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This season, Pianic and Rome as a whole, continued to NBA Live Mobile Coins continue the best state, Bosnia and Herzegovina in Serie A played 23 times, scored 4 goals assists 4 times, in the case of a small game behind 9 points, the impact of the league Champion is still hopeful. Although the future of Rome can be the answer, Piacic does not want to stay in the Italian capital of the team, and even leave Apennine, it is learned that Manchester United and Tottenham are likely to become his next stop.


 The last round of the  NBA Mobile Coins Premiership, Arsenal and Manchester United two wealthy teams are suffering from Waterloo, the gunmen were the Red Army 1-5 humiliation, Manchester United is the final stage 2-2 draw relegation team Sunderland, which makes the two fans on the Internet are Is intolerable, all kinds of bad language and extreme events have emerged. Although they are frustrated team,


but they are round the Premier League will meet, if Arsenal lose, then this North London team probably want to collapse, if Manchester United lose, then Manchester fans will blow pot, the British "daily Mirror newspaper columnist Richard - Beach before the game called the two fans calm down after the war, the following he gave 17 reasons, these are fans in the absurd action made last weekend.


 1 This person is very angry, he created a Twitter account, and later he wrote, "My TV is definitely broken because he did not play Moyes was fired news." 2 looks like the Mmogo current Manchester United Into a "addict", she can not do anything, but it destroyed a lot of good things, this sentence is called "Moyes get out" guy said. 3 "Moyes get out", this guy is not called Chris - Taylor said that since the crash in Munich,