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Armando talks about joining dolphins

By: lolgavip
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The former New England Patriots wide receiver, Danny Armando, joined the Miami dolphins on the first day of the free transfer market and joined the Miami dolphins in the same area. There are many opinions on this, but most people think that Amara's departure is Because Patriots don't have enough price. This Saturday, Amanda Dora finally spoke to ESPN about the reason for his transfer. As everyone said, after receiving the three-year reorganization contract, the team gave him a new one. The quotation made him unacceptable.

"I took a very open mind to the negotiating table, and I also knew how difficult Bill (Bili?ek) had managed the team. We had limited salary space. I understand him and I played for the team. After fulfilling my contract and receiving the salary of the leader, I also knew that he would definitely give me a chance to stay in the team." Aman Dora told ESPN reporters.

"But when the free market opened, I realized he couldn't meet my asking price. I had to make choices for my family. So I made an important decision in life and went to Miami to continue my career."

The Dolphins signed a $12 million contract with Aman Dora, which included a Madden Coins guaranteed amount of $8.25 million, which is almost twice the salary of Amanda Dora last year. The success of the Patriots is inseparable from Bilicek's careful management of payroll. Aman Dora has been playing for Patriots for the past five years. Once a year, he has to take a pay cut with Tom Brady to compete for the Super Bowl Championship. A great deal of concession. The 32-year-old wide receiver has spent nine years in the regular season and has advanced 690 yards in the regular season, achieving a maximum of four touchdowns. However, his dazzling performance in the playoffs can not be ignored. Last year, he finished 2 touchdowns in the U.S. finals. He scored 152 yards in 8 of the 52nd Super Bowl. It can be said that each time the big scene has an excellent play. .