logging, environmental policy and government policy measures such as ruling. The US International Trade Commission will hold a

hearing on September 13 to report the results to the Senate Finance Committee in June 2008. Canada exported $ 193 million to similar products in the United States in 2006. Canada said that if the United States on the hardwood and composite flooring anti-dumping duties,How to Build Wood Plastic Fence Canadian companies will be affected. At the end of 2006 the United States and Canada reached a cork trade agreement, excluding hardwood and composite flooring. Other countries that export hardwood and flooring to the United States also include Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia and Russia. Canada's hardwood flooring manufacturing industry continues to expand with the

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bamboo flooring sold to Europe

By liuyi, 2017-08-25

made certain advantages. Enterprises are the main body of anti-dumping response, the county Bureau of Commerce and plywood early warning points to actively guide enterprises to establish the main theme of dealing with trade friction, strengthen the understanding and coordination of enterprises to strengthen the "two anti-two guarantees" and other international trade barriers and other professional knowledge ,Best Price Wood Plastic Garden Flooring To guide the enterprise customer service fear of psychological positive response. "Would rather eat no meat, can not live without bamboo." This old saying the same applies to today's home industry. Recently, the reporter learned

from a number of home improvement products dealers Yiwu, one of the modern bamboo finished bamboo flooring market more and more hot, especially favored by foreign buyers.How to Build the Best Vinyl Fencing Yiwu Xicheng Road in the decoration of the city, many businesses have Yiwu market with foreign trade advantages, will be produced in Jiangxi, Anji and other places of bamboo flooring sold to Europe and the United States, the Middle East and other countries. At present, foreign trade has become Yiwu market bamboo flooring main sales model. Yiwu Yongyu bamboo industry Cheng Ning introduced the company about 98% of the bamboo flooring

exports to Europe and the United States. Compared with the wood flooring, in terms of price, performance, etc., bamboo flooring is unique, such as fine texture, easy to take care, not easy to be insects and so on. In addition, Europe and the United States there are few domestic bamboo resources,PVC Fencing For Your Garden and bamboo flooring and environmental protection, the original ecology and other characteristics sought after by foreign consumers, these are Yiwu market bamboo floats Qiaoxiao Europe and the United States reasons. Hengsen floor sales shop owner Gong told reporters that her bamboo flooring trade exports accounted for more than 80% of

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Everyone on their own brand or very seriously. Independent innovation, said more but do not much. We are for our independent innovation ability is not strong and pay a high price. A floor, a square meter will pay 5 dollars of innovation fees.composite pergola timbers for landscaping

Our awareness of technological innovation needs to be improved. Our industry and enterprises are in urgent need to strengthen technological innovation as soon as possible to cope with the pressure of our business. And we floor industry at home and abroad,outdoor deck for sale

"two resources, two markets," the pattern should be adjusted in the corresponding historical period, we should increase the intensity of domestic forest resources and overseas resources development and cultivation efforts, the two markets to "To the domestic market-oriented" new plastic fencing panels

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the effect is very good, to reduce the error of manual survey using lock technology, pavement floor and floor gently you can tap into the groove. Three, avoid glue pavement paving the floor is to use glue to add to its stability, but the adhesive contains chemicals such as formaldehyde, indoor pollution caused by using more easily, and the lock floor is not appear this kind of problem, because the lock force, even if free plastic decking, seams are very close, not because of the temperature changes or uplift cracking problem.    

four, suitable for the public environment from the range of people's activity and the amount of exercise, the laminate board is not suitable for public places of the pavement, excessive exercise or endurance are to strengthen the floor to bear, easy to crack, and lock floor with super lock, very suitable for the public environment pavement, whatever you jumping around all right. Five, reusable locking floor,

the biggest feature is to prevent the seam seam cracking. With the use of lock floor again, the disassembly is easy and free rubber pavement can be re used; especially what needs to hold exhibitions or temporary places of the pavement, the delicate and beautiful decorative effect.     Xiao Bian sum up: the above is about the five major advantages of locking floor, I hope to help you. If you want to learn more,

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solid wood flooring

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by the impact of the upper reaches of raw materials, the current floor, furniture prices have risen, especially in the most common price of solid wood panels, many building materials market, solid wood flooring prices earlier than the price per square meter rose about 30 yuan,Durable Composite Flooring Manufacturer The highest increase of 15%. Although the face of price adjustment, but due to strong national consumer demand, shopping malls or hope that by the activities such as promotions to reduce the price increases on the people directly to the impact. Reporters from the modern decoration market, B & Q (view map) and other

places to understand, based on the reality of solid wood flooring price adjustment, has been in the mid-market composite floor sales greatly improved. "Composite flooring ushered in the sales of the golden period, which is mainly related to the consumer groups, most of the renovation of the new house '80 after 'young people take into account the spending power,ECO Friendly Composite Pergola or will look at the price is relatively affordable, composite floor. Floor prices up to 15% Reporters learned that a brand of a price of 368 yuan / square meter of white oak solid wood flooring, the recent price has risen to 388 yuan / square meter, another original price of 320 yuan /

square meter Of the solid wood flooring, the price is 345 yuan / square meter, solid wood flooring prices rose between 5% -15%. "Part of the price of solid wood flooring, the vast majority are due to the scarcity of trees or tight supply, there are individual models of solid wood flooring prices slightly lowerPorch Composite Railing Ideas." Shang Li floor manager told reporters. B & Q sales office official told reporters: "whether the floor price and the substrate supply channels have a great relationship, large stores, large brands because of a relatively stable supply chain, so the price is more firm, if There are prices are relatively cautious, or generally not too high. "As the

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According to Baroque floor Changsha head - Changsha giant tripod building materials trading company general manager Luo Jianjun introduction, the new life of wood companies to introduce Germany "heroic" production technology and a full set of wood fence low price

Through the 12 sorting process, 28 process, scientific mechanics design, so that each floor of the organic coupling, moisture permeability. Installation more convenient, so Baroque put an end to the solid wood flooring easy to deformation,UK deck wholesale

not wear, the color difference. Both solid wood flooring and laminate flooring advantages, with high stability, but also has a solid wood flooring natural sense of foot comfort, natural environmental protection and other characteristics, installation and maintenance are very convenient.corrugated plastic roofing under a deck

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solid wood flooring for geothermal bottleneck in wood floors remain completely overcome, nature also do stability in the geothermal environment high floor, thermal tolerance even better than solid wood flooring laminate flooring. However, the solid wood geothermal floor price is higher, and there are not many tree species that can be selected. It is the disadvantage of the solid wood geothermal floor which is stronger than the laminate flooring and solid wood composite flooring.

Edit comment: flooring, solid wood flooring, solid wood composite floor can be used as a geothermal geothermal heating floor, with the continuous development of science and technology of the floor, we will have more and more choices in the ground floor, but no matter what kind of choice on the floor, the guarantee of health should be our priority. If you want to know more knowledge of geothermal heating floor,

please continue to pay attention to house decoration network.Pure solid wood geothermal floor means not to change the natural property of solid wood flooring, and can be used directly in the floor heating environment of solid wood flooring. Pure wood to heat the floor of health and environmental protection, comfortable, widely used in the decoration of Home Furnishing. At present, the pure wood floors on the market are tens of thousands, and consumers are required to follow the five main points.

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high-tech industries, including furniture, flooring and so on. Flooring industry is a new industry. Today, China has become the world floor processing base and the big market, in the formation of Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan and Liaoning four industrial areas. Vinyl Fences Make A Great Choice For Your Garden Liaoning flooring industry has a good foundation and a certain advantage. After the reform and opening up, Liaoning flooring industry started faster, more than 450 existing flooring enterprises, the annual output value has more than 5 billion yuan. Liaoning Province bigger and stronger floor industry has a unique advantage; strong industrial base, with advanced equipment and

many technical personnel; rich in wood resources, especially for the production of the floor of the song Liu, Catalpa wood, maple, birch and other hardwood is the most abundant More than 95% of the flooring business for the private sector, the development of the flooring industry does not require much government investment,Outdoor Wood Plastic Flower Planter Box you can get a multiplier effect; industry organization - Furniture Association floor professional committee was established, greatly improving the level of industrial organization and industry as a whole competition force. The United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States,

the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, Market Distribution Center. Br> flooring industry is labor-intensive industries, vigorously develop the flooring industry can solve the problem of laid-off workers re-employment. Liaoning Province, more than 9,000 employees,Green Outdoor Wood Plastic Decking the flooring industry, including handling, transportation, assembly, catering and other related industries employed 50,000 people, in addition to ease the pressure of employment, but also for the government to create a large number of taxes,

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person with warm composite decking

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Heat loss is inevitable, and the ideal floor can minimize the losses. In foreign countries, useful plastic floors for heating, but generally not recognized by domestic consumers. Geothermal floor selection should follow the "choose thin, not selected thick", you can choose three layers of solid wood, multi-layer solid wood, bamboo flooring and laminate flooring, the thickness is not more than 8 mm, the maximum can not exceed 10 millimeters. But three layers of solid wood can reach 15 millimeters.

Pure solid wood geothermal floor can reach 18 millimeters. Plastic floors are generally thin, in less than 5 millimeters. Geothermal floor of the substrate requirements are high, the temperature difference between winter and day is great, the floor will expand heat and cold, the usual floor can not afford to toss about. Not suitable for geothermal power. Now on the market, consumers and many businesses will believe that the geothermal floor stabilization is better multi-layer solid wood flooring,

but pure solid wood geothermal floor in addition to stable high, environmental protection is superior to other floors. The advantages of geothermal floor 1, comfort, health care, ground radiation heating is the most comfortable heating, indoor surface temperature uniformity, temperature gradually decreasing from the bottom up, give a person with warm head and cool feet feel good; not easily caused by dirty air convection, indoor air cleaning; improve blood circulation, promote The new supersedes the old.

