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Calgary Flame vs Buffalo Saber

By: lolgavip
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Flames team to continue the east road trip, this game they will be a guest of Buffalo, the challenge has no desire Saber. The Sabers have a bottom in the Eastern Conference this season. The deadline for the deal was with the departure of Evander Kane and the prolonged injury to NHL Coins lead Jack Acker, leaving the team no longer motivated to challenge their opponents.

And ability, the current team can only rely on the front court Sam - Reinhardt and Ryan - O'Reilly, both in the past seven games, respectively, 2 goals 3 assists and 4 assists, to some extent hold up Offensive team. In the backcourt, Rasmus - Rastolainen has scored 2 goals and 3 assists in seven of the last seven games, after having played more than 28 minutes in both games, making him one of the team's top players.

Goalkeeper position, the team may be assigned toTiede Johnson, although he averaged only 89.6% of the season, but in the past two games, his save rate is above 95%, he may give the Flame Team To challenge.