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I’ve ever heard of one.This at Madden NFL 18 Coins  could be an extremely Southern Miss Southern Miss. The Eagles get shots at SEC wins against Kentucky (Sept. 2 in Hattiesburg) and Tennessee (Nov. 4 in Knoxville), and S&P+ projects three relative tossups on the road (Oct. 7 at UTSA, Oct. 21 at Louisiana Tech, Nov. 25 at Marshall). The SASM scale says they beat Tennessee and lose to Marshall. We’ll see.Leaving volatility out of the equation, this could be a solid team.


The question marks are obvious — quarterback at Cheapest madden 18 coins turnover alone is why Southern Miss is projected to fall from 78th to 84th in S&P+ — but the athleticism is, too.But you can’t really leave the volatility out of the discussion, not after what we saw last year and not with what we see as red flags this year.This could be a wild season in Hattiesburg. All is right in the universe.


This new season of Game of Thrones has been amazing, and it’s given us all so much to discuss. Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy and offensive lineman Kevin Pamphile are no exception. A Hard Knocks camera crew caught these Tampa Bay teammates discussing the most recent episode.#HardKnocksNowWhen they're not talking about training camp, @Geraldini93 and@KevinPamphile64 are talking about @GameOfThrones ⚔️@HBO— NFL Films


First of all, that whole interaction at maddenvip between Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow really didn’t go the way I expected. McCoy and Pamphile were just as surprised, clearly. Jon Snow didn’t want to bend the knee to the Mother of Dragons, and understandably so. Her father burned Snow’s grandfather alive, which would result in some hard feelings. But what really surprised McCoy, Pamphile, and probably the rest of us watching, was that Jon Snow didn’t even seem terribly impressed by