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Van Gaal think it is Madden Mobile Coins possible," maybe tomorrow you can see him in the field, I think Luke has recovered enough, he has more than Four to five weeks did not participate in the game, I do not like this, but I think he has recovered enough. "Van Gaal also talked about the injured Robin van Persie," This week Van Persie has been with us to train, but we also need to consider whether to let him play. "When it comes to winning the situation,


 Van Gaal said:" I do not believe if, I only believe in Buy NFL 18 Coins reality. We are now behind Chelsea, we have to beat Chelsea, Arsenal also need to do so, so that we can put pressure on Chelsea's shoulders. Although Chelsea are fighting at home, but I think they should be satisfied with a draw. "Although Liverpool to participate in the battle of De Pei, but all the information shows that Manchester United has beaten a hundred years old enemy signed a new Robben, the British media" insight offside "broke the news,


Deppe transfer fee of 25 million pounds, another British newspaper" Mirror "revealed that he and Manchester United signed a weekly salary of up to £ 100,000. Fleet Street introduction, Manchester United and Liverpool is the closest to the two clubs of Peppe, Eindhoven won the Dutch champions Confirmed that he left the team this summer, it is learned that the two Premier League offer basically the same, but Deppe's willingness to ultimately determine their own whereabouts, because he is Manchester United fans, and with the Red Devils coach


 Van Gaal has a good personal relationship last summer Cooperation won the  Maddenvip Brazil World Cup runner-up. 21-year-old Deppe 2011 into the Eindhoven first team, 43 games last season scored 14 goals, excellent performance caused by the attention of the major European football giants, further this season, The tournament 37 games scored 26 goals assists 6 times, is the team after seven years to win the highest hero of the winner, because of the wind and wind, known as Robben II.