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Gattuso Although failed to win

By: lolgavip
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AC Milan coach Gattuso believes that 1-1 draw FIFA Coins Udinese game is his team, "one of the best performance."

Suso opened the first record in the first half, the second half was sent off Calabria, goalkeeper Donnaluma busy making mistakes Oolong, leading Rossoneri failed to extend the winning streak to 4 games.

"We left a great deal of regret over the draw," said Gattuso after the match. "We've come up with one of the best performances, both in terms of desire, personality and correct thinking. I'm very satisfied with the team's Reacting, we gave an important response, which is the way we need to continue, and although we did not win, I'm happy about the team's performance. "

Gattuso described being sent off as a "stupid mistake" in Calabria, but added that he was satisfied with the overall performance of the defender. "We are not a ruthless team, but sometimes we get stupid mistakes, as I said, you can not buy the game on the court, but to accumulate through competition. Before, Calabria played very well. "

Milan coach also praised Andrea - Silva, the Portuguese striker finally under his command for the first time to get the opportunity. "Silva kicked a good game, indeed, he can do more, but you can see that he is very powerful. He is very talented, but need to continue to improve on the court and I look forward to my players Full of fighting spirit, very committed at work. "

Overall, Gattuso argued that although he suffered a difficult start in his early coaching career, he is now steadily moving forward. "This Milan reminds me of myself, we played well, but we still lack the punch to knock down our opponents. The children paid a lot, Rome was not built in a day, we know it takes time, but we are improving. "