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I will announce my decision at the right time

By: lolgavip
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Barcelona team captain Iniesta commented on the game after the team defeated Roma: "The UEFA Champions League quarter-finals are not easy. We have to work hard to FIFA Coins reduce mistakes. We encountered some difficulties in the game and lost some of the ball rights. But overall we played well.I think we can sum up some things from the competition.Our efforts for the attack eventually forced the opponent to score the goal.We have achieved good results,but there are still to play in the second round match. ."

For the team's prospects for promotion, Iniesta said: "Obviously we have achieved good results in the first round match, but we also have the challenges of the second round. Now we are very united, hoping to play the next round to advance to the next level. wheel."

Talking about his own stay, Iniesta said: "I will tell you my decision at the right time."