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Television Production Center

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Hangzhou. Reporter: is the advertising company through Hangzhou? Green home wood company marketing manager: Yes, Hangzhou agent. Reporter: Do you get through Hangzhou? Greenwood Wood Marketing Manager: Yes, they sent to us. Reporters noted that these enterprises through the Hangzhou advertising company to get the certificate,private panels decking price

mostly under the banner of China Agricultural Film and Television Production Center, but these certificates from the layout to the printing are not the same, even the size of the official seal is also very different Is obviously forged. Reporter: how much money? Green Wood Company Marketing Manager.UK deck wholesale

15,000 yuan of money. Reporter: that bronze is also they give you it? Green Wood Company Marketing Manager: Bronze is not, we are like this, get this proof later, I do it again. Reporter: Do you have this thing have not received the consent and authorization of CCTV? Green home wood company marketing manager.outdoor decorative privacy screen panel

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furniture export base; Relying on industrial advantages, Henglin also aimed at regional logistics center, planning and construction of large-scale floor decoration market and large furniture decoration market, support and nurture strong logistics enterprises in southern Jiangsu,Long Life WPC Deck Flooring while planning and construction of modern logistics industrial park and functional logistics and distribution center. July 5, Changzhou City, the flooring industry tax policy interpretation will be held in our bureau. The theme of this meeting is "according to the law to pay taxes, promote the harmonious development", to participate in the meeting for the relevant leaders of the town

government, Changzhou City, floor, chairman of the floor, the floor business legal representative and financial person in charge. Deputy director of the Municipal Bureau, the Municipal Taxation Association Vice President Wang Xuanfang, District Secretary, Institute of Jing Wei,Wood Plastic Flooring Products deputy director Zhang Zhijie attended the meeting. In his speech, Comrade Wang Xuanfang pointed out that the meeting was a briefing session, a policy interpretation meeting, an exchange of experiences and a mobilization meeting for an industry reorganization. He also asked three points for the three categories of participants: First, enterprises should correct

thinking, establish a legitimate business philosophy; Second, financial personnel to strengthen accounting, play an effective monitoring role; Third, the tax department to strengthen services to improve the management level. Only such taxpayers can better fulfill their tax obligations,Synthetic Teak Decking for Boats regulate their own tax-related activities, safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, and build a harmonious relationship. In 2003, Jiangsu Changzhou to strengthen the export of wood flooring, a total of 150 batches of 562,000 square meters, is the first three years the total number of export 10 times, export enterprises from 3 to 15, exporting countries all over the

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we must first understand the working principle of geothermal floor. Geothermal heat is transferred to the ground floor by floor, this process must have the heat loss, the ideal is the loss to a minimum, how to reduce the loss, namely "thick thin election", pure solid wood flooring, parquet, bamboo flooring, flooring, floor thickness not exceeding 8 mm, the maximum not exceeding 10 mm. Two, the floor heat resistance is better, geothermal floor to withstand high temperature test,

if it is compound type of floor, adhesive, in addition to consider the bite strength, environmental protection performance should pay attention to. Floor formaldehyde at high temperatures, the volatilization rate is several times the low temperature. Therefore, consumers in the geothermal floor shopping, check the product reports, inspection reports is very necessary. Three, geothermal floor,

back grooving, geothermal floor purchase, there is a key, that is, the floor of the back of the groove. The back of the floor is slotted longitudinally, and the air layer is formed at the slot at the back of the floor to reduce the heat conduction effect to a certain extent. The hollow structure forms an air layer between the ground surface and the floor surface to reduce heat conduction, and the structural floor can be better used in the ordinary environment.

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organize and joint; learn to obtain long-term benefits from the building; deepen enterprise innovation; strengthen human capital accumulation and investment; Subdivided.Moderator: some time ago and floor boss chat, are talking about the floor industry product homogeneity. PVC Soft Board Decking for BoatsThere is a saying that if the flooring business does not enter the top three, is a dead end, you can not talk about the understanding of this view. Wu Wei: not into the top three is a dead end of this statement is too one-sided, it is easy to mislead the enterprise's investment and decision-making direction. I think the domestic flooring industry, including other industries there is such a

misunderstanding: that with the scale, you can quickly develop, it will not die. As a result, we will continue to increase the venue, increase equipment, structure, upstream resources, have to become China's largest floor manufacturers. In fact, big and not big, not the enterprise investment,PVC Flooring Cleaning And Maintenance large scale will be able to develop well, you can when the leadership of enterprises. Determine the size of the enterprise and whether it is a leadership-oriented enterprises, not their own decision, but by the consumer the final say. Consumers are the only rulers who decide to grow rapidly. As a wood flooring business, first of all should be rational to face

the development direction of the industry, and in the future direction of development with their own resources, to establish their own role in the minds of consumers is the most critical. I think the wood flooring industry in the existing competitive landscape only three types of enterprises to survive, and continue to develop. In each of these three categories of business,The Basics of PVC Composite Flooring only the first three can survive well, rather than in the whole industry to do the first three to survive. The first category of enterprises is relying on large-scale enterprises based on efficiency, in this type of business only into the top three, to survive well; the second category is to rely on the

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four years has been a lot of consumer recognition, has held a lot of public welfare activities to contribute to the community. Good morning! Today is the fourth anniversary of the activities of the floor, we look forward to your arrival, today's scene will launch a limited time for you, limited to the floor,outdoor wood deck exposed to sun light

and today there is a large raffle, as long as you buy than Jia floor, you may get cash 5000 yuan. 10 o'clock to 12 o'clock, cherry trees and teak limited to 500 square feet, imitation wood is 1:00 to 1:30, only half an hour limit. At the same time we are invited to come from the thousands of miles to the floor of the experts, leadership,UK deck wholesale

they opened the floor for everyone we do not understand the place and do not understand the place, we can get the answer here. If you choose the floor where there is any doubt, you can go here to consult, what kind of circumstances to choose what kind of floor, which has become a headache for consumers,wood plastic material for decking

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Best multilayer solid wood composite products. 4, wear-resisting degree of carbonized solid wood floor. The paint on the surface of the floor is penetrated into the wood by means of intrusion, that is, it is wearable and will not crack because of the high temperature. With the skills to buy carbonized solid wood flooring characteristic, small house temporarily introduced here, I hope for your help to choose carbide solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring carbonation for more knowledge,

please continue to pay attention to house decoration network.Floor health, environmental protection, decorative effect is good, is a favorite of consumers decorative material. Geothermal floor is a kind of home floor, because of its good thermal conductivity, is widely used in home decoration, today Xiaobian to introduce the floor heating installation three major points,

to help you do home decoration. First, the ground treatment is mainly to cement the moisture in the ground clean out. If the moisture in the cement floor is not removed before the floor is installed, a certain amount of moisture shock wave will be generated when heated, which is the main reason for the cracking of the geothermal floor. Set a standard in Germany DIN4725 geothermal floor ground floor,

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Strengthen the annual production capacity of wood flooring has more than 160 million square meters, the domestic market share reached 45%, and exports to more than 100 countries and regions. At present, Henglin floor cluster has been Wujin District, Changzhou City, as the focus of support for the development of regional characteristics of industry, and was included in Jiangsu Province, 100 important industrial clusters and to the country recommended the province's 20 key industrial clusters. Henglin town flooring industry in the development process, not only "overwhelming", but also efforts to achieve "topless", to speed, quality, efficiency

simultaneously forward, put forward the creation of national quality production base of the target, and developed a program and specific Measures to promote the creation of a solid work. The town has not only increased the local government investment,WPC Flooring Into Your Homes the construction of the international forest floor, and efforts to grow brand-name product groups, to the end of last year, the town has 9 brand-name products in Jiangsu Province, Changzhou brand-name products 14, Jiangsu famous 5 trademarks. At the same time, reinforce the enterprise product quality and technical basis. Henglin town's goal is to create a national quality production

base, to promote the orderly development of the industry, fair competition, effectively promote the province and the country's wood flooring industry to a new track of sustainable development, and ultimately to Henglin town flooring industry toward the " World-class production center,Best Flooring Material for Home Decoration international research and development centers, global procurement center "goal. February 18, the research team experts will also visit Jiangsu Luoke Wood Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Kailai Wood Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Province, floor furniture testing center, Jiangsu Bell Decoration Materials Co., Ltd., Henglin International Flooring City. March 15 morning, the US-owned

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floor very many, wood flooring, bamboo flooring, flooring and so on, today Xiaobian to introduce a lot of friends may be on the floor to warm, warm floor is not very understanding, here we take a look at the introduction and types of knowledge to warm the floor. First, what is the floor heating? Floor heating is applicable to low temperature hot water floor heating (referred to as ground heating) floor. Measuring a real geothermal floor requires a lot of specific technical parameters.

First of all, it must have good heat dissipation. Geothermal floor in the choice of material is very particular about, and strictly select those wood density meet the requirements of the special substrate. The floor thickness is between 6.5 and 8.5 millimeters (the standard thickness of the geothermal floor) to ensure that the floor has good ventilation and heat dissipation function. The second characteristic is heat resistance.

Third is environmental protection, how to determine the composite floor heating formaldehyde emission index, or if you judge pure solid wood floor heating, how to achieve 100 percent environmental protection features of the arrangement requirements?. Fourth is security. Geothermal floor has already been finished some toughened and hardened into steel. In the process of making it, we must pass the strict test of four cycles. The floor is heated for 4 hours in the hot water at 100 degrees Celsius.

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I hope to help you Home Furnishing wood table maintenance for more wood table knowledge, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network.There are many kinds of kitchen tables, such as marble table, glass table, solid wood table and so on. Among them, the solid wood table is popular with consumers because of its natural, environmental and health benefits. The following small to everyone detailing the characteristics of solid wood table of knowledge, to help you fully understand the solid wood table.

The solid wood table always looks for the new art and the life expression way, transforms its abstract beauty as much as possible the concrete reality. Wood table is hard and firm, excellent resistance to moisture resistance to dry, durable, long-term use of smooth and delicate, not love to the family of wind erosion. Wood table thickening desktop, table legs brawnier, firmly linked together, can withstand the test of time, enduring.

