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Defending champions again draw up defense

By: lolgavip
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On Tuesday morning, US local time, the Philadelphia Eagles Madden Coins announced officially that the team had signed a one-year contract with former Detroit Lions defensive linebacker Paul Warrillo.

The 27-year-old Warrillo signed a one-year short contract with the Lions last year and eventually became a rotation player for Detroit's defensive linebacker. Last season, Warrillo played 13 games for the Lions, including 8 starts. He completed 30 tackles and picked up a drop.

The addition of Warrillo will make the Philadelphia defensive linebacker more competitive. Currently, the defending champions have already included Jordan Hicks, Nigel Bradham, Michael Kendricks, and the new linebacker Corey Nelson who just joined the team. Among them, Kendricks has been in a trading whisper for the second time in a row. After the Hawks signed Warrillo, the team could speed up the sale of Kendricks.

Not surprisingly, Warrillo should be able to help the Philadelphia special team. This is also where the defending champions want to reinforce during the offseason. Last season, Warrillo used to be a core player in the Lions Special Service team and participated in nearly half of the offense and defense rounds of the Detroit Special Service.

Prior to becoming a member of the Lions, Warrillo played for the Atlanta Falcons. In 2013, Warrillo, who graduated from the University of Delaware, joined the Falcons as a non-draft free agent.

In the 72 games of his personal career, Warrillo completed a total of 412 cubbers, scored 4 slashes, and completed 2 steals.