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Since the 1998 NBA Draft Peer of the Sky

By: lolgavip
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Since the 1998 NBA Draft "Peer of the Sky," Peyton Manning has NFL Coins entered the league for exactly 20 years, Great Manning that year was considered the champion with another "genius quarterback" Ryan Reeve. The show's biggest hit. Fortunately, Indianapolis Colts, who was holding the No. 1 pick at the time, made the right choice. The two of them became one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. One played in the league for a few years.

The ball quickly collapsed and was finally jailed for drug problems. It can be said from this point onwards that the NBA drafting conference has become less simple. Why is the talent gap between the same talents so great? The NFL scouts have stopped their work to think about this issue. Manning is undoubtedly the best quarterback of the year, but in the 19th NBA Draft, only the top five quarterbacks became the best quarterbacks of that year's draft, Carson - Palmer, Matt-Lane, Matthew Stafford, Sam Bradford and Cam-Newton.

And it is worth noting that in 2011 the Panthers chose the controversial Newton, rather than the more optimistic Brian Gabbott, which was the fourth quarter of the year to select the most "correct" quarterback, but Looking at the history of these 20 years, only the management decision of these four years is still wise.