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Pelican forward Anthony Davis made 50 minutes today to LOLGA beat the Knicks and get 48 points, 17 rebounds, 4 steals and 3 blocks.

Davis pitched a field-wide goal after the third quarter was over and the ball let him know that he was unstoppable tonight.

"That kind of ball is hard to come by," Davis said. "So when that kind of ball goes in, I feel like tonight is my night."

Davis shot 30 times today, hitting 17 of them.

"This is Madison Square Garden, so you definitely want to get first-class performance," Davis said. "But I just want to help my team win, (DeMarcus Cousins) in the game Early struggling, our entire team is the same, has been blacksmithing, mistakes too much, we are not ourselves, so I just try to lead the team on both the offensive and defensive progress.

The third quarter, Davis 12 vote 7, got 19 points. Regular time, Davis left layup in the game with 3.5 seconds left to drag the game into extra time. Although he scored just 2 points in overtime, his 2 points were crucial and he faced Cristalps-Porzingis forward with a jumper to score 120-117.

This season is Davies' sixth season of his career, he has become a Pelicans trump card player, he can understand Porzing Jisi feel now.

"I think it was after my third season that after we were swept by the Warriors, I started to feel comfortable and the whole playoff experience helped shape my mind and be the one that made my opponents special You have to arrange the player for the game plan and be the player that the opponent is trying to get you out of the game. You have to find a different way to stay productive. Some nights, the ball may not be in your hand. You are even a decoy, or only Scramble offensive rebounds, but it is these things, these intangible assets are urging you to move forward. "Davis said.


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Cleveland today in the game 99-133 loss to NBA Live Coins the Raptors, Cavaliers LeBron - James starter made 32 minutes, 9 of 16 shots to get 23 points, 3 rebounds and 1 assists, a negative value of -22, he was on the team Field and Timberwolves in the game is negative -39.

According to ESPN Stats & Info, this is James' first two consecutive games with a positive or negative value below -20.

Prior to today's game, James averaged 37.0 points a NBA Live Mobile Account game this season, averaging 27.2 points, 8.2 rebounds and 9.0 assists.

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Reported that since the Milwaukee was laid off, Gerrard - Green has not played for more than two months. After joining the Rockets, the nine finger buckle will Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins gradually recover their status.

In the last game against the Bulls, Green once again played well. In the second quarter rocket offensive blocked, Green stand up again, his three-pointers and double-handed dunk for the team to stabilize the situation. The game, Green played 26 minutes, 15 voted 8, three-pointers, 9-of-4, cut the team the third highest 22 points. Since joining the Rockets, Green has become a rockets absolute Jones, averaging 17.3 points and 3.0 rebounds in seven games, becoming the Rockets fourth scorer, shooting as high as 51.2%, three-point shooting hit 50%.

"It feels great," Green said. "But it's not the best performance right now, and I feel pretty close (best)."

"I feel better and better every day, and I feel so good that I am no longer as tired as I used to be. My status is quickly returning." Green continued, "Obviously, I have not reached the level of need , But in infinite proximity, I give myself a week or two, I think I should.

"He (Green) has been shooting and shooting some tough shots," Rockets guard Eric Gordon said of Green when he said "he's always been that guy and if he's hot, he's going to heat up But he does that every day, he plays well all the time, helps us, and he's really good at having him. The right time, the right place, the team system is perfect for him As long as he stays motivated like that, he will be well played here. "

It is worth mentioning that, at the All-Star dunk NBA Live Mobile Account contest in 2008 in New Orleans, Green staged a candle-blowing dunk impressive. Green said: "I can still do it, but not now, maybe a few weeks later."


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The Thunder are 1-0 adjoin the Clippers, acceptable 120-111 at home aback NBA Live Mobile Coins in November. Paul George went off for 42 credibility in that game, so there's no catechism Doc Rivers and Co. are traveling to get added artistic in endlessly him. It's no beggarly feat, abnormally with the added aptitude that the Thunder boasts, but they'll accept to yield it one footfall at a time in-game as they abide to edge their way aback into the playoff picture.

After a appealing solid alpha to the season, the Lakers accept had a asperous go of it lately. The aggregation has absent seven amateur in a row, and collapsed all the way into endure abode in the Western Conference at 11-25. And they'll accept a boxy analysis on Wednesday night as they try to get out of this rut. Not alone will they accept to face an convalescent Oklahoma City Thunder team, but they ability accept to do so afterwards a bulk of key pieces. Lonzo Ball, Brook Lopez, and Kyle Kuzma are all listed as questionable.

The Thunder will aswell be shorthanded for this one, with arresting specialist Andre Roberson alone due to patellar tendonitis. And OKC will be searching to breeze a accident band as well. They've alone their accomplished two amateur -- but just barely, accident them by a accumulated 5 points. Russell Westbrook will be the amateur to watch in this one, as he looks to abide his arresting stretch. Over the endure 5 games, he's putting up 33.2 points, 10.6 rebounds, and 10.8 assists per game.

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Angers official announced that the team loan LOLGA signed Wolves midfielder Prince - On Nigerian (Prince Oniangué).

Onyango has a six-month leasehold and does not include buyout terms. Onyango, 29, a young man from Caen, started his career at Rennes and later played Tours, Lance and others. Onion joined Wolves in 2016, but only played 10 times for the Wolves before he was loaned to Bastia.

Onyango had leased in the 2009-2010 season for the Angers, In addition, Onyango has some experience of the French, he played 114 times in the French league, scoring 20 goals.

Onyango will be wearing a No. 6 jersey at Angers, and he will be unveiled on Friday local time.

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Rockets subordinate team Rio Grande Valley viper NBA Live Mobile Coins team 124-118 in today's game defeated the Lakers sub-team Nanwan Lakers, after the Rockets released Zhou Qi debut in service debut played 28 minutes.

The game, Zhou Qi hit 10 of 13 shots and got 23 points and eight rebounds, two assists and two blocked shots a steal, a turnovers, foul three times, including three-pointers 3 vote 1.

South Lakers Lakers had a wave in the end of the fourth quarter scoring climax, Zhou Qi with a remember to make a deduction and a record third to help the team stabilize the situation.

Not today's game, Zhou Qi played 7 games in the development league this season, averaging 29.6 minutes, you can get 10.9 points and 5.3 rebounds and 1.9 assists and 2.9 blocks, shooting 49.2%, three-point shooting percentage 29%.


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Pistons today lost 104-111 away to LOLGA  the Heat on the road, Pistons coach Stein - Van Gundy talked about the absence of injury in the game Andre - Drummond injury.

Van Gundy said Drummond right rib injury is not serious, is not sure whether it will play Beijing time on Saturday, January 6 at 8 am on the road against the 76ers game.

This season so far, Drummond averaging 31.8 minutes to play, able to get 13.9 points and 14.8 rebounds and 3.6 assists 1.39 steals and 1.22 blocks.


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According to "Aspen" news, Valencia teenager Rafa - Mir (Rafa Mir) will leave Valencia, but the next home is not Real Madrid. The Valencia 20-year-old striker will FIFA Coins join the Championship leader Wolves.

The two teams have agreed on the transfer of Mill, the transfer fee according to "Super Sports News" will be up and down in the news, but the specific figures have not been disclosed. "Aspen" confirmed that this second-tier British club opened higher than the Real Madrid price.

Mill and Valencia contract will expire on June 30, Valencia a few weeks ago also said it would not renew the player, the players today and the club teammates and staff goodbye.

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