The feeling of freedom always comes from the heart, and in the perfect space, all the emotions are immersed in the excess of the image. The main frame of the solid wood table guarantees the stability of the table angle and the stability of the table. Solid wood table, all solid wood structure, each texture is clear and delicate, exudes a natural flavor, healthy life indispensable. Its excellent support, durable, not easy to crack, so that home life more secure. The solid wood dining table uses the curve design table angle,

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its long historical processs

By liuyi, 2017-07-13

tile products mosaic mosaic art, echo fashion trend of retro fashion. Bold selection of metallic, black, wine red and other dark tone style texture, design both fashion sense and high performance characteristics. Inside the door will fully reflect the perfect combination of technology and art, elements and space of the infinite blend of color as clothing as colorful,wood plastic composite hollow deck

become the home of the vane, high-tech materials will lead to changes in the door. Lighting will start functional subdivision, lighting more natural design and focus on environmental protection, more colorful, to meet people back to nature, advocating the natural psychology, to achieve the combination of artistic and practical.roof garden deck

In 2007, the furniture trend of Chinese furniture is an important part of Chinese culture, has a long history, in its long historical process, to create a brilliant culture. Chinese furniture is the cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, is the common wealth of the world. To the stable, simple,looks like wood acts like composite

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terminal production enterprises

By liuyi, 2017-07-11

supervision demonstration area construction cooperation memorandum signed in Changzhou, which is the Jiangsu province inspection and quarantine departments and local government linkage to enhance the "Made in China" level of major initiatives.How To Built Outdoor Benches Changzhou to strengthen the wood flooring industry cluster brings together more than 140 terminal production enterprises, products exported to five continents nearly 100 countries and regions. In 2007 the export floor reached 77.2 million square meters, amounting to $ 344 million. However, due to the lack of brand and patented technology, wood flooring exports have repeatedly been foreign

technology, patent barriers. In order to meet the status quo of the international trade, the information is not timely, the production and operation has a greater blindness of the status quo, Jiangsu inspection and quarantine departments in a timely manner to provide relevant policies, technologies, information, personnel support and services DIY Flooring Used WPC Material and major trade countries to carry out quality inspection cooperation consultations , And actively respond to the dilemma of floor exports. Relevant sources said the demonstration area will be through the establishment of suitable for the development of industrial clusters of new mechanisms, new initiatives, bigger and

stronger several influential international industry cluster center to promote the "corporate brand" to "regional brand" upgrade, and gradually formed Jiangsu has the characteristics of innovative regulatory model, to achieve international agglomeration. Fairview flooring company general manager Xu Bo solemnly declared: the country's 86 stores will stop selling aluminum solid wood flooring,Rich Quality Wood Plastic Flooring while the introduction of a new "transparent" solid wood flooring, consumers can see the quality of re-purchase. Three years ago, in order to eradicate the deformation of the floor, cracking and other ills, Xu Bo led the R & D personnel and Canadian experts jointly

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the number of plants is about 150-200 strains, most green plants do not flower, the green plants scattered in each room, such as ground coffee table, bedside cabinets, decoration the dresser, etc., the formation of well-proportioned pattern and level, can fully reflect the human and the natural harmonious exchange. And often the use of natural wood stone rattan bamboo and other materials simple texture,

coincidentally in the green room settings creating a natural, simple, elegant atmosphere. Two, the choice of fabric and collocation of American Home Furnishing arrangement is the main function of the warm, comfortable and practical focus, like mattresses, bedspread even a small pillow are decorated with elements of the same or similar material, the same. Simple and elegant cloth patterns, exquisite leather,

flashy brocade and so on are the first choice of American style furniture, so as to highlight their unique temperament and charm. Three, lighting choice and collocation, in the choice of lights, American furniture usually match classical wall lamp or floor lamp, appear elegant. The appearance of the choice should be suitable for American furniture color and shape. Such as antique furniture, suitable for use with bamboo or carving and polishing the metal lamp; lamp with luxurious leather sofa,

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the quality of our products

By liuyi, 2017-07-11

really produce a good product. If a little problem, we can find the first time, you can immediately solve. Like our students, there are mid-term examinations, final exam, this is the exam. Usually the class also often do some small test, our own daily quality inspection is like a quiz, the monthly national testing center sampling is a monthly exam.vinyl deck floor cover

The purpose is to ensure the quality of our products. I would like to through these three things, the service, culture, quality together, as soon as possible to our Ruijia "high-quality products, quality service coupled with high-quality culture," perfect, give consumers a better choice. This is the first half of Ruijia to do some things.roof garden deck

Love Norfasai, South America style two big floor brand together with home music large-scale promotional activities when the hot line ... ... Nanjing sunshine in April, the temperature also will rise, like the arrival of summer. At this time it is a good season for decoration, with the recent good weather,cost per ft installation cost for vinyl deck railing

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Wood team cohesion and combat effectiveness, with the company's strategy with the adjustment, the South will be stronger and stronger, made by leaps and bounds. Nanyang floor trademark in May 2012 won the China State Administration for Industry and Commerce identified the well-known trademarks in China.WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) Flooring Installation Guide With the brand upgrade, the company efforts to develop new products. Recently, the company developed two kinds of fast heating floor, the number of "201320173993.3" and "201320173994.8" two practical patents obtained by the State Intellectual Property Office, and in November 6, 2013 public release. Nanyang flooring

company since 2003, the long-term exports of Europe, Japan, South Korea all kinds of high-end flooring. In these countries and regions in winter particularly cold, so the use of warm wood flooring to become the first choice for our customers. In China,Outdoor WPC Wall Board Design in recent years to warm the floor in the east and northwest to the west gradually popular. How to produce according to the characteristics of wood low energy consumption, green and warm floor to become a wooden flooring industry research and development of one of the topics. Warm wood floor is the wooden floor below the laying of hot water pipes, or electric film or carbon fiber heat sink,

and then through the wood floor heat transfer, so that the room to set the temperature. However, because the wood has a heat, heat insulation characteristics, resulting in slow heat dissipation, poor heating performance, resulting in a serious waste of heat.The Benefits of Choose Wood Plastic Decking In order to overcome the poor thermal conductivity of wood flooring, lack of heat, the company R & D through technological innovation, so that the new floor to warm the floor through the rapid cooling, reduce electricity, about 50% of energy consumption, improve heat utilization. And the stability of the conventional wood floor to the floor, the use of a number of functional indicators such as

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Lai car floor emphasizes the value of the transfer - loyalty filial piety, only loyal only filial piety, harmonious and happy. Because only loyalty and filial piety, in order to be responsible for the consumer, to the community, loyalty to the country. "Loyalty filial piety," the image of the typical - Mr. Huang Rihua had a perfect interpretation of the heroes "Guo Jing",exterior fence used as privacy fence

reputation! Zhongxiao good boy - Huang Rihua classic, calm, calm, wise image and content, style and temperament are all with the car to build the brand image of the match! Lai car brand in the industry for the first time the traditional Chinese virtues and corporate culture perfect fusion, reflects the Lai car people a strong sense of social decking wholesale

Lai car floor in the show is another highlight - classic car BMW. This is the Swiss car company's commitment to the 2007 dealer: joined the Lai car, and the development of the Swiss car, Lai car achievements "100 millionaires dealer", 07 outstanding dealer prizes is a BMW car. Jiangsu billion US Wood Co., Ltd.,any one use composite decking for truck bed

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the ground should be smooth (no obvious uneven surface, its surface roughness should be less than 2/1000mm), clean, dry, no debris, no dust. 3. Cables and air conditioning systems, such as cables laid under the floor, shall be completed before the installation of the floor. 4. Heavy equipment should be fixed on the base, the equipment is installed on the base, the base height should be highly consistent with the surface of the floor. 5, the construction site with 220V/50Hz power and water.

Two, construction materials flooring: in line with the design and specifications requirements, specifications 600X600. Conductive adhesive: the resistance value shall be less than the resistance value of the panel. Copper foil (or aluminum foil): thickness 0.01-0.05mm, width 20-40mm. Alcohol: Industrial grade. Welding rod: diameter 2~5mm. Three 、 construction tool scraper: used for coating conductive adhesive.

A hammer head: for rubber plastic floor, which fully bonded with the ground. A voltage of 100 volts used to measure electrical conductivity. Professional cutting saw: used for cutting floors. Welding gun: used for welding floor. Other: the laser level meter, bubble level, feet, Moxian, suction plate, nut wrench,

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This project promotion has become a major highlight of the first (China · Changzhou) International Flooring Fair.Flooring market gradually into the season of environmental protection and after-sales is the focus of attention With the arrival of spring, floor sales and entered a season. Found in the visit,replacement plastic park bench slats

in the floor to buy, environmental performance and after-sales service has become the focus of many consumers. "From the end of March, the sales situation has been good, compared to years ago, sales increased by at least 30%." Tanggu District, the United States and Canada, a floor decoration city, said a lot of people choose to renovate in the spring,cheap wpc floor

During the 15 years, many businesses have made discount promotions, have contributed to the growth of floor sales. She expects the momentum of this sale will continue for several months. In the reporter visited several floor sales stores, sales staff have said that consumers in the purchase of the floor when the environmental protection and after-sales service is guaranteed to have the most attention.non slip abrasive bar wholesale

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domestic bamboo flooring products

By liuyi, 2017-06-27

lot of research projects from the market demand, Interaction with the enterprise ". "In Jiangxi, in addition to the Forestry Research Institute, the basic no other relevant research institutions, companies can only rely on their own research and development, generally need to invest 3% to 5% of the profits, and high-end R & D will need to invest 10% The enterprise is a heavy burden. "Feng Xuquan said that industrialization should be achieved through large-scale, and technology investment is the driving force of large-scale production," the state to support forestry industrialization, should increase the support of enterprise R & D. " In addition, the importance of

the brand is gradually highlighted. Jiangxi Feiyu Bamboo Industry Group's bamboo flooring brand "Chunhong" is the highest profit of domestic bamboo flooring products, thanks to the enterprises in expanding sales channels and establish a brand to make efforts. Feiyu Group President Wei Dongdong suggested that the industry as soon as possible to develop standards to achieve standardized production, in order to improve the overall image of the product and credibility, "but also with scientific research institutions to achieve the key part of the processing of all mechanized to reduce costs and improve production efficiency " Fengxin County,

relying on a wealth of bamboo resources, bamboo processing enterprises to guide the deep processing of effort, bamboo industry development showed a "rough processing to deep processing, low-grade products to brand products, low efficiency to high efficiency, a single domestic market to the international market" Four gratifying changes, bamboo processing level is gradually increased, processing and transformation of bamboo has reached 100%. This year, Fengxin County has 43 bamboo processing on the basis of the new bamboo flooring finished products processing enterprises 4, and strive to bamboo flooring finished processing up to 2 million

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can not only meet the needs of laying cables and pipelines arranged in a crisscross pattern, but also through the design, set the vents in the appropriate parts of overhead floor, can also meet the static pressure air supply air conditioning the requirements. Two, what is the classification of anti-static floor? Anti-static floor according to the substrate and the cover material can be divided into: steel base, aluminum matrix composite, base, base board (also called Mu Ji),

based on calcium sulfate and so on, can be anti-static tiles, veneer melamine (HPL) and PVC. Aluminum, calcium sulfate based high price of aluminum base floor will not rust, but aluminum floor made of precision is not high, imports of aluminum base price is too high; steel base and steel matrix composite base is moderate, but the floor section is easy to rust, so the sections are all in need of paint Antirust processing, composite floor base the section also do dust treatment;

particleboard based price is low, but the water absorption rate is too high, and poor fireproof performance, low bearing capacity, is not suitable for the requirements of high places, so the current market base and the base steel composite floor is becoming more and more popular. The use of melamine (HPL) as veneer easy to aging skin, easy to scratch the surface, easy to fall off the edge;

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of high quality bamboo as the material, combined with high-tech science and technology, the introduction of more than 120 meters long German production floor production line. Product implementation of the national bamboo flooring GB / T20240-2006 standards, exports in line with European CE standards,Wood Plastic Exterior Wall board is non-toxic, harmless green products. Products are exported to the United States, Japan, Korea, Australia, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Mexico and other countries. Really round the building materials design industry for many years "to bamboo on behalf of the wood to bamboo on behalf of the" dream. State Administration of Quality Supervision,

