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Team humane service is strengthened

By: lolgavip
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In this season, the alliance's new media operator NHL Coins BAMTech Media has launched a new service. After the fans complete the live broadcast subscription service, they can also receive service bonuses on ticketing site Ticketmaster. The entire service process is based on an app developed by BAMTech Media. In this APP, fans can directly purchase tickets, change hands, and other services.

After six years of cooperation with SAP, a well-known European enterprise software developer, the alliance has achieved significant improvements in data management and operations. Gary Meagher, vice president of public relations for the Alliance, said: "In the future, we will continue to apply more technologies to help our team and players continue to improve at the operational and competitive levels. Have a more tolerant attitude toward new technologies to promote the development of this sport."

This season's NHL regular season is the first season after the NHL league's 100th birthday. We have had the privilege of witnessing the NHL's progress after 100 years of buying. Although the regular season is over, the Stanley Cup competition has just begun. In the playoffs, we continue to witness!