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Sturridge and Harry Kane are the same type of player

By: lolgavip
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West Bromwich Albion manager Alan Pardew FIFA Coins said the team's new aid Daniel Sturridge and Harry Kane are the same type of striker.

Padu believes that Sturridge has a handful of defensive skills, and he hopes England coach Sam Thorsgate can visit the hawthorn field.

Sturridge has just joined West Bromwich Albion on loan to the end of the season, but it is learned that the team will pay him 3.8 million pounds leasing costs plus salary. However, Pardee still said that compared to the club before looking for players, the introduction of Sturridge's cost will be higher.

For example, the former Waterford striker Troy Dini, who had contact with the team, was aware that Waterford was asking for more than £ 16m, while the player himself requested a very handsome salary with no downgrade terms.

Pardu also said that including Andre - Xuer Le, West Brom currently center position has no intention of re-introducing players, and he also believes that the team defense center Jonny Evans on Wednesday Transfer deadline will continue to stay, in addition Derbyshire signings target James - Macklin and the team midfielder Livermore will also stay in the team.

However, the most hope is still able to retain Stuart Sturridge's position in the national team, the 28-year-old striker last played for the England national team already played in Lithuania last October and the game, and that game He came off the bench, and earlier in the 2016 World Cup qualifying match against Scotland in November 2016, Sturridge was even ahead of Harry Kane at Southend.

Paduy said: "You have to be the same type of player Stuart and Kane, Kane this season's physical condition is very good, in the game he is at its peak, and now his qualifying is likely to Sri Lanka Turki before it is well understood. "