Inspection and the State Forestry Administration announced on the 18th 2013 bamboo flooring product quality national supervision and spot checks, 2 batches of formaldehyde emission products do not meet the requirements of the standard. In the third quarter of 2013,Comparison of Natural Teak and Synthetic Teak a total of 39 batches of bamboo flooring products from 39 enterprises in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan and other provinces were sampled. According to GB 18580-2001 "interior decoration materials wood-based panels and their products in the formaldehyde release limit", GB / T 20240-2006 "bamboo flooring" and other standards, the bamboo flooring products

moisture content, surface film wear resistance , Surface coating adhesion, formaldehyde emission and other four items were tested. Spot checks found that Jiangxi Tonggu Jiangqiao bamboo industry limited liability company batch of "Jiangqiao" (1000 × 145 × 16.5 (mm),Synthetic Teak Marine Decking flat pressure three 2013-04-24), Jiangxi God Island bamboo limited liability The company's batch of "King of God" (960 × 140 × 17 (mm), flat pressure three layers 2012-12-20), formaldehyde emission does not meet the requirements of the standard. AQSIQ said it has instructed the relevant provincial and municipal quality and technical supervision departments in accordance

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the use of permeability and adhesion exceptionally strong epoxy primer, roll coating, scraping or brushing together, strengthen the epoxy flooring adhesion. In 3, the construction of epoxy resin coated: adding quartz sand, smooth and dense layer of certain thickness with the trowel, enhanced ground pressure and anti impact property. 4, soil construction: the use of epoxy batch of soil, depending on the actual needs of the construction of several road, to enhance the flatness of the ground.

surface coating construction: the main agent and curing agent mixture, stir in correct proportion can be trowelling, brushing or spraying, the surface wear and corrosion resistance, waterproof and dustproof, easy to clean. After the completion of the whole surface bright and clean, uniform color, no empty drum. Blistering floor paint blisters occurred on the first floor or basement, sometimes more than two buildings have also occurred, floor paint blisters in the general construction shortly after the discovery, there are some blisters morning paving floor paint at.

Blisters from small to large, continuous development, stop the development to a certain extent. The higher the temperature, the more likely the blister will be, and the faster it will develop. Blisters vary in shape and size. Some blisters above 1m in diameter, up to 20~50mm. There is no obvious relationship between the formation of blisters and the construction area.

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epoxy (solvent-free) etc.. 4. Polyurethane elastic floor paint consists of two component polyurethane coatings with normal temperature curing. When construction, a and B components must be mixed in a certain proportion. 5, antistatic floor paint usually use polyurethane resin or epoxy resin as base material, with special conductive materials and pigments, fillers, curing agent and so on.

>anticorrosive floor paint usually use unsaturated resin or vinyl ester as base material, with accelerator and curing agent. The characteristics of cement floor paint with epoxy cement floor paint for example, Jianshao some of its characteristics: 1, mainly composed of epoxy resins, colorants, fillers (quartz powder,

talcum powder, titanium dioxide, etc.), additives (leveling agent, defoaming agent) with the corresponding curing agent composed of special coatings that is mainly used in cement ground. 2, application: electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, communications, food, medicine, clothing, plastic, mold, tobacco, chemical and other requirements of wear and impact resistance of the place, especially the need to take the heavy hand forklift, forklift, car place.2, bottom coating construction:

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thereby increasing the service life of the floor. Six, easy maintenance, sports floor surface (especially the surface layer to add special high-tech TPU treatment of surface), outside pollution have ability to remove, such as surface pollution, with a clean mop, clean water can be. Key dirt can be cleaned with neutral detergent. Single hole closed PVC shading after acerbity, waterproof, mildew, antibacterial treatment, so that the product itself has a self protective barrier,

so as to enhance the product's self discharge function! Seven, excellent effect of reducing noise (lower 25db/28db) the thickness of the bottom floor exercise standard, coupled with a rebound for shock absorption and reasonable, with sound-absorbing function in motion, sound insulation effect is good. To sum up, sports floor finishing is still very good, good stability, durability, wear resistance, easy maintenance. Seven advantages of sports flooring, small temporary house is here to share,

I hope to help you understand the movement of the floor, the floor exercise for more knowledge, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network. We all know that exercise floor stability, comfort and durability, easy maintenance strong wear resistance, is a very good floor, then moving floor is composed of the structure of what you know? Sports flooring applicable to what place?

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10% is the choice of inferior materials, such as the ground moist keel moisture is too high; 10% is on-site maintenance and use, maintenance improper. Came to the Nanjing Consumer Association complaints Ms. Xia told reporters in June 2006, she invited a decoration company decoration, laying the floor, the designer recommended the brand floor - Fulin floor,building wood balconies railing

so her home in Hexi a Building materials supermarket to buy 86 square meters of fiber skin Yu Lei Fu Lin floor. But after the wooden floor paved, not happy for a few days, the problem came one after another. In August, her home wood flooring appeared a large area of ​​deformation, showing corrugated. Subsequently, Ms. Xia and Fulin floor contact,villa garden deck

the company responsible for the floor was re-laying. However, Ms. Xia believes that the floor is now destroyed by a large area, and there are large and small cracks are very ugly, so that is not satisfied with the solution. While the other one living in the sunrise King City, Mr. Liu complained, because the renovation team will start the floor pavement costs counted,adding height to an existing wooden fence

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floor "put on a layer of antibacterial chiffon, also began to claim antibacterial floor" Reporter investigation: since the wear of anti-bacterial caps reporter visited yesterday to strengthen the floor market found that many anti-bacterial floor manufacturers are promoting their own floor Bacteria rate of 99.9% "Cheap Outdoor Wood Plastic Fence," 24 hours to play antivirus But also when the reporter to further in-depth inquiry on the floor of the antimicrobial principle, the sales staff will be able to promote the anti-bacterial effect of their products, such as spirits: kill bacteria, in addition to mites and odor, and this sterilization function for 15 years, Began to hesitate, and when a reporter asked if there is

no relevant authority to test data to prove that an antibacterial floor of a sales staff to 2 copies of the material in front of reporters shook, the reporter noted that the two materials from a A disease control center issued a test report, the other is issued by an association of anti-bacterial certification, when a reporter would like to further understand the specific testing standards,Affordable Wood Plastic Patio Decking the sales staff immediately put away the material, said: "Anyway you know it's common Bacteria eradication rate of 99.9% on the line. "Some floor promoters also said that their antibacterial effect of antibacterial floor continued to play, and the life of the floor have the same effect, but

simply can not get any proof.Therefore, in this gorgeous concept of packaging is not true According to the professionals, due to the lack of uniform standards, therefore, the industry-led enterprises successfully developed with independent intellectual property rights of the antibacterial floor to obtain a competitive advantage, some enterprises follow the trend of speculation, the lack of basic self-discipline,Build Outdoor PVC Fence in the Technology and preparation are not sufficient circumstances, in order to take advantage of the introduction of the concept of the so-called free anti-bacterial floor, resulting in building materials on the market there have been several brands of

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After a very busy working week, you would think over the better ways to spend the weekends. For example, you can drive to the country to enjoy the nature landscape or invent your friends to join the party being held at home.

Of course, If the condition allows, in the summer, it is better to take a sun bath at the beach or swim in the sea, both of which are the good ways to relax and have the unforgettable weekends.

Imagine that you are lying on the casual beach chairs and enjoy the warm sunlight, at the same time, you can chat with your friends, or listen to the music or just close eyes to refresh your spirit.

At the that time, all the pressure from both the daily life and work are got away from you and the only thing you have to do is to enjoy the sunlight and feel the breath of sea.If you have decided to take this relaxation ways, the next important thing you have to do is to choose the right and comfortable beach chair.

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As we all know, whether it is the floor or furniture, need to wax regularly maintenance, then, how the floor waxing? What is the floor waxing the floor waxing process? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the following? And a look at the floor waxing process and the advantages and disadvantages. A, floor waxing the floor waxing process is mainly divided into four steps: cleaning, cleaning, waxing,

polishing: 1, vacuum cleaner is put on the floor and some dirt, cement, paint and adhesive glue removal. 2, cleaning: the general method of cleaning the floor, such as cleaning the floor with a mop or using a sauna machine for sterilization. 3, waxing waxing: refers to the wax on the floor, and the use of different wax on different materials to the floor, should pay attention to in the process of wax evenly.

polishing: polishing is a difficult technical activity, you need to ask professional wax polishing personnel, or buy their own polishing machine for operation. The advantages and disadvantages of two, floor waxing generally, your bedroom will use wood floor, however, after a period of time will find some wood floor a few black, this is because the floor and air, water vapor exposure causes the floor damp moldy,

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the past three years, the situation has changed. On the one hand is the price, North America, Europe and other places in the price as low as possible; the other is more and more international markets began to implement certification, which China's wood flooring business is a small threshold; Increased logistics costs, short supply of raw materials, but also to China's wood flooring business operating costs increase.Getting Composite Decking for Outdoor flooringFor different wood flooring manufacturers or suppliers, the biggest trade barriers is the legal timber. This trade barrier will become more and more solid in the future, will be more and more. Now the Japanese government procurement law,

the United States Law Act, the European logging policy are more and more stringent. Therefore, since the beginning of the trend has been the trend of China's wood flooring in the international market share declining. There are many reasons: China's wood flooring international market share decline in the two main reasons is the cultural differences China's wood flooring cost-effective in the international market is very high,Green Composite Flooring Materials but the Chinese enterprises can not be beyond the product design and service bottlenecks, which It is difficult to meet the tastes of local consumers. Because of the lack of understanding of exotic culture, and culture has become a barrier

to market transactions. In the face of different cultural backgrounds, for suppliers, even if the price is very good, more trees, but also follow the others behind the walk. Based on this situation, many Chinese products in foreign countries can only take the popular line,Wood Plastic Flooring For Kids Play Area in some personality or high value-added market areas rarely foothold. Followed by foreign trade barriers with the European market financial crisis, the second bottom, the foreign trade market trade protection once again rise. This time the building materials industry has become the protagonist, first of all China's 100 building materials enterprises by US litigation claims for astronomical

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Folding beach lounge chairs are another type of beach chair. One of their main uses is to let you lie down comfortably when you are resting or sunbathing on the beach. This is very helpful, especially if you are aiming for the perfect tan. They are also very good for resting your back while relaxing on the shore.

One of the advantages of folding beach lounge chairs is their portability. It may be a bit more difficult than a regular folding beach chair, which you can carry in just one hand. This style of chair is a little heavier, but a fit person can easily carry it. These types of chairs.

A they may have less cushioning than styles designed for home use, but rest assured that they can still be very comfortable. Although a beach lounger is not as heavy-duty as a home lounger, the frame is reliable enough to ensure that you won't end up on the ground.

