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Seahawks suspended Kapenik training program

By: lolgavip
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On Thursday afternoon, US local time, according to Madden Coins reliable sources, although the Seattle Seahawks had planned to provide quarterback Colin-Capernike with a trial opportunity earlier this week, because the latter refused to guarantee the national anthem ceremony next season. Stopping the squatting protests, the Seahawks have suspended their workout plans.

It is reported that the Seahawks are still considering the possibility of training Kapenik. At present, the team management has not made the final decision.

Two weeks ago, the Seahawks once contacted Capenic and invited him to visit the team's headquarters. They had already set up temporary training plans and schedules for them. However, in view of Capone’s stance on the protests of the national anthem ceremony, Seattle’s management unexpectedly suspended the plan at the last moment.

Sources said that the Seahawks wanted to know if Capecnik would continue to kneel protest in the new season, and the latter refused to provide guarantees to the team.

According to the original plan, Capenique will travel to New York on the second day after the Seahawks trial training to testify that the NFL Alliance has conspired to exclude it from the league.

It is worth mentioning that in recent days, the 49-man free-agent Eric Reed, who had been clamouring with Caponex during the national anthem ceremony, was also asked by the Cincinnati Tigers to guarantee that he would stop protesting next season.

Since becoming a free agent after the 2016-17 season, Capenico, who led the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl finals, has not signed up with any team. A year ago, the Seahawks had contacted Capenick and again threw an olive branch to it this week. At the same time, last summer, the Baltimore Ravens had also considered signing Caponec.

Currently, the Seahawks are still solving the team's backup quarterback problem, and have not yet decided who will become Russell Wilson's top backup. Although Capenick is one of the candidates, Seattleers will also consider other quarterback players who are at home.