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Now, we're accomplishing the NBA Live Coins reverse! Who did you anticipate would be a apprehension that affronted out to be a solid player, or even a star?— SB Nation NBA It’s simple: There’s a abeyance in the NBA. Chargeless bureau is all but over, and abreast from awaiting Kyrie Irving and Carmelo Anthony trades, we acquire a acceptable abstraction of what the 30 alliance rosters will accessory like next season.So what bigger way to annihilate time than to bethink about able acumen calls we fabricated that were just apace wrong. Actuality were some of the names you threw around:Kawhi Leonard


When the Madden mobile coins Spurs beatific George Acropolis to the Pacers for the 15th aces in 2011, a lot of humans were confused. Acropolis was a solid admixture bouncer who gave Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili abatement at either aback cloister spot. Why move him for an cryptic abecedarian who, at the time, wasn’t perceived as abundant added than a ambit defender?Today,


Kawhi Leonard has an NBA championship and Finals MVP beneath his belt and has become arguably one of the 5 best players in the league. He can accurately avert four of 5 acceptable basketball positions and has developed into an all-world scorer.Stephen Curry


Hayward was advancing off of an aberrant division at Butler, falling just abbreviate of acceptable it all in the Civic Championship Game. But in a 2010 NBA Abstract anticipation to be loaded with names like John Wall, Evan Turner, DeMarcus Cousins, Wesley Johnson and Derrick Favors — remember, these guys were STUDS in academy — Hayward’s name didn’t bend out from the pack.Today, Hayward is a max abecedarian on the Celtics afterwards authoritative the All-Star aggregation with the Jazz endure season. He could be the breadth that pushes Boston over the hump.J.J. Redick.


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