Most lounge chairs can adjust how far back you lean. You can situate it just far enough back for you to recline while visiting with your friends, or you can adjust it as far back as possible, so that you can lie down flat.

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small temporary is here to share, I hope for your help to buy anti-static flooring, anti-static flooring for more knowledge, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network. Antistatic floor is also called dissipative electrostatic floor. It is a kind of floor, and when it is grounded or connected to any lower potential point, it can dissipate the charge. It is a kind of floor with high security.

The following and small make up a detailed understanding of the electrostatic floor knowledge. Electrostatic floor is generally used in the computer room, it is used in a computer room anti-static technology, but also part of the safety measures in the computer room. The computer house often generates static electricity for some reasons when it is working. It is one of the most frequent and difficult problems to be solved here.

When the static electricity is generated, not only the operation of the computer will occur a variety of faults or operational errors, but also lead to some of the electronic components damaged. In addition, static electricity also has a great impact on the computer's external equipment, so that some external equipment can not work properly. The problems caused by static electricity not only make it difficult for staff to find out, sometimes even think that the software is out of order and will have a great impact on their work.

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the mission is not enough

By liuyi, 2017-06-08

For a long time, domestic enterprises, especially private enterprises to their own understanding of the mission is not enough, but did not publish the concept of mission report. The opening of the "corporate mission report" is the awakening of the mission of the Chinese private enterprises, will have a profound impact on the social mission and social responsibility of Chinese private plywood fene cheap in ireland

In March 11, 2007, Hong Kong famous designer Mr. Huang Zhida and Jusheng floor in Beijing Tianjing Hao Ting Hotel held a grand signing ceremony, officially served as long customer brand strategy consultant, strong support for the long-term, Jusheng floor in the product style on the comprehensive decking wholesale

Mr. Huang Zhida's natural home design concept in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Australia and other places and the entire Asia-Pacific region are widely acclaimed, simple and elegant style, taking into account the effectiveness and function, visual and engineering technology perfect harmony, fully embodies the home atmosphere and mood The Integral Integration of Psychological Environment and Humanity Connotation.pre built hotel garden gazebos

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To be on the beach is one of the most enjoyable experiences of one's lives. There are millions of people around the world who love nothing more than to spend a lazy day on the beach, with the breeze blowing in one's face and the surf being sprayed all around.

The joys of spending time on the beach are greatly enhanced if one uses a folding beach chair that can be lugged around and used at will at any part of the beach. One of the most salient features of these chairs is that these are fold-able and can be tucked away under a person's arms as he moves to the beach and sets up his cozy corner there.

Folding beach chair could be made of various materials that are not only lightweight but also quite durable. These materials could range from ordinary cane to plastics and special polymers that have taken the world by storm.

There are a large number of manufacturers and producers that make available these beach chairs to cater to this overwhelming demand. One can get quite a few of these details online by doing a simple online search and looking up the various sites that provide such information.

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Different Makes of Beach Chairs

By liuyi, 2017-06-06

Umbrella beach chairs are very popular in beach getaways. It can set a relaxing mood under the sun. The umbrella protects from sunburn and gives a cool shade. It has brackets to support the canopy or umbrella.

Beach chairs are usually built low set in the sand. Some types are detachable and foldable. It is best to choose the lightweight type for mobility.

Consider models with additional functionalities like having cup holders, a recline seat, with wheels, backpack chairs, and a footrest. Cup holders type of beach chair has storage pockets for holding cold beverages.

Reclining beach chairs are used when one feels like sleeping. The wheeled type is great for easy transport. Backpack chairs are equipped with shoulder straps and pockets. They are very easy to fold and carry.

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the furniture market

By liuyi, 2017-06-05

Some of the sales staff in the furniture market told reporters that if you open the furniture door to smell a pungent taste, and will feel very dazzling or even want to cry, then the smell of these sensations is formaldehyde, so consumers in the selection of furniture Be sure to put the nose in handy.plastic wood east london south africa

In addition, the size and size of solid wood furniture is fixed, and the biggest advantage of the plate furniture, in addition to the choice of furniture, furniture, furniture, furniture, furniture, furniture, furniture, furniture, furniture, Is that it can be customized according to the size of your room, you can also choose whether to use the living shelf, the door style and handle shape, custom cycle is generally between one week to 30 days.durability of tongue in groove composite decking

But the plate furniture is generally used on the surface of the three hydrogenated amine plate by the paste or paint treatment, if the choice of paste processing of the plate furniture must pay attention to whether the six sealant, so that will contain formaldehyde-containing substrate completely wrapped; You choose the living shelf, then the inside of the furniture will have a lot of fixed on both sides of the slot, these holes make the substrate with the outside air contact, may release formaldehyde.composite facade cladding south africa

so be sure to ask the sales staff rubber formaldehyde Plug can not ignore the hardware should be counted as the furniture is the most important supporting role, it directly affects the life of the furniture, no matter how good the furniture if the choice of poor quality of the hardware its value will be greatly reduced. Reporters in the furniture city noted that some of the domestic furniture, although the choice of hardware for imports, but the quality is still uneven, and some imported furniture is not necessarily in the use of these details of hardware over some domestic furniture.pontoon composite wood decking

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Shantou small carts, gloves, masks, broom, serrated coating scraper, scriber, rubber roller, rubber hammer outward. 3 copper foil: thickness 0.05mm, width 1cm. Three, construction conditions 1, PVC board before paving ceiling, walls, doors and windows should be cement ground and construction equipment, coating engineering, after completion of all projects such as paper. 2, the ground to do self leveling cement surface or epoxy self leveling surface. 3, the overall size of the ground can not have wavy,

cannot have uneven phenomenon obviously, a detailed surface should have no pits, no bulge, no cement falling, no sand, no empty parts should flatness error is not more than 2mm, the wall is straight at an angle of 90 degrees, the ground can not be wet, but can not have water the site, construction waste must be clean. 4, in the construction process, the operation humidity should not be lower than 10 degrees,

indoor relative humidity should not be greater than 80%, water content not more than 8%. Four, PVC plastic floor installation process, 1 basic cleaning: before paving shall be thoroughly cleaned of residual mortar, dust and oil on the surface of the base, such as the grassroots have uneven defects, should use putty or repair putty smooth, such as hollowing, separation and so on, should be removed, with cement mortar or polymer cement repair if there is a smooth, clean with soap grease.

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wood flooring market spot checks

By liuyi, 2017-06-01

with a huge production capacity, and their products have a good marketing model. This part of the business accounted for about 25% of the market share, followed by some intermediate enterprises, accounting for about 35% of market share, and the latest data show that only in March this year, the relevant state departments in some provinces and cities in the wood flooring market spot checks Found that 20% of the products are substandard products.Build a Wood Plastic Garden Fence The state has stepped up efforts to rectify the scale, modernization, industrialization, restructuring and elimination of inferior products, protect brand-name enterprises and maximize the interests of consumers, The The quality of the revitalization of the foundation in the enterprise itself, to strengthen the quality of self-discipline mechanism.

establish and improve the standard, measurement, quality assurance system, improve the overall quality management level, is an essential part of enterprises to strengthen hematopoietic function, can be said that the core business competition The lifeblood of the force. Quality is not good products, obviously no one is willing to agents and distribution, activate the team,Build a Roof Terrace Wood Plastic Flooring expand the marketing network, in fact, according to industry popular title is "distribution", and shop "Naohuo" is not long and difficult to have vitality of. Services: to achieve the brand value of the way to maximize the industry competition, threshold elevation, technological innovation, scale expansion, strengthen the wood floor after 10 years of development, a group of strategic enterprises have established their own strong position in the market, its impact increasingly Deeply rooted.

cultivate the loyalty of hundreds of millions of consumers, thus, their brand value has also been achieved to maximize. An enterprise's hardware is important, but in the future development, the proportion of intangible assets will be in the proportion of its business assets gradually increased, while the most effective means of competition for intangible assets, in addition to services and no other way.Ideas for Outdoor Flooring To be precise, today's world-class enterprises, not to the fine service, human services as the conduct of the people, consumers think of, companies should think that consumers did not think of the enterprise not only thought but also design and production Out. Business or product reputation from the service, a wide range of services, and now the wood flooring industry in the pre-sale.

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Choosing The Right Camping Chair

By liuyi, 2017-06-01

A camping trip does not always have to adventure-filled and exhilarating. In fact, the perfect camping trip has the right combination of fun-filled activities and relaxing down times. During these down times, it’s good to drink a cup of coffee or just take in the sights at camp.

At night, it is also fun to sit around a camp fire and share fun stories. Having folding camping chairs in your site makes resting and relaxing a lot easier and increases the enjoyment you can get from the outdoor activity. While you can bring just about any type of chair to camp if you really want to, investing on a good camping chair makes more sense.

Camping chairs are designed for use outdoors. They are easy to bring along because they can be folded and they are also very durable. Chairs designed for camping and other outdoor activities are usually made of water-resistant and durable materials. Here are some tips on how to choose the right camping chair: • Consider the weight of the chair.

Folding camping chairs made of durable but light materials are easier to carry around. If you plan on camping in a location that will require you to walk several miles carrying your gear then go for light-weight camping chairs. • Decide if you want a rocking camping chair or a typical folded camping chair. Choose a chair based on the activities you want to do at camp.

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buy their own good composite deck

By liuyi, 2017-06-01

the contraction coefficient is relatively large. Through the small share floor leather buy strategy, I believe you already know how to buy floor leather, although the floor leather patterns are diverse, but Xiao Bian suggested that we still choose to buy their own good. If you want to know more floor knowledge, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network. The floor leather belongs to the soft floor. It is made of polyvinyl chloride resin as the main raw material and added proper assistant.

The floor material is produced by coating or rolling on the sheet continuous base material. Floor leather decorative effect is good, many families are home decoration materials preferred. Below and a look at the floor to buy Leather need to pay attention to what matters! Floor leather (also known as the floor sheet) is one of the indispensable modern home decoration materials on the ground, 96 years ago,

it is a kind of medium quality and price of products, the thickness of 1.5 mm or more, the wear-resistant layer is more than 0.1, generally use the flat glass fiber is good the bottom or double coated. Plastic floor leather belongs to soft floor. It is made of polyvinyl chloride resin as main raw material and added proper assistant. It is produced on the sheet continuous base material by coating or rolling.

