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Reference gold performance over the past few years

By: lolgavip
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In the 2016 season, Kim finished second in the league Madden Coins  with 48.6 yards. He was selected as the best second team player in the United States. The one-year gold team got a fat contract with a value of $16.5 million over five years. The contract is extravagant in the special team players. In 2017, the 29-year-old gold status continued unabated, with 47.2 yards of abandoned kicks equal to third in the league, and was selected as a reserve player in the professional bowl.

Reference gold performance over the past few years, if the Raiders do not want him, then at least he can exchange for draft picks, but they did not do so, which makes fans and experts feel puzzled. At the same time, the raid's practice is also unnerving for all the league's abandoners. In this position, you have no sense of security at all. When the team does not want you, you can always get rid of you, even without notice and reason. Even if you are the best player in the league.

At present, the Vikings are struggling to win over the team to replace the original Lane-Quigli, and to cut the latter Vikings do not need to pay any price, the contract amount of annual salary of 790,000 US dollars is 0. For King, a star like him has no hope of finding a good home. According to the Vanguard, Kim intends to consider his next home after the draft, which means he will In the remaining 4 weeks, wait for a generous offer.