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Ottawa Senators team rebuild

By: lolgavip
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On Thursday, senator-team owner Eugene Melnyk issued an open letter to NHL Coins all senators fans. Melnik said the letter, "will not give up the team, thank the fans never stop, promised to rebuild the team, the team to revive the glory."

In an open letter, Melnik said: "Yes, I must first apologize to the fans for the performance of the team this season. The team's current ranking is indeed unacceptable. But I urge fans to believe me and can Give me a chance, I will make this dilemma be changed. "

In actual fact, the league this season, after becoming 31 teams, the Senate team currently ranked 29th. Think of last season Senators played in the Eastern Conference finals to "tie-break", the Senate team's performance this season can not satisfy the fans.

"I know for the moment we have a team that we have to be more reasonable in terms of the age of the players and faster and more tactical on the team," Melnik added.