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he said. "We did not think there was a natural floor that really put our customers in the heart of the business." Step, launched a set of higher levels of more professional services - "to really sincere worry-free gold nanny service system." The system from the consumer's point of view, from product development to sales and then to after-sales service,external composite wall cladding render

so that consumers really worry-free, every day is 3.15. Deli board to join the Beijing Olympic Games on March 8, 2008, in Suzhou, China Park Hotel, Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee and the well-known flooring business Del Group, jointly held a press conference, announced that the Dell Group officially became the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games home improvement and public floor Suppliers,villa garden deck

cruise home furnishings and boutique flooring exclusive suppliers. Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee Vice Minister of Market Development Liu Jun, Dell Group President Ru Jiren and other leaders and journalists hundreds of people attended today's conference. Del flooring hand in the Olympic Games, marking the domestic flooring business,best vinyl wood plank flooring ratings

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Larry and single fight, independent pieces should be used in 40 square meters so, in order to meet the aesthetic conditions, chosen according to the size of the bedroom area of the three parquet specifications. Consider the size of the living space. General: if the room area is large, you should choose a single spell and Larry, alone,

so that larger rooms become relatively compact. 5, choose color, floor color should be determined according to the size of the family decoration, furniture color, overall decorative style and so on. (1) large area or good lighting room, with dark three layers of solid wood composite floor will make the room appears compact; small area of the room, with light colored three layers of solid wood composite floor to give people a sense of openness,

so that the room looks bright. (2) according to the different function of the decorative place, choose different colors of the floor. For example, the living room should use light, soft colors, can create a clear atmosphere. Bedrooms use warm color floors. Furniture color is deep, can use color floor to reconcile; furniture color is shallow,

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As early as May 2012, Xiamen Municipal Engineering Management Office from the British company introduced a PM500 "road repair king", the current use of a good, independent commitment to Xiamen City, all the daily maintenance tasks.

Followed by the Xiamen Highway Bureau, Xiamen Juke company also introduced the Yingda "road repair king" to help Xiamen road maintenance. "King of the road," the arrival of the Xiamen road, municipal road maintenance more quickly and orderly, but also to the international garden city road more flat and smooth.

The reason why adhere to the same degree of choice "repair road king", energy conservation, environmental protection is one of the important reasons. Yingda "road repair Wang" used in the local thermal regeneration technology, to achieve the original road materials 100% recycling, no waste discharge, no dust, low carbon emissions, in full compliance with low carbon, environmental protection requirements.

The traditional road maintenance process in the treatment of road disease, the need to use cutting machines, materials, rollers and other equipment, all links are intermittent construction, the process is slow. The integrated design of the British "road repair king" repair road disease do not need to use too much equipment, coupled with its rotary silo can quickly heat the material into a hot material, half an hour will be able to provide the required construction.

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wood surface roughness is not enough, that selection of board is cheap, the flatness of plate is not enough, it is difficult to meet the environmental performance as can be imagined, with a mean. 3, to see whether the process of uniform small seam: see whether the process of uniform uniform uniform small, this root of the car almost, a direct reflection of the enterprise's comprehensive level of technology.

look at the installation quality: the finished product package door although in the factory to complete the production, but really become the goods to the customer to use the product is finished, so from the door products factory is only semi-finished products, installation is the key link. Good installation process, good installation tools, experienced installation technician is the key to the success of the installation.

Three: finally, hardware hardware, hardware is a very easy to let the door manufacturers get things with customers in the determination of product quality on the door, customers are advised to try not to buy their own hardware, if the manufacturer cannot provide acceptable hardware products, choose to choose brand-name manufacturers of hardware products, such products are generally is the lifetime warranty.

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coupled with itself is an aqueous coating, can form a thick protective film on the wall surface, it has a good waterproof performance. It is understood that multi-functional one of the latex paint is more popular, this type of latex paint on the packaging of the product will be detailed annotations and instructions.decking supplier in dubai

Therefore, in the purchase of latex paint, we should carefully look at the instructions of the paint package to see if the latex paint has a better waterproof function. In addition, through other functions to determine the waterproofing effect of such latex paint, such as better waterproof performance of the wall latex paint are easy to scrub the characteristics of this waterproof formula with latex paint in the dry,deck and fence

The surface of the natural formation of a layer of high-density waterproof paint, if the walls are dirt, as long as the use of water or a mild detergent, can very easily wipe the surface of the stains, and will not erase the film Itself, generally easier to clean the latex paint better waterproof performance.deck composite covering

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Golden eagle Iige floor Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. General Manager Lin Dalin said that the imitation of products without the use of formal technology and materials manufacturing, poor quality, easy to use after the fade and other quality problems. Under the guidance of industry associations, Golden Eagle Group launched a rights activist activities. In two months time,Main Features of WPC Wall Panel respectively, from the northeast, north, south of the six infringing units successfully seized a large number of finished semi-finished products 3397.11 cubic meters of floor paper, dipped paper 5306, 603 kilograms of paper, worth nearly 10 million yuan. Leading the Chinese high-end flooring market of foreign-owned enterprises Golden Eagle Iger floor company recently has generous, investment in China's second factory is located in Changbai Mountain.

Participating in the partnership include the European Flooring Association Fetim and Amorim, who have invested in R & D and advanced experience in the European market. Interpreting European high-end flooring Amorim is one of Europe's largest cork companies,Application of WPC Products and its three-tier solid wood in Europe is all supplied by the Golden Eagle joint venture. Color for the floor as the style is as indispensable to the clothing, because the floor is a plane, its charm lies in color. Fetim floor color research and development of new and unique, and the Golden Eagle Iger jointly developed the floor color has been crowned the European authority of the floor magazine PARKETT cover.

The same price to buy the whole fight to build a large plate after the production of the Golden Eagle Eagle to the whole tree TM whole fight from the original price of 1,000 yuan down to 300 yuan to 400 yuan, customers can buy more love to fight the price of the whole fight big board.recyclable WPC pergola Compared to the whole fight the floor, more than the floor of the floor of the wood is not demanding, the multi-block plate board splicing will be due to moisture invasion, the use of long-term cause cracking. The whole fight the big floor is not cumbersome stitching, the table for the thickening of the surface layer, can be polished and refurbished several times to retain the natural color of wood, the use of longer life.

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floor traffic slightly larger

By liuyi, 2017-05-14

So, they want home shopping malls to open the door welcome "spring". Professional forecast in March began to enter the season, the main person in charge of the Department of Building Materials, told reporters, preliminary statistics, during the Spring Festival, Shilin family musicians in the overall sales of 150 to 200 million.wpc outdoor decking installed in a curve for road

Overall, the ceramic bathroom and floor traffic slightly larger, the cabinet business began to gradually recover. Although the current building materials market is still relatively cold, but most of the store responsible for the market after the Spring Festival are very optimistic about the situation. Jinling decoration city.deck and fence

in charge of the relevant person in an interview with reporters that this year's Spring Festival relative to the past relatively late. According to past experience, into the March, building materials market will gradually enter the season. Mr. Zhuang is the head of a brand of tiles, according to him, in order to seize the season in the coming home to quickly seize the market,composite wall siding products

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If you plan to spend your time at the beach this coming summer holiday you may as well start budgeting for a beach chair to maximize the chill out experience at the beach. Beach chairs are beach gear you simply cannot miss if you plan to have a nice resting time with your pals after taking on various beach activities.

The main factor considered when shopping for an appropriate beach chair is weight; we wouldn't want a chair that will drag us down, right? So, when visiting beach gear stores you should look for chairs that are easily portable. Such lightweight chairs are made with robust but light frames.

Despite all the sweet things you might have heard about a particular beach chair, it will be a total a loss if you purchase a chair that cannot support your weight. Before making that final decision on your preferred chair ascertain the weight limit, construction structure and the materials involved.

By having your chair at the beach it will be subject to the sun, salty water, wind and humid weather. As such, you need a chair that is constructed using marine resistant materials. Of particular interest should be the type of fabric used for the beach chair - it should be weather resistant and of excellent quality to ensure the seat chair is useable for many summers to come.

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solid wood flooring business

By liuyi, 2017-05-11

In the country there is such a situation, some companies in order to save manufacturing costs, the production process will be given to the specialized enterprises to do, thus losing the effective monitoring of the production process. As a solid wood flooring raw materials in South America in May rose about 8%.Choosing Composite Floor Material in Garden It is understood that this is the third year of this product prices, the total increase is close to 30%. In this case, the price of domestic logs to follow up: wood Fang in the cloud of white wood and other prices began to rebound quickly. The industry believes that the general rise in the price of imported logs is the domestic industry related to the international market based on a serious dependence on raw materials.

At present, the downstream several major manufacturers are to adjust the price. Although this, but many manufacturers do not increase the price of solid wood flooring, profits suffered a substantial squeeze this year, there may be 50% of the downstream enterprises face reshuffle. Imported timber May prices 8% May 26 announced in May 2005 Shanghai Fumin forest products wholesale market prices,WPC Pergola Environmental Friendly Materials this year from the waterway imports of broad-leaved wood (mainly refers to the logs) was significantly reduced. "Indonesia is basically no timber imports, timber imports in Africa is also significantly weakened." Heilongjiang forestry sector, said Mr. Wang civil servants.

According to the wood business done for many years Xu Guomei is expected this year, Indonesia's imports of timber will be reduced by 600,000 cubic meters, Papua New Guinea will be reduced by 800,000 to 100 million cubic meters. "Prices are also fluctuating," said Mr. Wang of Heilongjiang. "At present, the price of Papua New Guinea is up by $ 20 / m3, or between 15% and 18%."Cheap durable WPC pergola material According to her, Do these kinds of imported timber prices broad based. Solid wood flooring prices rose 30 yuan solid wood flooring business response is most sensitive. Nature, San Jie, Heng Yi and other solid wood flooring vendors said that the purchase price of raw materials per square meter floating up about 30 yuan.

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personalized design composite deck

By liuyi, 2017-05-10

health and environmental protection: the use of thermal transfer or environmental protection paint two processes for surface treatment, does not contain formaldehyde and other harmful substances. 2, durable: wood plastic material, not easy to deformation; mothproof, waterproof, good flame retardant effect.

personalized fashion: fashion, personalized design, to meet the needs of the overall decoration. 4, corrosion resistance: wood powder is coated with polymer material, making the material has a good acid-base inertia, so this material has good corrosion resistance. What is the wood line? Through the above introduction, I believe we have some understanding of the lines of wood! Advantages wood lines, small temporary house is here to share, I hope to help you if you want to know more Home Furnishing decoration,

wood line knowledge, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network.Wood plastic material is a new type of environmentally friendly building materials, since its inception, popular with the majority of consumers. Wood plastic materials are widely used, can be used for ceiling, partition, fence, door and window frames, furniture production, and so on, let us have a detailed understanding of the extensive use of wood plastic materials.

