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Stogler Isaac can replace him

By lolgaonline, 2018-04-20

In an interview, Dortmund coach Titogle talked about FIFA Coins the issue of Bashariya's injury.

Bacheja injured an ankle in Ruhrby and he will miss all the rest of the season. When talking about the striker arrangements for this round of the Leverkusen match, Dortmund coach Storgel said: "We have several options for replacing Bashuai. Isak is a good candidate. He is very good at it. Well, he knows that he is likely to replace Bashiriya's position."

“The Rolder beat wounds will heal over time, and our emotions have improved, thanks to God. But such a failure is still very much a torment to us. It is not a normal defeat to recover to normal. ."

"The Champions League seat? We feel good now. We are in a good position. Everything is in our hands."


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In response to FIFA Coins Tuchel's coaching rumors, Paris President Nasser said: "At present, nothing has been signed."

Nasser said: "Emery has a contract with us. He is still our head coach. We are pleased to win the league championship. Thanks to the players and the team. Next we have to compete for the French Cup."

When asked if Thurhel will coach Paris next season, Nasser said: "Nothing has been signed yet."


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