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The German contract to Madden NFL 18 Coins 2017, which has a 35 million euros of the termination clause, any club as long as willing to pay this The cost of the pen can take away the king, which is obviously Dortmund do not want to see. In 2013, Dortmund has lost the Mario-Geshe in a similar situation, so the "Royce Battle" has become a top priority for the team. "It's normal for Marco to get the attention of many of the top European clubs," says Royce's agent.


 "For him now, it's most important to stay healthy and get back to the team, and everything else is Second, Bayern President Rummenigge said: "Dortmund to  Cheapest madden 18 coins keep Roy is not easy, the player has a high demand, any top club want him, not just Bayern." Although Bayern by public opinion may not And then dig from the direct opponents, but Manchester United and Barcelona are interested in the introduction of Royce.


Manchester United coach Van Gaal has been favored by Royce, in the introduction of Cross after the failure of the Red Devils hope in the transfer market to introduce a top star, La Liga Barcelona also hope to continue to inject new vitality into the team. "I do not know if Royz wants to leave Dort, but at the legal level he has the right to choose freely."


Coach Van Gaal announced that Manchester United to Maddenvip participate in the US International Champions League big List, he will take 25 players across the Atlantic side. About this new Manchester United, much by the fleet Street and fans concerned about their new season results will be how? Like last season when Moyes led the same to continue to fall, or reverse straight, and now can only give time to give the answer.