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Rockets subordinate team Rio Grande Valley viper NBA Live Mobile Coins team 124-118 in today's game defeated the Lakers sub-team Nanwan Lakers, after the Rockets released Zhou Qi debut in service debut played 28 minutes.

The game, Zhou Qi hit 10 of 13 shots and got 23 points and eight rebounds, two assists and two blocked shots a steal, a turnovers, foul three times, including three-pointers 3 vote 1.

South Lakers Lakers had a wave in the end of the fourth quarter scoring climax, Zhou Qi with a remember to make a deduction and a record third to help the team stabilize the situation.

Not today's game, Zhou Qi played 7 games in the development league this season, averaging 29.6 minutes, you can get 10.9 points and 5.3 rebounds and 1.9 assists and 2.9 blocks, shooting 49.2%, three-point shooting percentage 29%.


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Pistons today lost 104-111 away to LOLGA  the Heat on the road, Pistons coach Stein - Van Gundy talked about the absence of injury in the game Andre - Drummond injury.

Van Gundy said Drummond right rib injury is not serious, is not sure whether it will play Beijing time on Saturday, January 6 at 8 am on the road against the 76ers game.

This season so far, Drummond averaging 31.8 minutes to play, able to get 13.9 points and 14.8 rebounds and 3.6 assists 1.39 steals and 1.22 blocks.


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According to "Aspen" news, Valencia teenager Rafa - Mir (Rafa Mir) will leave Valencia, but the next home is not Real Madrid. The Valencia 20-year-old striker will FIFA Coins join the Championship leader Wolves.

The two teams have agreed on the transfer of Mill, the transfer fee according to "Super Sports News" will be up and down in the news, but the specific figures have not been disclosed. "Aspen" confirmed that this second-tier British club opened higher than the Real Madrid price.

Mill and Valencia contract will expire on June 30, Valencia a few weeks ago also said it would not renew the player, the players today and the club teammates and staff goodbye.

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Griffin comeback show all-powerful

By lolgavip, 2018-01-03

NBA regular season ushered in the Los Angeles derby, the final Clippers 121-106 gave LOLGA  the Lakers five-game losing streak. The game, the Clippers ushered in the biggest positive news, due to injury a month of Griffin return to the field, the audience outstanding performance special cast 6 voted 6 scored 24 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists.

Jiu Shu battlefield Griffin game came up in the basket storm on the basket manufacturing foul made two free throws, then Teodosic completed steals near the edge of a moment out of bounds in mind a long way past the direct pass Griffin quickly completed the dunks dunks, they are still low when the ball hit the attack assists Williams in the vote, showing that Griffin injury recovery well, the state is quite good.

The second section of the game, Griffin up a record of one-third, and Teodosic pick-and-roll next catch the throw or not, but he grabbed rebounds and taps, and soon again and the Special Olympics West odd pick-and-roll catch misplaced singles Clarkson turn easy layup hit. However, there was a thrilling scene after halftime before the end of the last attack, Jordan grabbed a rebound a long pass directly to find the frontcourt Griffin, Griffin homeopathic and One hand split buckle, Kuzma foul in the hands of the lost position behind directly to Griffin knocked heavily to the ground, the fall or let the Griffin fresh back just a pinch of sweat, but fortunately he Not a serious problem, but also full of this malicious foul two free throws.

After the game, Griffin did not particularly dazzling performance, but the law-abiding performance enough to help the team stabilize the lead situation. The third quarter, the Lakers set off a whirlwind of scores to catch up only 7 points, after Teodosic hit third, Griffin one-third also to help the Clippers stabilize the situation in an attack after He is also facing the defense after the break Randle dunks, foul made two free throws. Stubborn up in the attack by the two men, Griffin timely assists Teodosic hit the bottom line cut in the cast, but also in Teodosic third shot when the basket completes his hand buckle.

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In today's game the Celtics beat NBA Live Coins the Rockets 99-98, in the game commentator Chris - Webber talked about the rookie of the season's view.

Weber said he will not vote for the 76 - Simmons as the best rookie, because he is not really a rookie.

Simmons was selected in the first round in 2016, but missed the entire 2016-17 season due to a foot injury, averaging 16.8 points, 8.8 rebounds and 7.6 assists this season, averaging 36.0 minutes.

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The Rockets lost to the Celtics 98-99 at the LOLGA end of the game today, the Rockets once more than 20 points ahead of the rival.

"We should not have hit the last scene. We used to lead 24 points, to praise our opponents, they played well, they found the feeling in the second half, we did not play with the necessary rhythm and passion, we are in the second half The performance is like the opponent's performance in the first half, this is a difficult defeat, we must play a rebound, ready for the next game. "Rockets coach Mike - D'Antoni said after the game.

D'Antoni went on to say: "Again, I think the opponents did not play particularly well in the first half, they put it into the game later, the fans came in, we held it, we still have to win, but we do That's wrong, sometimes things happen. "

Talking about the final foul James Harden received, D'Antoni recognized the referee whistle? D'Antoni said: "It does not matter. What I'm worried about is the 24-point lead we lost."


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On December 28, according to U.S. media reports, the Los Angeles clippers NBA Live Mobile Coins will core power forwards Blake griffin - down to the development league team, he will follow the team training, at the same time continue to his injured left knee medial collateral ligament injury recovery treatment.

Griffin is the time in Beijing on November 28th, the clippers and lakers' Derby, injured by teammate small rivers and injuries.At that time careless rivers in the defense to griffin knee, after a diagnosis of griffin to his left knee medial collateral ligament injury, is expected to injured for two months.

But the news that griffin may will be in Beijing time on December 30, namely the last game for 17 years back, the opponent or the lakers.Coach doc rivers said griffin is can be play."This sooner than expected, I don't know why, I just know griffin has a great enthusiasm for the game."Doc rivers said. "I came here, also have never seen to players like him.He wants to play, everyone who saw him training will think so."

After the spurs parker and cavaliers small Thomas have been devolved to the development league training for state, looks like griffin is likely to return in advance.

Griffin, 28, is in his eighth season, over the past three seasons, he is out for at least 15 games because of injury, at the same time for two consecutive years in the playoffs because of injury to submit an expense account.

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In today's game, the Pacers lost to NBA Live Coins piston 83-107. In the opening stages, the Pacers performed poorly, losing only 21 points in the first quarter.

After the game, Pacers coach Nate - McMillan talked about the performance of the team.

"We did not guard anyone on the defensive end," MacMillan said. "We're digging for ourselves and I can not explain that. We might consider making some changes, but we certainly have to play better, Which lineup is on the court. "

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