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Whether to accept the referee whistle last minute

By: lolgavip
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The Rockets lost to the Celtics 98-99 at the LOLGA end of the game today, the Rockets once more than 20 points ahead of the rival.

"We should not have hit the last scene. We used to lead 24 points, to praise our opponents, they played well, they found the feeling in the second half, we did not play with the necessary rhythm and passion, we are in the second half The performance is like the opponent's performance in the first half, this is a difficult defeat, we must play a rebound, ready for the next game. "Rockets coach Mike - D'Antoni said after the game.

D'Antoni went on to say: "Again, I think the opponents did not play particularly well in the first half, they put it into the game later, the fans came in, we held it, we still have to win, but we do That's wrong, sometimes things happen. "

Talking about the final foul James Harden received, D'Antoni recognized the referee whistle? D'Antoni said: "It does not matter. What I'm worried about is the 24-point lead we lost."