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formaldehyde content shall not exceed 0.08 mg / cubic meter. Therefore, even if the use of formaldehyde construction materials did not exceed the standard, but the decoration of the floor, paint, and furniture, such as the release of harmful gases, often more than the national standard indoor air quality standards,composite panel boards price bangalore

which will make the standard difficult to adapt. It is understood that the "decoration of environmental labeling technical standards" after the introduction of the decoration business decoration will be "green service" standard, "true green" and "pseudo green" set up a threshold to make our decoration The level of decoration services is in line with the international market.deck and fence

The standard will be from the design stage, material selection, construction process, acceptance of four aspects of the green decoration business specific requirements. The contents of the main, before the renovation of the house can carry the number of harmful substances to be calculated, not only for a single product to control the indicators;oval pool with trex deck

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water immersion reaction, should pay attention to. Four, at the same time resolution Tianhe Yuxin wood plastic composite materials in good waterproof effect and good fireproof function from the fire, when you use it to test the must do the fire protection consciousness, we should analyze the test results. Wood plastic composite materials to buy four skills, small temporary house is here to share, I hope to help you choose the wood plastic composite materials, such as wood plastic composite materials need more knowledge,

please continue to pay attention to house decoration network.In Home Furnishing decoration, decoration materials of a variety, density board, core board, particleboard, decorative panels, wood board and so on, then the wood plastic composite is how to choose the material being favored by people of talent shows itself,?

Here we take a look at the wood plastic composite material five advantages, after reading you will understand. 1!, friendly to the environment: the use of recycled materials (wood powder and plastic), without preservative treatment. 2, do not need routine maintenance, longer service life than wood, moisture absorption,

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solid wood flooring

By liuyi, 2017-04-27

The floor industry tough battle in the inevitable "change" out of the future Although the second half of the real estate market has not been optimistic about the floor industry tough or inevitable, solid wood flooring in 2012 set off this "trend" will not be terminated. However,recyclable WPC pergola material the preparation of the situation in the first half of view, the flooring industry for product diversification has been in the forefront of the times in the future competition or collision with a new development prospects. From the trend point of view, the floor of the market is to be gradually narrowed, because the market also reflects the overall flooring industry is overcapacity, combined with this year's central put forward is a stable development plan, so this year the flooring industry very intense competition.

Hardcover floor wood floor in the end is not safe? What is the quality of the floor through the procedures into the real estate? Hardcover floor quality who is supervising? Recently, reporters with these questions interviewed a number of wood flooring industry,Tips On Installing Composite Flooring they will read the reader for the toxic floor of the event highlights the problems and doubts. The market status of hardcover most of the shop solid wood flooring floor wood and other decorative materials is the people concerned about the lower degree of product, it is because do not want to tangled in the rush to buy materials, hard work, many young people choose to buy paved wood flooring, brush color paint , Affixed to the tiles, fitted cabinets hardcover room, enjoy the bag to stay fresh and convenient.

As the saying goes, anything is double-edged sword, everyone knows, hardcover owners to avoid the hardships of decoration at the same time, but also to a certain extent, to give up on the quality of the material and the pursuit of the quality of decoration.PVC Fencing Design Ideas What kind of wood flooring is used in hardcover room? It is how the grade of the product? Brok from the Internet can be informed that, with Vanke real estate used in the security teak, oak flooring, the vast majority of domestic hardcover laying are solid wood flooring. Nowadays many real estate in Guangzhou declared 2,000 yuan per square meter, 3,000 yuan Hao Zhuang, the laying of the majority or solid wood flooring.

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In 2013, Doan Road, the integration of the beginning of the operation of the year, relying on Xu construction and maintenance machinery industry integration, complete sets of professional and broad development platform, in the harsh market environment, Doan Road, six major categories of main products Qi force.

market share A new height, build conservation machinery industry to continue to maintain the industry first. Among them, XCMG total sales increased 23.3%, large tonnage tire roller occupancy rate of 60%, domestic market share of 30%, for 27 years leading industry; paver domestic sales grew 11.3%, for 17 consecutive years to maintain the industry One; the proportion of graders more than 40%.

12 consecutive years out of the market leader; milling machine products total sales grew 23.3%, the market share is 50% breakthrough, for six consecutive years lead the industry. Asphalt sprinkler, slurry seal car, synchronous gravel seal car and other black road maintenance machinery are more than 200% of the sales growth momentum lead the industry, Doan is leading the "big conservation era" to a higher level forward.

In the face of intensified competition in the construction machinery industry, the market environment of the increased risk and the optimized Doan road are more professional and focused on the construction and maintenance machinery and equipment. Under the guidance of the group's "three more focused" ideology, Difficult to rely on technological innovation and innovation tool, the strong implementation of the "

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airborne dirt and dust wpc deck

By liuyi, 2017-04-26

Even Brand new Wood quite often wants sanded because of "mill-glaze" because of your Planing Technique , which unfortunately compresses wood fiber, along with "polishes" different wood earning cover penetration effectively unachievable.

Cutting edge wood should be sanded to eliminate doable generator glaze, or to take off wall panel molding fiber whenever deck has endured unsecured within blow drying method. Sanding will forever improve adhesion and satisfaction of your respective stratum program.

For very dangerous sanding airborne dirt and dust, start using old fashioned paper throw-aways allergens assortment luggage, as well as discard effectively. Use only pressure capturing sanders, not to mention pass in addition to erase thoroughly clean all of the supports shortly after sanding. Domestic pets as well as household really in contact with sanded supports before wood is normally enclosed and protected.

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Firstly, they might be at the same time apply certain WPC elements to wear this sites. As an example, a WPC shelf can be made for the purpose of adding plants and flowers. The result is, on top of that we employ WPC as a general variety of environmental-friendly fabric, although we get each of our dwelling situations fresh new with increased breathable air, which is certainly best to our overall health both of those physically and mentally. Plus, you can too restore a wood made book racks together with WPC styles.

Next, we all know, parking facilties or even back gardens might be the locations loaded with WPC products and solutions which include WPC Decking or maybe flooring, WPC benches, WPC Dustbin, WPC railings . . .. For that reason, you may want to consider a really spot use a extraordinary Holiday party? Think of on all of the WPC bench, checking out the famous actors, chatting with some of our pals as well as fans,

how intimate it's! One self in good preferring having a great time with categories, just be a fabulous snowman on the close made out of WPC decking and allow it to go observe a really exclusive few moments here. No matter what winter, I actually securely consider that your Xmas day this season should depart your long-lasting concept on the rest individuals everyday life.

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production and operation difficult

By liuyi, 2017-04-23

net profit An increase of 2.2 times; on-the-job workers average annual income of 10721 yuan. The company's net assets yield, the average annual income of workers and other key indicators, are a record high. The relevant departments of the state have given full affirmation several times and considered that it has opened a precedent for reformingwaterproof basement wall panel do it yourself

the forest industry in the key state-owned forest areas in Northeast China, which has provided useful reference for the reform and development of the state-owned forest areas. Jilin forest workers is one of the four major forestry groups. For a long time, due to the ownership structure of a single, corporate social burden and other factors,cheap wpc floor

resulting in business vitality is not strong, production and operation difficult. In 2005, Jilin forest industry to overcome the difficulties, the entire group carried out a substantial restructuring, involving the company headquarters and its 23 units, 138,000 people, which lasted a year and a half. After further deepening the reform in 2006,carports fibre coverings

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Fine decoration materials and a wide range of indoor equipment, upgrading fast. In order to control the overall quality of residential decoration and the impact of building materials on the indoor, developers of fine decoration project procurement,Anti-ultraviolet WPC pergola construction links control is very strict. According to the real estate B2B business platform Sina real estate network statistics, developers of key products, the quality and environmental protection of the most valued, transaction data show that the floor products are most concerned about the developers. Flooring as the most frequent use of family life products, technical parameters of complex, more types of brands.

Fine decoration projects in the use of solid wood flooring or solid wood flooring. The environmental performance of wood flooring has the greatest impact on the whole living environment, so it is paid special attention by the developers. Wood flooring is easy to use in the process because the use of improper maintenance is easy to be damaged.Best Flooring Material for Home Decoration Developers fine decoration projects require wood flooring with environmental protection, stability, wear resistance, heat resistance and other properties.

The state of the solid wood flooring formaldehyde emission has a strict requirements, environmental performance, pollution-free products more by the developers of all ages. Floor as a widely known by consumers of building materials products, consumers have been recognized and accepted, the introduction of fine decoration policy, the flooring industry will inject new vitality.Wood Plastic Flooring Used in Indoor On the one hand, for the floor business, the fine decoration of the real estate project users, demand is large; the other hand, the fine decoration of the real estate developers is not the final floor products Consumers, impoverished board with ultra-low prices or rebates "buy" some unscrupulous developers, these developers seek profits while sacrificing the interests of buyers, to the fifth board to take advantage of the opportunity.

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many reasons for the floor

By liuyi, 2017-04-19

Maintenance knowledge of plastic flooring, Xiao Bian today introduced here, hope to help you maintain the plastic floor, if you want to know more plastic floor maintenance knowledge, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network.Recently, some users reflect the new floor paving home, stepped up creak sound, the floor did not warped off, how is this going on? There are many reasons for the floor creaking, and listen to a small detail to explain. If you want to know what causes the creaking of the floor, then take a look at how the sound is a sound, if somewhere on one foot ring, and then step on the ring again,

so it must be continuous, no fixed between the wood floor and the ground wood carving wood carving material, or too soft not hard that was up by earthworm. If a local step up sometimes sound, sometimes not, this situation is mostly less than solid wood flooring flooring nail drill hole of the floor, male and female have loose gap between bad cause, (with the floor itself quality also has a relationship,

half the people) after renovation, walk the floor will sound more or less, just in different positions. There are few ways to deal with the floor sound, even after the treatment to ease the problem, or can not be completely cured. There is a way to completely cure, re tighten the earthworm, reinstall the floor, it is the cost of materials costs headache, who are not willing to reinstall the counterattack.

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زهرة الجافة، انتفاخ، Wuban، من زاوية، والشقوق والخدوش وغيرها من المشاكل جودة مظهر 2، والتحقق من ثبات على & nbsp؛ .. تعزيز الطابق زرع يجب أن يكون حازما، وليس فضفاض، لا فرق واضح من خلال المشي على الأرض، وإذا حكمنا من خلال . الصوت 3، والتحقق من التسطيح ونبسب ؛. تعزيز الدور بعد الرصيف، الطابق البلاستيك هو اسم آخر للأرضيات PVC مع تطور المواد من الأرض في تزايد أيضا،

على أرضية من البلاستيك هو الآن نوع جديد من المواد الأرض. الحماية غير لائق في الحياة اليومية، وسوف يؤدي إلى إلحاق أضرار جسيمة في الطابق البلاستيكية PVC، فكيف لتنظيف وصيانة الطابق البلاستيك PVC ماذا ينبغي أن نولي الاهتمام لصيانة اليومية؟ الطابق صيانة ملاحظة: 1، في التعامل مع الأثاث والمعدات، وطرق للنقل، على ضرورة إضافة وسادة عازلة، وليس مباشرة على الأرض.

