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Tuchel enters Paris or introduces Canter et al

By: lolgavip
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According to German media Sportbuzzer reported FIFA Coins earlier this week, the German, Tochel, will take PSG's pointer next season. He will sign a contract with Paris Saint Germain for 2 years plus 1 year (renewal option). If Rodolfo took over Emeri's stamp, his team's lineup will have the following changes.

Cavani wants to leave: Although Uruguayans often score goals, they seem to be still in the shadow of the Brazilian superstar Neymar. The president of Paris paid a visit to the Samba Kingdom last month to visit Neymar. At that time, Nasser informed Brazil. People figure Hull is about to enter. In Tochel's plan, Neymar will be the main player, so even though Cavani's contract will end by 2020, the striker is also likely to leave the club in the French capital at a price of around 60 million euros.

The choice of goalkeeper position: Many people believe that Tülch's compatriots Trapp who only played 10 games this season will become the more popular goalkeeper next season, not Araola. There have also been reports that Paris may have recruited another top goalkeeper. Already in negotiations are Kurtova of Chelsea and Obrak of Atletico.

Demand for defensive midfielders: Fabinio of Monaco has been watching for a long time, and it is understood that Tochel has put his main focus on Chelsea's Kanter and wants to win this with the Blues. For players signed up to 2021, Paris needs to pay at least 80 million euros for the withdrawal. In addition to the old acquaintances of Tochel, Khedira and Weigel will also be a hot topic of attention.

In addition to the team's lineup, Tochel has to build his coaching team: According to Sportbuzzer, he wants to continue to work with his old partner and add new effective assistants, one of whom is Leipzig's assistant Loew. Consultations with the current Parisian teaching assistants were also conducted.