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Manchester United fans, the  NBA 2K18 MT Dutch striker's departure means a period of emotional end. British media reported that a 4-year-old Manchester United fans know Van Persie after the transfer of the news, a cry. In the Manchester United's cleaning plan, Van Persie will not be the last one. Manchester United from the United States can see the big list, missed the US line of the goalkeeper Valdez left the possibility is very large, although now Degeya is still in Real


 Madrid hunting range. Valdes is healthy and  Buy NBA 2K18 MT well trained, and is excluded from the list of US firms, the British media believe that this is the signal that the Spaniards are about to leave. To know that Real Madrid attack Degeya in the most violent stage, Valdes was also considered Manchester United next season's goalkeeper. It is reported that the current interest in Valdes team from the soil super. You are not wrong, but also from the


Turkish team to act as Manchester United's "Chuan Xia Man." With the departure of Valdez time, but also that Deheya this summer, the possibility of joining Real Madrid is getting smaller and smaller. Real Madrid President Florentino said: "Deheya is a great goalkeeper, he belongs to Manchester United. Manchester United is our friend, I can not say friends bad words." Right back Raphael also have the possibility of leaving. Last season, he was only 10 times in Van


Gaal played. Rafael's agent said Serie A's Rome and Florence were interested in him. Another player who is about to become Manchester United in the past will be Dimaliya. More and more signs that the Argentine winger to play big interest in Paris. There are two Argentinean villagers waiting for him with Lavic and Pastore. It is reported that Dimaliya has agreed to a large five-year contract provided by Paris. "

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