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Moyes took over the NBA Live Coins pains have been prepared, but now the tide is far beyond their estimates, the question now is whether their psychological end has been a breakthrough. Very conspicuous is the stadium sitting on the Ferguson, recalled last May, Sir Alex Ferguson in the last coaching Manchester United after the game, standing in the old Trafford stadium center, facing tens of thousands of Manchester United fans said: "You are I am the most valuable asset of my career, and now your duty is to support the new coach.


"This is his heart before retirement, the Red Devils fans do the same, but Moyes repeatedly hit the fans of the bottom line, in any case can not explain. In the Buy Madden Coins bright stadium, Manchester United fans lit their own fireworks, more extreme fans to the home team throwing fireworks, angry mood has begun to show. "Daily Mirror" screenshots Moyers monthly coach, do not make mistakes? Into the 2014, Moyes led the defeat of Manchester United three defeats, the Premier League lost to Tottenham again dropped to seventh,


 FA Cup out, the first round of the League Cup semi-final defeat lost the initiative, so rotten results also Want the best coach of the month? Do not worry, it is not the month of the month of the best coach, but last month in December the best coach, due to Manchester United during the Christmas devil season record is good, so nominated for the Premier League official coach of the list of candidates, and Moyer Sri Lanka coach Pellegrini and Everton coach Martinez.


For Pellegrini and Martinez, the best coach of the month is not a strange thing, after all, the season so far they have been good results lead. Of course, if you compare the results for a period of time, Moyes still have the odds to see Manchester United in December results, we know why the Scots can enter the list of the best candidates for the month. Last year in December,

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