من أجل منع الخدش الأرض، لا يرتدون الأحذية ارتفعت يمشي على الأرض، إذا سمحت الظروف بذلك، إلى أقصى حد ممكن لينة الأحذية سوليد 3، الأثاث والمعدات وتعيين وسادة الكلمة القدم. حجم وسادة أكبر قليلا من حجم قاعدة 4، تنظيف الأرضيات البلاستيكية، فمن المناسب لاستخدام المنظفات محايد لينة،

انتاجية التزيين العرب للبيع - سبعة الثقة
بينتابل الخشب لوحة الحائط البلاستيكية
مركب التزيين للحمام
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the free formaldehyde in the substrate is easy to release free of charge, causing pollution to the indoor air environment. Three, wooden skirting line to buy 1, pay attention to environmental protection for the skirting line of the country has not unified production standards, but if it is a wooden skirting line, you can refer to the use of the relevant standards to choose the plate. It is best to look at the quality inspection report of the skirting line, if the formaldehyde emission from the wooden skirting line exceeds the relevant standards,

then do not choose. You can also smell the taste, pungent taste of the poor environmental protection. 2, hand eye view quality   selection of wooden skirting line, through the cross-sectional area of the baseboard of the general view, density, texture closely will have good quality; in addition to light pull baseboard to test whether the strong, check the baseboard edge is aligned in parallel, highly consistent,

skirting board is smooth and so on.   Part3: solid wood flooring indispensable weapon to buy wooden keel wood floor uses keel laid method, which not only laid foot feeling comfortable, but also can prolong the life of the floor. The keel shop is necessary to find the keel, usually wooden keel. Then we look at the wooden keel should pay attention to what. The characteristics of a wooden keel keel, commonly known as wood, and pine, fir trees, basswood processing section is rectangular or square. The use of wood keel foundation,

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sources that the three investors

By liuyi, 2017-04-11

Following the Carlyle last year in May to 27.5 million US dollars stake in the letter after the floor, in the last month, the security floor for two consecutive introduction of new strategic investors Strong Media and Rock Fund, plus Carlyle capital increase, Easy installation WPC pergolathe new Increase investment 23.57 million US dollars. There are sources that the three investors this is a temporary move to help, Anxin floor has been submitted to the listing application, the listing may be outside, but did not disclose the specific listing. The first investment in China's direct investment fund Rock Fund The investment amount of 12.5 million US dollars, by the gathering media founder Yu Feng in the overseas founded Strong Media investment of $ 8.57 million,

Carlyle's capital increase of 250 Ten thousand U.S. dollars. Last year, Shun introduced the first strategic investor Carlyle, plans to invest in overseas sales channels, expand solid wood flooring and solid wood flooring market. At the end of the year, Anxin floor and the Red Star Meikailong, How to Choose Patio Wood Plastic FlooringJinsheng business chain and many other home chain giant signed a strategic cooperation agreement to expand the terminal sales channels. April 2007, Anxin floor planning of the country's largest floor processing base in Jiangsu Wujiang started, an area of ​​more than 300 acres. An Wei floor founder Lu Weiguang is to seize the upper reaches of the flooring industry,

the opportunity to rise in timber prices, frequently shot acquisition and acquisition, to enrich the product line, expand the scale of production. This year in March, Anxin floor will Baosteel's Baoyou special enhanced floor business to its own, formed its own high school low market in a comprehensive layout. September Anxin has twice invested a total of 20 million yuan to buy a local Shanghai decorative materials company, intended to use its production equipment to expand production capacity. The Rock Foundation, Strong Media and Carlyle's investment will be used to consolidate and expand the procurement of raw materials,

grooved vs solid composite decking
cost effective exterior patio floor ideas
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Timber prices are soaring floor

By liuyi, 2017-04-10

the edge of the treatment and MDF with the same appearance. Timber prices are soaring floor furniture business brewing a new round of price increases Since 2007, domestic timber prices are quietly rising, rising by 5% to 10%, flooring, solid wood furniture business has been or is brewing a new round of price increases.60 6-panel slider composite interior slab panel

Timber supply tight, the first time in the New Year price adjustment Wuzhou decoration city of wood market Chenjing Li said: "slightly better quality 5 cm wide white pine, has to sell more than 1800 yuan / cubic meter than the end of the year the price is high 7% ~ 8%. Imports of oak and teak from foreign countries (Southeast Asia) rose 10%. cheap wpc floor

"But he said the wood was coming in after last October, and the price could be lagging behind. According to the information provided by the upstream suppliers, he expects the price of logs should be up to 15%, of which birch or 20%, white pine at 10%. Some wood producers believe that by the domestic cutting of wood limited,interlocking garden tiles sale uk

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Recently, Anhui fork in March safety production meeting ended, the meeting is to establish "investigation rectification" normalized, institutionalized after the first regular meeting. The meeting made a summary analysis on the investigation and rectification work of the full-covering safety production in March, and deployed the safety production work in April.

Anhui fork: "investigation rectification" institutionalized security production safety line, in order to comprehensively enhance the level of safe production, help enterprises to develop steadily. Companies to monthly units will be safe production "investigation and rectification" institutionalized, normalized.

The work of "rectification and rectification" mainly started from the aspects of "fire safety hazard", "illegal operation", "spreader, tool", "site 5S" and "occupational environment", and carried out detailed responsibility area division and related specification Claim. "Investigation and remediation" institutionalized, normalized three steps:

First, the company elaborate safety production investigation and rectification implementation plan, a clear task objectives and division of responsibilities, the establishment of special groups, improve the working mechanism. Then, carry out field supervision, carry out all-round, full coverage of the security inspection.

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punishments to encourage advanced

By liuyi, 2017-04-05

manager, shopping guide witnessed the ;Ace Elite Fund; unveiled the historical moment. In the establishment of the speech, Zhao stressed that the establishment of the Ace Elite Foundation is a long-Sheng company's important decision-making, marketing strategy is a major initiative,Choosing The Right Flower Pot the company will carry out special budget preparation, specialized staff management. Rewards and punishments to encourage advanced, spurting backward, I hope that our marketing team to take this as an opportunity, more combat, aggressive, in the market by wind and waves, never give up. It is reported that this is a long Sheng floor Co., Ltd. to build one of the important measures of the terminal standardization project,

with the increasingly fierce market competition, the flooring industry is accelerating the formation of the pattern, the big brand is still attacking the city, the second and third line brand has been shrinking across the board, make ends meet, collapse. How in a new round of competition has always been invincible, the terminal team has become one of the most important strategic layout.Outdoor Patio Wood Plastic Floor Through the efforts of the past few years to build, long Sheng floor terminal image and terminal team building by leaps and bounds, standardization,

planning and rationalization has been deeply rooted, the vast majority of cities already have their own professional managers team, has been walking in the flooring industry Forefront The establishment of the ;Ace Elite Foundation;, from the perspective of long-sheng headquarters directly stimulate the terminal team, both conducive to the terminal city team competition between each other, but also to further stimulate the terminal dealers, manager, shopping guide market morale, Terminal confidence is of great significance to the future development of Jusheng floor.

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Relative to the floor wax, the hardness and brightness of the oil on the floor is higher, but there is a problem prone to the phenomenon of fog. At present, there is no standard specification of the floor oil market, there are a lot of inferior products, but it may lead to the use of water absorption and deformation. Two, floor waxing maintenanceerror strengthen floor waxing without   strengthen the floor is divided into surface wear-resisting layer, base layer and bottom layer three layer structure, surface wear-resisting layer three two aluminum oxide,

abrasion resistance and protection is high, so compared with other solid wood flooring, laminate flooring surface protection is not itself tightly. To make an unnecessary move "". And waxing later, to strengthen the floor after the cleaning caused greater trouble. In addition, also do not need to warm the floor waxing, to prevent from wax layer barrier of geothermal heating. Floor waxing is not better than using  

and the wax wax the floor better, because if you use too much wax, it will fill the gap affects the appearance, can also cause the uneven brightness effect of floor polishing. So when the wax wax the floor is enough to cover the floor surface to form a uniform wax film can be. In addition, the floor waxing is not the more frequent the better, the general solid wood floor can be played once every six months.  

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stiffness may be reduced wpc floor

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This windows and doors created from WPC do not dirty the actual environment simply because they provide simply no benzene and less formaldehyde. This means you will come to be recycled, which assists website visitors to help save natural and organic resources, normally wood.Facing distinct doors and windows, I'll opt for the windows and doors made from WPC considering Pertaining to to try and do many many advantages to successfully environmentally friendly insurance. I do think For certain i will have more diy tile floor just like WPC dustbin.

Despite up to 70 percent cellulose content (although 50/50 is more common), the mechanical behavior of WPCs is most similar to neat polymers. This means that they have a lower strength and stiffness than wood, and they experience time and temperature-dependent behavior [3] The wood particles are susceptible to fungal attack,

though not as much so as solid wood, and the polymer component is vulnerable to UV degradation.[4] It is possible that the strength and stiffness may be reduced by moisture absorption and freeze-thaw cycling, though testing is still being conducted in this area. Some WPC formulations are also sensitive to staining from a variety of agents.

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From 2006 to develop the first set of asphalt mixing plant to 2015 the fifth generation of environmentally friendly asphalt mixing plant selling the world, from the Changsha Industrial Park, half of the plant to the "Changde Trinity" industrial park, with less than 10 years, The asphalt mixing station to do for three consecutive years to become the first market sales, product quality performance by the majority of customers recognized the star product.

Efficient intelligent environment is also environmentally friendly C8 asphalt mixing equipment is so "all-around", as the earliest involved in the field of asphalt mixing one of the manufacturers, the time has become the precipitation has led the field of rapid development of asphalt industry leader. Only progress in the early 2017, once again for the industry pain point, a strong launch of its new generation of C8 asphalt mixing equipment products, sweat, excellence, rewrite the Chinese manufacturing to China to create the hard work of this heart can be seen.

To create value for customers as their responsibility, adhering to the "quality change the world," the historical mission to "create the greatest value for customers" as their duty, the establishment of the United States Institute of Road Machinery and Road Germany Institute, the product integration of the world's most cutting-edge technology, Mixing station for five consecutive years reelected domestic sales first, for China's first brand,.

selling the world's multiple countries. As the leading brand of domestic asphalt mixing industry, is using its own development practice, for the transformation and upgrading of the industry, play a leading role model, crack the industry shortcomings. Efficient intelligent environmental protection C8 asphalt mixing equipment is so "all-around", "C8 Asphalt mixing series features include efficient, energy saving, environmental protection.

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